Best Ways to Get From John Wayne Airport (SNA) to Disneyland in 2023

John Wayne Airport-Orange County Airport (SNA) is the closest airport to Disneyland at just 14 miles away, and it’s our top choice for a smooth and painless travel experience to the park. While there are other options, John Wayne Airport’s proximity to Disneyland makes it the clear choice, as you don’t have to rent a car or brave the intense Los Angeles traffic.

To make sure your trip to Disneyland is a quick, easy journey, keep reading and find out the best transportation options from John Wayne Airport to Disneyland. In this guide, we will walk you through the different services offered and tell you which ones we recommend!

We include tips on Uber and Lyft (including prices to Disneyland), shuttle service options, taxi prices, bus routes, and more.

How to Get From John Wayne Airport (SNA) to Disneyland

Because John Wayne Airport is so close to Disneyland, it has several services that routinely offer trips to and from the park and hotels in the area. Check out our guide on the best Disneyland hotels in the area!

The airport is convenient to navigate, with the Ground Transportation Center (GTC) offering transportation that is located on the Arrival Level in the East Parking Structure. To access the transportation center from the Thomas F. Riley Terminal, simply go down the escalator from the arrival area and walk across the crosswalk near the John Wayne statue. All the shuttles and taxis are right there for your travel from SNA to Disneyland. The rideshare options discussed above pick up on the departure level directly out of the main doors.

For those who haven’t planned in advance and are reading this article while at baggage claim at John Wayne Airport, the easiest way to get to the parks quickly will be the rideshare option, using Uber or Lyft. This is our go-to way to get to the resort that is fast and on-demand.

What is the best way to get from SNA John Wayne to Disneyland?

There are a number of different travel options to get from the Orange County Airport to Disneyland. Each service will likely satisfy the varying needs of families. Personally, we have a high comfort level with rideshare and always opt for taking Uber or Lyft from the airport to our hotel. If we don’t have checked bags, we will wait until our plane is at the gate and the door is open, then quickly check both Uber and Lyft. Whichever option is cheaper, we click to buy. The car is usually 4-7 minutes away, and then we walk at a comfortable pace off the plane and across the crosswalk to the Uber and Lyft pickup area.

If all timing works out, we don’t wait at all and are walking out to the pickup area as our car (typically a Lyft, as it offers lower prices) arrives. 9 times out of 10, we also get a very clean car with a driver that knows how to take the fast lane and maneuver the resort district. I know that rideshare can be intimidating and that families with younger children can’t always move that smoothly, but I wanted to share this personal experience because I think that anyone can do it. If it is your first time using Lyft and Uber and you are concerned about the quality, I recommend opting for the Uber Comfort tier or Lyft Preferred option. Both of these will be a little bit more expensive but guarantee the highest-rated drivers.

If you have never used rideshare before, I highly recommend that you consider it. The service functions just like a taxi, but you know what the cost is beforehand.

For those who want a scheduled option and/or are juggling a big group, the shuttle options shared below might be best for you. The new EVE shuttle is a nice clean offering that will quickly get you to the resort. Behind ride share, this is the option that I would recommend next.

Uber and Lyft Pricing from SNA to Disneyland

uber lyft pickup disney


You can also use the Lyft app to request a ride to Disneyland from John Wayne Airport. A ride from John Wayne Airport (SNA) to Disneyland at noon would be about $25-27 for four people and $38-40 for 6 people via Lyft XL at noon.

Get $10 off your Lyft! Use code GAVIN341751 or click here and get $5 off your first two rides.

This is very comparable to Uber, so both rideshare choices are less expensive than other travel options. If you’re going to utilize either of these, make sure to account for time to claim your bags and get to the pickup areas. These will be on the top levels of parking structures A2 and B2. If you’re coming from Terminal C, there is a designated pickup area in the Terminal C parking structure.


To save the most money and time, Uber is a great option when traveling from John Wayne Airport (SNA) to Disneyland. Uber services are split into various categories:

  • Uber X offers rides for up to four people and is the cheapest option out of the offerings. At noon (when several east coast flights arrive in Southern California), this can look like $25-30 to get from SNA to Disneyland.
  • Uber XL is made for larger groups of up to 6 passengers. At noon, this cost $38 for a ride to Disneyland.

