Disneyland Reservations 2023- How to Get a Reservation for Disneyland

Disneyland reservations are required for all guests visiting Disneyland in 2023. This is the complete guide to securing a Disneyland reservation for visiting in 2023.

Disneyland is utilizing reservations to allow the theme parks to effectively manage capacity and plan for the day.

The number one question has become: how do I get a reservation for Disneyland in 2023? This guide has you covered with everything you need to know about securing a Disneyland reservation.

Guests Can Now Modify Existing Park Pass Reservations

Disneyland is now allowing guests to modify existing Park Pass Disneyland Reservations effective on May 17th 2023!

Before this change, guests had to cancel their existing reservation and rebook it for a different park if they changed their mind on which park they wanted to start their day at. This would leave you at risk to be without a park reservation entirely if you tried to switch parks at the last minute.

Now you can simply use the ‘modify’ option and change your park for the day without worrying which is a logical change to make. This will make park pass modifications must easier and allow for more flexibility while you’re in the park. Things change on your trip and it’s nice to have the option to switch your park day at the last minute. Keep in mind you will only be able to make this switch if there are reservations available at the park you want to switch to!

Disneyland Reservation 2023 Policy in Place for Disneyland Attendance

Disneyland is using an advance reservation system for guests to secure their spots for their theme park days. A Disneyland reservation and Disneyland ticket will be required for all guests over the age of 3 years old.

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Disney Announces New Way to Make Disneyland Reservations

Disneyland changed their process for making theme park reservations which will allow for a much more streamlined process! Guests can pick available dates for their reservation before finalizing their purchase and book their reservations up to 120 days in advance.

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When you purchase a multi-day discount Disneyland ticket from our travel partner or have an existing Disneyland ticket, you’ll follow the below steps:

  1. Log into your Disney account on Disneyland.com or the Disneyland app to link valid theme park tickets prior to accessing the park reservation system.
  2. Input your ticket IDs into Disneyland.com to connect your tickets to your account.
  3. Head to Disneyland.com/ParkReservations and click “Make Park Reservation.”
  4. Create your party.
  5. Select the day and theme park you’d like to visit. Guests with Park Hopper tickets will select which theme park they wish to start their day, pending availability, and then will be able to begin crossing over between the parks after 1 p.m. that day (based on availability).
  6. Review, and confirm your visit! And as a reminder, guests with multi-day tickets will be required to make a separate park reservation for each day they plan to visit the theme parks.

ONLY RECOMMENDED FOR SINGLE DAY TICKETS – To purchase a ticket and make a theme park reservation together:

We only recommend the following process for purchasing single day tickets because there are no publicly available discounts on single day tickets. For all multi-day tickets, you should consider purchasing your tickets through our travel partner – they provide our readers exclusive additional discounts making the tickets even less expensive.

  1. Start at Disneyland.com/ParkReservations and click “Select Ticket.”
  2. Select the number of days you wish to visit the parks.
  3. Choose the number of tickets you need for all guests in your party, ages 3 and up.
  4. Select your ticket type – one park per day, or Park Hopper tickets.
  5. Pick a date and park for your theme park reservation, subject to availability.
  6. For added convenience, you may now select the add-on option of purchasing parking vouchers, in advance.
  7. Review your current selections, and purchase!

If you choose Park Hopper tickets, select your starting park for each day of your visit, subject to availability. You can then begin crossing over between the parks after 1 p.m. that day (based on availability)!

When can I make a Disneyland theme park reservation?

Guests can make Disneyland theme park reservations on a rolling basis. Guests with 1-5 day tickets can make reservations 120 days in advance of their visit and guests with Disneyland Magic Key Annual Passes can make park reservations 90 days before the day they hope to visit.

Disneyland opens up reservation blocks throughout the time leading up to the actual park day. Guests will also often cancel a couple of days before the day they have reservations for. This is a frustrating process which is why you should be ready to make your reservations as far in advance as possible.

