Disneyland Hungry Bear Fantasmic! Dining Package Review

Fantasmic! reserved viewing is the best way to view the popular nighttime spectacular at Disneyland. Rather than spend hours saving a standby spot you can purchase a dining package at Hungry Bear in Disneyland which comes with a ticket to a reserved front row viewing area. This Hungry Bear Fantasmic dining package review covers viewing tips, menu and if this experience is worth it at Disneyland.

Keep reading to see our review of the food, the reserved view for Fantasmic! and tips for booking this experience for Fantasmic! saved seating.

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Hungry Bear Fantasmic Dining Package Review CostHungry Bear Fantasmic ticket

The Hungry Bear Fantasmic! dining package works like many of the other dining packages at Disneyland but with this dining package you take the meal to go- meaning this isn’t a sit down restaurant dining experience. You will enjoy a three course meal to go and be given a ticket which will grant you access to the reserved viewing area for Fantasmic!

Hungry Bear Fantasmic! dining package review


The pricing for this package is $35 per adult and $25 per child. Disney considers child pricing to include kids aged 3-9.

I highly recommend making this reservation in advance due to its popularity and likely chance it will sell out. However, it doesn’t hurt to ask at check-in if they’ve had cancellations either. You can make a dining reservation up to 60 days in advance.

Meal Times

Your reservation will include a time to pick up your food. Meal pick-up times are normally 3:00 PM to 8:30 PM, though times may vary based on the Fantasmic! schedule. Reservations made for 3:00 PM through 6:45 PM will include a voucher for entry into the reserved viewing area for the first performance of Fantasmic! that evening. Reservations from 7:00 PM to 8:30 PM will include a voucher for entry into the reserved viewing area for that night’s second show.

Performances can be cancelled without notice due to technical, weather or other issues. No refunds or exchanges will be issued, even if the show is cancelled.

Hungry Bear Fantasmic Dining Package Review Menu

Choose from a menu created just for this event, featuring barbecued pork ribs, grilled salmon salad or a barbecued half-chicken, served with bacon potato salad, seasonal vegetables, a dessert and fountain beverage. Or try a plant-based Impossible sloppy joe sandwich with seasonal vegetables, fresh fruit, dessert and fountain beverage.

Kids meals include barbecued ribs, mac and cheese, and a plant-based Impossible sloppy joe slider.

I ordered the Impossible sloppy joe sandwich which came with steamed broccoli, a brownie and Cuties.

Hungry Bear Fantasmic! dining package review

My son ordered the mac and cheese which came with Cuties, broccoli and grapes.

Hungry Bear Fantasmic! dining package review

Our food wasn’t too spectacular and there are absolutely NO substitutions allowed for anything off the pre-fix Fantasmic! dining package menu. You won’t be able to substitute any of the pre-fix items for other menu items on the Hungry Bear menu nor swap our the sides (like the broccoli/fruit) for french fries.

Both of our meals were obviously pre-prepared in advance and were left out under heat lamps so the bread was stale and the sides of the hot food was crunchy. I much prefer the food experience for Fantasmic! over at Blue Bayou compared to what we were offered at the Hungry Bear. We ended up throwing away most of the food after a few bites.

Hungry Bear Fantasmic! dining package review

However, the price was affordable and it came with a great viewing option for Fantasmic! which was the entire point of purchasing the dining package for us. Families may have better luck than we did, the food for this package (being grab and go) is likely hit or miss depending on the day when it comes to quality.

The whole reason for purchasing this dining package is the viewing area to Fantasmic! which I found to be absolutely spectacular and worth the value. The standby areas for Fantasmic! were hectic with guests squished into standing room only viewing areas as early as 6PM and to me paying the price of $60 for a front row, seated viewing (even if it’s seated on the ground!) is well worth the cost to me.

