Disney’s Bag Policy EXPLAINED: Quick Must-Knows 2023

Planning ahead is crucial to a great Disney park visit, and knowing ahead of time what you can and can’t bring is a great way to make your day less stressful so you can focus on the fun! Every bag is subject to a security screening before you enter the park, and bag policies are the same at Disneyland and Disney World.

Because security will make sure the contents of each bag are safe, clear bags are not required at the Disney parks. We’ll talk more about size restrictions of bags below!

In this guide, we will cover Disney’s bag policy on which items you can and can’t have in your bag to keep your park experience as fun and safe as possible.

Disney’s Bag Policy: What You Can Bring

You are able to bring all kinds of necessities to the park! Keep reading for items permitted under Disney’s bag policy that you can carry with you.

Here is a short list of items you can bring to the parks, though they are certainly not limited to these! Be sure to check out our ultimate Disneyland packing list and bag list to make sure you’re packing everything you need for your trip.

  • food – read our tips for the best snacks to bring to Disney
  • ziplock bags
  • water, non-alcoholic drinks, and refillable water bottles
  • medication and first-aid kits
  • cameras
  • makeup
  • handheld mini fans
  • umbrellas
  • backpacks
  • strollers

Keep reading for more details on items you can bring into the parks!

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Due to the costs of Disney’s meals and snacks at the parks, many guests may opt into bringing their own food.

You can bring snacks and pre-made meals into the park! Just remember that there is no loose ice allowed at the parks, including in large coolers (which we’ll talk about more below). A good alternative is a small cooler with a reusable ice pack to keep everything cold!

There is no way to cook or re-heat food at the Disney parks, so keep this in mind if packing food in your bag.

Ziplock Bags

To store your food, you’re allowed to bring Ziplock bags, but you can’t store your food in glass containers. We’ll discuss this more below!

Water, Non-Alcoholic Drinks, and Refillable Water Bottles

According to Disney’s bag policy, you are allowed to bring in non-alcoholic drinks (soda, juice, etc.), water bottles, and refillable water bottles. Water fountains and water bottle refill locations are available throughout the parks!

Medication/Mini First Aid Kit

You can bring any medication you need to the parks, though marijuana is not allowed (even for medicinal purposes) according to Disney’s bag policy. If you bring prescription medication, it’s recommended to leave it in its labeled container so that security can identify it easily.

You can also bring mini first aid kits to Disney parks in your bag so that you can tend to any wounds or scrapes you might get at the parks.


Cameras, including DLSR, and go-pros are allowed at the parks, though certain rides do ask that you refrain from filming. Keep in mind that for roller-coasters and other rides that are motion-heavy, you’re required to put away any items you have on hand.

There are certain camera-related items that are not allowed, including large tripods. Keep reading for more info on this below.


As long as bags are less than 24″ long x 15″ wide x 18″ high, they are allowed, including backpacks and fanny packs. Backpacks are great because of their multiple storage departments, and you can always store them in a locker if you need a break during the day. It might take an extra few seconds for backpacks to be screened, but it’s worth it given their storage capacity.


You are allowed to bring makeup to the parks, though we would recommend keeping it all in a clear or mini travel bag within your main bag so it’s easier for security to see what it is. It can hold up the line if your items are free-floating in the bag and security has to fish through them.

Mini Fans

You can bring battery-operated, handheld mini-fans to the parks to keep yourself cool during the warmer months. There are not specific restrictions on dimensions for permitted fan size, but “large” fans are not allowed.


You can bring umbrellas in case it rains, and if you don’t end up needing it, you can always store it in a rental locker. Be sure to check out our guide on renting lockers at Disneyland!

If you bring an umbrella, just be careful that you don’t open it into another guest or clip others when walking with it.


As long as strollers are less than 31 inches in width and 52 inches in length, they are allowed into the parks.

Disney’s Bag Policy: What You Can’t Bring

At both Disneyland and Disney World, there is a list of items you can’t bring according to Disney’s bag policy. Prohibited items either pose a safety hazard, have the potential to obstruct traffic, or can upset other guests.

