Flying to Disneyland–Which Airport to Fly Into and How to Get to the Resort

getting to disneylandDisneyland is located in Anaheim, California. Many people will tell you that it is in LA, it is not. The closest airport is John Wayne Orange County Airport (SNA). I recommend flying into this airport due to its proximity to the resort.

Your other option of flying to Disneyland is LAX, Los Angeles’ huge airport. The drive from here to the resort is a long one especially during commute times but the deals are often times better flying into LAX deals are often better due to more flight options.

Airports Near Disneyland and the Anaheim Convention Center

There are four options for airports when flying to Disneyland or the Anaheim Convention Center. These airports, listed in the order of nearness to the Anaheim Resort are the John Wayne Orange County Airport (SNA), Long Beach Airport (LGB), the Ontario International Airport (ONT), and the Los Angeles International Airport (LAX).

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John Wayne Orange County Airport

The John Wayne Airport, located 14 miles from the Anaheim Resort, provides a simple flying experience with just one building that is split up into a Terminal A and Terminal B. Upon arrival at the airport, the walk from your gate to the baggage carousel and then upon your return from the check in to the gate is quick and easy.

The top airlines that provide service out of the Orange County Airport are:

  • Alaska Airlines
  • American Airlines
  • Delta Air Lines
  • Frontier Airlines
  • Southwest Airlines
  • United Airlines
  • Westjet

The airport is second in the area only to the Los Angeles Airport for the amount of flights and destinations served each day. The airport serves over 740,000 passengers a month and services 240 arrivals and departures each day.

This is far and away our top recommendation for flying to the Disneyland Resort or the Anaheim Convention Center. However, flight fare can be much less expensive at other airports such as the Los Angeles International Airport. Be sure to compare prices.

Long Beach Airport

The Long Beach Airport, located approximately 19 miles from the Anaheim Resort area, is a tiny airport that serves only Alaska Airlines, Delta Airlines, JetBlue Airways, and US Airways.

If you are able to find a good price with one of the four air carries, you will have an easy experience in this small airport.

Ontario International Airport

The Ontario International Airport, located approximately 35 miles from the Anaheim Resort area, is the third largest airport in the Anaheim area. This is a quaint airport that is quick and easy to navigate.

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Los Angeles International Airport

The Los Angeles International Airport (LAX), located 35 miles from the Anaheim Resort, is the bustling fifth biggest airport in the world. When visiting from anywhere outside of the US, you will most likely find the best rates and flight options by flying into the Los Angeles International Airport.

Every airline imaginable flies into LAX.

Getting From the Airport to Disneyland and Convention Center

There are quite a few options for getting from the various airports of southern California to the Disneyland Resort. My favorite transportation options are listed below.

Using Uber to DisneylandImage result for Uber

Whenever visiting Disneyland we fly into John Wayne Airport (SNA) and then use the Uber app to get from the airport to our hotel. Uber is a mobile app that you allows you to request a car from your smart phone.

I have an exclusive code for you that will give you a free $15 credit to use with your first ride.

Use the code: “gavind714ue” in the app or redeem right here.

Find the “promotions” tab and enter the code to receive your free $15 credit.

You have a couple of different tiered options for the type of Uber car that you use coming to Disneyland. On the main screen of the app you will see the available cars nearby for each level of service. Each of the levels have pros and cons and vary in price.

UberX– this is the least expensive option and allows up to four passengers. These are the drivers that sign up for the app and use their own car.

uberXL – this level is designed for larger groups and allows up to 6 passengers. These drivers are also using their own (larger) cars.

uberBlack -consists of luxury sedans that fit up to four people. These drivers and cars are members of a luxury fleet that generally is a member of a limo/hired car service. These cars can pickup at any airport because they hold a specific license, however you do not need to use this level when flying into Orange County. They are ahead of the game and allow any Uber car to pick up.

Be sure to download the app before you leave for the trip. Baggage claim at the Orange County airport is usually pretty fast, so plan on only about 10-15 minutes to get from the gate, to the luggage, and out on the sidewalk to be picked up.

Download the app and then insert your special code “gavind714ue” to save $15. Register online here>

When you use the code above, I receive a credit for referring you. This code supports the site and saves you money too!

