Disneyland Tenaya Stone Spa Review – Grand Californian Hotel

The Tenaya Stone Spa inside Disney’s Grand Californian Hotel & Spa offers a wide range of luxurious spa services and amenities inspired by California’s landscape and natural elements.

On my most recent stay at Disney’s Grand Californian Hotel & Spa I took advantage of this amazing spa experience twice during my visit and enjoyed multiple massage experiences. The Tenaya Stone Spa is a fairly recent design by Imagineers that took inspiration from the spirit of nature, indigenous cultures of California and the iconic Craftsman design of the hotel to create this calming space.

In my full Tenaya Stone Spa review I will give you an overview of the amenities that you can enjoy during your visit to the spa, my review of the massage services I received, along with tips on how to get the most out of your experience.

Tenaya Stone Spa ReviewTenaya Stone Spa

I paid for all experiences out of my own pocket for this Tenaya Stone Spa review so my opinion is entirely my own for services that I enjoyed at my own cost during my vacation!

The amenities and atmosphere of this spa is really what made this service worth every penny. It’s recommended you arrive 30 minutes prior to your appointment to enjoy the amenities but on my second visit I actually arrived 45 minutes early and was able to enter the spa area. When you arrive you check in and you will have some time to look around the retail space of the salon which sells the signature robes you wear during the experience along with the bath/body products used.

Tenaya Stone Spa retail space

Tenaya Stone Spa robes

When you enter the spa, you will be shown the Tenaya stone and be asked to select a stone yourself that represents your journey/mood/etc. for that day. A cast member guides you through some simple meditation before you place your stone on the larger Tenaya stone.

Tenaya Stone Spa

You will be given a tour of the relaxation area along with the locker room. You will be assigned a locker to store your belongings which includes a robe to be worn during your visit and spa slippers. The cast members recommend you shower before and after your service to allow you to fully relax and take advantage of the Tenaya Stone Spa bath products with full above head rainfall shower. I second this recommendation- it really does help you relax and their products all smell amazing. In fact, I was so obsessed with all the products I ended up buying the shampoo, body wash and lotion on my last visit.

Tenaya Stone Spa

Once you’re showered and feeling cozy in your robe, you can enjoy the relaxation area before your service. There are a variety of cozy chairs to sit in with plush blankets to use along with a full service table with flavored water (strawberry mint during my experience), a variety of Twinnings loose leaf tea and baked goods like zucchini bread and scones. I love Twinnings tea so I thought it was worth mentioning the quality of tea provided in my Tenaya Stone Spa review.

Tenaya Stone Spa

While relaxing in this area, a cast member will bring you a heated neck pillow so stick around for the full experience.

Tenaya Stone Spa

After your massage (further details on my experience in my Tenaya Stone Spa review below!) you will be invited to relax again in the relaxation lounge. I highly recommend taking your time with this experience- enjoy the shower before hand, spend some time in the relaxation area, shower again before you leave. When they recommend you take all these steps to help you relax, it really does have a big effect on the overall quality of the experience.

You are never rushed out the door and can take your time enjoying the relaxation area and showers after your appointment. I noticed some guests bring a bag with their clothes/park gear for the day to get ready once their service was over to go about your day. The women’s locker room was equipped with blow dryers, hairspray, mouthwash, flat irons, makeup remover, along with your standard shampoo/conditioner/body lotion and body wash. Unfortunately, the steam room wasn’t open yet so I can’t speak to that experience in this Tenaya Stone Spa review.

I absolutely loved the amenities at the Tenaya Stone Spa. The design of this spa is breathtaking and you can see the attention to detail the Imagineers took when designing this natural inspired space.

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Tenaya Stone Spa Review- Massage ServicesTenaya stone Spa

Now let’s get to part of my Tenaya Stone Spa review where I discuss the services I received!