Hungry Bear Fantasmic! Dining Package Reserved ViewingHungry Bear Fantasmic! dining package review

The entrance to the Hungry Bear viewing area is located right by Harbour Gallery across from the Haunted Mansion. You will be let into the viewing area starting at 7:30PM for the first show at 9PM although guests will begin lining up much earlier than that… we saw guests in line for the viewing area starting around 6:30PM.

Note – you can see a full map of the Fantasmic! viewing area and general tips in our guide.

Hungry Bear Fantasmic! dining package review

We returned to the viewing area around 7:15PM and there was already about 20 groups ahead of us but we still had a great view so I wouldn’t worry too much unless you want the front row right up against the railing. Anywhere in this dining area is a good view, I wouldn’t say it’s necessary to arrive before 7PM. You’re guaranteed a spot in this area with your ticket! We ended up close to the right of the viewing area, putting us more in the center of the show, in a third row of people from the railing.

Since we were seated at 7:30PM, we had 90 minutes of time to kill before the show so I took that time to just enjoy the break and my son (old enough now to do his own thing!) rode Indiana Jones and brought us back snacks. There’s plenty of snack carts nearby the viewing area serving churros, pretzels, ice-cream and more. I always make sure we get some snacks to help pass the time! If you have smaller kids, this is a great time to allow them some rest time and have their favorite movie downloaded on your phone. We saw lots of smaller kiddos enjoying some rest and a movie break in the viewing area while we waited. The atmosphere in the viewing area was magical as so many of us were excited to see Fantasmic! There were no issues with one person saving spots for their family as parents traded turns taking kids to the bathroom, stretch their legs, etc. It was a relaxing experience and that time to spend waiting was much needed after walking all day in the park!

Hungry Bear Fantasmic! dining package review

We had a fantastic view and I actually prefer being a row or two back from the railing. The downside of being pressed right against the railing is that it will be blocking your view and you’ll end up watching the show through the metal slots. Being the second or third from the front is perfect to take in all of the show.

Hungry Bear Fantasmic! dining package review

In the picture above, you can see the railing I’m talking about. We were in the third row in the viewing area and I found it to be perfect. Hungry Bear viewing is seated slightly to the left but this is actually a great view because you get a great angle of the stage!

Hungry Bear Fantasmic! dining package review

You also see the front end of the large ships coming towards you during the show which makes for great pictures!

Hungry Bear Fantasmic! dining package review

And of course, the larger boats during the performance will cross directly in front of your viewing spot too. You really can’t go wrong with any spot in this viewing area!

Hungry Bear Fantasmic! dining package review

Overall, the Hungry Bear dining package for Fantasmic! is absolutely worth it. While the food wasn’t my favorite, it really didn’t matter to me because all I cared about was getting that prime viewing area for Fantasmic! I found this view to be just as good, if not better in some aspects, than the more expensive dining package options. We were allowed to remain seating during the entire show and it made for a great experience. I highly recommend it!

Bonus: Fireworks Viewing for First Fantasmic! Show

If you are watching the first show of Fantasmic! that starts at 9PM, be sure to stay put in your spot for the fireworks show that will begin at 9:30PM immediately afterwards. The Rivers of America will display the projections for the show on larger water screens and you will have a nice view of the fireworks off to your right. It’s a great way to see both Fantasmic! and the fireworks in one evening without too scrambling!

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  1. This is great! Thanks for your honest review and all the photos. Do you know what the return window is for the second show?

    • Cast members will start organizing a line for re-entry for the dining package area for once the fireworks end and the area clears out. I would recommend getting in this line around 9:30 or earlier, if you don’t mind seeing part of Fantasmic! from this area. Your ticket from Hungry Bear will give you an official time to line up which will likely be in the time range of 9:30-9:45PM.

  2. We have s reservation for the Hungry Bear package at 830. Do they start serving right at 830 or could we be a little early?

  3. Please note that there are some grates toward the back of the seating area that blow hot air the entire time. In the Winter it is probably nice, but in the Summer it was so incredibly hot. We sweated the entire time. Awful! But the view is great!

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