Disneyland Fireworks 2023 – Times, Shows, Where to Watch

The Disneyland fireworks are the best way to end your night with a bang as you watch the night sky fill with dazzling characters on select nights throughout the year. We have all the information in this Disneyland fireworks guide.

This is everything you need to know about Disneyland fireworks, including the different fireworks shows put on throughout the year and where to find the best spots to watch Disneyland fireworks.

Disney debuted the Wondrous Journeys Disneyland fireworks show earlier this year and just announced the end date for the show. This is the best fireworks show at Disneyland in years and makes the fireworks an absolute must-do during your day.

Click here for more details on the Walt Disney World fireworks shows in Florida.

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Disneyland Fireworks Times and Infofireworks at disneyland

What time are the fireworks at Disneyland?

This is at the top of everyone’s list of questions about Disneyland. The Disneyland fireworks schedule runs nightly during peak seasons (summer) and around the holidays. Off season, fireworks are Friday through Sunday. To ensure that there will be a fireworks show on your visit, it is always a good idea to check Disney’s website, the Disney app or ask a Cast Member.

  • Fireworks Location: The skies above Disneyland.
  • Time: 9:30pm-ish (again, check Disney’s website, the Disney app or ask a Cast Member for exact times as show times may vary.)
  • Age Interest: All ages (Be aware that within the park the fireworks can be pretty loud so if someone in your group gets frightened by loud noises, you may want to watch the show from outside the park.)
  • Duration of Fireworks: Varies by show, currently approximately 13 minutes

Disneyland Fireworks Throughout the YearTinkerbell flying over the castle

Depending on what time of the year you visit Disneyland determines what fireworks show you will see light up the night sky. The holiday season at Disneyland and Halloween both bring their own unique fireworks shows!

The following fireworks shows are currently showing throughout the year.

“Wondrous Journeys” Disney100 Fireworks Show

disneyland fireworks view shows

What to Expect: The Disneyland Resort is the heart of the Disney100 celebration which is running throughout the entirety of 2023. A key element of the celebration is the new fireworks show that honors the 100 years of Walt Disney Animation with tributes to all 62 Disney animated films of the last 100 years (the 62nd film actually comes out this November and there is a tribute to that film in these Disneyland fireworks too). Specifically, the fireworks show features “Encanto,” “Hercules,” “The Princess and the Frog,” “Peter Pan,” “Frozen,” “Treasure Planet,” “Big Hero 6,” and “Moana.” The show will also have a flying Baymax figure that flies to the “Immortals” song from “Big Hero 6” and the Blue Fairy from “Pinocchio” flying to “When You Wish Upon a Star”. The show also features the original song “It’s Wondrous”.

Note – Disney has shared that the Wondrous Journeys Disneyland fireworks show will have its final performance of the year on August 31st before the Disneyland Halloween season.

Review: We saw the new Disneyland fireworks show last night and believe it is the best fireworks show that Disney has done in years. With perfect pacing that hits emotional highs and lows and fan-favorite songs throughout, Wondrous Journeys is a perfect way to cap off your day at Disneyland. The theme song packs an emotional punch and when matched with spectacular fireworks brought many members of our group to tears. My jaw literally dropped at moments as the show pulled together new and old moments from Disney Animation to create a quintessential Disney show that is reverential towards the past while also looking to the future. The show feels important and lives up to the Walt Disney Animation Studios body of work it honors.

We were watching from a spot on Main Street and were blown away by the clarity of the projection on the buildings along the street and the Disneyland castle. This is a show designed to be seen over and over again with new details hidden throughout the parks. There are specific details in the viewing areas on Main Street, the Rivers of America, and the Small World Mall. This is a show that I can’t wait to come back to.

I am thrilled that I am able to be so positive about the show (my thoughts on the new World of Color are not nearly as positive). When you run a site like this you are rooting for Disney to be successful and when they hit it out of the park it feels so good to see the success and remember why you love the parks so much in the first place. Congrats to the entire team that worked on the show!

disneyland fireworks projections on main street

You can see here just how crisp the fireworks projections on the buildings are.