Our Experience Making Disneyland Reservations

While the system is now a bit different for making reservations, the process looks similar to ours did for opening day at Disneyland. Here’s a step by step look at making theme park reservations for Disneyland!

You will be prompted to sign into your Disneyland account.

If you have a vacation package through the Walt Disney Travel Company then you will need to retrieve your resort hotel reservation via My Hotel Reservations and link it to your Disney account before making your theme park reservation.

In this step you can signify if you have a Disney hotel reservation or not. This could mean that Disney hotel reservations will have their own ‘bucket’ of park reservations like they do at Walt Disney World.

You will be prompted to select which tickets (you should have previously registered these) that you want to create reservations.

You will then be prompted to select your party which appears due to your linked park tickets.

Now you can begin making your reservation! Select your date and theme park you want to visit from the available choices.

You can now select a date from the calendar which will be on a 120 day rolling basis.

Guests with Park Hopper tickets for either park on that date may choose which theme park they wish to start their day—they may visit the other park on the same day after 1:00 PM.

You then pick which park you want to start your day at: Disneyland or California Adventure. If you have a Park Hopper you can hop to the other park at 1PM.

If you have a multi-day ticket, repeat the process to make reservations for each day of your ticket.

You will then be taken to a page to review your selection before submitting.

You will need to agree to their Terms and Conditions including a COVID-19 liability waiver.

Once you’ve finished making your selections, review and confirm your theme park reservation. You will be prompted to agree to the Terms & Conditions, including the COVID-19 liability waiver before completing your reservation.

Disney will send you an email confirmation of your reservation along with a QR code. Disneyland will use this QR code and the ticket to confirm your reservation upon arrival.

And once you see this page you’re done! If you are reserving more than one day, you simply repeat the process.

Frequently Asked Questions About Disneyland Reservations

Do Disneyland Resort Hotel guests have to get ticket reservations?

At this time, guests staying on-site are required to get theme park reservations. However, hotel guests have a different ‘bucket’ of park reservations to select from which always has more availability than those staying off-site. This makes staying at a Disneyland hotel a big advantage if you want the flexibility to switch your theme park reservations on the fly during your trip.

Is park hopping available?

Guests with Park Hopper tickets get to choose whether they want to start their day at Disneyland or Disney California Adventure when making theme park reservations. After 11AM guests will be able to visit the other theme park.

Will multi-day ticket holders have to make multiple reservations?

Disneyland multi-day ticket holders will have to make reservations for every day of their visit to Disneyland.

Additional Details of Disneyland Reservations

  • Theme park reservations are limited and subject to availability; reservations are not guaranteed until a reservation is finalized.
  • Guests with Park Hopper tickets may visit the other park after 11AM. Learn more about Park Hopper tickets.
  • A park reservation must be made for each day of entry. If you have a multi-day ticket, you will be required to make a park reservation for each date of your visit.
  • Limit one theme park reservation per Guest, per day.
  • Theme park reservations cannot be modified, but can be canceled by visiting My Theme Park Reservations. If you’d like to cancel an existing reservation and book a new one, please first check on the availability of reservations for your new desired date and/or park.
  • We highly recommend that you make your theme park reservation as soon as you complete your ticket purchase, as availability can change until the reservation is finalized.
  • To accommodate as many types of ticket holders as possible, park reservations for select dates may be made available on a rolling basis.

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  1. Hi! So excited to be visiting soon. We always buy 5 day tickets and take a “break” day to rest and recharge. Do you k ownif this will be allowed or do we need to go 5 consecutive days based on the reservation system. Thanks!

    • This is a great question and one we’re wondering about too- we’re not sure yet but we will post the info when we get it!

  2. Thank you for the information!
    We purchased a trip package in late January 2020 from the Disney website which includes airfare, 5 day park hopper tickets, transport from John Wayne, and a room at a good neighbor hotel across the street. Super stoked ????

    I’m far less stressed out about loosing our tickets or spending the day at the hotel for being denied access to the parks ????.

