Disneyland Magic Key Annual Pass: On Sale Again, All Info on Pricing and Tiers

The Disneyland Magic Key program is the current name for the Annual Pass program at the Disneyland Resort.

The passes come in four different tiers with various levels of theme park access, retail and dining discounts plus special benefits just for Magic Key holders. Keep reading for details of each pass, price and current updates on the Magic Key program.

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Disney has announced that Magic Key passes are on sale again. All details below.

Magic Key Passes On Sale Now 2023

UPDATE 1/23/23: Disneyland has updated the Magic Key sales process to remove the virtual queue that was in place starting on January 17, 2023 when the passes went on sale again. Currently, the Inspire, Believe, and Imagine key passes are all on sale. The Enchant Magic Key pass is open for renewal only.

Though Disney has previously opened and closed the sales of the Magic Key passes due to overwhelming demand and their goals to limit the number of pass holders, the move today to remove the virtual queue is a positive sign that Magic Key passes may stay on sale on a more regular basis. This is in line with the commitment by the Disney Parks leadership that guest complaints were being heard.

With that said I would still highly recommend purchasing a pass now if you hope to have one this year as the opportunity to purchase could close at any moment.

Click here for the direct link to the virtual queue to buy.

New Disneyland Magic Key pass sales remain available online only.

Note when the virtual queue for the Magic Key sales is in place: New pass sales will be paused each night at 10:00 PM Pacific Time. Guests will remain in the queue overnight, as long as they remain connected to the network and keep their browser window open. Pass sales will resume no earlier than 9:00 AM Pacific Time, the following day. Please note that, due to high demand, Magic Key pass availability is limited and being in the queue does not guarantee the ability to purchase any Magic Key pass.

If any passes are still available when it’s your turn, you’ll have 10 minutes to enter the site. Entering the site does not guarantee the ability to purchase any Magic Key pass.

New Magic Key Pass Sales 2023 Details

So much is coming to Disneyland this spring like the return of the Magic Happens parade.

Update 1/10/2023: Alongside a sweeping set of policy changes that include changing the allowed park hopping time at the Disneyland Resort and offering more of the lowest-priced days, Disney has shared somewhat of a promise about the return of the Magic Key program.

In a letter to Disney Cast Members that we have a copy of here, Disney Parks Chairman Josh D'Amaro shared plans to sell Magic Key Passes again this year. Specifically, he said they are “making Magic Key passes available for sale more times during the year as inventory becomes available”. Without further specifics, we don't know if this additional inventory will come from current Magic Key Holders not renewing their passes or from an increase in the number of passes available.

We have had a lot of questions about new Magic Key passes going on sale and we will keep this article up to date with the latest on when passes are on sale again.

Previous: Disneyland Magic Key Sales Paused One Day After Going on Sale

Update 11/17/22: Just one day after resuming new sales of three Magic Key types – details below – Disneyland has paused new sales for all passes. Guests with existing passes will still be able to renew. Guests can renew up to 30 days before their pass expires. Earlier today Disney shared the below quote when they initially paused just one pass type.

“While we know this will be disappointing news to Disneyland fans, it’s important that we help protect the experience for Magic Key holders and the value those passes provide. Renewals for current Magic Key holders within their renewal window (up to 30 days before pass expiration) will continue for all available pass types at this time.” – Disneyland Officials

While the fast turn pause of the Believe Key pass sales is surprising, Disney has always stated that certain pass types will not be available from time to time. I will be interested to see how long sales of this pass type are paused.

Disney is in a difficult situation to balance the high demand for Magic Key passes and the park experience. They want to allow as many people as possible to enjoy the Disneyland experience while also preserving a high-end park experience for all guests.

See original story on return of Disneyland Magic Key passes below.

Disney shared that they were excited about bringing back passes just in time for holiday giving. A Disney official shared with us that “with an incredible year ahead, we’re happy to open new sales for select Magic Key passes in time for holiday giving and to create opportunities for guests to treat themselves and their families to a year full of experiences during the upcoming Disney100 celebration.” 

