Disneyland Genie+ 2022: Tested Tips to Experience the MOST!

Disney Genie+ is a new paid Disneyland paid FastPass program that is a replacement for MaxPass. The Disneyland FastPass system has been officially retired and in its place the Genie+ program allows you to get reserve return times for popular attractions and avoid long waits in the traditional standby line.

The Disney Genie+ program is a paid service on the Disneyland app that includes 15 attractions across both Disneyland and Disney California Adventure. The new service is very similar to the popular MaxPass service that was launched a couple of years ago. The new service is also part of a new app interface that Disney is launching at both Disneyland and Walt Disney World (read about Disney Genie Plus at Walt Disney World here).

Keep reading for information on tips for utilizing the new Disney Genie Plus system at Disneyland.

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If you do not yet have tickets or reservations, you can book your Disney Genie+ in advance. There is no discount available on Disney Genie+ if you purchase in advance. Now, on to the Disney Genie+ tips to improve your trip…

Disneyland Genie+ is Replacement for FastPass and More!

Disneyland Genie+ is now live at the Disneyland Resort. This new service is remarkably similar to the previous MaxPass program which essentially allows you to book return times from the Disneyland app for popular rides to wait in the newly named “Lightning Lanes” – the old FastPass queues – and avoid longer standby queues.

We have tried out the new service and have updated this article with everything you need to know about getting the most out of the new program.

Disney Genie+ costs $20 per person, per day and includes access to over 15 rides along with unlimited PhotoPass downloads. This was the same price as Disneyland MaxPass with the same inclusion of PhotoPass which is great news. As of now, Disney has not announced any options for adding the Genie Plus service to Magic Key passes.

Lightning Lane queue at Grizzly River Run

Disneyland also offers individual attraction purchases to access the Lightning Lanes for select attractions not included in the Genie+ price. At the Disneyland Resort, these attractions will be limited to Rise of the Resistance, WEB SLINGERS: A Spider-Man Adventure, and Radiator Springs Racers.

Below we dive into the Genie+ service, tips on how to best utilize, what rides are included what Genie+, what prices to expect for individual attraction purchases and how to make the most of the complimentary services Genie will provide!

What attractions are included with the Disneyland Disney Genie+ Program?

This is the entrance to the Millennium Falcon: Smugglers Run attraction.

Here is the full list for both parks for attractions that are included with the Genie+ for $20 per person, per day. You can purchase Genie+ in the Disneyland app once you've entered the park or you can add it on to your tickets before you arrive! You can begin making your Lightning Lane reservations as soon as you enter the park.


  • Autopia
  • Big Thunder Mountain Railroad
  • Buzz Lightyear Astro Blasters
  • Haunted Mansion
  • Indiana Jones Adventure
  • “it's a small world”
  • Matterhorn Bobsleds
  • Millennium Falcon: Smugglers Run
  • Roger Rabbit’s Car Toon Spin
  • Space Mountain
  • Splash Mountain
  • Star Tours – The Adventures Continue

Disney California Adventure

  • Goofy's Sky School
  • Grizzly River Run
  • Guardians of the Galaxy – Mission: BREAKOUT!
  • Incredicoaster
  • Monsters, Inc. Mike & Sulley to the Rescue!
  • Soarin' Around the World
  • Toy Story Midway Mania

You can only ride each attraction once using the Genie+ selection. If you want to ride something again you will need to use the standby line. It's also important to know that if you don't show up for your specific time slot you reserved without canceling it, Genie+ won't let you book another one and consider it as your one ride. So if you can't make a reservation, make sure you cancel it so you can book another one later!

You can book a new reservation every two hours or once you've redeemed one. If you book a reservation that's more than two hours out in advance you will be able to book a new one at the two hour mark.

Disney Lightning Lanes – Premium “a la carte” Charge for Individual Attractions

Before I dive into my tips for Disney Genie Plus, it is important to know that there are three marque attractions not included with the base level of Disney Genie Plus.

For these attractions, guests are able to purchase and schedule special access to the Lightning Lanes.  This new premium up charge is similar to the Disneyland Paris FastPass paid offering, but on a much smaller scale. You will be able to book up to two return times each day for these high demand attractions starting when you enter the park for the next available arrival window.

At launch, this “a la carte” option will be offered at the following attractions:


  • Star Wars: Rise of the Resistance

Disney California Adventure

  • Radiator Springs Racers
  • WEB SLINGERS: A Spider-Man Adventure

Initial pricing will be dynamic and can fluctuate depending on day and time but will range between $7-$20 for access for each attraction, per person. During our trip we paid $20 to skip the line for Rise of the Resistance.

