Disneyland Restaurant Reviews 2020 + Disneyland Dining Tips

disneyland restaurant reviewsUse the below Disneyland restaurant reviews to help you better save money and find the best restaurants at Disneyland. One of the most expensive parts of a Disneyland vacation is the food costs. Our strategy to minimize the food costs is to eat as little Disneyland meals as possible.

To do this we bring breakfast items or purchase breakfast in the coffee shop in our hotel as well as bringing snack and protein bars so that a large sit down lunch isn’t always required. The other benefit to carrying snacks is taking advantage of the short lines that might exist during the timeframe of 11am-1pm.

With the amount that we save by not eating Breakfast in the parks and only having a limited lunch, you can feel justified in a more relaxed dinner when the lines are longest and when you need a break.

Below see our Disneyland restaurant reviews for our suggestions for both lunch and dinner at the Disneyland Resort.

Some of the items below are linked to full restaurant reviews on our sister site DisneyDose.com.

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In this guide you will find guides covering:

  • a full list of all dining inside Disneyland and California Adventure with accurate price ranges and recommendations
  • upscale dining recommendations inside the parks and out
  • how to save money on food
  • guide to dietary restrictions
  • information on character dining
  • reviews and tips on booking a dining package for entertainment

Above all, we recommend getting the Disneyland app on your phone because when you're in the parks- that will be your best resource for dining!

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Disneyland Restaurant Guide

Below you can find a listing of every restaurant in Disneyland, organized by land, with price range and suggestions.

Disneyland Restaurants

Image result for site: https://disneyparks.disney.go.com/ jolly holiday bakery

*Quick service stands simply for counter service- you get in line, get your food, and find a place to eat. Table service is like a sit down/traditional restaurant. Mobile ordering is a feature available on the Disneyland app that allows you to use your phone to pre-order your food at quick service restaurants which greatly cuts back on any wait time for food.

Main Street, U.S.A.

Plaza Inn entrance sign, Disneyland Park.

  • $- Gibson Girl Ice Cream Parlor– this old fashioned ice cream parlor is the place to be if you're looking for nostalgia. Quick service/mobile ordering.
  • $- Jolly Holiday Bakery Cafe– this Mary Poppins themed cafe offers coffee, deserts, and cafe style sandwiches. Quick service/mobile ordering.
  • $- Market House– looking for Starbucks? This is where you find it in Disneyland! Quick service.
  • $-$$- Carnation Cafe– an American style cafe that offers some of Walt Disney's favorite dishes. Their vegan burger is to die for. Table service. 
  • $$-$$$- Plaza Inn– this is where you will find the only character dining in the park- Breakfast with Minnie and Friends. Also services lunch and dinner. Table service. 


A pineapple soft serve dessert in a clear bowl on banana leaves

  • $-Bengal Barbecue– great roasted food. Includes skewered chicken and pork. Bacon wrapped asparagus are one of our three favorite Disneyland treatsQuick service/mobile ordering available.
  • $- Tiki Juice Bar– this is where you find the famous Dole Whip. Pro-tip: make sure to use mobile ordering to avoid the big line. Quick service/mobile ordering.
  • $- The Tropical Hideaway– this newer restaurant offers three different flavors of Dole Whip all with a view of the Jungle Cruise. Quick service. 


Western-themed entrance sign for Stage Door Cafe at Disneyland Park

  • $- Rancho de Zocalo Restaurante– fantastic Mexican food. Good salads and variety of types of Spanish cuisine. This is one of my favorite Disneyland restaurants! Quick service.
  • $- The Golden Horseshoe– enjoy Western style entertainment while you dine on class American style food. Quick service.
  • $- Stage Door Cafe– you can find hand dipped corn dogs, sandwiches, and funnel cakes here. Quick service/mobile ordering.
  • $$- River Belle Terrace– this Southern dining option offers classic Southern food in a Southern themed dining experience. Table service. 

