Where Can You Ship Souvenirs at Disneyland and Walt Disney World?

It happens to the best of us, you’re getting ready to pack your suitcase to return home from a great Disney trip only to find out all your souvenirs won’t fit in your suitcase! Or perhaps you saw an awesome lightsaber in Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge but don’t feel like trying to carry it on the plane. The good news is you can find shipping at Disneyland and Walt Disney World! Keep reading to find out where you can ship your items home straight from the parks.

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Can You Ship from Disneyland and Walt Disney World? Galaxys Edge Marketplace

Yes, you can find options for shipping at Disneyland and Walt Disney World! In order to be able to ship from the Disney parks stores it needs to be official merchandise purchased from the parks AND you must have the original receipt. The stores cannot ship what you purchased unless you have the receipt for each item so it’s important to hang on to these. Yes, you will need your receipt for every single item purchased. You can also opt to keep your purchases inside a locker until it’s time to ship!

Most major stores in the theme parks will offer merchandise shipping to your home and if the store you’re shopping at doesn’t the cast member will direct you to the nearest store. Just tell the cast member you would like to ship your items and they will give you a slip to fill out and pack your items for you. It’s extremely quick and easy!

Your shipping cost is based on the total you spent- not the weight of your items. It’s fairly reasonable, I’ve never paid more than $30 for shipping and I usually ship all my items at once including large dollar items like lightsabers.

Shipping Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge LightsabersSavi's Workshop Review- Galaxys Edge Lighstaber

While you can actually bring your lightsaber on a plane, in fact airlines have officially said that they consider the lightsabers to be ‘carry on’ items. They easily fit in overhead bins. t definitely will not fit in many suitcases because even after the hilt removed the blade is 34 inches long.

But if you’d rather not deal with carrying it you can definitely ship them home! The biggest thing is make sure to keep your receipt! Just like any merchandise purchased at Disneyland, you need to have your receipt in order to ship it home. You can ship items home from First Order Cargo in Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge. Just bring your lightsaber and receipt there and they will package it and ship it home for you!

Shipping from Disneyland and Walt Disney World HotelsPop Century Resort

The merchandise locations inside Disney hotels can also ship your purchased souvenirs home as long as you have the receipt. So this is also a good option if you don’t realize you’ll need to ship items back home until the last minute.

What if you need to ship items that you didn’t purchase directly from the Disney parks or you lost the receipts? All the Disney hotels can mail your pre-labeled and pre-packed packages at the Bell Desk of the resorts. If you have letters or postcards with postage already applied you can drop them off in the mail boxes in the resorts which is a great option for shipping at Disneyland.

Receiving Mail at Disney HotelsDisneyland Hotel monorail pool

Sometimes it can be beneficial for guests to mail items in advance of their trip to save luggage space. Or maybe you do a last minute Amazon order for something you forgot? You can make sure your items make it safely to you during your hotel stay by including:

  • The mailing address of the specific hotel
  • The word “Guest” on the front and the date of arrival at the hotel (if you haven’t arrived yet)

If you have any questions or issues, you can reach out to your hotel and the cast members will help you!

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  1. This info changed late last year. We were at Disney in December and they no longer required receipts to ship and used a different service. It might be worth checking on the changes.

    • Hi Tiffany, we just left Disneyland on June 3rd and we were still required to provide receipts in order to receive Disney’s shipping services in the hotel (Grand Californian) and in the parks. I would recommend always hanging on to those receipts!

      • Maybe it was just Disneyworld that had the change. It was new in December and we were also able to send home personal items not bought at Disney.

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