During my first visit to Tenaya Stone Spa, I booked the following services:

  • Tenaya Signature Massage- Designed to increase circulation while soothing tight, tense muscles with customized massage techniques and soothing lotion aimed to infuse the mind, body and spirit with positive energy. (60 minutes)
  • Mindful Traveler Foot Treatment- Sink into pure relaxation with an exfoliating foot soak and energizing massage designed to help reduce lower leg water retention, increase circulation, relieve lower leg muscle stress and leave legs and feet silky smooth. (30 minutes)

On my second visit (it was so good I had to come back!) I booked the following service:

  • Aromatherapy Massage- A sensory journey highlighting gemstone massage, energy therapy, and vibrational essential oils. This blissful treatment is designed to release tension. (60 minutes)

My massage experience on both days during my visit to the Tenaya Stone Spa was top notch and everything you’d expect from a high quality spa. My massage therapists for all massages (different for each one!) were professional, friendly and warm. I felt instantly comfortable in both fully body massages and the talent of the massage therapists were clear. Both massages were the best I have had in years- and I’m very picky about the services I utilize! The atmosphere and quality of the room were exceptional. The massage beds are heated which is a nice touch. There is calming music being played and the lighting is dimmed. It’s up to you if you want to talk during your service or be quiet- they will follow your lead.

The Tenaya Signature Massage is a good, traditional massage if you’re looking for something to relieve some aches and pains of walking around the parks. I found this massage to be the perfect amount of pressure without going too full out like a deep tissue massage. I have a lot of serious back and spinal concerns and my massage therapist was especially attentive to areas of my back that were particularly tense and painful.

After I experienced the signature massage, I had scheduled the Mindful Traveler Foot Treatment immediately afterwards. I was able to relax and enjoy the amenities of the spa before this next appointment which I appreciated. All the foot massages/treatments take place in the salon but this was a nice way to end my day at the Tenaya Spa. This was a pretty standard 30 minute foot massage although she did use special foot treatments with menthol to help ease aches and pains, which I requested. You get the option of customizing your experience a bit with this foot treatment which I appreciated.

The Aromatherapy Massage was the first time I’ve experienced any type of massage using aromatherapy but I wanted to try something different since I added this massage on a bit spur of the moment during one of the last days of our stay. You still receive a standard full body massage but throughout the duration of the massage they will use different aromatherapy essential oils either spritzed in the air or inhaling deeply.

I was skeptical on how relaxed it would make me (fun fact about me: I’ve never been relaxed a day in my life!) as I don’t have much experience with essential oils but this massage completely melted me into a pile of goo. I have never felt more relaxed, it was a wonderful experience. I actually enjoyed it more than the signature massage just because it was such a unique experience. I felt relaxed for hours afterwards- it was like magic.

Is the Tenaya Stone Spa Worth It?Tenaya Stone Spa

Absolutely, yes! I don’t normally splurge on high dollar spa/salon services for myself (okay, unless it’s my hair or nails…) so this was more than I’d usually spend on massage services. It ended up being one of the highlights of my trip to allow myself this time to relax and unwind- especially when Disney ends up being such a ‘go, go, go’ vacation. I loved it so much I ended up booking that second massage on a whim!

If you’re not sure what service to get, I highly recommend going with the Tenaya Signature Massage which is a good massage service that will cover all your aches and pains. But you can view the full list (and it’s extensive!) of their services below.

My only suggestion/hope for the future with Tenaya Stone Spa is that they add the ability to do acrylics/gel nails to the salon. Right now the only nail option you can get is regular nail polish. The cast member that did my foot massage and I talked in length what a benefit it would be to expand those nail services. I would love having the option of having a salon so close by for any nail emergencies as I’ve had a few with losing acrylic nails during a wild day at Disneyland!

You don’t have to be a guest at the Grand Californian to enjoy this spa experience so I highly recommend taking a morning to do it during your trip, it’s worth it.

Tenaya Stone Spa Review- ServicesTenaya Stone Spa

Here is the full list of all the Tenaya Stone Spa services that are offered! You can find this full list with pricing along with information on how to book on the Tenaya Stone Spa website.

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