Critter Country

Sign: Harbour Galley Come Ashore for Dockside Dining at Disneyland Park

  • $- Hungry Bear Restaurant– very good fried food, chicken fingers, burgers, fast food type. Quick Service.
  • $- Harbour Galley– affordable salads, lobster rolls, shrimp salads. You can also find soups in a sourdough bowl here. Quick service/mobile ordering.

New Orleans Square

Sign for Mint Julep Bar, French Quarter dining location in Disneyland Park

  • $-French Market Restaurant– this restaurant offers affordable cajun/creole dining. Table service.
  • $- Mint Julep Bar– this is where you find the famous Mickey Mouse beignets and mint julep! Don't miss this one. Quick Service. 
  • $- Royal Street Veranda– this is where you can find gumbo served in a delicious sourdough bowl. Vegetarian gumbo available too! Quick service/mobile ordering.
  • $$- Cafe Orleans- a sit down dining option with a more affordable menu than the Blue Bayou. Also, this restaurant has the famous Monte Cristo offered at Blue Bayou at a lesser cost. Table service.
  • $$$-Blue Bayou Restaurant– An upscale cajun-creole service dining option inside the Pirates of the Caribbean ride. Table service.


Edelweiss Snacks quick-service restaurant sign at Disneyland Park.

  • $- Edelweiss Snacks– this is the place to go to find the famous turkey legs in Fantasyland. Quick service/mobile ordering.
  • $- Red Rose Taverne– this Beauty and Beast themed restaurant offers a variety of American foods. Quick service/mobile ordering.
  • $- Troubadour Tavern– this medieval style tent offers bratwurst on a brioche roll, pretzel bites, and more. Quick service. 


Spotlights crisscross the night sky from atop the Observatron in Tomorrowland with the Matterhorn behind


Image result for Pluto's Dog House

  • $- Clarabelle's– this walk up dining service option offers salads, sandwiches, frozen yogurt, and a variety of icecream. Quick service.
  • $- Daisy's Diner– this is another walk up dining option in Toontown offering kid friendly options like pizza by the slice. Quick service.
  • $-Pluto's Dog House– featuring, you guessed it, hot dogs! The nice thing about all these walk up options in Toontown is they are conveniently located by plenty of tables to eat at. Quick service.

Star Wars: Galaxy's Edge

  • $-$$- Oga's Cantina– this themed cantina offers a wide selection of alcoholic and non-alcoholic Star Wars themed drinks along with beer and wine made exclusively for the land. Quick service.
    • Read our review of Oga's Cantina to find how how to get the best spot in the most popular restaurant inside Disneyland right now!
  • $-$$- Docking Bay 7 Food and Cargo– the main food stop in Star Wars: Galaxy's Edge featuring a galaxy's version of ‘farm to table' unique entrees. Quick service/mobile ordering.
  • $- Ronto Roasters– one of the smaller food options in the land offering pork/sausage wraps and jerky. Quick service/mobile ordering.
  • $- Milk Stand– this is where you can find the Star Wars famous blue milk! Quick service/mobile ordering.
  • $- Kat Saka's Kettle– snack stand serving a specialty mix popcorn and Star Wars: Galaxy's Edge themed Coca-Cola bottles. Quick service.

Disney California Adventure Park Restaurants

Image result for site: https://disneyparks.disney.go.com/ cozy cone

*Quick service stands simply for counter service- you get in line, get your food, and find a place to eat. Table service is like a sit down/traditional restaurant. Mobile ordering is a feature available on the Disneyland app that allows you to use your phone to pre-order your food at quick service restaurants which greatly cuts back on any wait time for food.

Buena Vista Street

Entrance sign, lit at night, for Fiddler, Fifer, and Practical Cafe

Grizzly Peak

Exterior of Smokejumpers Grill with tables, chairs and umbrellas at Disneys California Adventure Park

  • $- Smokejumpers Grill– this American style restaurant offers cheeseburgers, fried food, salads, and more. Quick service/mobile ordering.