This additional paid service is not everyone but I will refrain from saying any option is “worth it” or not. Personally using our touring strategies I am confident in my ability to easily get on Radiator Springs Racers and WEB Slingers: A Spider-Man Adventure with a sub-20 minute wait, but there is less of guaranteed window to do this for Rise of the Resistance.

Disneyland Genie Plus Tips For Your 2022 Disneyland Trip

During my recent trip to Disneyland I finally got my hands on Disney Genie Plus so I can share the tips you need to know to plan out your trip.

As a long time Disneyland attendee and experienced park goer, the system was very familiar. The FastPass and MaxPass strategies you are familiar with largely still work. Let's dive into the top tips for using Disney Genie Plus at Disneyland.

Once you have entered Disneyland for the day you can make your first Disney Genie Plus reservation. Guests can hold one reservation at a time throughout the entire day within the Disneyland app. Again, this system is remarkably similar to MaxPass which I know is a big relief for many guests.

We had a great experience with the service on our recent trip! We visited on one of the busiest weekends during the holidays and never waited in a line longer than 20 minutes while experiencing everything that Disneyland has to offer.

Here are some actionable tips to take full advantage of Disney Genie Plus:

  1. Have a plan for using the new Disney Genie Plus in the morning. As we always say, it isn't as important which day of the year you visit Disneyland to avoid crowds, as much as it is important what time you arrive at the parks on the day you are visiting. Make sure you follow our Disneyland morning strategy or Disney California Adventure morning strategy to get the most out of your morning. Combining these strategies plus the new Disney Genie Plus service will supercharge your park day. You will want to arrive at least 45 minutes before official park opening and use the first hour of the day to experience attractions with little to no wait before using your first Disney Genie Plus Lightning Lane pass. On our recent trip on our Disneyland start day we rode in the standby queue for Space Mountain then rode Star Tours and Buzz Lightyear Astro Blaster twice before using our first Lightning Lane for Indiana Jones. On our Disney California Adventure start date we rode WEB Slingers: A Spider-Man Adventure (in the standby line), Toy Story Midway Mania twice, and Radiator Springs Racers (in the Single Rider line) before using our first Disney Genie Plus pass for the Incredicoaster.
  2. Pace out the Disney Genie Plus passes in your day! In some cases you'll have a Disneyland dining reservation or other planned experience like a Disneyland Parade and don't want a Genie Plus pass for an attraction at the time listed. Keep an eye on the app times to time out your Genie Plus passes. Unlike using Disneyland dining mobile order you cannot select a return time window and instead have to select the next available time.
  3. Pre-Purchase Disney Genie Plus on your tickets! You can either add Disney Genie Plus to your tickets each day of your trip or add them in advance when you purchase your tickets. I highly recommend you add Disney Genie Plus in advance to your multi-day tickets to avoid the hassle of scanning in your tickets and entering credit card information while you are trying to keep up with the rest of your group hustling down Main Street USA to get to your first attraction. Trust me, you'll want Disney Genie Plus each day of your trip so you should add it in advance when you purchase. Our travel partner, Get Away Today, provides our readers exclusive discounted Disneyland tickets and provides you the ability to add Disney Genie Plus in advance for the same price the service would be if you waited to fumble with it day of.
  4. Always be attentive to the opportunity to get a new Disney Genie Plus pass. You can only hold one Lightning Lane reservation (Disney Genie+ Pass) at a time. You can make a new pass reservation once you have utilized your other Genie Plus pass or 2 hrs have passed. Whichever comes sooner. If your next Disney Genie Plus pass reservation is more than 2 hrs away then I recommend setting a 2 hr timer on your phone so that you are alerted to get a new pass when it is time.
  5. Take advantage of large parties all traveling together! You can only make one reservation per attraction per day, but here's a good way around that for super fans of some attractions. In our group of five, a couple of people didn't want to experience “Guardians of the Galaxy: Mission – Breakout!”. In that case the two who did want to ride got to go twice because they still made reservations for everyone.
  6. Take advantage of your Disneyland Park Hopper ticket! If you a Disneyland park hopper ticket and are planning to switch parks in the afternoon (Park Hopping is permitted beginning at 1 pm each day), you should start looking at return times in the other park around noon. You can make a Disney Genie Plus reservation for an attraction in either park regardless of your location so long as your ticket has been scanned in for the day.
  7. DIFFERENT FROM FASTPASS! Take advantage of ride breakdowns. If an attraction breaks down during the time window that you have a Genie Plus return time for that attraction, your Genie Plus reservation will automatically turn into a Multiple Experience Pass. These passes can be used for any attraction in the resort except for Rise of the Resistance, Peter Pan, WEB Slingers: A Spider-Man Adventure, and Radiator Springs Racers (these may be different depending on the attraction that broke down but this was the consistent list we saw). The pass is even better than it sounds! You can use it to walk up to any attraction exit that doesn't have a Lightning Lane and they will walk you in the exit. We had a couple of breakdowns and used these passes to walk in the exit of Snow White's Enchanted Wish, Jungle Cruise, and Pirates of the Caribbean. We also used one of these passes in a regular Lightning Lane – these passes are not tied to the same restrictions of only using at each attraction once per day. We rode Guardians of the Galaxy using the pass so that we could go multiple times.

