Discount Universal Studios Hollywood Tickets 2020: Get Universal Tickets Cheap!

universal studios hollywood discount ticketsThere are a variety of discount Universal Studios tickets 2020. These cheap Universal Studios Hollywood tickets can be discovered the entire year, but during the slower periods there are even more discounts available.

Below I outline some specific instructions on finding the best priced Universal Studios Hollywood discount tickets for the theme park in Los Angeles, California…

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Discount Universal Studios Hollywood Tickets 2020

The discounts below are listed below based on what will save the general public the most money on Universal Studios Hollywood discount tickets possible.

There is a small savings if you purchase your tickets from the Universal Studios Hollywood website in advance (more info below). However, this savings pales in comparison when you look at the prices from the Universal-approved ticket reseller that we convinced to offer exclusive discounts to you, our readers.

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Be sure to purchase your tickets to the park in advance. Not only will you avoid the line at the theme park, but you get to enjoy early admission with an hour in the park before all other guests. This is incredibly helpful to see all of the popular new Wizarding World of Harry Potter additions.

Exclusive Universal Studios 2020 Discount Tickets for Subscribers

Get Away Today frequently provides private discounts just for subscribers on hotels, tickets, and packages for the entire Southern California area, including Universal Studios and Disneyland. The best Universal Studios ticket prices are listed on this page, however you should subscribe to our FREE Deals Email to get supreme discount and coupon codes for other parts of your vacation including: shopping, dining, and transportation.

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How Much Are the Official Universal Studios Hollywood Ticket Prices?Image result for universal studios hollywood entrance

Here are the official Universal Studios Hollywood ticket costs. You can find more information on the types of Universal Studios Hollywood tickets in the sections below.

  • One day Universal Studios Hollywood tickets for ages 10 and up range from $109-$129 based on the date and $103-$123 for ages 3-9. Kids under 3 are free.
  • Two day Universal Studios Hollywood tickets for ages 10 and up range from $149-$169 and $143-163 for ages 3-9. Kids under 3 are free.
  • One Universal Studios Hollywood VIP Experience ticket ranges from $349-$409. This experience is only available for ages 5 and up.
  • Universal Studios Hollywood Parking costs $25 for general parking, $35 for preferred parking, and $50 for Front Gate Parking. Prices decrease after 5pm at which point General Parking is $10, Preferred is $20, and Front Gate is $30.
  • The Front of the Line Pass price varies with the season. You can see the current price on the Universal Studios Hollywood website. Typically the cost for the Front of the Line pass is around $70 per ticket.

Use these official Universal Studios Hollywood ticket prices to compare all of the different cheap Universal Studios Hollywood ticket options that can be found on this page. Keep in mind that your ticket price is determined by the day of your visit- less popular days are cheaper while high peak times are going to be on the more expensive end of the ticket. Another great reason to book with Get Away Today!

Universal Studios Hollywood VIP Experienceuniversal studios hollywood discount ticket VIP experience

The Universal Studios Hollywood VIP experience includes a one day admission into the Universal Studios Hollywood theme park, a special small group guided tour of the Universal Studios backlot, access to restricted areas that normal tram tour groups don't go, light continental breakfast and big buffet lunch, valet parking, and unlimited front of the line access to all attractions in the theme park with VIP tour guide.

One Universal Studios Hollywood VIP Experience ticket ranges from $349-$409. This experience is only available for ages 5 and up.

Your day with the special Universal Studios Hollywood VIP Experience will go something like this: You'll pull up to the valet parking right at the front of the theme park, hand the valet your keys and be escorted into the breakfast room that overlooks the main entrance of the park. From here you'll either leave on your tour or be given time to use your unlimited Front of the Line pass throughout the theme park. After showing up 20 minutes prior to your scheduled Universal Studios tour you will be whisked off on a private VIP tour trolley with 10-15 people and two Universal Studios tour guides. Once your tour is complete you can either stay with your tour guide to be escorted throughout the entire park or take your front of the line pass and go on your own. Around lunch time you'll head over to the huge gourmet buffet in your private VIP dining room to kick back with your friends, family, and newly met acquaintances.

Recently our British neighbors visited both Disneyland Universal Studios Hollywood for the first time. At Disneyland they got regular park hopper tickets and at Universal Studios opted for the VIP Experience. After their trip, they overwhelming recommended Universal Studios Hollywood while just giving a “meh” for Disneyland. While I don't quite understand a “meh” for Disneyland, that review sure makes me want to experience the Universal Studios VIP Experience.

*In the past, our travel partner Get Away Today has offered discount tickets on the VIP Universal Studios Experience. This offer is currently not available right now but keep checking back to see if it returns. 