When to See the Show: The show runs nightly. On select nights the show will include fireworks in addition to projections. We expect that most Monday-Thursday nights will only have projections during the show and most Friday-Sunday nights will have fireworks also.

Run Time of “Wondrous Journeys”: The new Disneyland fireworks show is 13 minutes long.

“Believe… in Holiday Magic”

What to Expect: During Holidays at the Disneyland Resort, prepare to be awestruck as you watch the fireworks illuminate the sky behind Sleeping Beauty’s Castle. The Castle itself adds to the holiday magic as it glows with icicles that dangle from snow-capped turrets and more than 80,000 twinkling lights. If you are on Main Street U.S.A., near “it’s a small world” in Fantasyland, or near the Rivers of America, tilt your head towards the sky as you watch the fireworks and you may be able to feel snow flurries land on your face!

When to See the Show: During the holiday season which runs from mid-November to the first week of January.

Disneyland Halloween Screams Fireworks 2023Fantasmic

What to Expect:  All guests visiting Disneyland can experience the Halloween Screams projection and special effects show. In previous years guests had to have a ticket to the Halloween party at Disneyland to see this special Halloween themed show.

Since the Halloween party will take place at California Adventure this year, all guests visiting Disneyland can see Halloween Screams without having to purchase a party ticket! Fireworks will enhance this projection show on weekend nights.

Mickey’s Mix Magic Fireworks

What to Expect: This is a high energy fireworks show featuring projections and remixes of your favorite Disney songs from properties including Coco, the Haunted Mansion, Frozen, and the Jungle Book. Both a fireworks show and dance party, Mickey’s Mix Magic is a ton of fun and will have you dancing to the beat. This show has two versions–one with fireworks and one with just the projections. Typically, the projection only version of the show is reserved for slower weekday nights or nights when it is too windy for fireworks.

When to See This Show: Mickey’s Mix Magic will often run in-between peak seasons. This show runs on and off throughout the year. Currently the show is running in its projections only version on week days.

Disneyland 4th of July FireworksFourth of July fireworks

What to Expect: Expect a one-of-a-kind display honoring America the Beautiful! Watch as reds, whites, and blues explode in the blackened night sky along with some patriot tunes as Stars and Stripes flash across the majestic Castle.

When to See This Show: Only on the 4th of July will you be able to witness this truly patriotic show.

Fireworks on New Year’s Eve at DisneylandHoliday magic fireworks in fron its a small world

What to Expect: If you plan on spending New Year’s Eve at Disneyland, a must-see event to ring in the brand-new year is watching the fireworks at midnight. Join in on the countdown to midnight and welcome the New Year at the Happiest Place on Earth! Because this is extra late for some Guests, be sure to take a break mid-day so that you are able to make it to midnight to see the fireworks. And the night does not end right at midnight since Disneyland stays open until 2am!

Disneyland Forever FireworksDreams Come True Fireworks

What to Expect: The Disneyland Forever fireworks first debuted with the Disneyland 60th anniversary and feature musical numbers from popular Disney films with projections throughout the park and special props on Main Street USA. The show features music from Mary Poppins, Tangled, Winnie the Pooh, Lion King, Jungle Book, The Little Mermaid, and Frozen. With a touching opening and closing song, this is a great fireworks show.

When to See This Show: Disneyland Forever is not currently scheduled to run at Disneyland.

Best Disneyland Fireworks Viewing LocationsMulticolored fireworks in front of the castle

Although Disneyland’s fireworks show can be viewed just about anywhere in the Resort, here is a list of prime places to view the fireworks at the Disneyland Resort. Remember, it is a necessity to arrive anywhere from 1-2 hours before the show to claim your spot (and sometimes 3 hours before the fireworks if you want to stand right in front of the Castle). Be sure to check with Cast Members on locations and if you are able to set yourself up early.

