Everything You Want to Know About Disneyland’s Club 33

If you’ve been to Disneyland a few times, you probably know how fun it is to find the “secrets” throughout the park. From hidden Mickeys to the names on the windows on Main Street, U.S.A., to little details within rides, Disneyland buffs want to know the ins and outs of every aspect of The Most Magical Place on Earth, and they’re determined to not let any secret go unseen. Enter: Disneyland’s Club 33.

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Club 33 is Disneyland’s elite private club in the heart of New Orleans Square. While many know about it and speculate about it, relatively few have been inside, so it’s often the subject of many urban legends and rumors.

That’s where we come in.

Today, we’re excited to share with you everything we know about Club 33 in Disneyland. We’ll dispel some of its urban legends and confirm others, share its unique history, and illustrate what it’s like to step behind its doors.

Ready? Let’s go!

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Dispelling (and Confirming!) Club 33 Rumors

To get things started, let’s go over some commonly believed Club 33 rumors.

True or False: Club 33 is the only place inside Disneyland that serves alcohol.

Well, this was once true, but now you can get alcohol inside Oga’s Cantina in Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge and Blue Bayou.

True or False: You can only get in if you are a member.

Mostly true, but you can get in without a membership if you know someone that has one who is willing to personally book a table and attend with you.

True or False: You can pay for a Club 33 membership.

True and false.

The membership does cost money – lot’s of it. Members will pay around $25,000 for an initiation fee and then around $10,000 a year to retain their membership, depending on the level of their membership. The food inside the club also costs a pretty penny with five course dinners priced above $100.

But even if you have the money, you can’t just buy a membership. There are only about 500 memberships at any given time to retain exclusivity, and the only way you can get your own is by invitation-only. Even with an invitation, you can be put on a waiting list almost 15 years before a spot opens up.

True or False:  If you look hard enough, you’ll be able to find the secret door to Club 33.

True and false. Yes, there is a door, but we wouldn’t call it a secret. You’ll easily find the door marked with a large “33” on the side if you walk past the shops in New Orleans Square.

And fun fact: if you’re eating at The French Market or Cafe Orleans? Exclusive Club 33 members are actually dining right above you.

True or False: There is a dress code to get into Club 33.

True. Members report that guests aren’t allowed in if they’re wearing sweatpants, tank tops, shorts, flip flops, or crop tops. Instead, they recommend evening dresses and business suits.

History of Club 33 at Disneyland

Three guests dressed in fancy clothes stand outside the Club 33 door

One of the reasons Club 33 is so mystical is that it was designed by Walt Disney himself. While attending the New York World’s Fair in 1964, he noticed several executive lounges for sponsors of the event. As he was looking for sponsors himself, he decided it would be wise if Disneyland had a similar, exclusive lounge for the most elite of supporters. Club 33 was born. Walt died just a few months before Disneyland’s Club 33 was finished on June 15, 1967.

How Club 33 Got Its Name

There are seemingly countless theories of how Club 33 got its name, including:

  1. There were 33 original investors in Disneyland, whom Walt wanted a place to entertain.
  2. There were 33 “yay” votes received voting to continue building the club after Walt’s death.
  3. If you turn 33 to the side, you get “mm”, for Mickey Mouse.
  4. There were 33 lessees of Disneyland while the club was being built.

Regardless of which of these (if any) are true, the fact remains that because Club 33 serves liquor, it needed an address in order to obtain a liquor license. So no matter how the number 33 was picked, the club’s official address became 33 Royal Street.

Inside Club 33

So if you somehow get access to a membership, what even goes on inside Club 33?

If you have a membership, you’ll simply tap your card on a the Club 33 logo to gain access (the RFID technology is the same tech that is used to power Magic Bands in Walt Disney World). If you’re a guest of a member, you’ll need to be buzzed in to a beautiful courtyard where your picture will be taken before you head upstairs to the actual restaurant.

You can take a peek at the courtyard through the slats of the fence located next to the Club 33 Door in New Orleans Square.

Club 33 Disneyland Lobby and Decor

Members report that the decor is absolutely exquisite, almost like a step back in time. Filled with lavish color, rich historical artifacts, and Disney details. The club went through an extensive renovation in 2014 that changed the entrance location of the club and added a kitchen and lounge.

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After scaling the steps of the Court of Angels, you’ll be welcomed by an animatronic vulture sitting on top of a grandfather clock. Walt originally wanted to install microphones in the chandeliers of the club so listening employees could eavesdrop on conversations and the vulture could interject at any given moment, but in the renovated version of the club the vulture serves to greet incoming guests.

Turning right, you can venture into the Le Salon Nouveau. This bar and lounge features jazz music and tributes to Disney history throughout. Club 33 members frequently use this space as an impromptu rest bit while touring the parks.

Inside the lounge you will see what is left of the original club French lift. Rumor has it that Walt Disney was shopping in New Orleans when he saw a gorgeous lift inside a French Quarter hotel, but when the hotel would not sell it to him, he had an exact replica made for the original Club 33 lobby. When they moved the entrance to the club during the 2014 renovation, they turned the classic Club 33 French lift into an intimate booth in the lounge.

You’ll also see several nods to The Haunted Mansion inside Club 33 like paintings and sculptures, as well as other classic Disney rides.

You’ll also find movie props in Club 33, including a functioning phone booth built form the parts of the phone booth in 1960’s movie “The Happiest Millionaire” and an ornate table used in Walt’s beloved “Mary Poppins” and again in “Mary Poppins Returns”.

The number 33 is used as a central decorating theme throughout the club. You’ll find it everywhere, among the many other rich details that make Club 33 so special.

You can see even more photos of Club 33 after the renovation here.

Le Grand Salon

Le Grand Salon is Club 33’s exclusive five-star restaurant. Even after all the expensive membership dues, you’ll still pay hundreds of dollars to dine here, but the rumor is that it’s completely worth the money.

It offers both five and six course menus as well as a la carte options. Club 33 is also the only place that serves alcohol inside Disneyland (aside from the newly opened Oga’s Cantina in Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge).

Previous menus offered fancy options like Autumn Mushroom Croquette, Citrus Cured King Fish, Harvest Acorn Squash Soup, Pheasant Roulade, Veal Osso Buco Milanese, Manjari Dark Chocolate Budino, and more.

Yes, our mouths are watering, too.

The dining room offers views to Fantasmic! and the nightly fireworks displays. There is nothing better than a long dinner in Club 33 that overlaps with the night time spectaculars–talk about dinner entertainment!

Plan Your Next Disneyland Vacation

Even without a membership to Club 33, your Disneyland vacation will be filled with fun secrets to find and rich history. Plus, you’ll be able to find that Club 33 door!

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Thank you for joining us as we explore Disneyland’s most exclusive destination, Club 33! Have a magical day!

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  1. I had dinner at club 33, very nice, but more interesting was while there at another table there was a young kids birthday party. Not just you average birthday party, these kids were very used to this extremely high level of service. The kids were very well trained on the do’s and don’ts of a Royal dinner. I am not sure where they found this many “kids of royalty” for the party but everyone of them was well trained, right on point, and very used to this very high level of sociality.

  2. Is there anyway to buy a night in Club 33 for myself and my daughter for her 40th birthday in 2025? Can/do members sell “a night.” I read that you can only go in with a member, but with all the changes happening in/at Disneyland, I was hoping I might get some different outlook.

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