Universal Studios Hollywood Disability Pass 2023 – Plus, Document Requirements

The Universal Studios Hollywood disability pass is just one of many accommodations Universal provides for guests with disabilities. Universal Studios Hollywood provides accommodations for guests that cannot wait in conventional lines along with access to aids guests with disabilities may require.

Recently Universal has made steps towards changing their disability pass program which has resulted in guests being required to provide documentation to verify any disability requests. Keep reading for the full overview of how the Universal Studios Hollywood disability pass works at Universal, how to apply, and the new requirements plus a full overview of all the accommodations at Universal.

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Universal Attractions Assistance PassUniversal Studios Hollywood disability pass

The Attractions Assistance Pass at Universal Studios Hollywood is similar to how the Disney Disability Access Service system works.

Guests with disabilities that qualify receive return times for attractions that are equal to the current standby wait time. Once it is time to return to the attraction, the guest and their group can access the Express Pass queue. For guests that struggle with waiting in conventional lines, the Attractions Assistance Pass allows guests to wait in a different area whether they enjoy another area of the park or sit down to rest until it’s time to experience the ride.

Universal Studios Hollywood Disability Pass- Documentation Now RequiredUniversal Studios Hollywood Express Pass Line

Universal Studios Hollywood and Universal Orlando have just recently begun requiring guests requesting any attraction queue accommodation to obtain a IBCCES Individual Accessibility Card (IAC) by registering at www.accessibilitycard.org prior to their visit to the park.

The IAC registration consists of an online application that includes uploading the necessary documentation to prove the guest has a disability. Since the Universal Attractions Assistance Pass is considered an attraction queue accommodation, guests requesting this service must obtain an IAC card prior to their visit.

Previously, guests requesting approval for the Attractions Assistance Pass went to guest services with no documentation and had a conversation about their needs with a team member.

This rule is now in place so all guests will need to obtain the Individual Accessibility Card at least 48 hours prior to their arrival at the park. The theme park does not issue these cards and they can only be obtained via the website. Once a guest has met all the requirements and has been approved, someone from Universal Studios Hollywood will contact them prior to their visit.

Who is IBCCES and why are they verifying documentation?

IBCCES stands for the International Board of Credentialing and Continuing Education Standards. They are a company that provides cognitive disorder training and certification for education, healthcare, corporate, and travel/entertainment professionals.

They are known for working with theme parks not just on verifying disabilities via documentation but also by providing evidence-based training and certification programs on understanding autism and other neurodivergencies.

Universal Studios Hollywood & Universal Orlando aren’t the first theme parks to use this company to verify documentation of disabilities. Six Flags also works with this company to verify disabilities before guests can apply for their disability program.

Why is Universal Studios Hollywood using this program?

There are a few reasons Universal has switched to this process. First, this takes away the necessity to verify medical documentation (which is sometimes requested for certain accommodations) out of the hands of team members.

Another reason is that this may weed out those that may not be entirely honest about applying for the Attraction Assistance Pass.

There is also speculation that Universal might down the line seek certification to become an Autism Center through IBCCES. Six Flags went through this process last year and this would give Universal a nice edge with accessibility in the theme park industry especially as they compete with Disney. But this is purely speculation,

What type of documentation is required for the Universal disability pass?

The proof required when registering for an IAC is contact information and a statement from a medical provider, government entity, or educational support professional related to the accommodations requested.

Can Universal Studios Hollywood look at my documentation?

This card cannot be granted by Universal and team members will not look at any documentation due to medical privacy laws. The IAC process is essentially a way of using a third party to verify medical documentation that follows patient privacy laws.

If I’m approved for an IAC, am I approved for the Universal disability pass?

Receiving an IAC card does not guarantee approval for the Attractions Assistance Pass. This is still up to the discretion of the team member at Universal Studios Hollywood. Guests will need to still have a conversation with a team member about their specific needs.

How long is the IAC good for?

The IAC is valid for one year and will need to be renewed after one year.

Does registering for a card cost money?

No, the IAC card is free.

While this may seem like a hassle, the process is pretty seamless and most guests with disabilities may already have easy access to documentation.

Using Universal Studios Hollywood Disability Pass

Guests that qualify for the Univeral Studios Hollywood disability pass will receive a placard with the date, the guest’s name, the number of people in the party, and a barcode.

Guests simply take the pass to each attraction they wish to experience and talk to the team member in front of the entrance. If the line is less than 30 minutes, guests can enter the Express Pass queue. If the line is longer than 30 minutes, the guest will be given a return time that is equal to the wait time of the ride. Once it is time to ride, guests return and access the ride through the Express Pass queue. At Universal Studios Hollywood, they use a written pass to keep track and the team member will write the return time down on the pass.

The pass may only be used for one attraction at a time. Unfortunately, attending peak season can find guests using the disability pass spending a lot of time waiting due to the crowds. An alternate suggestion is to also purchase the Universal Express Pass which allows guests instant access to the Express Line for attractions. Combining these two approaches can be a good way for guests with disabilities to maximize their time.