Shuttle Services From John Wayne Airport to Disneyland

orange county airport to disneyland eve shuttle

Everyone Ventures Everywhere (EVE)

TOP RECOMMENDATION! EVE is a new shuttle service that runs from 5:30am-10:30pm every day, and it provides transportation to hotels and other destinations in the Anaheim area. It holds up to 9 people, so you may be sharing the van with other parties. Reservations are required in advance, and guests will be dropped off at the closest Anaheim Resort Transportation Disneyland shuttle (ART) stop to their hotel. The price here is per rider, so it is more accommodating to smaller groups and families.

The price of the EVE Disneyland shuttle for adults is $15 and for children ages 3-9 is $7.50. Children 2 and under are free. Book here >

To request a ride, you can use the A-Way WeGo app and enter your desired destination. When you book, you will be given a voucher to redeem at the time of your ride. If you buy tickets through our travel partner Get Away Today for discount prices (click here), you’ll be given a voucher that you can use to make reservations by calling the shuttle service. We recommend booking through Get Away Today to secure a discount in advance.

EVE offers trips from your Disneyland area hotel to John Wayne Airport when your trip is complete, and they recommend making the reservation at least 2.5 hours in advance to your departure time to make sure your travel experience goes smoothly.

We like EVE because the service is new, the vehicles are clean, and the drivers are friendly. This is the direct shuttle to the Disneyland area that our readers have been asking for for a long time.


Karmel Shuttle, another reservation-only service offered from 6am-7pm, provides transportation to Disneyland from John Wayne Airport and vice versa that accommodates up to 5 people. You can take a shuttle directly to Disneyland or to hotels in the surrounding area. Karmel conveniently tracks your flight, sends a link once your plane has landed, and gives you instructions on which vehicle number to look for and where exactly to wait for your driver, though they usually pick up at the Ground Transportation Center under the green “Door to Door Transportation” sign. The Karmel service is good for families that are five people and want the private service aspect. You’ll pay a flat fee for the entire car rather than a ticket price.

If you have five people and want a planned out shuttle service rather than taking rideshare, this is a comparable offering to EVE in price.

Get Away Today also offers discount prices for Karmel, so be sure to check these out! This is the best way to book this shuttle.

You can also opt into paying extra for a 9 passenger private shuttle, but this is likely not worth the extra cost for such a short trip. Note: if your flight lands before 6am or after 7pm, private shuttles are required to use this service.

Karmel Shuttle vs EVE (Everyone Ventures Everywhere) Shuttle

Both shuttle services are good options. The EVE shuttle service is newer and has a generally newer fleet of vehicles. It also runs longer throughout the day. EVE is the right shuttle option if you are looking for arrive later into the evening with your family.

The pricing between Karmel Shuttle and EVE is comparable in cost if you have five guests.

john wayne airport to disneyland


Lanksy is a luxury transportation service that offers airport specials from John Wayne Airport to Disneyland and hotels in the surrounding area. Their Disneyland specials offer $105 for a one-way trip and $205 for a round trip for 6 passengers. With a seventh passenger, there is an additional $20 fee both ways. As an added bonus, they provide a complimentary 30-minute grocery store stop and booster/car seats for toddlers.

The advantage of this option is that you’ll have plenty of space for a larger party with the car all to yourself, but the cost is higher than other options.

Other Shuttles SNA to Disneyland

John Wayne Airport offers the following shuttle services that require 24-hour advanced reservation, and you can access these from the Ground Transportation Center. These include:

  • ABC Shuttle
  • Advance Shuttle
  • Airway One Shuttle
  • American Shuttle
  • Apollo Shuttle
  • Shuttle 2000

While these services do boast spacious modes of transportation and timely service, with many exclusively servicing John Wayne Airport and its surrounding area, they will need to make multiple stops if you are traveling with other parties. These shuttle options can also be hard to get in contact with, as reservations are made over the phone. When we tried to call for a quote, many of these services did not pick up. The rates can also get a bit pricey depending on the size of your party (with Apollo offering a $67 private ride for a party of 4), and Uber ends up being almost three times cheaper.