The passes available for new purchase are – Inspire pass, Believe pass, and Imagine SoCal Resident pass. The Enchant pass will not be available for new purchases. No details or prices of the individual passes have changed. Read below for all of the details, blackout dates, and discounts for each pass type.

Disney has shared with us that all passes are subject to availability and that certain pass levels may not be available from time to time. With this said, if you are not currently a Magic Keyholder and want to join the program, I would not wait as passes can sell out at any moment.

There is a payment option available. For guests who opt to pay with the monthly payment plan, a down payment of $179 is required. This payment was not required for those renewing existing passes with a monthly payment plan.

We have a direct line to Disney on this today. Please comment any questions you have and I will get them answered for you.

Questions answered by Disney based on your questions us so far today:

If I am already holding a multi-day ticket, can I upgrade that ticket to a Magic Key before I use that pass?

Tickets can be upgraded to a Disneyland Magic Key, but that upgrade should not be completed until the final day of your trip to avoid losing park reservations. The only concern here is that on the last day of your trip, the pass type you want may be sold out.

From a reader: My family has the Enchant Pass. I have a 4 year old son I wanted to buy the Enchant Pass for, which is currently not for sale. Would I be able to purchase one for him?

From Disney: Call the Magic Key call center to ask about options for their 4 year old. The Cast Members there will handle on a case by case basis. (Personal comment – I would suggest waiting to call on a different day for lower call wait times)

Read below for details on how to use a discount ticket to upgrade to a Magic Key pass.

Disneyland Magic Key Annual Pass OverviewMagic Key Renewal

The Magic Key program at Disneyland has seen a few changes in 2022 but overall, the main structure of the program has remained the same.

Changes to the program earlier in 2022 included were the addition of new special benefits for Magic Keyholders and a large change to the top tier pass offered.

Magic Keyholders receive 20% off Disneyland Genie Plus when they purchase for one off uses in the parks. This discount will not apply to the a la carte Lightning Lane purchases and there is still not an option to fully add Genie Plus to your Magic Key at a discounted yearly rate.

The two top tiers of passes also receive complimentary Disney PhotoPass downloads during all their Disneyland Resort visits.

Perhaps the most drastic change to the program we saw in 2022 is that the completely unblocked “Dream Key” was replaced with the “Inspire Key”. This new top tier pass has the two weeks around the Disneyland Christmas and Disneyland New Year’s Eve holiday completely blocked out. There will be no Magic Keyholders in the theme parks during these two weeks. This will be a very interesting time to be in the parks to see how the vibe shifts with only single and multi-day Disneyland ticket holders.

Discount Hack for Disneyland Annual Pass Program

NOTE: The below hack to save on Disneyland Magic Keys does not work for renewals of passes. This hack will work once again when new Magic Key passes go on sale.

There is a HACK to save money on the Disneyland Annual Pass program. You can purchase our exclusively discounted tickets from Get Away Today and upgrade those tickets into your Annual Pass at the full rack rate of the tickets.

Here's an example. When you purchase a Disneyland 4-day park hopper ticket through our private discount links to Get Away Today you only pay $381 per ticket instead of the ticket booth rate of $395. That's a savings of $14 per ticket. That savings will be passed on to you if you upgrade your ticket to an Annual Pass. The full value of the $395 ticket will be applied towards your Annual Pass payment even though you only paid $381. There is an even bigger savings when you purchase a 4-day EXTRA DAY FREE ticket that is valid for five days for $392 as opposed to the $415 ticket booth rate. That is a $23 per ticket savings!

The steps for upgrading a discounted ticket into an Annual Pass are:

  1. Purchase your discounted Disneyland ticket via our private links to Get Away Today so that you get an additional savings
  2. Make your park reservations for any time within the 13 days of the first use of the ticket
  3. On the final day of your ticket after you have entered the park for the first time, go into the Disneyland app and select the option to upgrade your ticket to a Magic Key Disneyland Annual Pass. That's right, it is so simple you only have to use your app!

The only ticket type that cannot be upgraded to an Annual Passport is any of the California resident ticket specials. If you purchased one of these tickets from Get Away Today and you want to switch the ticket so that you can upgrade to an Annual Pass, reach out to them and they will help you make the switch.