Best Fireworks Viewing Spots Inside DisneylandTomorrowland lounge

  • In front of Sleeping Beauty’s Castle – By far the most popular spot to take in the full experience of the show, including views of the projections on the Castle, fireworks in the sky, and the Blue Fairy and Baymax in flight.
  • Near Partners Statue – Although this area gets quite busy since it is the main vein for Guests making their way through this area to get to other Lands, it still is a nice spot to be. Be aware that there may be some trees obstructing your view.
  • Jolly Holiday Bakery Cafe – Grab a table and a bite to eat near the front railing to catch a view of the fireworks. Some trees may obstruct your Castle view, but still a great spot to be to view the fireworks.
  • Main Street, U.S.A. – Anywhere on Main Street gives you awesome views of the Castle and fireworks. Projections also play against the storefronts. And you really don’t have to grab a spot until about 30-40 minutes before the show. Cast Members rope off certain sections of the street to keep pedestrian traffic moving. So grab a spot on the curb and enjoy the show.
  • Main Street Train Station – Take a seat on a bench and relax. You will not get a great view of the Castle, but the aerial views are quite nice.
  • In front of “it’s a small world” – If crowds are not your thing, go further into Fantasyland near “it’s a small world.” You will not get a view of the Castle show, but projections flash against “it’s a small world’s” facade while music accompanies the show. Get a great picture of “it’s a small world” with fireworks that explode in the sky just left of “it’s a small world.”
  • Along the Rivers of America in Frontierland – Music plays along with the fireworks show as lights dance against spays of water in the Rivers of America. If you caught the first showing of Fantasmic then stay right where you are to enjoy the fireworks!
  • Tomorrowland Skyline Lounge Experience – Why not enjoy the fireworks show from the comfort of the Tomorrowland Skyline Lounge while enjoying sweet desserts and both hot and cold non-alcoholic beverages. Lounge is open from 8-10pm and reservations are required. Cost is $50 per guest, tax included, no charge for guests under 3.
    • This experience is currently unavailable but may return at a later date. 

Regardless of where you decide to watch, I highly recommend bringing some type of packable or easy to carry blanket with you to sit on. Not necessarily for comfort but to help mark your space! You’ll find that some of these viewing areas, especially in front of the castle, can get extremely crowded and having that blanket to sit on will clearly mark your space. You will be asked to stand about ten minutes before the show start so be prepared!

Can you watch the fireworks outside of Disneyland?Fireworks at Disneyland in front of the monorail

  • Esplanade – The area between Disneyland and Disney California Adventure Park is a hot spot for viewing the fireworks show outside the Park since it is less crowded. You will not be able to see the Castle, but you do get to enjoy music that accompanies the fireworks show.
  • Paradise Pier Pool Balcony – Paradise Pier Pool Balcony is an ideal spot to view the fireworks show whether you are a hotel guest or not. Catch an elevator to the third floor and exit out the double doors to your right once off the elevator. The best part about this location is you can grab a snack and drink at the Surfside Lounge before heading up to see the show.
  • Select Hotel Rooms at the Disneyland Resort – Some rooms at the Disneyland Hotel (Adventure Tower and select rooms in the Frontier Tower) and some rooms at Disney’s Grand Californian Hotel & Spa have great views of the fireworks show. While watching the show from the comfort of your hotel room, flip on the TV and listen to the music that accompanies the show.
  • Select Good Neighbor Hotels around Disneyland — Some good neighbor hotels in the Disneyland Resort area have views of the fireworks from their hotel. These hotels will typically advertise this on their website such as the Clarion and the Howard Johnson Anaheim. Read our list of the best hotels to see Disneyland fireworks. You can also see an extensive guide to Disneyland Good Neighbor hotels here. 

Disneyland Fireworks Cancellation

Checking Disney’s website or downloading the Disney app is the best way to stay informed about fireworks at Disneyland since the fireworks are dependent on the weather. On windy, stormy, and rainy days, the fireworks more than likely will be cancelled. Disneyland fireworks are often canceled due to high winds so if seeing fireworks is a priority, make sure you don’t leave it for your last night to watch.

It’s not uncommon for fireworks to be canceled for high winds since Southern California has to be extra careful to minimize any risk of fire. We recommend trying to see the fireworks early in your visit rather than saving them for the last night in case you run into cancellations.

If you’re near Main Street around 7PM, you might catch the ‘balloon test’ where they release one balloon up into the air to see if it flies to the left or right to gauge the strength of the winds.

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