Cars Land

Gas station-themed entrance to Flo's V8 Cafe lit with neon signs at night

  • $- Flo’s V8 Cafe– Pretty good sit down meal with food similar to that which you would find along Route 66. Lots of gravy and home style cooking. Quick service/mobile ordering.
  • $- Cozy Cone Motel– these four cones offer a variety of churros, chili, pretzels, ice cream, and seasonal offerings. Quick service. 

Pixar Pier

Poultry Palace, a Quick Service eatery shaped like a chicken wing and juice box

  • $- Adorable Snowman Frosted Treats– this is where you will find the ‘Instagram worthy' Pixar Pier Parfait and other lemon soft serve options. Quick service. 
  • $- Angry Dogs– this Inside Out themed stand offers spicy or non-spicy hot dogs. Quick service. 
  • $- Jack-Jack Cookie Num Nums– outside of the Incredicoaster you can find these gigantic and warm baked cookies. Quick Service.
  • $- Poultry Palace– this Toy Story themed stand offers a variety of chicken and side dishes. Quick service.
  • $- Señor Buzz Churros– you can find regular churros and spicy caliente churros here. Quick service.
  • $$- Lamplight Lounge– this newer Pixar themed restaurant is a must see for the Pixar fan- also where you can find the famous lobster nachos. My favorite restaurant in California Adventure! Table service. 

Pacific Wharf

Entrance sign for Ghirardelli Soda Fountain and Chocolate Shop

Hollywood Land

Award Wieners, Best Wieners in a Supporting Role menu and sign for the Disneyland Resort hot dog restaurant

  • $- Award Wieners– find a variety of gourmet style hot dogs, kids meals, and more. Quick service/mobile ordering.
  • $- Schmoozies!– find all the variety of smoothies, teas, and juices in delicious flavors. Quick service.

Paradise Gardens Park

Sign for Paradise Garden Grill, a Disney California Adventure Mediterranean restaurant

  • $- Corn Dog Castle– no trip to Disneyland is complete without a Corn Dog from Corn Dog Castle. Quick service/mobile ordering.
  • $- Boardwalk Pizza and Pasta– Offers a great variety of salads, pizza, and pastas that are a great break from the fried food. Stay and sit in the shaded garden seating area adjacent to Goofy’s Sky School. Quick service.
  • $-Bayside Brews– choose from craft beers and fresh baked pretzels. Quick service/mobile ordering.
  • $- Paradise Garden Grill– this Mexican style eatery will often have seasonal offerings and plenty of vegetarian dishes. Quick service/mobile ordering.

Carts/kiosks available in both Disneyland and California Adventure

In both Disneyland and California Adventure, you can find carts/kiosks surrounding the parks offering these treats:

Mickey Visit Staff Reviews of Dining at Disneyland

Our staff visits Disneyland often and we have been working on putting together extensive dining reviews to help you pick your best table service options in the park! We try to update these reviews when we experience them again, especially for dining packages, so be sure to keep checking them for recent information.

All of our staff eats at Disneyland on their own dime so these reviews are honest perspectives of our writers enjoying Disneyland as regular park guests.

Kid's Meal Options at Disneyland

Daisy’s Diner sign above a menu board outside the quick-service restaurant in Toontown

When it comes to feeding kids at Disneyland, there are some reasonable options available for kids to enjoy that focus on pretty ‘traditional' ideas of what kids like to eat.

Keep in mind that Disney kids' menu items are for children ages 9 and younger. Although, I've never had anyone at Disneyland question me when I've ordered kids menu items for my kid (my son is eight but he's so tall he looks like he's ten!) but… rules are rules. I'd imagine if folks fudge the rule- it'd be easier using quick service/mobile ordering rather than sit down dining. I've heard that you can't order kids meal options for children over 9 at table service restaurants. Which for some families can be a bummer if your picky or light eater won't like the adult options. It's good to look at the menus (all our links above to Disney Parks restaurants take you right to the menus!) and be prepared.

