Walt Disney World Lost Children: Tips to Avoid Losing Kids at Walt Disney World

Updated 7/21/18. It is very easy to lose a child while touring the Walt Disney World parks. In the short guide below we outline some of the simple steps to use to keep everyone together and avoid losing kids at Disneyland.

Prior to Entering the Parks

  1. Prior to entering the parks, work with your child if they are old enough to memorize your phone number.
  2. Find a way to attach your phone number to your child. A popular option is the SafetyTat -a temporary tattoo that stays on your child’s arm for up to two weeks. You can put their name, your last name, and your phone number. This is a much safer way than attaching it to clothing that may become lost.
  3. Dress your child in bright colored clothing. This will help them stick out in a crowd. Take a picture of your child that morning (I am sure you will have plenty!) so you can easily remember their outfit.
  4. Come prepared for the night shows and parade. These times are the most hectic part of the day when people are crowded closely together. It is very easy for a child to get lost in these moments! Buy cheap glow wristbands from the Dollar Store and attach them to your child’s wrists so they stand out.
  5. Discuss with your child a safety plan on what they should do if they become separated from you. This talk will vary depending on age.

Inside the Parks

  1. Set up a meeting place for the entire family at the beginning of the day for both parks. Make sure that the meeting place is within the gates of each park. Physically walk to that place and pick out an exact spot. Most of the big landmarks have many different areas so your child could be confused if you just say, “Big Thunder Mountain.”
  2. Introduce your child to a Walt Disney World Cast Member when you first enter the park, point out their Cast Member name badge and explain that anyone who has these badges could help them if they were to be lost.
  3. Program cell phones to vibrate and keep them in your front pocket. Walt Disney World is very loud and noisy and some areas have bad reception.
  4. Some restrooms have multiple exits- be aware of this if your child is old enough to go the restroom alone. Accompany our child inside the restroom so you don’t become separated.
  5. Try not to get too caught up (I know, it’s hard) in the shows and fireworks that you don’t keep a direct eye on your children. Keep small children in strollers. Hold hands with older ones.
  6. Speaking of holding hands, always hold hands when leaving the park during the crowd rush towards the exit. This is a hectic time full of easy chances to become separated. Hang on tight!

If you do lose your child, here is the protocol that is followed by all Walt Disney World Cast Members if your child is lost inside of the parks.

Walt Disney World Lost Child Protocol

If a Disney Cast Member encounters a lost child under the age of 11 years old, then they are escorted to the Baby Care Center. There is one Baby Care Center in each Walt Disney World park.

If you have lost contact with your child that is 12 years or older then they can either wait for you at Disneyland’s City Hall or leave a message for you there.

Stick to the efficient process that Disney has put in place and you will find your child in no time. If you have taught your child to ask for the help of a Disney Cast Member, children can be found very easily and in no time at all.

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