Disneyland Packages 2023: Guide to Best Way to Enjoy Disneyland Vacation

Disneyland packages There are many different Disneyland packages offered each year, however only a few offer any real discount on your Disneyland experience. Disneyland vacation packages are created by groups ranging from the Walt Disney Travel Company to independent Disney travel agents to groups like AAA. These Disney vacation packages most often include hotel and Disneyland Resort tickets. When a package is offered by the airline, the package will also include airfare.

The highest discounts generally come with the seasonal Disneyland packages. On this page I will attempt to explain the Disneyland vacation package benefits and possible drawbacks, plus give you a recommendation for my most trusted Disneyland packages provider…Get Away Today

Now, on to the planning of your Disneyland vacation package…

Keep in mind that at its core, a Disneyland vacation is made up of two main pieces wherever you book: tickets and hotels. Almost all Disneyland packages include park tickets and either stay at a Disney-approved Good Neighbor Hotel or Disney-owned Disneyland Resort Hotel. So long as you correctly pick your hotel, your vacation experience will overall be the same regardless of where you book. However, your pre-vacation experience can be radically different.

This guide is meant to improve your experience of booking your Disneyland package and to save you money both before and during your vacation. If you book with the right people, Disneyland Vacation Packages can make planning a vacation to Disneyland much simpler for all those involved. With one person managing your entire Disneyland vacation experience, you can focus on the more important things–like what to ride first.

Disneyland Packages 2023: When is a Vacation Package the Right Way to Book?

Just like any Disneyland vacation, Disneyland vacation packages vary in price tremendously based on what season you visit choose to visit the resort. The summer months (June-August) and holiday periods (late October-early January and April for Spring break) tend to be the best time to focus your efforts on booking via a Disneyland package. During other times of the year, it is much easier to find discounts on Disneyland tickets, hotels near Disneyland, and airfare individually (click on any of these links for info on booking these aspects individually).

Don’t Book Your Package With Disneyland Directly

When attempting to book your package either on the Disneyland website or over the phone with the Walt Disney Travel Company, their goal is to sell you the package at full value and offer the least amount of discounts possible. Disney reservationists will not offer up specific discounts over the phone unless you ask directly. They will be very kind and provide wonderful service, but charge much more than the other options I detail below. If you attempt to book on their website, the pages do the exact same thing. Even the most seasoned Disneyland travel agents have a difficult time using the Disney website interface.

disneyland vacation packages all inclusive

That being said, the perfect way to book your Disneyland package is through an authorized Disney travel agent. They have all the same access to deals that you or I have, but they also offer specific deals on their own. Read below for our full recommendation of the best Disneyland travel agent.

How to Pick Your Discount Disneyland Packages

There are quite a few Disneyland travel agents out there who promise to be the “perfect fit” for planning your Disneyland vacation, but many do not know the destination well or have poor customer service.

While most of the Disneyland packages can be booked directly on the Disneyland website, they rarely have the best discounts and their website is difficult to navigate.

disneyland vacation packagesFor access to the constantly changing Disneyland discounts and easiest booking experience, make sure to book with a Disneyland authorized travel agent. I highly recommend Get Away Today who makes customer service and highest discounts for their customers top priority. They have over 25 years of experience and their agents really KNOW the Disneyland Resort. Unlike other agencies, Get Away Today agents visit the parks and experience the vacation before ever selling it to you.

They purchase Disneyland tickets and hotel rooms in blocks so that they can repackage them at much lower prices than anything that Disneyland offers. In fact, they were the first outside wholesaler to work with Disneyland, and they have been a top partner ever since. Their discounts are substantial and are truly the best way to book any Disneyland package vacation.

While other Disney travel agents can also book Disneyland packages, few other agencies have the ability to purchase the tickets in such large blocks to give these incredible Disneyland discounts. Most other agents sell directly through Disney and are paid with a small commission. Get Away Today functions in a unique place as they are classified by Disney as a “Select Tour Operator,” a distinction only held by the top eleven companies working with Disney creating vacations. They also take the time to create an enjoyable experience for their customers by offering agents who are knowledgeable and ready to help plan any Disneyland vacation. Get Away Today agents stay in the hotels that they book for you, so that they always understand the property and aren’t just selling you something on a piece of glossy marketing material they received.

All Disneyland tickets are now being sent electronically which means guests will take either their phone or printed confirmation straight to the gate. There will be no need to go to a ticket booth to pick-up will call tickets and no way to leave physical tickets at home. Book your tickets at least two days before your arrival to ensure that they are processed in time for the first day of your Disneyland vacation.

Get Away Today also offers layaway plans with an additional fee of $99 that allows guests to make as many payments as you would like on your vacation up to five days before the departure date. The first payment requires a minimum payment of $175 so guests can then decide how many payments they’d like to make. The vacation is held until the final payment is made which makes this a great option for families to be able to plan and save for their vacation.

To access the exclusive MickeyVisit.com discount prices, CLICK HERE to visit Get Away Today. Prefer to call? Dial (855) GET-AWAY and request the exclusive Mickey Visit pricing. Or work with a travel agent directly online by submitting a travel request form.

