Ultimate Guide to Disneyland with Dietary Restrictions: Tasty Food Made Accessible for All!

Finding food at restaurants, much less a theme park, when you have dietary restrictions can be very difficult and very frustrating. But leave it to Disney to make eating with dietary restrictions at their Resort easy and delicious; after all, it is the Happiest Place on Earth. This all-encompassing guide is meant to help you and your family navigate the restaurant scene with ease and make Disneyland with Dietary Restrictions hassle-free!

Disney has gone above and beyond in this area in my opinion. They ensure that every single guest, regardless of dietary restriction or need, will have something delicious to eat. Speaking from personal experience, I can say that Disney went above my expectations in every way. Check out Disney’s Special Dietary Requests to see all that Disney has to offer!

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Special Accommodations Upon Request

As a vegetarian who happens to be allergic to cheese, finding food that suits my needs has always been a challenge. Recently, when visiting the Disneyland Park, I mentioned to a Cast Member at the Galactic Grill of my dietary restrictions. With absolutely no hesitation, she offered to call a chef to come help me with my meal. The chef came to the window and offered me a completely different item off the menu. On top of that, she waited with me and ensured that the food was prepared correctly and delivered to me properly. They also offered my gluten-free, vegetarian sister-in-law a beautiful salad with beans, carrots, cucumbers, tomatoes, and more! We felt so grateful that someone took the time to understand our needs.

Contact/Inform Guest Services

In addition to special offerings that the chefs can make you, there is already plenty of delicious food around the park to help make Disneyland with dietary restrictions a non-issue. Most food at the quick service restaurants is made ahead of time so they aren’t able to modify a specific item; however, they are more than willing to help you find exactly what you need. Don’t feel shy about asking for a manager or a chef to ensure that you or your party member is taken care of properly. The Cast Members are very knowledgeable in this area and will be happy to offer assistance.

Lastly, another option is to email Disneyland Guest Services directly to discuss your specific needs. You can send any questions or concerns you may have to special.diets@disneyland.com and they will reply. The replies can take up to five business days, so if you’re going to use this option, be sure to do it well in advance of your visit.


NOTE TO GLUTEN-FREE PARK GOERS: You may notice that there aren’t any gluten-free options listed below. When I asked Disney through their guest services email about specific items, their response was as such: “Due to the large volume of meals we serve, vendors and suppliers frequently substitute products, update menu items, and change preparation methods. Therefore, to receive the most current information, we ask that you speak to a chef or manager when you arrive at each location. They will be happy to assist with your selection and provide product labels and ingredients for menu items.” 

Rest assured that there is plenty for you to eat at the parks. Most of the quick service restaurants have an easy swap of a regular bun for a gluten-free bun and if they don’t, the chefs will prepare for you a meal off of the regular menu to fit your needs. Also, Rancho del Zocalo Restaurante makes their tacos with corn tortillas for a delicious gluten-free meal. Be sure to check with any manager or chef at your dining location for options for you.

Below is a list of each of the restaurants at Disneyland that already have specific options on their general menu. You can use the key V for Vegetarian and VE for Vegan.  Click on the specific restaurant for the options on that menu. Restaurants listed with “Q” are quick service restaurants, those with “S” are snack locations, and restaurants listed with “T” provide table service.

Good luck finding the right spot for you, and happy eating!

Map of Disneyland with Dietary RestrictionsDisneyland in June

Main Street, U.S.A

  • Carnation Café (V, Ve)
  • Mainstreet Fruit Cart (V, Ve)
  • Market House (V)
  • Plaza Inn (V, Ve)
  • Refreshment Corner


  • Alien Pizza Planet (V)
  • Galactic Grill (V, Ve)
  • Tomorrowland Fruit Cart (V, Ve)


  • Edelweiss Snacks (V)
  • Fantasyland Fruit Cart (V, Ve)
  • Red Rose Taverne (V)
  • Troubadour Tavern (V)


