Disneyland in February 2021: Low Crowds Levels and Valentine’s Day Fun

Disneyland in February is typically considered one of the ‘off-season' months at the parks with lower crowd levels making it a favorite time for many groups to visit!

Everyone has personal preferences to consider when planning the date of their Disneyland trip- each season will have its pros and cons and guests' choices will vary based on those. Make sure to read our Disneyland crowd calendar to get an idea of what to expect when picking a date to visit Disneyland.

Keep reading for everything you need to know about visiting Disneyland in February including current events, what weather to expect, crowd level predictions, and what to pack!

Disneyland Events in FebruaryImage result for magic happens disneyland

Here are all the current events to know about impacting Disneyland in February!

Valentine's Day 

Disneyland celebrates Valentine's Day with seasonal food, treats, decor, and special dining options. This celebration will also include Minnie’s Valentine Surprise, a park-wide scavenger hunt that leads Guests on a search for the secret valentines Minnie has hidden for Mickey and friends. You can read our full guide to Valentine's Day to find out everything you need to know on what there is to see at the parks.

Lunar New Year

Running through the middle of the month will be the Lunar New Year celebration at Disneyland. Located in Paradise Gardens in Disney California Adventure guests will find music, shows, activities, and delicious Asian-themed delicacies.


Since February is considered a slower time of year at Disneyland this is a time that the resort likes to undergo any seasonal refurbishments on rides so it's common to see some rides go down during this time. You can check Disneyland's calendar before your visit to prepare yourself for which rides may not be open. Two common rides that commonly go under refurbishment in this time of year are Grizzly River Run and Splash Mountain.

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Disneyland February Crowd CalendarDisneyland in February - Lunar New Year

Visiting Disneyland in February is always a great time because of the low crowd levels. Despite the activities that Lunar New Year holds most of the crowds that will come out to see this festival are the local annual passholders. This isn't typically a popular time of year for tourists which often results in low to minimal crowd levels.

It's always helpful to take a look at the blockout date calendar on Disney's website. But February is the time of year that Disney typically allows all their Annual Passholders in the park with limited block out dates for lower tier passes such as weekends.

You can typically expect to see lower crowd levels in February. Keep in mind though that this will change with any holiday where K-12 typically has off for school like Presidents Day which occurs in February.

Disneyland Weather in FebruaryEntrance to the Monsters INC ride

Visiting Disneyland in February comes with typical California weather which often means rain! February is one of the months in Southern California that sees the most rain so it's best to be prepared for that reality. Disneyland won't close because of rain but rides with outdoor tracks often will close during rain. One good thing about experiencing rain at Disneyland is it tends to empty out the parks as many guests dash back to their hotels. This is a great time to throw on a rain poncho and experience low wait ride times.

The average temperature for Anaheim in February is a high of 69 degrees and a low of 48 degrees. The weather can be unpredictable this time of year. There might be some days that feel so warm in the sun that it feels like spring or days with rainfall so hard that it's a downpour.

Disneyland's operating hours will also be shorter this time of year with the parks averaging an opening schedule of 10 hours a day on weekdays with limited entertainment and weekends with longer hours ranging up to 16 hours a day and more entertainment options.

Tips for Visiting Disneyland in FebruaryCalifornia Adventure pier at night

When it comes to visiting Disneyland in February, we have some tried and true hacks for having a magical time on your vacation.

What to Wear 

One of the most frequently asked guest questions is: what should I wear to Disneyland? Always check the weather leading up to your trip. I always recommend guests wear layers when visiting during the winter in Southern California. You just never know what the weather might do- it could feel so sunny one day you'd want to be in shorts or be so chilly another day you want a winter coat! The good news is that you can rent lockers at Disneyland to store any light jackets or extra layers in. If rain is projected during your trip then dress for rain with warm layers and a rain jacket. The nights will feel really chilly and it's not uncommon to see folks wearing light winter jackets.

What to Pack 

Pack clothes for warm and cold weather so you're prepared for any weather change. Hands down the most important item you cannot forget for at trip to Disneyland in February is a rain poncho. You don't want to clear out when it starts raining because that's when the ride times are the lowest! Carry a poncho with you so you can throw it on easily. Wear comfortable shoes that will work well in rainy weather and bring plenty of extra socks.

You can read our giant packing list here to make sure you show up prepared for literally anything you need while you're visiting Disneyland.

What to Expect

There are a few things you should expect when choosing February as your month to visit Disneyland:

  • Plan for Rain- like we've said a few times already, you will likely encounter rain on your visit so be prepared! Set your expectations to not be disappointed if it does rain- this just means that you'll get to ride more rides with lower wait times. Be prepared with the clothes you wear, bring a rain poncho, and know that the outdoor track rides may close for inclement weather.
  • Valentine's Day- Disney has worked hard the past few years to make an effort to incorporate more seasonal celebration of Valentine's Day in the park. Take the time to find all the seasonal desserts and enjoy the Minnie Mouse scavenger hunt.

But most of all, remember to enjoy your time at the happiest place on earth!

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