    We know there’s no guarantee of entry in the normal world and we have never experienced it, it’s just nice to hear something positive ???? yaaaay.

    We appreciate all of your hard work and information. Magic Happens!

    • We’re confident Disney is going to do their best to allow everyone access that has booked in advance, glad to hear about your upcoming trip. And thank you for your support as a reader! 🙂

  3. What day and exact time do you think reservations will become available?


    • No one knows yet but we are watching and waiting! It’s likely we’ll hear news about Walt Disney World’s reservation system first since their opening day is before Disneyland’s.

  4. My daughter and I have annual passes, but my son is away at college during the year, so we just buy tickets for him to join us during summer visits. But it sounds like we won’t be able to get him a ticket, even if we can get in with our passports.

    • Hard to say when Disney will reopen ticket sales, we’ll post all the information to this guide as we get it.

  5. We have 4 night reservations at a Good Neighbor hotel and 3 day tickets for each of us. Our tickets are being delivered to the hotel. I have my reservations linked on the website but the ticket info says it’s not available at this time. I’m so worried we won’t have our tickets linked appropriately at the right time for our reservations because we wont have the ticket numbers! Big stress mode! Trying to trust that Disney can and will handle this. Maybe they will do e-tickets? Thank you so much for the info BTW.

    • Did you book the package directly through Disney? If so, I am sure they will be able to help you make your reservations when the time comes!

      • I use Costco but it routes to the Disney site for booking. They have different number to call and I’ll definitely be in touch with them as soon as they announce opening. Fingers crossed!!

    • Thank you for the info! We used your website to plan our vacay pre pandemic. The park closed the day we were supposed to arrive.

      My question is, for those of us with purchased tickets that are unused, on April 12th will we be able to make a reservation for Christmas time? Bonus question: how long does Disney stay “Christmas”y after Dec 25th

      • I am so sorry to hear about your pre pandemic trip! What a bummer. Exciting for you to finally get to visit.

        Those are two great questions:

        1. We don’t know how far in advance reservations will be released for. Right now the vague language is “reservations can be made up to 60 days or more in advance”. On April 9th we will potentially know more about which days will be opening up for reservations. If I were you I would hold off worrying about making reservations for Christmas until April 13th or 14th (if they are even allowing them that far out which I do not expect). I can also safely say that you should not have an issue getting Christmas reservations if you wait awhile. I also would assume they hope to have much higher capacity in December!

        2. Typically the Disneyland Christmas celebration runs from the first week of November to the first week of January. Read our full guide for all the info on the holiday celebration!

  6. Does the CA governor have something against Disneyland? The covid safety rules are so inconsistent across the country. Disney World seems to be doing fine as well as Disney in foreign countries. Are his family wineries closed as well?
    Our family misses our Disney trips! I was going to spend my 65th there this summer as well as another family member being denied her trip. Open the state Newsome!

  7. It seems so arbitrary that anyone in California can go and yet those of us in Las Vegas are much closer than people in Northern California, plus our Covid numbers are much better. Sorry, just venting…

  8. Disneyland restrictions are insane. I live in AZ and will be going to Disneyworld for my birthday this year. Don’t bother spending your money in corrupt CA. I’m waiting for Newsom to start giving illegal aliens free annual passes to Disneyland!!!!!!!!

    • That is currently unknown however Governor Newsom of California said that California’s goal is to reopen fully on June 15th which gives us a rough idea of when we might expect that out of state restriction to be removed. However, that is not guaranteed.

  9. If a California resident buys a ticket can they bring a visiting family member from another state ?

    • Unfortunately, they would not be allowed in. Proof of California residency will be required when entering the theme parks.

  10. It’s unfortunate that they seem to have left out all of us who remained loyal annual passholders. Since they cancelled all of our passes and apparently there won’t be any benefits given during this reopening, I’m very disheartened by this. Once again the management of Orlando outdoes Anaheim.