  • Bengal Barbecue (V)
  • Tiki Juice Bar (V, Ve)
  • Tropical Imports (V, Ve)


  • Golden Horseshoe
  • Rancho del Zocalo Restaurante (V, Ve)
  • River Belle Terrace (V, Ve)
  • Ship to Shore Marketplace (V, Ve)
  • Stage Door Cafe

New Orleans Square

  • Blue Bayou Restaurant (V)
  • Café Orleans (V)
  • French Market Restaurant (V)
  • Royal Street Veranda (V)

Critter Country

  • Critter Country Fruit Cart (V, VE)
  • Harbour Galley
  • Hungry Bear (V)


  • Clarabelle’s (V, VE)
  • Daisy’s Diner (V)
  • Toon Up Treats (V, Ve)

Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge

  • Docking Bay 7 Food and Cargo (V, Ve)
  • Milk Stand  (V, Ve)
  • Oga’s Cantina (V, Ve)
  • Rontos Roasters (V, Ve)
  • Kat Saka’s Kettle (V)

Disneyland Restaurants with Dietary Restrictions

Alien Pizza Planet (Q)


  • Terra Nova Vegetable Pasta (V)
    • Delicious vegetable ragu served with seasonal vegetables on top of mini Penne pasta topped with grated Parmesan cheese
  • Venus Vegetarian Pizza (V)
    • Roasted seasonal vegetables atop tomato sauce and melted Mozzarella cheese
  • Lunar Cheese Pizza (V)

Bengal Barbecue (Q)


  • Outback Vegetable Skewer (V, Ve)
  • Tiger Tails Breadsticks (V)
  • Hummus Trio (V, Ve)
  • Bengal Rice Plate
    • Two regular skewers served on a bed of rice
    • NOTE: Select the outback vegetable skewer for a vegetarian/vegan plate

Blue Bayou Restaurant (T)


  • House Salad (V, Ve)
    • Tomatoes, red onions, yellow bell peppers, candied pecans, Blue cheese, and cranberries on top of a bed of lettuce
    • NOTE: For a vegan option, request no cheese when ordering from your Cast Member
  • Vegetable Pasta (V)
    • Seasonal vegetables in a Basil Beurre Blanc sauce with freshly made egg pasta


  • Beet Salad (V, Ve)
    • Goat cheese, Sherry Vin, orange gelée, pickled red onions, and candied pecans with spicy arugula
    • NOTE: For a vegan option, request no cheese when ordering from your Cast Member
  • House Salad
    • Tomatoes, red onions, yellow bell peppers, candied pecans, Blue cheese, and cranberries on top of a bed of lettuce
    • NOTE: For a vegan option, request no cheese when ordering from your Cast Member
  • Vegetable Pasta (V)
    • Seasonal vegetables in a Basil Beurre Blanc sauce with freshly made egg pasta

Cafe Orleans (T)


  • Pommes Frites (V)
    • Warm French Fries tossed with Parmesan cheese, garlic, and parsley and served with a spicy Cajun spice rémoulade
  • La Salade de Maison (V)
    • Spring greens topped with a raspberry vinaigrette, cherry tomatoes, crumbled goat cheese, and candied pecans
  • Three-Cheese Monte Cristo (V)
    • Swiss, Mozzarella, and Double Crème Brie melted to perfection by being fried in a light batter then dusted with powdered sugar and served with a berry purée

Carnation Cafe (T)


  • Steel-cut Oatmeal (V, Ve)
    • Served with piping hot with brown sugar and berries
  • Fruit Parfait (V)
    • Bananas and berries served with vanilla yogurt and crunchy granola
  • Spinach and Tomato-Egg White Frittata (V)
    • Egg whites sautéed with mushrooms and served with avocado-black bean Pico de Gallo. On the side, Café Breakfast potatoes and fruit.
  • Seasonal Fruit (V, Ve)


  • Fried Pickles with Dipping Sauce (V)
    • Dill pickle spears in a Parmesan Panko crispy crust
  • House Salad (V, Ve)
  • Chef’s Vegan Burger (V, Ve)
    • Vegan patty made in-house with beans and vegetables topped with tomatoes, lettuce, pickled red onions, and vegan chipotle-mayo on a wheat roll. You can choose fresh fruit or French Fries as your side.