Disneyland Annual Pass 2022 Prices and Levels

Click here for the blackout dates from Disneyland- this will be important information to know for when you select your pass.

Inspire Key PassInspire Key Disneyland


  • 6 park reservations at a time
  • Standard theme park included at select lots (excluding block out dates)
  • 20% off select merchandise
  • 15% off select food & beverage
  • 20% off Disney Genie+ service day of visit
  • Unlimited Disney PhotoPass downloads

Believe Key PassBelieve Key Disneyland


  • 6 park reservations at a time
  • 50% off standard theme parking at select lots (excluding block out dates)
  • 10% off select merchandise
  • 10% off select food & beverage
  • 20% off Disney Genie+ service day of visit
  • Unlimited Disney PhotoPass downloads

Enchant Key PassEnchant Key Disneyland


  • 4 park reservations at a time
  • 10% off select merchandise
  • 10% off select food & beverage
  • 25% off standard theme parking at select lots (excluding block out dates)
  • 20% off Disney Genie+ service day of visit

Imagine Key Pass


  • Only available for Southern California Residents living in zip codes 90000 to 93599
  • 2 park reservations at a time
  • 10% off select merchandise
  • 10% off select food & beverage
  • 25% off standard theme parking at select lots (excluding block out dates)
  • 20% off Disney Genie+ service day of visit

Theme Park Reservations

All Magic Key holders will be required to make a Disneyland theme park reservation for their visit. You can book a reservation up to 90s in advance.

Magic Key Benefits

There are a variety of additional Magic Key holder benefits to enjoy throughout the year – including:

  • Access the Magic Key portal in the Disneyland app, where you'll find relevant news, an overview of benefits, custom content, special offers and more.
  • Magic Key Terrace: a re-imagined lounge just for Magic Key holders and their guests
  • Magic Key Holder Month: a month-long celebration of Magic Key holders
  • Special Experiences & Collectibles: access exciting, unique experiences and collectible keepsakes designed with you in mind—including special offerings during festivals!
  • First Access Opportunities: be among the first to have the opportunity to access exciting new offerings at the Disneyland Resort throughout the year, including select new merchandise collections
  • Downtown Disney District: discounts at participating locations
  • Magic Key Merchandise, Novelties, Menu Items and More: Show your Magic Key pride! Opportunity to purchase Magic Key holder-themed popcorn buckets, sippers and menu items throughout the year.
  • Magic Key Disney PhotoPass Opportunities: enjoy special photo spots and other opportunities sprinkled in throughout the year.
  • Magic Key embroidery: special options available for Magic Key holders at select locations in the parks

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  1. Curious if there’s any info on the sale of new magic keys? Or are they only renewing for existing magic keys holders?

    • New Magic Keys will go on sale once Disneyland has made sure that all current Magic Key passholders are able to renew and get the pass they would like. Make sure to join our FREE Mickey Visit newsletter for information on when new passes go on sale!

  2. Say I purchase tickets for October, and make a reservation for then. When passes become available will I be able to upgrade to a pass, or will I have to wait till I am physically In the parks to upgrade to a pass?

    • From Disney – “You can upgrade tickets to a Magic Key once the first day of your ticket has been activated (once you have scanned into the park), but in order to do that new sales have to be available for the pass type you’re interested in. We recommend people upgrade on the last usage day of their ticket, and it can be done via the app if you want!”

  3. Is there going to be a down payment with renewals or just the monthly payments if we go that route again? I saw the prices for the monthly payments and it look like it doesn’t include a down payment.

  4. What does it mean to have 4 park reservations at a time? 4 days of reservations?

  5. My daughter turned 3 while we had our passes (family with 2 parents 2 kids), I’m worried if I renew ours I won’t be able to purchase her a pass. Has anyone dealt with this? Is there a special way to get her a new pass as part of renewing our family’s passes.

    • Hi Britt,

      We expect new passes to go on sale somewhat quickly after the renewals period takes place. I will check with Disney to see if there is any nuance based on your situation.