    • Disney was put in a very difficult situation with reopening due to the massive demand and lack of capacity. We hope that they have more to share about legacy pass holders soon.

  11. I have 4 one-day park hopper complimentary tickets that I won at an auction. How do I make reservations with those? The ticket number is a 22-digit number rather than 18, so the system rejects it.

  12. Under the new system, what if you purchase tickets and then there are no dates available (my grandkids are moving to another state 6/1)

    • I would expect that everyone will be able to find reservations that has tickets, but if not then you will likely be able to use the tickets soon afterwards. My guess is that Disneyland will open to out of California residents by June 15 when California is targeting reopening.

  13. Hi from Las Vegas! My question is related to max pass. I Purchased tickets from getaway today with max pass. Do you know how they will reimburse me for that feature?

    • They will likely refund you for that feature. We will have more information soon. I suggest that you reach out to them directly about the refund.

  14. This is so exciting……! Do you know when complimentary tickets will be able to reservation online? I dont see anything about when they can make reservations.

  15. I have three 5-day tickets that expire 1/22/2021. I was hoping to make park reservations for Nov or Dec. Currently you can only make park reservations through 6/30/2021. I assume that is because rules in California will change, per the Governor, at that time. When is your best estimate as to when we can make reservations that far out? Of course I’ll be checking the reservation system frequently.

    • Good question! First of all, I don’t think you will face a lot of competition for making reservations for those dates. Based on Walt Disney World, reservations have really opened up now that there is more capacity. With that said, I believe they are going to release in 60 days in advance waves.

  16. I’ve tried to make a reservation using my 3-day 1-park per day ticket. I get a message that my ticket has already been logged to another account. Checked with my daughter and it’s not her. The tickets were bought pre-pandemic and are supposed to be valid from 1/ 7/20 to 5/21/20. We’ve used them once before the pandemic hit. Can I make the reservations? Can I still use the ticket?

    • You may need to call Disney directly to sort this out. Tickets are not able to be linked to multiple accounts. Where did you purchase the tickets?

  17. Can out of state guests buy tickets on April 15, but not link them and make reservations until they open to out of state residents?

  18. I plan to buy two 3-day park hopper tickets this Thursday. I think I understand the whole process (and thank you for all that) – except for one thing. I understand that we have to have a reservation for each day – but HOW do we do that exactly? All I keep hearing is that it has to be done. But I can’t figure out HOW to go about doing it. Thanks!

    • Hello Jennifer,

      After you make a reservation for one day in your trip, you will be taken to a page and prompted with a message – “Make another reservation?” and then you will repeat that process for each day that you want to book. Disney set it up this way in case guests did not want to visit on consecutive days.

      • Geez why couldn’t they just have said that? You explained it in one sentence. Thank you!

  19. I have tickets we purchased through military base two weeks before last years shut down. Are these still good and how do I process them to get in. My understanding is they where extended until 12/31/21, but is that a fact
    ? or have we lost the monies we paid for them?

    • Kim, you are all set to make reservations right now using those tickets! The validity has been extended for all outstanding tickets. You can register your tickets on the Disneyland website and make your Disneyland reservations right now. In fact, I recommend that if you are planning to visit Disneyland during the opening month or so that you make your reservation before Thursday morning when new ticket sales begin.

  20. Hello, My family of 6 ( California Residents – Military Family ) are planning on going to Disneyland Park and Disney California Adventure Park , in December 2021. We will be purchasing our tickets via the Military base within the next day or so. They have the 3 day , One Park per day “Maxpass “. There will be 4 adults and 2 small children. We are very much considering , in purchasing the “Maxpass” Is it necessary to purchase the Maxpass for everyone in our party, to use this feature along with “Fastpass “ ? I did call Disneyland and waited 2 hours to speak to a cast member to ask this question and ended up getting cutoff. That was very disappointing ???? !

    • Hello Julie, MaxPass and FastPass are not currently being offered at Disneyland. We don’t know when these services will resume. You should not purchase tickets that include MaxPass if you plan on visiting Disneyland in the new few weeks.