Clarabelle’s (S)


  • Fruit Salad (V, Ve)

Critter Country Fruit Cart (S)


  • Pickles (V, Ve)
  • Various whole fruits including apples (V, Ve)
  • Mini Babybel Cheese 6-pack (V)

Daisy’s Diner (Q)


  • Cheese Pizza (V)

Edelweiss Snacks (S)


  • Buttered Corn on the Cob (V)
  • Chili-lime Corn on the Cob (V)

Fantasyland Fruit Cart (S)

  • Pickles (V, Ve)
  • Various whole fruits including apples (V, Ve)
  • Mini Babybel Cheese 6-pack (V)

French Market Restaurant (Q)

Signage of the French Market in New Orleans Square at Disneyland

  • Creamy Corn Chowder (V)
    • Served in a warm sourdough bread bowl

Galactic Grill (Q)


  • French Toast Sticks (V)
    • Dusted with powdered sugar and served with syrup
  • Mixed Fruit Cup (V, Ve)


  • Veggie Wrap (V)
    • Black beans, mixed greens, cucumber, corn-tomato relish, sun-dried tomato spread, and Feta cheese drizzled with a pesto aÏoli wrapped in a tortilla served with fries or Greek yogurt

Hungry Bear Restaurant (Q)

Wooden Hungry Bear sign


  • Kids’ Power Pack (V)
    • Danimals yogurt smoothie, apples, carrots, a small banana, “fish” crackers, and choice of drink including a water bottle or milk

Main Street Fruit Cart (S)


  • Pickles (V, Ve)
  • Various whole fruits including apples (V, Ve)
  • Mini Babybel Cheese 6-pack (V)

Market House (Starbucks) (Q)

  • Spinach, Feta, & Cage-free Egg White Breakfast Wrap (V)
  • Fresh Fruit and Nonfat Vanilla Yogurt Parfait (V)
  • Caprese (V)

Plaza Inn (Q)

Plaza Inn pink and green signage

Breakfast Buffet

  • Made-to-Order Omelets (V)
  • Assorted Cereals (V)
  • Scrambled Eggs (V)
  • French Toast (V)
  • Mickey Waffles (V)
  • Fruit (V, Ve)


  • Penne Pasta with Marinara (V)
    • Topped with Parmesan cheese and served with a warm breadstick
  • House Salad (V, Ve)
  • Chopped Salad (V, Ve)
    • NOTE: Because the salads are prepared while guests order, you can order a chopped salad with no chicken, bacon, and/or cheddar and request the dressing of your choice. The chefs at this station will prepare your salad while you wait.

Rancho del Zocalo Restaurante (Q)

Rancho del Zocalo mosaic sign with blue and yellow tiles


  • Vegetarian Tacos (V, Ve)
    • These are delicious tacos made with corn tortillas and grilled vegetables. The vegetables vary by season, but you can expect to see cauliflower, bell peppers, onions, spinach, etc. Served Salsa Verde and your choice of onions and cilantro. On the side, you’ll receive the Mexican rice and refried beans.
    • NOTE: To make this option vegan, request no cheese on the tacos and the beans on the side
  • Vegetarian Burrito (V, Ve)
    • The vegetarian burrito uses big pieces of grilled vegetables including cauliflower and bell peppers alongside rice and beans inside a flour tortilla. It is served wet with Guajillo sauce and cheese. You’ll get delicious rice and beans on the side.
    • NOTE: To make this option vegan, request no cheese in the burrito or on the beans
  • Tostada Salad (V)
    • Refried beans served on a bed of chopped lettuce with sour cream, guacamole, Pico de Gallo and black bean relish. Served in a crispy shell and topped with cheese
    • NOTE: Because the salads are made fresh to order, you can request either of the tostada salad with no meat.