This is the exit to Jungle Cruise where we showed our Multiple Experience Pass (detailed directly above) in order to skip the queue.

How do you use the Disney Genie Plus app?

The Disneyland Genie Plus app can be confusing. The interface is a little clunky and it is not immediately clear how to navigate to an attraction you want to make a reservation for. The Disney Genie Plus system is burrowed within the free Disney Genie Plus tool so you'll see attractions with regular line wait times and options to purchase attractions a la carte interspersed with your options to secure a return time.

When you are first logging into the Disney Genie Plus system you will be prompted to select attractions that you are interested in for the day. This list of selections will be used to curate a personal dashboard within the app. Take a moment here to select the attractions that your group will want to experience and entertainment such as Disneyland fireworks or Disneyland parades you are interested in (I really like the feature that displays the next showtime for your selected entertainment). This list will then populate the attractions you want to experience at the top of the “Tip Board” screen. You can access this by selecting the hamburger menu button in the lower right hand corner of the screen.

Another tip that makes it easy to access attractions is to navigate to the screen from the map view. Select the attraction on the map and then click the Lightning Lane button to see the current wait times.

How much does Disney Genie Plus at Disneyland cost?

The Disney Genie+ program costs $20 per day per person. This cost can be added on a per day basis or over the course of your entire vacation (you can add on Genie+ to your discount Disneyland tickets). This is the same cost as the old Disneyland MaxPass program. And since the purchase of Genie+ includes all your PhotoPass downloads for the day this is quite a great deal! PhotoPass for one day only right now is $20 per day. Generally I am pleased with the cost and scope of the new service.

You will also have the option to pay for individual one time access to Rise of the Resistance, Radiator Springs Racers, and WEB Slingers: A Spiderman Adventure.

How does the Disneyland DAS program work with Disney Genie+ for guests with disabilities?

The existing Disability Access Service program will remain unchanged except for the addition of new enhancements! Now guests will be able to pre-enroll in the program before arrival and will be able to reserve their attraction return times via the app. This is a huge improvement for DAS guests so they don't have to walk back and forth across the park finding cast members to issue return times.

Guests will be able to utilize live video chat to register for the program with a cast member up to 30 days in advance of their visit. During the video chat, guests can also select two experiences per day using the new DAS advance planning option.

But the same in-person DAS program will continue so if you don't want to use the app for return times you won't have to! You can read more about options for guests with disabilities at Disneyland in our guide.

What else is included with Disney Genie+ program?

The Disneyland Disney Genie+ program also includes free Disneyland PhotoPass downloads and exclusive audio tours of the parks with Walt Disney Imagineers and special guests. People loved the extra perks of the Disneyland PhotoPass downloads for MaxPass. This is a great additional offering.

During our trip testing out Disney Genie+ we really enjoyed the PhotoPass option. We stoped at about 4 different photographers during our two day trip and also were able to load in the in on-ride photos. We could then download these professional grade photos! A great feature.

Disneyland Free Disney Genie Program Overview

The new Disneyland Disney Genie+ service is just one aspect of the new free Disney Genie service that will be launched in the Disneyland App. The Disney Genie service is a new itinerary planning tool that will allow guests to customize their days by either selecting all their favorite Disneyland experiences that they want to optimally experience throughout their day or picking specific character themes and allowing Disney to customize your day.

This new app includes forecasted wait times, the ability to add yourself to the walk up waitlist for restaurants, virtual queues, and dining reservations. All these aspects will be centralized in one easy to use interface. I appreciate that Disney is taking some of what I imagine are internal tools, like the forecasted wait times, and allowing guests to have access. This will be nice information to have for all guests.

How can Disneyland MagicKey Annual Passholders add Disney Genie Plus to their passes?

The Disneyland Disney Genie Plus program will be available to Disneyland Magic Key Passholders on a per day basis initially. Disney has said at launch passholders will initially purchase on a day to day basis and later they will evaluate if they will add it to annual passes.