Universal Studios Discount Tickets Front of Line Pass

The Front of the Line Pass allows you to skip to the front of the line for each attraction once during your day long visit to Universal Studios Hollywood by using the “Gate A” entrances at every attraction. In addition you will have access to special reserved seating for every show throughout the park. Keep in mind that you only get to skip to the Front of the Line once for each attraction when you have a Front of the Line Pass. With the Universal Studios VIP Experience you get unlimited front of the line access.

If you know you are visiting on a weekend, holiday peak season, or have a limited amount of time, then you should definitely get the Front of the Line Pass. Assume that if kids are out of school, this is the day to purchase a Front of the Line Pass.

*In the past, our travel partner Get Away Today has offered discount tickets on the Universal Studios front of the line pass. This offer is currently not available right now but keep checking back to see if it returns. 

universal studios hollywood front of line discount pass

Pro Universal Studios Tip: On certain days there are same day discounted Front of the Line Passes available from the Universal Studios Box Office (across the street from the main park Starbucks). These Front of the Line Passes will either be valid only after 2 pm or only after 4 pm. This can be a nice option to look into if you arrive at Universal Studios Hollywood and the park is much more crowded than you anticipated.

The other alternative to Front of the Line passes are the free Single Rider lines for the top attractions. With Single Rider line you will wait in a much shorter queue and then be split up from your party to be put into empty seats on the various ride cars. This is a plus for you as the line is shorter and you don't have to pay for the Front of the Line pass, and it is a plus for Universal Studios Hollywood because they don't end up sending out any ride cars with empty seats.

Universal Studios Hollywood Season Pass and Annual Passuniversal studios hollywood coupons

Universal Studios Hollywood recently changed the way they operate the Annual Pass program to match Disneyland's Annual Pass program. Previously, Universal Studios Hollywood had offered a season pass good for a set amount of time or “season.” Now, all of these passes are valid for 12 months from the first day of use.

The four types of Annual Pass/Season Passes are:

  • California Neighbor Pass: There are lots of black out dates for this type of pass that include some weekends, holidays, summer days, and spring break period. You get 35 weekend days in the year with this pass and you can come any date for your first visit. With this pass you may purchase one day tickets for your guests for $15 off. This pass is $159 when purchased at the gate and $149 when purchased online.
  • Silver Annual Pass: This pass has less block out days than the season pass that includes some weekends, all holidays, summer dates, and spring break. You get around 60 weekend days in a year with this pass and you can come any date for your first visit. This pass is $189 when purchased at the gate and $179 when purchased online.
  • Gold Annual Pass The Universal Studios Gold Annual Pass is valid for 12 months from the first use, has various blackout dates, $15 discount on tickets for additional Universal Studios Hollywood tickets, 15% off Universal Studios theme park merchandise and food, and free general parking. While there are black out dates for many weekends and holidays, you get around 75 weekend days in a year with this pass and you can come any date for your first visit. This pass is $319 when purchased at the gate and $309 when purchased online.
  • Platinum Annual Pass The Universal Studios Platinum Annual Pass includes no blackout dates, free parking, $15 discount on additional Universal Studios Hollywood one day tickets, 15% discount on Universal Studios Hollywood merchandise and dining, a ticket to Universal Studios Halloween Horror nights on select nights, a ticket to the New Years Eve celebration, free general parking, and a Platinum Annual Pass lanyard. This pass is $619 when purchased at the Universal Studios Hollywood ticket booth and $609 when purchased online.

These Universal Studios Hollywood Annual Passes can be purchased in advance on the Universal Studios website.

Cheap Universal Studios Hollywood Tickets For Annual PassholdersImage result for universal studios hollywood

Universal Studios Hollywood Annual Passholders can get $1 off one day tickets for up to six people when they purchase in person at the Universal Studios ticket booths. When purchasing in advance on the website, annual passholders can get Universal Studios discount tickets at $15 off the main gate admission for up to six of their friends.

In order to get this advanced purchase discount you have to wait 24-48 hours after activating your Universal Studios Hollywood Annual Pass in person at the theme park, and then create an account on the passholder website.

Advanced Purchase Discount Universal Studios TicketsImage result for universal studios hollywood

Recently Universal Studios Hollywood has begun to offer their own discount tickets when you purchase in advance. They typically give you a discount of about $10 per Universal Studios Hollywood ticket and in return they get to have a better sense of what their attendance numbers will be for any certain day before the day off and get to have guaranteed ticket revenue regardless of things that happen on that day. You must purchase these Universal Studios Hollywood tickets 24 hours in advance.

These discounts vary by date and the actual discounted amount is based on historical attendance patterns. You can see info on this small discount here. These discount tickets are non-refundable and are only valid for the specific date that you purchase them. 