Taking a Taxi to DisneylandImage result for Taxi

There is taxi service offered to and from all of the airports, but can get expensive. When you have a larger party, the taxi can be an especially good deal. There are two sizes of taxis, the four passenger sedan style and the seven passenger van. The rates are the same for both sizes. The van is a much better deal here than on Uber.

In California, car seats are required for children who are not yet eight years old or four feet and nine inches tall. Be sure to bring your own car seat if you intend on using a taxi.

Taking a cab, would cost you about $40 dollars from John Wayne/Orange County or about $100 from LAX with traffic and $80 without. Most companies will have a standard fare to and from the resort.

Be sure to check in with your hotel in Anaheim to see if they offer a “concierge special” for taxi rides to and from the airport. Our recommended hotels near Disneyland offer these discounts for transportation.

Renting a CarImage result for rent a car disneyland

Renting a car to visit Disneyland is completely unnecessary unless you will be visiting other attractions in the Los Angeles area. If this is the case, there are numerous car rental companies at each of the airports.

Disneyland Resort Express- Ceasing Operation in January 2020!


Use the Disneyland Resort Express which leaves from both LAX and John Wayne. The prices are very high and unless you are traveling by yourself or with just one other person, the taxi, shuttle, or Uber Car app is the least expensive option.

Disneyland Resort Express is $30 one way/ $48 round trip for an adult from LAX and $9 one way/ $14 roundtrip for a child (ages 3-11) Two and under are free but most sit on an adult's lap.

The family pass is a roundtrip ticket for 5 people for $99.99 from LAX must be purchased in advance online

From Orange County/John Wayne, the express costs $20 one way/$35 roundtrip for an adult and $7 one way/$11 roundtrip for a child (ages 3-11) Two and under are free but most sit on an adult's lap.

The “Family Pass” from John Wayne/Orange County can take up to 5 people and costs $79.99. Must be purchased in advance online.

As of January 7th the Disneyland Resort Express has ceased operations.

Shuttle Services to DisneylandImage result for karmel shuttle

There are a variety of airport shuttles offering shared ride service to and from the airports. These can be a cost effective way of traveling but sharing a shuttle can be a bit of a pain. The shuttles are typically large vans and they pack you in like little sardines.

But for small groups, this is a worthy option to save a few bucks. Although, using our Uber code above will likely be cheaper than this. Especially if you have more than two people because the shuttles typically charge per person.

Super Shuttle- Ceasing Operation December 31st

The most commonly used shuttle service in the area is Super Shuttle. The drivers will pick you up right at the airport, load and unload your luggage, and drop you off right at the front of your hotel.

From Orange County/John Wayne, round trip tickets will cost about $23 per person to the local hotels around the Disneyland Resort.

From LAX, round trip ticket will cost about $34 per person to the local hotels around the Disneyland Resort.

Sometimes their website offers discount codes or promotions so watch out for those. This can be a convenient option for small groups but rather expensive for large groups of people.

Super Shuttle ended their service on December 31st 2020

Karmel Shuttle

Karmel Shuttle is nearly identical to the way Super Shuttle runs in that it runs a shared ride service to/from the airports and the Disneyland area hotels. You can also opt to pay extra to have the vehicle yourself although doing this will be more expensive than using Uber.

You can purchase Karmel Shuttle discount tickets through our favorite travel agency, Get Away Today, for half the price you will find on their website. Adult tickets are offered at a discount and kids under 12 ride free! Once you purchase through Get Away Today you'll be given a voucher number to call Karmel Shuttle and then set up your ride.

Karmel Shuttle does not provide booster or car seats for kids and they will not be allowed to sit on your lap.


Lansky is a luxury ride service that offers transportation from Disneyland area hotels and the nearby airports.

Since this is a luxury service, you'll be riding in style in luxury vehicles that you'll have reserved all to yourself. This means no extra stops and one-way service to your destination. If time allows, they will also include a complimentary grocery store stop on the way to your hotel.

This experience is pricey but if you have a large group to split it with, it can be a fun way to travel. They do provide boosters and car seats for kids which can be a perk for families.

Be sure to check in with your hotel in Anaheim to see if they offer a “concierge special” for shuttle rides to and from the airport. Our recommended hotels near Disneyland offer these discounts for transportation.

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