Kids' Disney Check Meal

The Mickey Check symbol on a menu indicates a food or beverage that fits in a healthy lifestyle and each food or beverage with the Mickey Check meets Disney nutritional guidelines. So you can expect anything labeled as ‘Mickey Check Meal' to be considered a healthier option. They typically come with a vegetable or fruit side, applesauce, and milk or water for a drink. Keep in mind if you substitute the sides then the meal might not fit the nutritional guidelines.

Kids' Meal Options

Here are a variety of items you can find under the kids meal options at dining at Disneyland:

  • Mac and cheese
  • Grilled cheese
  • Turkey sandwich
  • Pizza slice
  • Chicken tenders/nuggets
  • Hamburger
  • Fish
  • PB&J
  • Turkey slider
  • Hot dog/corn dog
  • Cheese quesadilla
  • Taco/Rice bowl
  • Pasta
  • Waffles
  • Fruit plate
  • Eggs/bacon

This is just a general idea- some restaurants have more options tailored to their specific theme/cuisine option.

Disneyland Character Dining 

One great dining experience is to enjoy a Disney character meal. In Disney Character meals, Disney characters circulate to each table to say hello, sign autographs, and pose for pictures.

Disneyland is home to five different Disneyland character dining experiences. The experience varies quite a bit depending on each restaurant. Each one features different Disney characters and different meals.

I have written a Disneyland character dining guide that highlights all of the different aspects of eating at a Disneyland character meal. In the article you will find tons of information on picking your meal, tips on how to maximize your experience, and advice on how to get at least 10% off your meal when you plan in advance. Read all about planning your Disneyland character dining experience>

Dining Packages

Dining packages so guests can get reserved viewing for select shows and parades included with their meal at some of the most popular Disneyland restaurants.

If you don't want to battle the crowds and plan on eating at any of these restaurants anyways, this can be a great way to go for many guests. Find our full guide to the most up to date dining packages here. 

Dietary Constraints

Disneyland healthy food can be found at all the various carts and markets filled with fruit and veggies.

Guests with severe allergies, those requiring kosher meals, or those on restricted diets can arrange assistance at City Hall in Disneyland or the Chamber of Commerce at Disney California Adventure. Gluten Free options are also listed there. If you are dining at a Disneyland Resort Restaurant, then call the restaurant at least one day in advance for assistance at (714) 781-3463.

We've put together a full guide to dietary restrictions at the Disneyland Resort to help guests with dietary restrictions have a magical and stress free dining experience.

You can also find our top eight favorite healthy food options at the Disneyland Resort in our healthy food guide here.

You can also find our top ten recommendations for vegetarian food at the parks here. 

Mobile Ordering at Disneyland

One of the best ways to save time at Disneyland is to take advantage of mobile ordering options to avoid waiting in long lines for food. With mobile ordering at Disneyland you will cut your time spent in lines by half or more.

See our guide to find out what restaurants offer mobile ordering and learn how to use it for your visit.

Downtown Disney District and Disneyland Hotels Dining Options

Downtown Disney is adjacent to the Disneyland Resort and has plenty of entertainment and dining options. Here is a list of all the dining available.