Bus Routes from John Wayne Airport to Disneyland via Orange County Transit Authority (OCTA)

The OCTA offers interlinked bus routes that you can utilize to reach Disneyland. According to the Disneyland website, you can:

  • Take Airport Way to the Airport-Arrival Terminal in Santa Ana.
  • Take Bus Route 76 West to the MacArthur-Harbor Blvd. stop.
  • Walk to Harbor Blvd. and turn left. Continue until you reach the Harbor-MacArthur Blvd. stop.
  • Board Bus Route 43 North and exit at Harbor-East Shuttle Area in Anaheim. The Disneyland Resort is approximately a 2-minute walk from this stop.

While this is certainly a cheaper option, the hassle of catching every connection makes it less appealing, as it will take longer than a direct route via shuttle or rideshare, and you’ll be lugging your baggage during the whole journey. The typical travel length can take upwards of 80 minutes via this option, while Ubers will take around 20 minutes. To make sure you’re spending most of your day riding Space Mountain instead of public transportation, this might not be the most time-efficient option.

Discount Disneyland Prices

john wayne airport to disneyland

In addition to offering great discount prices for the Karmel and EVE shuttles, Get Away Today also offers the best Disneyland discount tickets around! Their customer service is top-tier, and they have an entire department dedicated to making sure every guest has a wonderful experience. They are also on-call to help you during your vacation if you need them! Read our guide to discount Disneyland tickets here.

Taxi Cabs from John Wayne Airport to Disneyland

disneyland orange county sna airport

Taxis are available to get from John Wayne Airport (SNA) to Disneyland and its surrounding hotels, and these will be available via the Ground Transportation Center and in Terminal C near Column 14 on the Arrival Level. These tend to be pricier than getting a rideshare, and from the airport to Disneyland, the rate is around $50 for a one-way trip.

Rental Cars at John Wayne Airport

Rental cars are available at John Wayne Airport, but these are not necessary unless you’re planning on traveling to places other than Disneyland (see our guide to best beaches near Disneyland). If you do want to rent a car, the companies are located on the Arrival level across from the John Wayne statue. The following companies offer services:

  • Alamo Rent a Car
  • Avis Car Rental
  • Budget Rent a Car
  • Dollar Rent a Car
  • Enterprise Rent a Car
  • Hertz Rent a Car
  • National Car Rental
  • Thrifty Car Rental

To pick up rental cars and return them, go to Level “O” (open from 5:30am-11:30pm) of Parking Structures A2 and B2.

John Wayne Airport to Disneyland Driving Map

Here’s a map of the route from the John Wayne Airport to Disneyland. Here’s the direct link to this map.

sna to disneyland google maps

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Frequently Asked Questions About Disneyland Airport Transportation

Does John Wayne Airport have a shuttle to Disneyland?

Yes—the closest thing to a ticketed shuttle to Disneyland is the new EVE shuttle that drops off at the various ART stops near all of the hotels by Disneyland.

How far is John Wayne Airport from Disneyland?

The Orange County John Wayne Airport is 14 miles from the Disneyland Resort.

How much is Uber from John Wayne SNA Airport to Disneyland?

Uber prices vary from the airport to Disneyland but are usually in the $30-40 range. Check both Uber and Lyft for the best price.

How much is Lyft from John Wayne SNA Airport to Disneyland?

Uber prices vary from the airport to Disneyland but are usually in the $30-40 range. Check both Uber and Lyft for the best price.

How much is Lyft from John Wayne SNA Airport to Disneyland?

Lyft prices also vary, but typically a ride from SNA to Disneyland is in the $30-40 range. Check both Uber and Lyft for the best price.

How long is taxi ride from John Wayne Airport to Disneyland?

Typically the taxi ride from the John Wayne Airport to Disneyland is 30 minutes. The wait for a taxi can be long during peak periods, which is one reason we recommend taking Uber and Lyft or a shuttle if you are comfortable.

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