Here is the short list of items you can’t bring to Disney parks:

  • large tripods and selfie sticks
  • folding chairs
  • suitcases and coolers
  • loose ice
  • glass containers
  • wagons and trailers
  • weaponry
  • masks that cover the entire face
  • alcohol, marijuana, or illegal substances
  • artificial noise makers
  • remote-control toys
  • other suspicious items
  • for Disney World’s Animal Kingdom, balloons or plastic straws

Keep reading for a more comprehensive list of what is not allowed in the Disney parks according to Disney’s bag policy.

Large Folding Items (Chairs, Large Tripods, and Selfie Sticks or Extension Poles)

While selfie sticks are not permitted, don’t worry! You can always ask a cast member who is not busy to take your picture, and they’ll often offer it if they see you struggling to fit everyone into the picture for a selfie.

Folding chairs are not necessary, as there are plenty of locations around the parks to sit down and rest your legs.

While the serious photographer might be tempted to bring in a large tripod to take those awesome Disney pictures, they will need to bring a tripod that fits in their backpack and does not extend over 6′. Keep in mind that Disney PhotoPass is always an option, and you can ask photographers around the park to snap high-quality photos of your group!

Large Bags, Suitcases, and Coolers

Any bag larger than 24″ long x 15″ wide x 18″ high is not allowed per Disney’s bag policy. Small coolers are allowed, but you need to use a reusable ice pack, as you can’t bring dry ice or loose ice into the park.

Wagons and Trailers

Due to their potential to obstruct traffic and pose safety threats, wagons are not allowed at the parks, including stroller wagons. Anything that is towed or pushed by a person, wheelchair, stroller, or Electric Conveyance Vehicle is not permitted.

Weaponry, Explosives, and Weapon-Shaped Toys

You cannot bring any kind of weaponry, ammunition, or explosive objects like fireworks to the park. This includes self-defense devices like pepper spray and mace.

Any sporting equipment like hockey sticks, golf clubs, baseball bats, etc. can be dangerous to guests as well, so these are not permitted. In addition, there is no occasion to use these at the Disney parks, so no need to bring them in the first place (unless you’re golfing at a Disney World Resort location outside of the park). Check out the pros and cons of each Disney World Hotel!

Any toys that appear to be shaped like weapons are also not allowed. But for Star Wars fans, fear not—plastic lightsabers are okay!

Alcohol, Marijuana, E-Cigarettes, Tobacco, or Illegal Substances

Alcohol is allowed at locations throughout the parks (with no more than two drinks per transaction), but guests may not bring their own alcohol according to Disney’s bag policy.

Any item that produces vapor or smoke (e-cigarettes, tobacco products, vaping pens) is not allowed. In accordance with this rule and the previous one, matches and lighters can’t be brought into the parks. Designating smoking areas are available outside of the parks.

Artificial Noise Makers

Between the chatter, music, and other sounds at the parks, there is no need for noisemakers to add to the commotion, as these can be distressing to other guests. For this reason, Disney’s bag policy prohibits megaphones, whistles, horns, instruments, speakers, and other noisemakers.

Remote-Control Toys

While guests are navigating a crowd, they don’t need to also be dodging a plummeting drone! Due to the potential for injury, Disney’s bag policy does not permit drones and other remote-controlled toys.

On that same note, toys or other items that have the potential to be disruptive, like laser pointers, stink bombs, and slingshots are also not allowed.

Glass Containers

While outside food and drinks are allowed into the park, it cannot be in glass containers (with baby food jars, medicine, and perfume containers smaller than 40z as the only exception).

Costume Masks

If you bring a mask in your bag, know that only guests 14 or younger can wear masks, and they cannot cover the entire face or obstruct vision in any way. So, a SpiderMan mask isn’t fair game, but a Captain America mask would be.

Balloons and Plastic Draws at Disney World’s Animal Kingdom

Disney World’s Animal Kingdom, water parks, and Disney’s Animal Kingdom Lodge do not allow balloons and plastic straws at any time due to the safety risk they pose to animals at the park. Don’t fear, though—younger guests won’t be missing balloons with how much there is to do and see at the park!

Suspicious Items

Razor blades, duct tape, zip ties, wire—these are just some of the items considered to be suspicious because they have no use at the parks.

Disney also considers wrapped gifts as suspicious items, as there is no way to determine if there is something dangerous inside of them. Gift bags can work as long as security is able to see what object is inside of them.

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