Downtown Disney

  • $- Napolini Pizzeria– you can walk up and get the famous Naples pizza and build your own pizza. Quick service.
  • $ Earl of Sandwich– Exquisite sandwiches in the widest of varieties. Also, Earl of Sandwich is a great place to sit down in Downtown Disney as it has covered seating. Quick service. 
  • $- Jamba Juice– an affordable smoothie place along with healthy food options. Quick service.
  • $- Salt and Straw– this trendy ice cream place has a variety of flavors (even lavender!) and is worth a try. Quick service.
  • $- Sprinkles– if you're looking for sweets, this is the place to go! Quick service.
  • $-Starbucks– if you're craving Starbucks, you can find it in Downtown Disney. Quick service. 
  • $-Taqueria at Tortilla Jo's– this Mexican food place has delicious options for families. Table service.
  • $-Wetzel's Pretzels– this is a favorite of families with affordable pretzel options! Quick service.
  • $ –La Brea Bakery– Located just outside of the main security checkpoint to enter the esplanade, the La Brea Bakery is an awesome deli with great hot soups, sandwiches, and flat breads. This is a great lunch option just a few steps from the parks. Quick service.
  • $-$$- Black Tap Craft Burgers & Shakes– this is where you find those Instagram famous gigantic shakes and burgers! Quick service. 
  • $$- Ballast Point Brewing Company– the only onsite brewery at the Disneyland Resort featuring a beer garden and a tasting room. Table service. 
  • $$-Catal Restaurant– this is a good fine dining option that serves a variety of American and Mediterranean. Table service.
  • $$-Naples Ristorante e Bar– a great Italian option with fantastic pizza. This is also a great more ‘upscale' dining option. Table service.
  • $$-Ralph Brennan's Jazz Kitchen– offers traditional New Orleans style cuisine and jazz music served up in a two-story replica of a New Orleans French Quarter dining facility. Table service.
  • $$- Splitsville Luxury Lanes– this upscale bowling alley offers plenty of American food with the option of dine in only. Table service.
  • $$-Uva Bar– this upscale bar has a great atmosphere for people looking for cocktails. Table service.

Grand Californian Hotel

Wide shot of dining tables, framed paintings and Storyteller's Cafe Arts and Crafts decor

You don't have to be a guest at any of the Disney owned hotels to enjoy their restaurants or character dining. And they are all within walking distance of Downtown Disney.

Disneyland Hotel

Lit tiki torches at night along the path to Trader Sam's Enchanted Tiki Bar at Disneyland Hotel

Paradise Pier Hotel

Donald Duck, dressed in a Hawaiian shirt and straw hat, posing in front of a Polynesian style structure beside a surfboard and a message board listing water conditions

  • $-$$-Surfside Lounge– offers cocktails and dining options. Table service. 
  • $- The Sand Bar– this simple and affordable beach themed bar offers a variety of American food options. Quick service. 
  • $$$-Disney’s PCH Grill– share breakfast with some of your favorite Disney Characters during Donald Duck's Seaside Breakfast. Table service.

Fine/Upscale Dining Options

These are the top fine dining offered inside the parks and outside the parks:

Disneyland Park

  • $$$- Blue Bayou– The only restaurant worth mentioning from Disneyland is the Blue Bayou. It is located inside of the Pirates of the Caribbean attraction. The atmosphere is a little dark and the food is not as good for some as it used to be. But for many others, it's one of the most popular options in Disneyland. Table service.

Disney California Adventure Park

  • $$$- Carthay Circle Restaurant– Fantastic restaurant that was built during the Disney California Adventure renovation. It is a combination of the finest restaurants in the US. If you are ready for a fancy meal, this is the perfect place. Table service.

Grand Californian Hotel

  • $$$-Napa Rose– one of the finest restaurants on Disneyland Resort property. Variety of the best food in the world. Sit at the Chef’s table to have a unique experience designed to fit the needs of each person. Table service.

Disneyland Hotel

  • $$$-Steakhouse 55– rivals the best steakhouses across the US in flavor and cut of beef. While they aren't on the menu, request onion rings. These were the best onion rings I've ever had. Table service.

Downtown Disney

  • $$-Naples Ristorante e Bar– a great Italian option with fantastic pizza. Great for families while also feeling a bit more ‘upscale' for a dining option. Table service.
  • $$-Ralph Brennan's Jazz Kitchen– offers traditional New Orleans style cuisine and jazz music served up in a two-story replica of a New Orleans French Quarter dining facility. Table service.
    • Read our review here to see why everyone loves this dining option in Downtown Disney.

