Alcohol in Disneyland: Does Disneyland Serve Alcohol in 2023?

Walt Disney envisioned Disneyland Park as an alcohol-free zone since the theme park first opened. He hoped this would encourage the family atmosphere he wanted. Due to this legacy, this leaves many guests to wonder: can you buy alcohol in Disneyland?

Walt’s idea of an alcohol-free park was cracked slightly by the inclusion of the super-exclusive Club 33. This lounge opened and began serving alcohol in 1967. Club 33 is not open to all guests and a reservation at this location is a bucket list item for many Disney fans. See our guide to view a full tour of Club 33 plus history of this historic restaurant.

It would take almost 35 years until alcohol was available elsewhere in the Disneyland Parks with the opening of California Adventure. This theme park was built to offer guests a taste of the many experiences the Golden State had to offer including a plethora of drinking options.

The dry spell for regular visitors to Disneyland Park continued however, for almost two more decades. Then came the creation of Oga’s Cantina in Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge. This 2019 inclusion was followed by Blue Bayou beginning to serve alcohol in 2021. The two remain to this day the only options for procuring alcohol within Disneyland Park. We just got news that three more restaurants will be adding alcohol to their menus. Keep reading for the new Disneyland alcohol announcement. 

Disneyland Adding Alcohol to More Restaurants

Disneyland has announced that beginning September 12th, Carnation Café, River Belle Terrace, and Café Orleans will be adding wine, beer, and specialty cocktails to their menus. These new additions will also include new food options and non-alcoholic beverages.
This is a big step towards including more alcohol options in Disneyland but not a new one as Disneyland has previously lifted this rule to sell it at Oga’s Cantina and Blue Bayou.
There appear to be no plans to offer alcohol at any stands around the park like you see at California Adventure, so this still will keep the culture of a non-drinking theme park pretty close in place. Offering beverages with dinner is not going to drastically change the atmosphere and I do not foresee Disneyland going beyond that.
It is likely we will also see a two-drink limit on alcoholic beverages at these restaurants as we see at Oga’s Cantina and Blue Bayou. It’s a controversial move for Disneyland to continue to add alcohol to Disneyland since the long-held tradition has been to keep that park “dry” to encourage a family atmosphere. However, having a drink or two with dinner is far different than setting up a beer stand on Main Street, U.S.A.. This is a good way to find a middle ground to offer specialty cocktails and more options at these classic restaurants while still maintaining a family-oriented atmosphere.

Can I Buy Alcohol in Disneyland?

With the exception of the exclusive Club 33, there are two places within Disneyland Park where visitors may buy alcohol. Both offer patrons a unique experience that they are sure to enjoy. Do beware that Disneyland has a 2 beverage per guest per transaction limit and a government ID is required with all orders.

Blue BayouView of the boats going by inside the Blue Bayou- alcohol in disneyland

The first place you can procure alcohol while visiting Disneyland is the Blue Bayou Restaurant. Situated within the storied and much-loved Pirates of the Caribbean ride, the Louisiana-themed restaurant transports guests to another time and place entirely. New Orleans-inspired food coupled with an everlasting twilight as well as the chirping of crickets and croaking of frogs give diners an unparalleled atmosphere. Alcohol offered at this location include different types of wine, beer, and a signature Hurricane Cocktail. Guests are sure to have a great all-around dining experience at this location.

The Blue Bayou is a fan-favorite, so it is highly recommended that guests plan ahead with Disneyland dining reservations. You can read our full review of the Blue Bayou to see why it’s one of our favorite spots to eat.

Oga’s CantinaOga's Cantina view of DJ Rex- alcohol in disneyland

Oga’s Cantina is part of Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge. It takes guests on an adventure to a wild party within the Black Spire outpost on Batuu. This bar was the first to begin offering alcohol to all guests of Disneyland when it opened back in 2019. Offering guests their choice of alcoholic mixed drinks, beers, and wine alongside snacks, this is the place to stop and refuel on your way traveling through a galaxy far, far away! For those traveling with visitors not looking for alcohol, there are also specialty non-alcoholic beverages to choose from. Alongside the snacks and drinks, cantina guests are welcomed by great music coming from DJ R-3X.

Oga’s Cantina is another much loved attraction within the Disneyland Resort and may be difficult to get into depending on the time of day . Read our full review of all the dining options at Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge to see why Oga’s Cantina is the top choice!

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Can You Walk Around with Alcohol in Disneyland?

No, you can only consume alcohol in Disneyland at the two locations Blue Bayou and Oga’s Cantina. You must consume your drinks on the premise and are not permitted to take them with you when you’re done dining.

You can walk around with alcohol in California Adventure, however! More information on this below.

Alcohol in Disneyland’s California Adventure Park

Lamplight Lounge wall art- alcohol in disneyland

There are over a dozen options available for park goers to grab alcohol in Disneyland’s California Adventure Park. Whether looking for a quick treat or a full dining experience with alcohol, park-goers are sure to find a solution.

In fact, alcohol is a lot more central to the California Adventure experience for many guests. They have festivals, such as the Food & Wine Festival and the Festival of Holidays, which feature special alcoholic drink options as part of their celebrations.

Many of their full-time restaurants and quick shops feature alcohol on their normal menus and have special event-tied drinks. The park was even created with the idea that a true experience of California would not be complete without the inclusion of an homage to the world-famous Napa Valley vineyards.