The standard Universal Attractions Assistance Pass provides access to the Universal Express pass queue so guests with disabilities do not have to wait long in the conventional queue. There is another tier pass above this one that allows guests to be taken directly to the loading area when they come back to the attraction to redeem their return time. This pass is reserved for severe disabilities and is based purely on those needs. At times, waits in the Express Pass can be as high as 20 minutes during peak times of the year. But most often, the wait time will be far less.

Can I Use Universal Disability Pass for Mario Kart: Bowser’s Challenge?

Mario Kart: Bowser’s Challenge is not included with Universal Express Pass and the wait times for this ride can easily reach over two hours. This is easily the most popular ride at Universal Studios Hollywood right now. There is a separate queue built into the ride that will later likely be used for Express Pass when Univeral decides to add it.

Guests with disabilities can use their Attractions Assistance Pass to get a return time for Mario Kart: Bowser’s Challenge. Keep in mind that this attraction reaches a long wait soon after the park opens. The earlier you ask for a return time, the better as it will eat up most of your time waiting to redeem it and you can’t hold another return time at the same time.

Universal Studios Hollywood Mobility DisabilitiesUniversal Studios Hollywood entrance

A shuttle is available to accommodate guests using wheeled mobile devices from the bottom of Universal Hollywood Drive to the hotels, the City Walk, and the actual theme park.

Guests not able to navigate the escalators between the lower and upper lots are able to use a shuttle. All trams can most often accommodate wheelchairs and ECVs but these must be fastened securely on the shuttle by a Universal employee.

Studio tour trams can accommodate wheelchairs as well but can not allow the ECVs aboard. Guests in wheelchairs have accessibility to all locations entering and throughout the park but NONE of the actual rides can accommodate the wheelchairs.

Wheelchair/ECV Rentals at Universal Studios Hollywood

Wheelchairs and electronic conveyance vehicles (ECV) are available for daily rental at the theme park. Wheelchair rental is $25/day and ECV costs a daily fee of $75.

Attractions, Rides, and Shows Accessibility

For shows and events, designated wheelchair locations are marked for guests using wheeled mobile devices. These shows include:

  •  DreamWorks Theater Featuring Kung Fu Panda
  •  Special Effects Show
  •  Super Silly Fun Ride

Although the Studio Tours trams can accommodate manual wheelchairs, guests in ECVs must either transfer to a manual wheelchair or directly onto the tram itself. Again, NONE of the actual rides can accommodate wheelchairs. Guests wanting to board the following attractions must transfer directly onto the ride:

  •  Flight of the Hippogriff
  •  Harry Potter the Forbidden Journey
  •  Revenge of the Mummy
  •  Swirly Fun Ride
  •  The Simpsons Ride
  •  Transformers 3-D
  •  WaterWorld

Guests With Hearing DisabilitiesUniversal Studios Hollywood

Universal Studios Hollywood offers several support options for guests who may have a hearing impairment as they strive to assist navigation of Universal Studios for guests with disabilities.

Available Devices

For assistive listening devices (headsets), guests should stop at guest relations to borrow a pair for the day.  Queues are equipped with amped audio for assistive listening which is also available at specified attractions including:

  •  WaterWorld
  •  Universal’s Animal Actors
  •  Special Effects Show

Closed Caption

Captioned monitoring is available at specific attractions upon request. Check with a team member for more information.


Video remote interpreting is available at guest relations and first aid stations. For guests in need of a live interpreter, it’s best to contact guest relations at 1-800-864-8377 one week prior to visiting in order to make arrangements.

Guests With Visual Disabilities Universal Studios Hollywood Secret Life of Pets

Both large print and Braille dialogue and print are available for loan at guest relations to assist access to Universal Studios for guests with disabilities. If you’re planning to ride the Studio Tour tram, only the large print dialogue scripts are available. But various show locations offer both:

  • DreamWorks Theater Featuring Kung Fu Panda
  • Frog Choir
  • TriWizard Spirit Rally
  • Special Effects Show

Guests with white canes can usually fold up and store the cane on the attraction or the attraction attendant can hold on to it during the ride.

Service Animals at Universal

Much like the Disney theme parks, both service dogs and service miniature horses are welcome at Universal Studios Hollywood. Overall, the animals are allowed into the retail, restaurant, and show locations. Regarding attractions and rides, it’s best to consult the rider safety guidelines to deem if the animal is allowed. However, service animals are NOT allowed on the following due to safety issues:

  •  Flight of the Hippogriff
  •  Harry Potter and the Forbidden Journey
  •  Revenge of the Mummy- The Ride

Oxygen Tanks

Guest with mobile oxygen tanks are allowed in most places in the park, but only on a few attractions including:

  •  DreamWorks Theater Featuring Kung Fu Panda (with stationary seating only)
  •  Special Effects Show
  •  WaterWorld


Most Universal Studios Hollywood rides and attractions are safe for guests who may be using a prosthetic limb or such. However, there are a few rides for which the safety guidelines remind guests to secure those limbs before boarding:

  •  Flight of the Hippogriff
  •  Harry Potter and the Forbidden Journey
  •  Revenge of the Mummy- The Ride

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