8 Healthiest Foods at Disneyland That Taste Great

A visit to Disneyland Resort ensures that you will be sampling all of the fabulous food finds available. But in a land filled with Mickey Mouse beignets, churros, and hefty turkey legs, can one find healthier options to savor? Indeed you can! Here are eight Disneyland healthy foods hidden (or not) throughout Disneyland Resort.

We start with highlighting some simple snacks and finish with Disney’s iconic, dairy-free sweet treat. MickeyVisit hopes that this helps you and your family stay energized and fueled to truly enjoy your time at Disneyland.

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Top Disneyland Healthy Foods: FRUIT AND VEGGIES GALORE

Fresh pineapple spears, plump bunches of grapes, or crunchy carrot sticks can be found all over Disneyland and Disney California Parks.  These quick-stop vendors, carts, and markets are the best for on-the-go guests. They make for quick natural sugar and vitamin boosters, and they are the PERFECT option for Disneygoers who need a little something to snack on while they’re waiting in their next designated Fastpass queue!

I cannot express enough that having a bunch of little meals and snacks throughout the day will keep you way more energized. This will allow you to feel happy at the Happiest Place on Earth.

CORN NIBBLESThe fresh corn on the cob is one of the Disneyland healthy foods that has been a complete hit. It is topped with lime, chili spice, and a little bit of cheese.

Popcorn is a Disneyland Resort essential, especially with all the animated popcorn buckets available for purchase. Guests can also opt for a fresher alternative such as corn on the cob, a Disneyland healthy food staple. This deliciousness can be found at Edelweiss Snacks food cart located between Fantasyland and Tomorrowland.

The cob is really easy to handle on the go. However, try to avoid any extra toppings and just have this natural goodness as it is. The roasted corn is what I like to call the inbetweener; it’s sure to hold appetites over until the next meal time.

Disneyland Healthy Foods: Bengal Barbecue’s Hidden TreasuresSign with wood carving of a tiger’s head, The Bengal Barbecue restaurant in Disneyland Park

Sticking with the portable food theme, Bengal Barbecue has a plethora of options. Guests can choose from the Chieftain Chicken skewer, the hot and spicy Banyan Beef skewers or the Bengal Beef sweet sauce skewer. A Disneyland healthy foods favorite is the Outback roasted vegetable skewer.

However, if you need a little more substance, then the Bengal rice plate offers you a choice of two skewers accompanied with Jasmine rice and citrus slaw. For fish lovers, the ahi poke spring roll is a yummy, light source of protein with crunchy lettuce and refreshing cucumbers and carrots. You can also try the Hummus Trio which comes with jalapeño, black bean and red pepper hummus served with an assortment of fresh veggies for a colorful bite. I would recommend taking a look at our Restaurant Review Guide to get a good landscape of all your dining options.

SKINNY STARBUCKSDisneyland healthy foods can also be found at Starbucks but you just have to swap out some of your favorite drinks with their "skinny" alternatives.

Skip the sugar-laden, caffeine kick and opt for a lighter version of Starbucks with skinny versions of a steaming latte or a Frappuccino blended frozen drink.  The iced tea varieties are also extremely popular so for a different tongue teaser, try Tazo black tea lemonade- a refreshing drink en route to your next attraction or parade.

Starbucks locations are in both Disneyland and Disney California Adventure Parks with two stops in Disney Downtown District (until after June 30th when the location nearest to Disneyland Hotel will be closed for upcoming construction).

SIMPLY SALADSImage result for Harbour Galley

Salads are always a healthy alternative to heavier meals. But make sure to keep your dressing and toppings portions on the lighter side.  Most of the sit-down locations throughout both parks offer varieties of salads making them fairly accessible.

I recommend heading over to Harbour Galley near Splash Mountain for some scrumptious, seafood-themed salads. The Fisherman’s Salad is a great go-to and very similar to a Nicoise style salad with tuna, harticort verts, and hard-boiled eggs. The succulent Shrimp Salad is full of amazing flavors topped with bacon, feta cheese, tomato, and avocado. Hold the bacon and/or cheese for a lighter, heartier version. Also, the Harbour Galley is situated right next to the calming, scenic Rivers of America, so it makes for a wonderful lunch spot.

TRY YOUR LUCKLucky Fortune Cookery supplies high protein bowls that are part of Disneyland healthy foods.

Lucky Fortune Cookery at Pacific Wharf in Disney California Adventure offers rice bowls filled with seared vegetables. You can choose your protein: chicken, beef, and even tofu.  Top your entrée off with one of four tasty sauces- Mandarin Orange, Spicy Korean, Thai Coconut Curry, or Teriyaki.

To keep your calories to a minimum, ask for the sauce on the side, so that way you can control the amount you use. Chilled edamame is also available for a nutritious treat any time of day.

GOING BANANASImage result for chocolate dipped banana disneyland

Frozen treats are a Disneyland Resort goer’s best friend, or at least mine. If a hand-dipped, chocolate ice cream bar is too much, stop at the nearest iced sweet food cart for a chilly, chocolate-dipped banana. These frozen fruits are a yummy alternative to a heavy ice cream dream and bonus points for easy carrying.


Disney’s iconic frozen pineapple dessert is Disneyland’s E-ticket treat. Tangy, smooth, and swirled in a cup, park-goers wait in queues to get this tropical taste. Add pineapple juice for a flavorful float, or even a pineapple spear for an edible spoon.

Available at Tiki Hut Juice Bar in Disneyland Park, Tropical Hideaway, or at Disneyland Hotel’s Coffee House (with a spot of rum), this colorful, confection is also health-friendly.

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