      If Disneyland MaxPass is operating by the time you plan your trip, you would need to have the service purchased for each member of your party in order for the group to utilize the service. I highly recommend it!!

  21. Thank you for all of these details. Hoping to buy tickets on Thursday morning for May. My question is if you can have 2 reservations at a time–like if we wanted to get tickets to go in May and then again in June (1 day tickets for May and 2 day tickets for June)?

    • Yes, you can have two reservations at a time with separate tickets!

  22. In regards to the question I asked above about how to make another reservation – I just want to make sure I understand – now that I think of it…… So if I get TWO 3-day hopper tickets – wouldn’t my second and third day be automatic? I mean I’m not paying for 3 separate days – I’m paying for a group of 3 days. Will the computer understand that? Also – since I’m buying TWO of these – one for myself and one for my son – does that mean that I will have to reserve HIS on a Disney account of his own? (he’s 11) Or will I be able to do all 6 days (2 people x 3 days each) on MY Disney account? Sorry for the long question but I just want to make sure I’m prepared. I’d hate to get a reservation for myself – and there not be enough space for my son! It’s just all very confusing to me.
    Thanks for your help!

    • You will have to make a reservation for each day of your visit. So with a 3-day Park Hopper, you will make three separate reservations for each day of your ticket. As for your son you can link his tickets to your Disneyland account so you can reserve his ticket days as the same time you reserve yours- he won’t need a separate account. You will be able to do everyone on your Disneyland account!

  23. Ok thanks for your help. I hope I can figure it out tomorrow morning. I noticed that it says you can make reservations “60 days or more” in advance. Wish I knew how MUCH more. We’ll be going in July so I don’t know whether I’ll be able to reserve tomorrow morning or not. Anyone know what the “or more” is?

    • Hi Jennifer, as of now we believe they are just releasing for the first 60 days after opening. Keep an eye on it, but I wouldn’t worry about trying to get Disneyland reservations tomorrow.

  24. do you know if the tickets we purchase for the re-open will be something we can hold on to and apply to any new annual pass programs once that is launched? we’ve been pass holders for so long, crazy to think we are buying a day pass and that’s it! 🙁
    thank you for any info!

    • That’s a great question! We don’t have any information on if they will allow you to apply tickets towards a future pass. Perhaps if the tickets are not used by the time the pass program is announced. Tickets purchased tomorrow are valid through 12/30/22.

    • We made our reservations on Monday when the queue was only open to previous ticket holders. The queue has taken quite a bit longer today! Hang in there.

  25. hi,
    if i buy tickets today 4/15/21, can i hold on to them and make reservations for August 2021, when they release available reservations dates then? I’m confused about the rolling 60 day thing.

  26. Hello, My family and i are coming in June and we are from out of state 6/7-6/15. When I go to disney go, the system is allowing me to purchase tickets. Wouldn’t the system block me if I am not a California resident? Also if I do go ahead and purchase tickets and cant get in given the circumstances will I be refunded, or consider them a loss?

    • When you make your theme park reservation you will have to attest that you’re a California resident and you will be asked for proof of residency at the gates when you arrive. Unfortunately, I don’t think Disneyland will refund anyone that buys a ticket right now as a non-CA resident. If you book with our travel partner, Get Away Today, then you can opt in to more travel protection. We don’t know for sure right now when Disneyland can allow non-CA residents but the speculation is that the restriction will be lifted after June 15th if that reopening date for California stays on track.

  27. If I buy tickets for my family and their significant others and enter the names of each person for the reservation and then one of the people can’t make it or don’t want to go by the time we pick a date (I’d like to wait for fall dates to open), can you change the name of someone on the reservation without canceling the whole reservation?

    • This might be a better question for Disney directly so you know for sure. You can reach them at (714) 781-4636

  28. Have you heard anything on when July dates will be available for booking Disneyland theme park reservations? We booked at the Grand Californian and purchased our tickets, but so far July is still not showing as bookable.