Quick OptionsPym Test Kitchen alcohol in disneyland

There are several options for grabbing alcohol in Disneyland if you do not want a full sit-down meal.  Smokejumpers Grill, situated next to Soarin!, offers beer, ale, and cocktails. They even sell frozen mixes of Coca-Cola with choice of Captain Morgan Rum or Jack Daniel’s Whiskey for hotter summer days. Only a few feet away, Clarabelle’s Hand Scooped Ice Cream offers guests different types of hard alcohol ice cream floats. They often have season-specific options, so be sure to check in on every visit.

Nestled in the Cozy Cone Motel, Cozy Cone 4 also offers guests different flavored alcoholic lemonades and beer. They also have a frozen Peanut Butter Whiskey Cocktail for those feeling a bit more adventurous. Only a small walk either direction from Radiator Springs, Rita’s Baja Blenders offering frozen margaritas and Pym Tasting Lab in Avengers Campus offering cocktails, beer, and beer cocktails are also great pit stops.

The Karl Strauss Beer Truck, located on the Pacific Wharf, is a great quick-service drink centered option. So is the Hollywood Lounge located in the Hollywood Backlot.  There are several more kiosks and quick-bite restaurants that offer alcohol as well that you’ll be sure to notice as you continue through the park.

Fine Dining (and Drinking)

Carthay Circle view of roof

If fine dining is more your pace, then look no further than the Cathay Circle Restaurant & Cathay Circle Lounge for another place for alcohol in Disneyland.

The Cathay Circle Restaurant has an exclusive, insider feel that is enhanced by the fact that it only opens for dinner every day. This art deco styled building is themed after a Golden Age movie theater and offers upscale food alongside retro-styled cocktails and wine. A trip here is sure to make any park-goer feel dapper.

The Cathay Circle Lounge offers Alfresco dining for both lunch and dinner onside the beautiful building that houses the main restaurant. Their food offerings are inspired by American and Mediterranean dishes. To pair with this, they offer an extensive list of mixed drinks, beer, and wine for guests to sip on.

At the Pixar Pier sits the Lamplight Lounge, a Pixar-themed gastropub with great waterfront views and unique cocktails. Mimosas, a plethora of beer options, and wine by the glass and bottle are also on offer here depending on your fancy.

Similar to their Disneyland Park counterparts, these restaurants can be difficult to get in to, so do consider planning ahead with Disneyland dining reservations.

Food and Wine FestivalCalifornia Adventure Food and Wine

The Disney California Food and Wine Festival runs from the beginning of March to the end of April at California Adventure. This festival is the biggest choice for buying alcohol in Disneyland. Including several booths of unique food and drinks to try, this is a great opportunity if your visit coincides with the springtime. If this sounds intriguing, be sure to read our full guide to the Food and Wine Festival at California Adventure for more information.

Regardless of where you find yourself in the parks, there are now more options than ever for park-visitors hoping to indulge in a bit of adult pleasure, whether on a whim or pre-planned. With Oga’s Cantina breaking the seal and Blue Bayou following close behind, we are awaiting eagerly to see which other dining and quick-fix options follow suit at Disneyland Park next!

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  1. I am totally against the sell of alcohol in the park. First of all that is not what Walt wanted. Secondly it is only enhance the posability for problems. There are all ready too many people fighting and arguing about things plus acting stupid on rides and alcohol is going to make it worse. I like a drink now and then but I go to downtown Disney. Also it will make getting into places to eat worse than it all ready is. Some people will just want to sit for a long time and drink. At least at Olgas there is a limit on drinks and time spent there. It is beginning to not be the family friendly that it use too be. Sad really

  2. Disneyland started out as place for parents to take their children.
    What happened to Walts Dream?
    That’s all Disneyland needs are people enebriated in the Park.
    I don’t have a problem with drinking outside of the park.
    We have visited Disneyland many times throughout our lives and our childrens lives.
    I think Disneyland is sinking.
    It is not a choice anymore for a family vacation.
    Disneyland should be about the kids.

  3. From a business perspective, adding additional alcohol-serving locations is a plus. For the legacy of Mr. Walt Disney, then it is a terrible idea and one idea he would’ve not allowed. For the record, Club 33 was setup as a way for Walt to entertain his guests and other valued clients in a private space.

  4. After a long day in the park, I feel I could use a drink or two but that is not the place to drink..Downtown Disney is a better more relaxing place..if you need to drink during the day then the park is not your place. IMO it will cause more drunks causing more problems just look at EPCOT and the increase of drunks and problems there

  5. Walt Disney would be rolling around and difficulty not happy. Wanted a family environment. Where did it go. The look of Disneyland isn’t the same which is not wrong. Walt made it and should be his way. Walt Disney make club 33 for drinks and that’s for membership only. Servicing alcohol any place in Disneyland is completely wrong. It’s was the happiest place on earth and don’t see it. You changed the look of Disneyland which we didn’t need. You just what us to pay. Bob Iger was supposed to help Disneyland and makes it worse. To experience. Don’t need more parks. This is not Walt Disney World!!! Think Walt Disney, how he would feel. Is there any family remember that can make Disneyland back to the way it was. Drinking one or two drinks is wrong. Would you like your kids, family see this. Answer No!!!
    I have written Disneyland twice saying this and more. Don’t they think of customers, well answer No. go back to the original year pass. Shouldn’t have to pay at all to go on rides. Listen to what everyone is saying.

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