7 Best Hotels Near Disneyland 2020 + Top Disneyland Hotel Deals

Hotels near Disneyland vary greatly in price and review. Take my advice to save money on with our Disneyland hotel deals by combining Disneyland hotel discounts with the best rates.

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Keep reading below for more information on saving money with Disneyland hotel discounts and my review of the best hotels near Disneyland.

Best Hotels Near Disneyland

The on-property Disneyland hotels are owned by Disney and run by the Walt Disney Company. These Disneyland hotels keep guests immersed in the Disney universe during the entire trip and provide the famous Disney customer service.

These Disneyland hotel off-property “Good Neighbor” are owned and operated by third parties that are nearby Disneyland and have paid a marketing fee to be considered associated with the Disneyland Resort.

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Disneyland Hotels Review

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There are three on-property Disneyland hotels and they are:

The Grand Californian Hotel is the best hotel in Anaheim and on property. Themed to the grand hotels of California built in the 1930s, staying here is a magical luxury experience. There's not much more that needs to be said. You can see a complete Grand Californian Hotel review and photo tour here.

The Disneyland Hotel was the original hotel at Disneyland. The hotel was recently upgraded and now has a beautiful mixture of modern designs and nostalgic ideas. The Disneyland hotel has the best pool on property and has an awesome new water slide themed to the monorails. See one of our writer's reviews here of the Disneyland Hotel.

Paradise Pier Hotel used to be owned by an outside company, but Disney purchased the hotel and upgraded it. The hotel is a nice option for a lower budget in the off season. Be sure to ask for a World of Color view and make sure that you are at least on the fifth floor or higher. I would recommend staying at one of our recommended top off property hotels over Paradise Pier. See one of our writer's reviews here of the Paradise Pier Hotel.

The benefits of staying on-property are:

  1. Proximity to the the parks. No need to take buses, cabs, or endure long walks after a busy day in the parks or to take a break with younger children.
  2. Early Morning hours every day during your stay which includes early entry into Disneyland to ride select attractions on Sunday, Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday and entrance into Disney California Adventure to ride select attractions on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. (Must have valid room key and ticket.)
  3. Special experiences provided by the concierge such as in park scavenger hunts that can be returned for a prize or a morning power walk before the theme park opens for the day.
  4. Leave kids with a child care specialist at Pinocchio’s Workshop for kids ages 5-12 for an additional fee so that you can enjoy a night out in downtown Disney or stay late in the parks.
  5. Guests can take advantage of charging purchases to their room with their Disney resort i.d. card.
  6. Packages and gifts purchased in the park can be delivered to your room.

Out of any of these hotels near Disneyland, I would chose to stay at the Disneyland Hotel or Disney's Grand Californian Hotel.

disneyland hotel pool

Disneyland Hotel Discounts and Deals

If you make the decision not to book via a Disneyland vacation package, here are the other ways to get discounts on the best hotels near Disneyland.

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Now, back to my review of the cheapest best hotels near Disneyland…

Cheap Hotels Near Disneyland

When Walt Disney opened Disneyland in 1955 he didn’t purchase all of the land surrounding the park the same way that he did in Walt Disney World. The off-property “Good Neighbor” hotels owned by other companies have become family traditions for many and are a very valid option.

When we first started going to Disneyland I was inundated by an onslaught of messages and promotions for various hotels around Disneyland. At one point I almost booked a hotel with “Disneyland” in the description that turned out to be 3.5 miles away. Later I came across a hotel that had apparently had multiple cases of bed bugs.

We have attempted to curate a list of the top hotels that are actually near Disneyland that ARE NOT infested with bugs or in dire need of a renovation. The hotels are “Mickey Visit Approved.” They will offer you the best savings and the best experience. You can directly access these hotels and the best discounts for them via our curated hotels page on the Get Away Today website or you can read even more about our favorite hotels in the following section. Most of these are all Disneyland hotels walking distance from the parks.


These rooms often have much better Disneyland hotel deals because they are not owned by Disney and usually in higher need of business.

Below you will see our top choices for Good Neighbor Disneyland hotels. You should keep in mind that…

Sometimes a room at an off-property hotel is closer than a room at the Disneyland hotel.

I prefer a hotel that is within walking distance or has a good personal shuttle to get you to and from Disneyland each day. So, with that in mind, I included the top hotels within walking distance, because at the end of the day I do not want to wait for the ART shuttle, which provides transportation to most of the hotels.

Disneyland Hotel Discounts + Disneyland Hotel Reviews

After each of the descriptions of these hotels near Disneyland, we provide the best place to find a discount for the hotel and any other information you need to know such as which room to request during your stay. The Disneyland hotels listed below are all part of the Disneyland Good Neighbor hotel program which means they are considered partner hotels of the Disneyland Resort.


Best Disneyland Hotel Across the Street With Free Breakfast

Best Western Plus Park Place Inn and Mini Suites

The Best Western located right across the street from Disneyland is a perfect place for any family visiting the Disneyland Resort that doesn't want to splurge on either the Disneyland Hotel or Disney's Grand Californian Hotel. I actually recommend this hotel over the Disney-owned Paradise Pier.

Best Western Plus Park Place Inn and Mini Suites

The Best Western provides rooms with queen beds that sleep up to five and mini suites that sleep up to six. This hotel also has a great Disneyland hotel FREE BREAKFAST! The food is continental and a great way to start off your Disneyland day. In the room there are refrigerators, coffee makers, free Wi-Fi, and microwaves. These are amenities that you won't find at most of the other Disneyland Good Neighbor hotels.