Exclusive Discounts for MickeyVisit.com Subscribers on Disneyland Vacation Packages

Get Away Today offers exclusive discounts to MickeyVisit.com email subscribers on packages. These exclusive deals can only be accessed in our deals email. Even if you purchase your package now, you can still join our deals email for exclusive discounts on shopping, dining, and transportation during your Disneyland visit.

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Currently we have quite a few exclusive offers. Check out all the best Disneyland package options that have been put together combining our exclusive ticket prices from Get Away Today and their wholesale hotel prices into a perfect package. You can book these packages directly here.

Disneyland Packages: All Inclusive? Cheap or Luxurious? You Decide

Get Away Today includes as many nights stay you choose in either a Disneyland Resort hotel or Disney Good Neighbor hotel, tickets to the Disneyland Resort. They also provide lots of special extras to make your visit to Disneyland as magical as possible. They can work in any budget to make your stay as cheap or luxurious as you wish.

There are two types of Disneyland packages. One built upon a Disneyland Resort Hotel stay or another built on a Disney Good Neighbor hotel stay. They differ slightly in options so read closely below.

disneyland vacation packages

Disneyland Resort Hotel Vacation Package

The Disneyland Resort Hotel package includes:

  • Accommodations at Disney’s Grand Californian Hotel, the Disneyland Hotel, or Disney’s Paradise Pier Hotel
  • Exclusive low prices on Disneyland Resort Tickets for MickeyVisit.com readers
  • Extra Magic Hour — Special early entry into either Disneyland Park or Disney California Adventure park on every day of your vacation. You must have both a hotel key and park ticket for admission.
  • Use of the private entrance to Disney California Adventure through Disney’s Grand Californian Hotel.
  • Plus all of the other exclusive extras provided by Get Away Today for MickeyVisit.com readers (listed below)

Disneyland Good Neighbor Hotel Package

The Disney Good Neighbor Hotel package includes:

  • Accommodations at one of Disney’s recommended Good Neighbor hotels
  • Access to the exclusive low prices on Disneyland Tickets for MickeyVisit.com readers
  • Also you will receive all of the exclusive bonuses from Get Away Today for MickeyVisit.com readers (listed below)

Exclusive Get Away Today Coupons With Your Disney Packages

Get Away Today has exclusive partnerships with local retailers to offer you hundreds in dollars in savings. These special benefits that come exclusively from Get Away Today include:

  • Exclusive Area Coupons: When you book, you will receive a PDF email of coupons that can be printed as many times as you wish. Included are coupons for 10% off at some of my favorite Disneyland Restaurants: La Brea Bakery, Catal, Naples, Tortilla Jo’s and the Uva Bar in Downtown Disney. Also included are coupons for the chain restaurants located just outside of the resort area that include: Bubba Gump, Tony Roma’s, McDonald’s, Subway, etc. The coupons are sold as having a $300 value, but when used with a big group (or a family that eats a lot like mine) you could save a lot more.
  • Pin lanyard for each adult member of the group. You will receive an electronic voucher to redeem at your hotel.
  • Fun Free Printable Downloads – to get your family ready for the trip, you can access these special printable sheets on their website that include a number of games, vacation countdown chains, vacation reveal ideas, and more.

Ready to book your package with Get Away Today? CLICK HERE to access our exclusive discounts and special bonuses that come just for MickeyVisit.com readers. Or, you can call (855) GET-AWAY and request the MickeyVisit.com exclusive prices.

disneyland vacation packages with hotel

Adding on Other Southern California Adventures to Your Disneyland Vacation Package

There are so many incredible destinations to explore in the Southern California. When you book with Get Away Today, it is easy to add on visits to other hotspots like Universal Studios Hollywood, San Diego, Legoland, and Hollywood.

Not only does Get Away Today offer the lowest priced Disneyland tickets on the web, they also offer incredible discounts on Universal Studios and other theme parks in the Southern California area. When booking your vacation package, consider adding on a visit to one of the other parts of Southern California at the beginning or end of your trip.

Compare Travel Agent Prices to Disneyland Packages Prices

The easiest way to compare prices is to access the official rate sheet provided by Disney Resort Travel Sales.

Simply visit Disneyland.com or call 714-520-5060 to request your Disneyland free videos and Disneyland rate sheet from the Disney Resort Travel Sales Center. Also, you can take a look at the Disneyland ticket rates on their website here (these ticket prices are blown out of the water by the exclusive prices for MickeyVisit.com readers).

Paying For Your Disneyland Package

Disneyland packages that are purchased from Get Away Today can be paid for in full at the time of booking, or you can use their new layaway plan option.

If you choose to use the layaway plan option, you can hold your vacation plans for as little as $175 down. Then you can make payments in any amount up until two weeks before your travel. Read all the details of the layaway plan here>

There is a one time non-refundable $99 fee to use this option.

An option that I am really excited about is their Peace of Mind plan. Generally, for all inclusive packages such as a Disneyland vacation, I recommend purchasing trip insurance. This way you can cancel at the last minute without any penalty to you.