What about people who do not purchase Disney Genie+?

Standby and virtual queues will continue for all attractions so guests will be able to utilize those. If you're following one of our touring strategies for the morning, you know how easily you can knock out long wait rides quickly that way!

Regardless if you pay to upgrade to Disney Genie Plus, all guests will have access to the Disney Genie app services that are included for all guests. These services include:

  • Personalized itinerary planning
  • Continually updated tip board
  • Forecasted future and current wait times for attractions
  • Virtual assistant
  • Mobile order
  • Restaurant wait list, check in and reservations
  • Attraction virtual queues (available at select attractions)

So the new Disney Genie  service will offer many of the same features as the Disneyland app already does but with additional benefits! I am personally extremely excited for the feature to see forecasted future wait times as a way to plan my trip.

Personalized Itinerary Planning

  • Guests tells Genie what their interests and must dos are based on selecting individual rides/experiences OR picking a specific a profile (princesses/thrill rides/etc.)
  • Genie will remember guest preferences and what has been experienced already in their visit

Once a guest has selected their plan and preferences, Genie will create a personalized itinerary based on the availability of experiences, existing plans the guest may have like dining reservations and forecasted wait times for attractions. This optimized plan will take into account walking distance, wait times, park hopping plus any additional preferences like height requirements and accessibility. The app is also careful to consider how many people are being recommended to do certain experiences at once so it's not directing everyone to do the same thing at the same time.

Guests also have the ability to swap, remove or add any additional experiences to their day giving you full flexibility of this itinerary. Genie will also explain why its recommending experiences with a “Why This?” feature so you know what the reasoning is for the order of the recommendations. For instance, it may recommend an indoor show with air conditioning in the afternoon!

There is also the option to ask a cast member in the app if you have questions as you go along your day!

Tip Board

Included with the Genie planning service is the Tip Board feature which will give guests an overview of:

  • Standby wait times
  • Available mobile order pick up times and dining reservations/join walk ups
  • Attraction Status
  • Entertainment Showtimes
  • Virtual queue options

This Tip Board offers the similar features the Disneyland app has now but in a streamlined way so you can everything quicker and easier. Disney has mentioned they've also been forward thinking about cell phone battery usage when developing these features. Using Genie will not continuously drain your cell phone battery as it will only reoptimize your plan when opening the app, it will not be running the background. So this shouldn't have too large of an impact on your cell batteries.

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  1. You’ll never be able to make up for the losses you had. Your making almost impossible for a family of 4 to visit. This will be the last time I will ever vist

  2. The legacy Signature Plus annual passports included MaxPass at no additional charge. Do you think Disney Genie Plus will be included with the higher end Magic Key pass the same way…with no additional charge?

    • From what we have heard so far, the Disney Genie Plus service will only be available on a per day basis. On the plus side, there will not be that many people using the service at all and you’l have a great experience when you do choose to use it.

    • Yeah this is a make or break item for me – if the top magic key pass includes Genie+ in the price (and I’m still not clear on photos), then I will buy it. Otherwise, I am out. Those were the items that really made the Signature Plus pass worth it, unless you were going during the holidays.

  3. Only 1 reservation at a time, that is not exciting news. So disappointed in Disney charging for everything! I will not be paying $20 a day per person for a fastpass.

  4. I know where that Genie picture is from! It’s ME! I played the Genie in Aladdin: A Musical Spectacular at Disney California Adventure for ten years!

    • Dylan, thank you for commenting along! Your show was incredible and always a highlight of our visits.

      I might just go make a TikTok about this. We are @DisneylandSecrets on there. I have been enjoying your jokes.

      I’d love to see you take some of the jokes from the show and try out some current cultural references on TikTok.

  5. do we know if you can have a genie + reservation and a paid reservation at the same time?

  6. No one seems to be looking at this problem. The average park visit is 9+ hours in a day. Most cell phones batteries with moderate to heavy use will be quickly depleted in less than that time. You’re rolling out an app and program which is entirely dependent upon the use of a smart phone, yet you have no public charging stations? So on top of my additional ticket costs, now I have to purchase heavy duty back up battery packs for all 6 of my family members? And as many others have said, the signal in the park and app performance during high crowds is abysmal. Finally, as far as the elephant in the room, how dare a company who promotes their guest experience as ‘magical’ place a poor tax on the families who struggle and save for years to give their children a once in a lifetime vacation? These parents will be forced to tell their children that they couldn’t afford to pay (or in my case chose NOT to pay) for the privilege of stepping over others. When Universal rolled out their version of this caste system, we were shocked and said many times how that personified the difference between Universal and Disney’s Mission Statement. Sadly, Disney has fallen to that level. What was once a place where everyone could have an equally magical experience upon passing through the park gates will now turn into everyone looking down at their phones frantically trying to get the best rides and enjoying nothing.