  6. YOU SAY: “New Magic Keys will go on sale once Disneyland has made sure that all current Magic Key passholders are able to renew and get the pass they would like.”

    THIS MAKES NO SENSE! I bought my Magic Key Believe when they went on sale last year, but did not validate it until October 3rd. I am out of State. So, you say here that I CAN get what I had, but you say above, I will have to get what is available at the time when I renew and I am within 30 days not until September 3! So, which is it? Will they “reserve” my BELIEVE KEY for me or won’t they? They could potentially sell out by the time I reach my renewal date. ALSO, you said “PURCHASE DATE”. That does not ring true either because even though I “purchased” mine on opening day of the passes going on sale last year, I still cannot renew until I am 30 days out from validating it. So, again, there is a threefold problem here.
    So, can you set the record straight? I am sure I am not the only one in this situation. It would be nice for Disney to offer the 12 monthly payments to the people who are actually staying at their expensive hotels instead of those who can drop in anytime. Chumps!

    • You will be able to renew or upgrade your pass once you are within 30 days of your expiration date. The will not hold any pass for you. The Believe level may or may not be sold out by September 3rd, but if I had to guess it will not sell out that quickly. Again, this is just a guess.

  7. My pass does not expire until the end of January, am I able to wait until then to renew, or should I upgrade ?
    Not sure entirely how this works because who knows if passes will be available next year.

  8. Can you give me the TL:DR on this please. If I purchase the top tier, I get all the “perks”. But what dates (if any) are restricted one tier down? I ask because my husband NEVER goes without me and doesn’t need parking or shopping discounts, he only needs to be able to reserve the same exact dates as myself. I know last year, some keys had weekend blockouts – I can’t get a key like that for hubby. He has to be able to get same dates as myself. Thank you.

    • The blockout dates do vary between the top tier key and the one tier below. For that matter, all tiers have different blockout dates. For you to have identical dates you will have to get the same pass.

  9. Will the new magic key expire on renewal date or first visit after renewal date? Say I renew next week, but don’t visit until end of September. Will my expiration date be my renewal date? My same expiration date as now? Or the first visit after renewal?

  10. the option to upgrade a regular park ticket will not be available yet since the Magic Keys are ONLY on a renewal basis, until further notice.

    so you should remove this part of your article, or add this information. because it’s currently incorrect.

  11. Has anyone renewed their pass yet? I just waited in the queue all day, when it was finally my turn, it wouldn’t let me order. Now I’m back in the queue from the start again. Is there a workaround for the glitch? The error said can not renew through app, but I was just clicking through the links that were popping up.

  12. I don’t understand how I, a DVC member who has spent tens of thousands of dollars on Disney, will not give me the option to get a new Magic Key pass?! It makes zero sense. People are suing for not getting into the park with their current Magic Keys…if anyone deserves extra perks it’s the DVC members who spend up to hundreds of thousands of dollars , not including annual dues.

  13. My family have all renewed our Enchant keys except for my daughter who isnt able to renew until end of Dec. Will she be able to renew her Enchant key still ?

  14. I currently have a multi-day ticket and reservations in January. If I upgrade my ticket to the magic key before then, how does it work for the reservations I already have?

  15. I was in the que for 5 hours and finally purchased and said it was processing for over 20 minutes then it said no items in cart. Anyone else have this happen. So upsetting now starting over.

  16. Hi There – We are from Canada have being Annual Pass Holders since 2003, we were saddened by the sudden pausing of the Believe pass . We are wondering if Disney would be releasing Magic Key Passes for out of country guests, we could only visit Disney twice during our past existing passes, with the last AP not being able to use because of the Covid Closures. We could not renew because of the covid measures of travel, now we could. It would be wonderful if Disney would allow our Family to purchase one or two Believe Magic Key pass’s, the most days that we would use would be ten days for each visit , per pass. Could you ask Disney if they would consider an Annual Pass for out of town folks like us.. we would not mind if it was only limited to 30 days maximum . Also if we would be able to be included in the renewal program, as our last AP pass was voided because of the Virus . Thank you so much.. Bjorne Cindy and Family..

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