There is no reason to purchase these Universal Studios Hollywood tickets with a slight discount when you can get such an incredible rate from Get Away Today.

Universal Studios Military Discount TicketsImage result for universal studios hollywood

Universal Studios Hollywood military discounts are provided on tickets for all serving and inactive members of the armed forces and their families. The in person discount is rather sad as it is only $3 off the price of admission. However, there are nice Universal Studios Ticket discounts when you plan in advance.

There are a number of hoops you have to jump through in order to secure the best Universal Studios discount tickets for armed forces members. Just make sure to plan your trip in advance and get started looking for tickets now.

  1. Purchase your Universal Studios tickets at your local MWR/ITT ticket office. If your local base ticket office does not have the Universal Studios discount tickets in stock, they can try to order more for you. Usually a ticket office can secure tickets within five business days for you. Call ahead if you can.
  2. You can also order your Universal Studios Hollywood tickets over the phone from Commander, Navy Region, Southwest by calling (619) 767-6000. Your tickets will arrive in about 6-7 business days. You can also pay for overnight shipping on your Universal Studios tickets.

These military discounts can be worth it if you call in advance, but I strongly suggest you price out our recommended regular Universal Studios discount tickets before just sticking with the Universal Studios military discounts. Often the regular prices from our recommended company can be lower than the official Universal Studios military discounts. You can read more about their military discount on their website.

Universal Studios College Student Discountsuniversal studios hollywood tickets

Universal Studios Hollywood has a discount coupon program that allows select colleges and universities to access lower priced tickets and annual passes. These schools are all listed out on their website.

In order to purchase these discounted tickets online you must register with a school provided email address (must end in .edu). Some schools only allow for these cheap tickets to be purchased on campus in their student tickets office.

Cheap Universal Studios Tickets Costcocheap universal studios tickets

Various Costco stores in the Southern California area will sometimes carry Universal Studios discount tickets during slow periods of the year. With the recent addition of the Wizarding World of Harry Potter, tickets can be found less and less often for a good Costco discount.

Costco offers the best discounts on Universal Studios Hollywood Annual Passes. These passes are rarely discounted except for the Universal Studios website advanced purchase discount and the Costco website discounts. The Costco Universal Studios Tickets and Universal Studios Hollywood Annual Pass are a members only items on

AAA Universal Studios Discount Tickets

AAA and the CAA, the Canadian equivalent both offer slight Universal Studios discounts to their members.

All AAA and CAA members get $3 off all admission into Universal Studios when purchasing tickets from the front gate. Also, members get 10% off many locations at the Universal Studios CityWalk restaurants.

Just like all of the other discounts for Universal Studios Hollywood, you will save the most when you purchase your tickets in advance on the AAA and CAA joint website. There can be deals on Universal Studios during the off season, however these still rarely compare to the discounts that are exclusively for Mickey Visit subscribers. Log into your account for information on discount Universal Studios tickets.

AARP Universal Studios Discount Tickets

The AARP, or American Association of Retired Persons, offers their members discounts on Universal Studios. These discounts can be found through the AARP Travel Center that is curated by Expedia.

These discount tickets are still about $10 more expensive than any of the discount tickets available from Get Away Today via our private link that we recommend above.

Using Rewards Points For Universal Studios Tickets

Image result for American Express Rewards Points

There are a number of rewards programs that allow you to redeem amassed points for Universal Studios Hollywood tickets.

  • American Express Rewards Points can be redeemed for one day child and adult tickets. Let me caution you that both a child and adult ticket cost the same amount of points, meaning that there has to be a better deal with your points somewhere else. (Official Site)
  • Canadian Air Miles can be redeemed for Universal Studios Hollywood one day tickets on their website. (Official Site)
  • Various other credit card redemption websites. Be sure to check your own credit card for information on redeeming points for a Universal Studios ticket.

Southern California Universal Studios Discounts on Tickets

Occasionally Universal Studios Hollywood will offer discounts on tickets and annual passes exclusively for Southern California Residents living in zip codes 90000-93599.

When these exclusive Southern California discounts are available they will be listed below: there are currently no Southern California specific Universal Studios discount tickets or annual passes. 

Universal Studios Discount Tickets Coke Can

Previously Universal Studios Hollywood offered numerous coupon codes on the sides of Coca-Cola cans and products. These Coke can discounts have not run in recent years because of the increasing popularity and class of the resort.

When this Universal Studios Coke Can promotion was running you could get a $15 discount off of the front gate price, which at the time was much lower than current Universal Studios Hollywood admission prices.

More Universal Studios Hollywood Discounts, Tips, and Tricks:

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