    • Reservations are released on a 60 day rolling basis so check the calendar when you’re 60 days out from your trip!

  29. This is such great information, thank you so much! If I want to change dates, do I cancel the current tickets and repurchase the new dates? Will I get a full refund? Any refund/processing “fees”? Lastly, which should I do first? Cancel current reservations then buy new ones with the modified date or vice versa? Thank you !!!

    • To change dates you cancel your reservation and just make a new one. I would double check to make sure the date you want to switch to is available first before canceling the current one you have! As for ticket refunds, Disney usually does not give refunds but you can always call them directly and ask if you have issues.

  30. Does anyone know when Disneyland will release tickets for fall?

    • So far the reservations have been released on a 60 day rolling basis so check in 60 days before our trip dates!

  31. Can I make a reservation for August in the Hope’s that out-of-state visitors will be able to go then?

    • Anyone can make a reservation as long as it’s 60 days in advance. 🙂

  32. A little frustrated, bought tickets last month and had to schedule over a month out to the end of June for a reservation. Now after June 15th, it looks like it’s open to everyone at full capacity. Is FastPass coming back? Will anyone be able to ride a ride without waiting in line for 5 hours? I’m sure many are happy, and that’s awesome, I’m obviously frustrated as we planned on the limited capacity working in our favor for the children.

    I seriously hope everyone isn’t crammed together like pre-covid times.

    Side note: Friends went last month, said food orders were about 2 hours delayed, so if anyone is going with kids plan ahead (or bring snacks)!

    • Disney will gradually reduce capacity in stages, not bring it all back at once. Once they open more dining and experiences (which are coming later this month!) that will also help spread out crowds. The key is to arrive early so you can ride your favorites with less wait before it gets too crowded.

  33. So I bought my ticket for a couple days in July and it let me buy the tickets but now I can’t make a reservation?? What is going on. You shouldn’t be able to buy a ticket and not follow with a reservation? How is that fair?

  34. I have reservations at the Disneyland Hotel, but have not received an email conformation yet. How do I check on my reservations?

    • I would call Disneyland directly to confirm your hotel reservation. You will have to make your park reservation on your own- follow the steps in this guide to do so.

  35. is there a certain time where they let you make a reservation in advance? i’m trying to go around mid to end of november. any tips on how to reserve?

    • You can reserve up to 120 days in advance so just watch the calendar for your dates at the 120 mark!

    • You can book reservations up to 120 days in advance of your trip dates!

  36. Are there any tickets with granted entry available on the entrance as a last chance if a date is sold out online? So like a Walk-in Same day?

    • You need to have a reservation to visit that you will make through this reservation system. But it’s rare that days sell out so many are able to visit spur of the moment and get a reservation.

  37. We booked a 3 day Disneyland hotel reservation the week before Christmas. When I tried to then make the park reservation from the link in the app it failed and eventually a message appeared that says this will be available after October 15. Any idea why that is? I thought we could make the park reservations simultaneously but it’s making us wait.

    • Reservations are limited to 90 days out for passholders and 120 days out for ticket guests. You can always call Disney to ask for more specifics on why it’s not letting you make a reservation just yet.

  38. Disneyland has lot of Childhood memories I learn that every Child grows up and experience of there Childhood dreams and I was experience at Disneyland it feels like I was 4 year old again I love go on magical rides and I was in there cartoon world I’m part in those movies in those rides that’s Magical moment to me I love the Sounds and Music in this theme park that’s mades me emotional 😭 I was born after Beauty and the beast and after The Little Mermaid I love to experience my Childhood at Disneyland lots to learn about it

  39. I already have a park reservation and ticket. Now I’m wondering about making lunch reservations in Disneyland, specifically at Hungry Bear. Do you know how I go about doing that? Do they even take lunch reservations? Thanks.

  40. I despise everything about the reservation system. If some people like it, they should have a reservations ticket like they established Pre-Covid.

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