Red Rose Taverne (Q)


  • Garden Vegetable Hash (V)
    • Mushrooms, sun-dried tomatoes, kale, and Taverne potatoes with a lemon béchamel sauce and a baked egg. Served with a small croissant.


  • Enchanted Cauliflower Sandwich (V)
    • Grilled cauliflower steak served on a delicious warm roll with spicy lime aÏoli, tempura-battered green beans, lettuce and tomato. Your choice of Pommes Frites, regular fries, or apples as the side. This is one of my favorite sandwiches in the park but watch out, it’s got a kick!
  • Garden Mozzarella Flatbread (V)
    • Fresh mozzarella slices with marinated tomatoes and sweet basil over tomato sauce on crispy flatbread

 River Belle Terrace (T)


  • Creamy Pimento Cheese Dip (V)
    • Served with toasted bread and celery
  • House Salad (V, Ve)
    • Apples, dried cranberries, Gorgonzola, and candied pecans served over spicy arugula with an apple vinaigrette
    • NOTE: To make this option vegan, request no cheese when ordering from your Cast Member
  • River Belle’s Chopped Salad (V)
    • Black beans, Garbanzo beans, pickles, roasted corn, red bell peppers, and tomatoes served on a bed of Romaine lettuce. Delicious fried onions and BBQ ranch dressing adorn the top of the salad.  Choose the BBQ tofu option for added protein and deliciousness.
  • BBQ Tofu (V, Ve)
    • Crispy tofu that has been seasoned with River Belle’s Signature Rub and then tossed in sweet, tangy BBQ sauce. Served with a side of baked beans and seasonal vegetables.

Royal Street Veranda (Q)


  • Vegetarian Gumbo (V)
    • Served in a warm sourdough bread bowl

Ship to Shore Marketplace (S)


  • Pickles (V, Ve)
  • Various whole fruits including apples (V, Ve)
  • Mini Babybel Cheese 6-pack (V)
  • Buttered Corn on the Cob (V)
  • Chili-lime Corn on the Cob (V)

Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge (Q, S)

Lunch/dinner at Docking Bay 7 Food and Cargo

  • Felucian Kefta & Hummus Garden Spread (V)
  • Takodana Veggie Dippers (V)
  • Ithorian Garden Patty Bun (V)

Lunch/dinner at Rontos Roasters

  • Ronto-less Garden Wrap (V)

Snacks at Milk Stand

  • Green milk (V)
  • Blue milk (V)

Tiki Juice Bar (S)

Dole whip is the perfect treat to cool down a hot day at Disneyland in the summer.


  • Pineapple DOLE WHIP® Soft-serve (V)
  • DOLE WHIP® Float (V)
  • Fresh Pineapple Spear (V, Ve)
  • DOLE® Juice (V, Ve)

Tomorrowland Fruit Cart (S)


  • Pickles (V, Ve)
  • Various whole fruits including apples (V, Ve)
  • Mini Babybel Cheese 6-pack (V)

Toon Up Treats (S)


  • Pickles (V, Ve)
  • Various whole fruits including apples (V, Ve)
  • Mini Babybel Cheese 6-pack (V)

Tropical Imports (S)


  • Pickles (V, Ve)
  • Various whole fruits including apples (V, Ve)
  • Mini Babybel Cheese 6-pack (V)

Troubadour Tavern (Q)


  • Broccoli and Cheese Stuffed Baked Potato (V)
    • Juicy, tender broccoli and creamy cheese sauce
  • Pretzel Bites with Cheese Sauce (V)
  • Cinnamon-Apple Baton (V)
    • Twisted pastry filled with apples and cinnamon

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Ultimate Guide to navigate Disneyland with Dietary Restrictions

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