Disneyland Single Rider Lines- Save Time With This Trick!

The Disneyland single rider line is a great trick to keep up your sleeve when handling crowds at Disneyland. The singles line splits your group to fill in available single seats that remain open for popular attractions.

This guide to using the Single Rider line at Disneyland shares which rides have a single rider line, if single rider is “worth it” for key attractions, how the singles service works, the minimum single rider age, and more.

Keep reading to see why you should know this tip and how to use it.

What is a single rider line at Disneyland?

disneyland single rider age tips

Single rider is a separate line from the regular queue that is used to fill empty seats on attractions. This means when you choose to use the single rider line that you will not be seated with your group as the purpose of the single rider line is fill empty ride seats so that lines move more efficiently and not send ride vehicles with any empty seats.

For example, the ride vehicle for Radiator Springs Racer sits five people. If there is a family of four in line they will seat that family and then take one person from the single rider line to fill the empty seat. You will not be seated with your party except by chance- you cannot request to be seated with them or request a specific seat when using the single rider line. This is important to remember as some people misunderstand the purpose of single rider and get in line without realizing this which leads to panic when they get to the front of the line and realize they will be split up.

The perk of the single rider line is the short wait but you get that perk by knowing you won't get to sit next to your group. Sometimes you may end up next to your group anyways but this is never guaranteed.

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Which Disneyland rides have single rider?

Here are the all rides that offer single rider options at Disneyland:

Does Indiana Jones Adventure have Single Rider? Does Space Mountain have single rider?

Indiana Jones Adventure and Space Mountain both used to offer a single rider option but this is no longer available at Disneyland for either attraction. You can use the option of Genie+ to beat the line or utilize our morning strategy to make sure you ride these popular attractions with a low wait time.

Disneyland Single Rider

Here are the rides that offer single rider options at California Adventure:

Disneyland Single Rider Age Limit

The minimum age to use single rider is 7 years old. You want to make sure that your child is comfortable not being seated with their parent as your party will not be seated together so this is not always a good choice for some families. Your child needs to be mature enough to follow direction from the cast member and be secure enough to be left alone for a few moments when they exit the attraction since you will be departing at different times depending on which ride vehicle you're put in. Plan on picking a place to meet after you exit so you don't get separated. Usually my son and I would always meet right by the entrance of the attraction when he first started using single rider and it worked out fine.

For groups that have kids that are comfortable with this option or families with tween/teens this is a great way to beat the lines.

How to do single rider at Disneyland?Single Rider Line Disneyland

Using Disneyland single rider is extremely easy, you just need to find the entrance to the single rider line and the cast members will direct you from there. Not sure where to find the single rider lines at Disneyland? Luckily, for nearly all the attractions they're clearly labeled and easy to find! This is where they're all located at Disneyland:

  • Incredicoaster- the entrance to the single rider line is located just along Pixar Pier right before you enter the area leading to Incredicoaster, you'll see a sign pointing to it that says Single Rider Entrance.
  • Radiator Springs Racers- this ride has its own labeled single rider entrance, you'll spot it as you approach the entrance to the attraction
  • Goofy's Sky School- located to the left of the main entranced labeled with a yellow Single Riders sign.
  • Grizzly's River Run- see the cast member outside the entrance and tell them you want to use single rider, they'll direct you from there to head through the exit to ride
  • WEB SLINGERS: A Spider-Man Adventure- this ride has its own labeled single rider entrance, you'll spot it as you approach the entrance to the attraction

Splash Mountain Single Rider

  • Splash Mountain- this ride has its own labeled single rider entrance, it is located at the exit of the attraction
  • Matterhorn Bobsleds- this ride has its own labeled single rider entrance, you'll spot it as you approach the entrance to the attraction- make sure you go up to the entrance to find it and don't join the queue that winds around the back of the Matterhorn mountain
  • Millennium Falcon: Smuggler's Run- this ride has its own labeled single rider entrance, you'll spot it as you approach the entrance to the attraction
  • Space Mountain – Disney has tested operating the Space Mountain Single Rider line through the exit of the attraction and through the entrance. Most recently the line has run through the exit.
  • Soarin' Over the World – walk up to the main entry point for the attraction where the Genie Plus return area is and ask to join the Single Rider line

Disneyland Single Rider Wait Times

This will vary depending on how crowded it is on the day of your visit. The more busy the day, the longer the single rider line can get but it will consistently be shorter than the standby line even on the most crowded days! Even on an extremely crowded day, you can expect the single rider line to be at most half of the wait time of the standby line.

Out of all the attractions that offer single rider, you can expect the longest wait for Radiator Springs Racers due to its popularity but you will still experience a drastically shorter wait than the standard queue. Even though this line will likely be longest in amount of people it will go quickly in wait times because the ride vehicles are three across so there are often open seats to fill.

Since Goofy's Sky School is often overlooked as having single rider this ride will usually have the shortest single rider wait times. In our experience we've walked right on using single rider with this ride when the standby line was at 45 minutes even on crowded days.

Millennium Falcon: Smuggler's Run will often have a pretty short wait for the single rider line as well despite the popularity of this newer Star Wars themed attraction. This is likely due to groups wanting to experience the attraction together since it is more of a group experience attraction.

Are Disneyland Single Rider Lines Worth It?

The most obvious con of using single rider at Disneyland is not being able to sit with your group which is never guaranteed although sometimes it can happen! Most of the time this really doesn't matter but for some rides like Millennium Falcon: Smuggler's Run and WEB SLINGERS: A Spider-Man Adventure it can be more fun to experience these with your group due to the design of these rides to be cooperative with those you're riding with… or competitive depending on where you sit in the case of WEB. You will also miss most of the queue when using the single rider so for some attractions this could be a con for folks that are missing out on some of the theming each attraction offers.

This con more so applies to the Millennium Falcon: Smuggler's Run because of the roles you are assigned when riding. You are assigned one of three roles: pilot, gunner and engineer. When using single rider on Millennium Falcon: Smuggler's Run you will always be given the position of engineer since you are just filling empty seats and those are the usually the only empty ride roles left. Engineer sits in the back row of the ride and you're tasked with pushing buttons to fix the damage to the ship, this position is a bit less interactive than pilot or gunner. If you want to experience the role of pilot or gunner, which are considerably much more fun, you will need to ride without using the single rider line. This reason is also likely why the single rider line for this ride moves rather quickly!

Single Rider Disneyland

The biggest pro for using single rider is the time it can save you on your trip! Rather than waiting in a 90 minute standby wait for Radiator Springs Racers, you can instead use single rider and end up waiting half of that time or much less!

Another pro is that now with the introduction of Genie+ at Disneyland, this trick can also save you money especially for the Disneyland Individual Lightning Lane attractions like Radiator Springs Racers and WEB SLINGERS: A Spider-Man Adventure. Instead of opting to purchase access via Genie+ to use the Lightning Lane to save time, you can instead use Single Rider and save time plus money. Radiator Springs Racers often costs around $15 per person to access this attraction. If you have five people in your group that cost would total $75 for your group to access the Lightning Lane. In that case, the single ride is going to be a great option here rather than choosing between paying for Lightning Lane access or using the standby line which is consistently around 90 minutes for this attraction.

So…. are Disneyland single rider lines worth it? Absolutely, yes! They will save you time and money- this is a great hack to use when the parks are busy. Just make sure to ride the Millennium Falcon using the regular line at once too and request pilot (the best role, in my opinion!) so you can get that full experience!

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