Walt Disney World 2018 Planning Guide: Experience More, Save Money at Disney

Last update 11/18/2018. This Walt Disney World Planning guide attempts to make your Walt Disney World vacation extremely magical while saving you money at Disney. On this page you will find all of our Walt Disney World planning articles on getting the most out of your vacation and money saving hacks.

Common Questions:

What is the Walt Disney World 2018 guide goal?

The goal of this guide to planning a Walt Disney World vacation is to summarize and present the key information points about the Walt Disney World planning process. You will be able to navigate the parks with ease while finding the best discounts.

Why did I create this 2018 guide to Walt Disney World?

Three years ago, I was returning home from a fantastic Disney vacation. I felt fulfilled and was brimming with information that I wanted to share. I realized that the internet lacked a true guide to the Disney resorts.

Sure there are pieces of information here and there, but nothing was completely assembled to make planning a successful vacation as easy as possible. So here today I present to you MickeyVisit.com, a site dedicated to helping you plan a perfect Disney vacation.

Here is our video on discussing the Disneyland planning guide..

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How to use the ultimate Walt Disney World planning guide 2018

All the information you need is organized into eight easy-to-read sections summarized below. Just follow the links to what you want to know now!

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When to Visit Walt Disney World

The time of year you visit the resort can dramatically change your Walt Disney World Vacation. The first chapter of our guide to Walt Disney World is dedicated to deciding when to visit Walt Disney World. This section includes crowd predictions of each time of the year and explanations of the different holiday offerings. Tips and tricks are also given for each time of the year. Take me to “When to Visit” >

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What Walt Disney World Hotel To Stay In 

One thing that tends to overwhelm people traveling to Walt Disney World for the first time is the amount of hotels that are offered. We wrote a comprehensive guide and review of every Walt Disney World resort hotel. Another highlight of the chapter is our overview of the steepest discounts available for the various hotels. Take me to “What Hotel to Stay In”>

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The Full Transportation and Airport Guide to Walt Disney World

We break down each possible transportation option to the Walt Disney World resort.  The main information in this chapter is dedicated to the best ways to get from the airport to your Walt Disney World Resort hotel and which transportation to use during your stay. Take me  to “Airports”>

How to Find Discounted or “Cheap” Walt Disney World Tickets

For most, visiting Walt Disney World is a very big treat. Whenever it is possible, I present ways to save money at Walt Disney World. In this section of the guide, I have put together a comprehensive page with all of the known discounts on Walt Disney World  tickets. Be sure to read the section even if you aren’t searching for Walt Disney World ticket discounts, because it also includes words of advice for anyone purchasing tickets. Take me to “Tickets” >

Disneyland's Cheapest Food Finds Churros

How to Plan for Food at Disney World

The Walt Disney World Resort provides a wide variety of different types of food. You will find classic amusement park food mixed in with upscale restaurants. The food quality is outstanding and whether you are eating a corn dog or pork shank, it will be the best you have ever had.

Our extensive guide on dining at Walt Disney World covers:

  • Reviews on ALL the character dining offered
  • Extensive list of food options for EVERY park at Disney World
  • Comprehensive guide to ALL the dining plans offered for hotel guests to purchase
  • Reserved dining for entertainment and how to book
  • Information on healthy and allergy/gluten free options
  • Tips and tricks on SAVING MONEY on Disney World dining

Take me to “Walt Disney World Restaurant and Dining Guide”>

Ultimate Walt Disney World Packing List and What to Wear to Walt Disney World

Use our Walt Disney World packing list and guide to what to wear to the parks to make sure you are all set for your Walt Disney World vacation. Through this aspect of the Walt Disney World planning guide you will be able to better understand all of the things you might have forgotten for your Walt Disney World vacation. Take me to “Packing List” >

Best Walt Disney World Souvenirs

Both to prepare for your vacation and to celebrate it, we put together this section detailing the best Walt Disney World souvenirs. On this page we discuss all of the best souvenirs that will accommodate any budget and are fun to collect, too. Also detailed here is information regarding the Walt Disney World PhotoPass. Take me to “Souvenirs”  >

Important Information on Holidays, FastPass+ and more!

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