    • I think you have over-dramatized this A LOT. First off, only one person in your party needs a good charged phone. Not all 6. Secondly, if you can’t be cool standing in the normal lines, there is a problem. If you parent your kids well, they won’t even know what they are missing. If you tell the kids that you can’t afford to make it go faster, well then, that’s on you.

  7. When will this and lightning lane be starting? And how to you add it to your ticket?

    • No official date set yet, all Disney has said is it will start in Fall.

  8. Are there fast passes at all until genie rolls out or is it all standby aside from the virtual queues? I’m going on the 18th and if Disneyland goes with the 19th too it could be a kind of fun last day before genie launches!

  9. Where can I find information about wheelchairs and access to lines? has this changed at all with Genie? Also – do I have to/can I reserve one on the app?

  10. If there are five of us in the group (including 3 kids), do we all need Genie+ if we want to use it? Or can one person make the Genie+ reservation for all 7 of us?

    • Great question! Everyone has to purchase Disney Genie Plus, but the Disney Genie Plus passes can all be managed from one person’s Disneyland App. That person will have the option to make reservations for attractions for all or just some of the people in the group.

  11. I don’t quite get this point you made “In our group of five, a couple of people didn’t want to experience “Guardians of the Galaxy: Mission – Breakout!”. In that case the two who did want to ride got to go twice because they still made reservations for everyone. ”

    So the two people who got to ride twice . . . does the lighting lane reservation transfer between the tickets? Do the people who wanted to ride go on the ride then the two that didn’t get to transfer the reservation over to the ones that already rode it. . . . sorry I just don’t quite see how you do this and wondering if you could explain it in a bit more detail. Thanks!

    • The Genie+ reservations appear in the app when you make them and you can scan in to the attractions to redeem with the app or the your physical ticket. We had all the tickets scanned into one phone. The people who wanted to use the other reservations on the tickets scanned the tickets from the app to enter the queue twice.

  12. We have 6 days in Disneyland this month. We have 2 X 4 day hoppers with genie + 2 X 1 park for 2 days with genie + for days 3 of 6 & 6 of 6. Trying to decide if upgrading 4 day hopper to magic key to get food and souvenir discounts earlier than later. Will Disney include what I paid for genie + (via get away park hoppers)? Also it mentions only 4 reservations per pass are allowed. Would this affect the days we have the 1 park per day reservations? Just trying to figure out if it is worth doing right when we get there or the last day of our hoppers. It’d be nice to get the 10% for magic key for meals & souvenirs earlier than later but also don’t want to give up our reservations if there’s low availability or options.

    • after trip recommendations –
      for our last night on our 4 day hoppers we were able to upgrade to Enchant keys. They included what we paid get away today for genie + so it was $149/pp and we can use towards another 1-2 trips to visit from WA. we ended up activating our enchant keys since a reservation opened for the park on our last 1/2 day the next day. Disneyland City Hall helped us with this and actually refunded full price of the 1 park per day 2 day tickets to a gift card in the amt of $282 total we could use it anywhere parks, stores etc for Disney including towards lightsabers which is not part of the magic key discounts.
      Genie + is great if you start in the morning and even if you take a break midday you can book lightning lanes from the hotel once Genie + is active. We miss Max pass as well for fast passes to do some rides more than 1 X but we found we still would book lightning lanes and do standby lines in between waits & got on more rides quickly. our record was 19 rides in a day w/both parks. For a shorter day I might not have paid for Genie + but if you love getting through lines for rides it’s really worth it.
      Take home for lightning lanes –
      1-refresh your app often as we found times sometimes showed up being earlier or later than first viewed & if you don’t like the 1st time keep trying
      2- if you’re starting to stack your lighting lanes every 2 hours, keep in mind if you cancel a lighting lane time, you’ll still have to wait every 2 hours to schedule which is kind of a bummer. With Max pass you could cancel and book something else
      3- don’t always trust the wait times for standby. It’s always good to do a drive by of ride lines especially if they’re having shows at night
      4-Use photopass to download ride and other pictures to your email or phone -they’re only on the app 45 days
      5- we took a Costco small square (VHS sized) battery unit normally used to jumpstart cars which had USB outlets to charge phones in the backpack & worked all day when we needed it. If you’re flying the battery must be in your carry on. We’ve taken the one on 2 trips and it was worth not having to look for charging stations.
      Web Slingers now has a single rider line after we got home and I’d highly recommend this option to get through faster.

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