Save Money on Disneyland Dining

There are a number of helpful Disneyland dining tips listed below.

Order à La Carte: During my last visit to Disneyland I was appalled to see a child who had just received his order of corn dog with a side of apples throw away the apples with the rest of the container. If only the child knew he was throwing away almost three dollars.  Disneyland menus only present full meals, however you can purchase individual items à la carte.

To save the most money on food during your vacation, join these restaurant deals clubs. Do not join these clubs more than two weeks before you vacation as most send out specific introductory coupons.

Earl of Sandwich – This is one of our favorite lunch spots in Downtown Disney. Here you will find great sandwiches and salads. When you join their online eClub, you will immediately be rewarded with special bonus coupons.

This club also sends you a FREE sandwich on your birthday. They do not check ID for your actual birth date.

Patina Group – This restaurant management company operates the Catal, Tortilla Jo’s, and Naples restaurants. When you subscribe to their online Patina Restaurant Group List, you will be sent special offers and a $30 discount coupon for use on your birthday at any of the three restaurants.

The coupon is sent about a week before your listed birth date and can be used for 60 days. The restaurant will check your ID to verify your birthday and that you are over 21. Reservations must be made for after 5pm for the coupon to be used.

Mimi’s Cafe – This chain restaurant located just across Harbor Boulevard from Disneyland offers nice breakfast food and a great deal for members of the eClub. This is a nice option for breakfast if you are staying on Harbor and don’t like the food offered at your hotel. When entering information, use the zip code 92802 to get specific deals for the Disneyland cafe.

When you join the Mimi’s eClub, you will immediately receive coupons for free food upon signing up and on your birthday. These coupons do expire, so be sure to wait until 1-2 weeks before your vacation to register.

Jamba Juice – has an insider program that sends out deals frequently if you are in need of a snack.

There are a few other chain restaurants in the area that provide eClub deals, however during your travels I highly encourage you to branch out and either just have food on Disneyland Resort property, or take a look at the top restaurants around Disneyland on Yelp. Try the local food! It does not disappoint.

You can also check out our full guide to saving money on food at the Disneyland Resort which lists over 40+ delicious and cheap food options!

How to Pack a Lunch and Where to Eat It at Disneyland

Image result for picnic area disneyland

The very best way to save money on food at Disneyland? Avoiding eating in the parks at all costs- if you can! One of the things that not many guests know about Disneyland is that there is a picnic area available for guests to enjoy outside food. You can find the picnic area to the immediate left, if you are facing the Disneyland gates, outside the entrance to the park.

And rather than hauling around a cooler all day (pro tip: Disneyland won't allow hard side coolers inside anyways but soft side ones are fine) use the lockers that are available outside the gates (where you could put a hard side cooler) or inside the parks. These lockers are a great convenience anyways so you can store extra coats, souvenirs, etc. Locker rentals are available for different prices depending on the locker size. Inside the parks, lockers are available for $7 and $10 per day. Outside the parks, lockers are available for $7, $10, $11, $12 and $15 per day. Lockers provide unlimited access throughout the day but you can't leave items in them overnight.

So if you are looking to be frugal when you visit the parks, just stock up on lunch supplies at a nearby grocery store or CVS and just bring your own lunch! It doesn't have to be a hassle and can easily save you $20 per person for one meal! If you have a big family, that can be a big savings. And if your kids are picky eaters, sometimes bringing what you know they like instead can be better than risking dropping money on food they won't eat.

Booking a Meal at Disneyland

To book a meal reservation at the Disneyland Resort, head to the official Disneyland website or call the reservation hotline at (714) 781-3463.

More Disneyland Tips

Disclosure: We have used all the products recommended on Mickey Visit. We may receive compensation when you click on links to some products featured.

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