The hotel is the closest of any of the off-property “Good Neighbor” hotels. In some cases it is even closer than the Disneyland on-property hotels. We have literally tested the distance from the Disneyland hotel's farthest rooms and the Park Place Inn's farthest rooms and the rooms at Park Place are much closer. All you have to do is walk across the street in the morning, and you are there. This is the Best Western near Disneyland.

The best prices for the Best Western Plus Park Place Inn and Mini Suites can be found at Get Away Today. They also offer exclusive bonuses when you purchase your hotel and tickets together.

Create Your Perfect Disneyland Vacation at the Park Place Inn and Mini Suites>

Pro Tip: After you book via the link above, request a room with a fireworks view. This is a perfect way for those with young children to view the fireworks when you can't quite make it to stay out that late. Also, you will be ensured to be on the side of the hotel closest to the parks.

Best Hotel Near Disneyland For Large Families

Fairfield Inn Anaheim by Marriott at the Disneyland Resort

This hotel is located just a little ways down Harbor Boulevard from the entrance to Disneyland. The distance to the front gate isn’t too far to walk in the morning and at night.


The Fairfield Inn by Marriott provides rooms with a maximum occupancy of five people. You can pay more to upgrade your room to a Disney-themed room, but the regular rooms are quite nice. This is one of a couple properties by Marriott close to Disneyland.

There is a Seattle’s Best Coffee and Pizza Hut in the lobby and McDonalds and Mimi’s close by for any meals that you don’t end up eating in the parks. There are refrigerators in the rooms and free Wi-Fi.

The best way to book this hotel is via a Disneyland package that includes extremely discounted Disneyland tickets and hotel stay. When you book both your hotel and tickets with Get Away Today you will receive hundreds of dollars in bonuses.

Plan Your Disneyland Package With the Fairfield Inn Anaheim> 

If you decide to skip out on the huge savings from the package, you can also book the Anaheim Fairfield Inn by Marriott via Expedia.

Best Disneyland Hotel For Adults Within Walking Distance

Hilton Anaheim- Big Budget/Great Service

While it is a 0.8 mile walk from the hotel to the parks, we often stay at the Hilton Anaheim. For breakfast you will find the more upscale MIX restaurant and Starbucks in the lobby. The hotel has a heated pool and water play area.

hilton anaheim disneyland resort

This is a convention center hotel, which means it has lower weekend rates. The downside to this hotel is that when there are conventions in town, it can be booked months in advance. This is one of a few properties by Hilton near Disneyland.

To get from the hotel to Disneyland, walk down Harbor Boulevard and through the Grand Californian and Downtown Disney. Give 20-25 minutes to walk to Disneyland.

I recommend booking your stay with the Hilton via Get Away Today. They will not only provide incredible customer service, but they also provide the lowest priced Disneyland tickets on the web. When you purchase your hotel and tickets together you will get hundreds of dollars of package bonuses.

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If you think you want a ride to and from the parks, you will want to purchase the Anaheim Rapid Transit passes for the shuttle service that serves the Hilton Anaheim. This easy to use shuttle service runs frequently between the hotel and the main entrance plaza for Disneyland.

You can purchase discount ART passes here.

If you decide to skip out on booking a hotel + ticket package and all of the incredible perks that come with it, you can still save money by booking the Hilton Anaheim via Expedia.

Best Disneyland Hotel For Families

Howard Johnson Anaheim- Family Destination

The most family friendly hotel near Disneyland is the Howard Johnson Anaheim. The amenities are outstanding. This hotel has a water play area similar to the Hilton's, free in room wifi, refrigerators, and queen size beds. The regular rooms can accommodate up to 5 people.


Give 10-15 minutes to walk the 0.5 mile distance to the entrance to Disneyland.

Howard Johnson is recommended as one of the best places to bring a family to Disneyland. The service is outstanding and so are the amenities.

Howard Johnson partners with Get Away Today to provide a special vacation package experience to save our readers big bucks on their hotel stay and ticket purchase. However, you won't only save money on the tickets and hotel, but you will also receive more than $350 in bonuses.

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If you decide to skip the inclusive hotel and ticket package you can still save big money on the Howard Johnson Plaza Hotel Anaheim Resort via Expedia at this link.

Hotel Reviews by Mickey Visit Staff

For more detailed hotel reviews, read the ones below written by our writers here at Mickey Visit. All of our writer hotel and dining reviews are completely honest. Our writers have paid their on way for these experiences so you can expect complete detail!

More Discounts For Hotels Near Disneyland

There are additional discounts to consider when booking the hotel for your Disneyland vacation. Below see all of the additional discount methods:

Disneyland US Military Discount

Members of the US military can get a discount on most nights at the Disneyland resort. The member of the military or spouse must be present the entire length of stay and present a military ID upon check in.  For details call (855)-643-5208.

The discount is solely offered at the Disneyland Hotel, Disney's Grand Californian Hotel, and Paradise Pier Hotel.

Annual Passholder Disneyland Hotel Discounts

Annual pass holders to Disneyland receive special Disneyland hotel rates. Book by calling (714) 520-5006 or a travel agent. Sometimes it is a good deal to purchase a Disneyland annual pass for one member of your party to get discounts throughout your vacation.

This discount is offered at the three Disney owned hotels.

This is rarely the best discount, but worthwhile to check when you are booking your hotel if you are a Disneyland Annual Passholder.

Discount Disneyland Hotel Newspaper Rate

You can call Disneyland directly at (714) 956-6425 and ask for the LA Times or the San Diego Union-Tribune discount. Both of these newspapers often advertise special Disneyland rates. These rates will most likely not be better than the Get Away Today rates, however it can be worth checking if you decide to stay on property.

This again only applies to on property hotels, Disneyland Hotel, Disney's Grand Californian Hotel, and the Paradise Pier Hotel. 

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