However, there is no longer any need for this insurance because of the incredible service that Get Away Today provides their customers. They offer a Peace of Mind plan that allows guests to make as many changes, cancellations, or reschedules up to 72 hours before their check-in date without any fees.

Here is a comparison of the money saved if you choose to purchase with the Peace of Mind plan. There is a $60 fee to use this planning Peace of Mind Plan.

Normal Change Fees With Peace of Mind Plan
Ticket Voucher Change Fee: $25 FREE
Hotel Reschedule Fee: $75 FREE
Hotel Change Fee: $75 FREE
Dropped Night Fee: $75 FREE
Hotel Cancellation Fee: $125 FREE
Package Cancellation Fee: $125 FREE

Disneyland Travel Insurance

As I mentioned in the section above, if you book with Get Away Today and purchase the Peace of Mind plan, the information below is not really necessary for you to read.

If you choose to book your package on your own or with Disney directly, I highly recommend purchasing trip insurance to make sure that you won’t lose all of your money if for some reason you have to cancel your trip.

There are a number of different insurance types to consider to cover your Disneyland vacation.

Trip Cancellation and Interruption Insurance: This insurance protects you if you need to cancel your vacation at the last minute or leave the vacation early because of illness or injury. Depending on the policy that you select, your insurance may cover other reasons for canceling that are not medically related.

Emergency Medical Coverage: This insurance will cover any illness or medical injury that occurs during your vacation including getting you home to your doctor. Without this type of insurance, you can end up in difficult situations where your insurance may not cover treatment in a different state.

Delayed Baggage Insurance: If your bags are sent to a different destination, this type of insurance will cover any purchases of new clothes to wear while you wait for your clothes to arrive. They will also pay a predetermined amount if the bags are lost completely.

Be sure to purchase your insurance right after making your first deposit on the vacation. The longer that you wait, the less coverage there is offered to you. 

Our top recommended travel insurance provider is Allianz. They even cover children under 18 for FREE. They will also cover existing medical conditions if you purchase insurance within 14 days of purchasing your vacation.

Click here to get a FREE quote and get kids under 18 covered for FREE>

Where’s the Disneyland dining plan and Free Dining Disneyland?

Currently, the dining plans aren’t available anymore from Disney anyways but we’ll leave this information here since this is such a common question.

One thing that I get questions on frequently is the Disneyland dining plan. This plan functions differently than the Walt Disney World dining plan. Instead of each coupon being equal to a certain level of food on the menu, the coupon has a numerical value that you can spend on anything in the parks. However, when you use these coupons and don’t spend all of the money on them at one time you will lose all of the remaining money on the coupon.

For example, you have a $15 coupon and only want a corn dog for lunch. You will still have about $7 left over. There isn’t much that you can purchase with that $7 from the corn dog hut besides another corn dog or something to drink.

You will not see free dining offered as a perk to people purchasing packages in the same way that you often do at Walt Disney World.

You can read more about the food options at the Disneyland Resort on our Disneyland food reviews page.

Other Disneyland Packages to Consider

While Get Away Today is our top recommended Disneyland package provider, I try and give you all of the information so that you can make your own decisions when booking your Disneyland vacation.

Below are the other ways that we have found good deals while booking Disneyland vacation packages.

Disneyland Packages With Airfare

Disneyland Packages with airfare are rarely less expensive than purchasing airfare separately. However, there are occasionally good last minute deals from Expedia on packages that include both hotels and airfare.

Click here to see the package prices from Expedia>

I highly recommend pricing out both a package from Expedia and a vacation package from Get Away Today, plus other cheap airfare that you locate on another site. Most often, Get Away Today’s price is actually lower. Remember that they have much kinder policies for cancellation and great exclusive bonuses.

The best place to book a Disneyland vacation package that includes both hotel and airfare is on Expedia. They offer great last minute deals that include the hotel and airfare. However, if you decide to book with this option, you will have to purchase your Disneyland tickets separately.

Be sure to check on the airport before booking your Disneyland vacation package. Many of these packages include flights into LAX Los Angeles airport. As I explain in our Disneyland airport guide, LAX is quite a long drive from Disneyland, however the Orange County SNA John Wayne airport is much closer. Be sure to always enter SNA when booking your flights. Also, be sure to factor in the transportation cost when comparing flights to LAX and Orange County airport.

Costco, AAA, or CAA Discounts

There are no AAA or CAA discounts available on Disneyland Resort packages. These Disneyland packages are all sold at full price. AAA does sell both Disneyland packages and Disneyland tickets, however they do not offer the same exclusive cheap Disneyland tickets we are able to offer.

Costco occasionally has discounts on vacation packages, but you again go into the dark territory of large travel agencies who know nothing about Disneyland. These agents may have read something in a flier once and act like they know everything there is to know about Disneyland. Unlike our friends at Get Away Today, they will not monitor your package for you to make sure that you get the best price on your Disneyland vacation package.


Planning Your Disneyland Vacation

Hopefully this guide to picking out a Disneyland package has been helpful. The process can be difficult, which is why we at MickeyVisit.com are here to help. You should subscribe to our exclusive Disney Deals email to access special discounts on travel and food in and around the Disneyland Resort.

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