Disney World vs. Universal Orlando – Which is Best in 2023?

When visiting Florida, a lot of people tend to get Universal Orlando and Walt Disney World confused with one another. While they are just a fifteen minute distance from each other, they are most certainly not the same or even a part of one another! Both parks are amazing in their own ways and each feature unique yet on-brand theming so they’re often compared as Disney World vs Universal Orlando!

A lot of guests tend to visit both Walt Disney World and Universal Orlando Resort and pick which parks they prefer.

Where do you belong? Walt Disney World or Universal Orlando? Let’s find out by breaking down what each place has to offer!

Disney World vs. Universal Orlando Key Differencesdisney world refurbishments disney world castle disney world vs universal

Put simply, Walt Disney World is just that; Disney. Disney movies, characters, and rides are around the resort. Universal Orlando features a bit more vague themes that still manage to flow together. While there are a lot of different IPs, or intellectual properties at Universal Orlando, they are all things that the Universal company owns.

The Walt Disney World Resort holds four theme parks, two water parks, a variety of unique transportation methods, a shopping and dining center, golf (and mini golf) courses, a Star Wars ‘cruise’ experience, and over twenty-five hotels. Universal Orlando Resort features two theme parks with park number three on the way, a shopping and dining center, a water park, about three transportation methods, an escape room, and eight hotels.

The Walt Disney World Resort is a lot more spread out than Universal Orlando.


Walt Disney World and Universal Studios both reside in the Orlando area in Florida. Walt Disney World is just south of Downtown Orlando, with an exact location of Lake Buena Vista, Florida. Universal Studios is directly in Orlando. The distance between each other is about nine miles or fifteen minutes, making visiting both resorts fairly easy!

The Walt Disney World Resort happens to be a lot bigger than Universal Orlando Resort. With such widespread locations and activities, Walt Disney World feels like its own town!  Be sure to pack comfortable clothes and your best walking shoes when getting ready for your vacation. In comparison, Universal Orlando Resort is smaller, making for a closer distance to travel between while visiting.

Theme Parkswhich rides have single rider disney world disney world vs universal

The Walt Disney World Resort features four theme parks that all represent different ideas to really bring the magic to life. Universal Orlando Resort features two theme parks with another on the way!

Walt Disney World Resort

Magic Kingdom is the main and most popular park. This is the where guests will find Cinderella’s castle standing tall and proud in the center hub. Magic Kingdom is home to well known characters and rides that the entire family can enjoy!

Epcot is full of futuristic themes and fitting characters at the front of the park. On the other side of Epcot, guests can find eleven different countries full of food, beautiful trinkets, and rides.

Hollywood Studios, once known as MGM Studios, holds lands with themes from popular franchises like Star Wars, Toy Story, and even The Muppets. Aside from that, Hollywood Studios tells a story of being on Sunset Boulevard and living a starstruck lifestyle.

Lastly, Animal Kingdom is Walt Disney World’s home to many different species of wildlife. Not only can guests learn about animals that inhabit the planet in beautiful regions like Africa and Asia, but they can also explore other-worldly flora and fauna as well.

Universal Orlando Resort

Universal Orlando Resort features two theme parks. At Islands of Adventure, guests can meet the Grinch at Seuss Landing, step into a comic book at Toon Lagoon, encounter a monstrous gorilla at Skull Island, meet a raptor at Jurassic Park, explore Greek mythology in The Lost Continent, and grab some Butterbeer in Hogsmeade. Each of these islands tell a tale individually while making for a beautifully built theme park.

Just a few minutes away, Universal Studio Florida contains different spread out intellectual properties. This park is home to franchises like The Simpsons, Despicable Me, E.T., Men In Black, Fast and Furious, Harry Potter, and more. Aside from that, the park also features both Hollywood and New York streets with attractions inspired by those locations. While this park is a bit more sporadic in the flow of theming, it still holds something for everyone to enjoy.

Walt Disney World vs. Universal Orlando: Attractions and ShowsMarvel Universal Orlando disney world vs universal

Touching on the great Walt Disney World vs. Universal Studios attraction debate, there is a lot to know. The Walt Disney World theme parks feature over fifty attractions, not including shows and live entertainment. At Universal Orlando, there are also about fifty attractions, not including shows. At Walt Disney World, there are mostly family-friendly attractions with lesser height requirements. Universal Orlando has attractions that are more riveting with strict height requirements. Universal Orlando seems to market toward young adults and guests who enjoy greater thrills.

Keep in Mind…

Because of the difference in attractions, guests also have to keep bags and items they might be holding in mind. At Walt Disney World, guests are allowed to bring backpacks, purses, phones, etc., on rides. Most rides have pouches or pockets that can fit various loose articles. Universal Orlando Resort does not allow loose items on many of the rides. The Universal parks offer two different locker sizes for guests to stow away their bags and loose articles into. Small lockers at Universal are free and can guests are able to access them with a park ticket, so the best idea is to get a physical copy of your day ticket and keep it on a lanyard. Guests can rent larger lockers for a small fee and also require your park ticket.

Guests can bring phones or cameras on every ride at Walt Disney World. You can also record videos and take non-flash photos on attractions and during shows, where the risk of dropping loose articles will fall on whoever participates in doing so. At Universal Studios, guests can have phones on certain rides as long as they are properly secure in a pocket. However, videos and photos are not permitted, and team members will understandingly be sure to remind you of the rules.

Attractions Found in Walt Disney WorldEverest roller coaster at Walt Disney World

Most rides at Walt Disney World are family-friendly. However, there are some that have strict height requirements; and for good reason! Attractions in the ‘thrilling’ category tend to require heights of thirty-eight inches or more. Let’s break them down and prepare you for the do’s and don’t’s of your party!

38″ Height Requirement Rides

  • Slinky Dog Dash in Hollywood Studios. This is a simple, mild level thrill coaster found in Toy Story Land where guests can ride on the back of Slinky Dog!
  • Millennium Falcon: Smuggler’s Run in Hollywood Studios. Calling all Star Wars lovers! Head to Galaxy’s Edge to take flight on the most famous ship in the galaxy!
  • Kali River Rapids in Animal Kingdom. Guests can find this water flume ride in Asia. This ride tends to be bumpy and has a chance to completely soak anyone who happens to be in the hot seat. Wear a poncho on this one!
  • Seven Dwarfs Mine Train in Magic Kingdom. In Fantasyland, guests are able to board this fun (but short) coaster and travel through the beautiful mines that the dwarves work in. This ride is especially neat because the carts lightly rock back and forth!

40″ Height Requirement Rides

  • Big Thunder Mountain Railroad in Magic Kingdom. This rootin’ tootin’ coaster in Frontierland has a reputation of being “The Wildest Ride in the Wilderness”! Be weary, this ride is a bit bumpy and jerks around often.
  • Dinosaur in Animal Kingdom. Standing proud in the back of Dinoland USA, this ride has an awesome backstory. Guests are on a mission with various scientists to go back in time and locate a rare dino. Will you get out before the meteor hits?
  • Mission: Space in Epcot. This is a ride that simulates launching a rocket into space. There are two levels; green and orange. The green side is the level with the forty inch height requirement. This is a calmer ride than the other level.
  • Star Wars: Rise of the Resistance in Hollywood Studios. Step into Galaxy’s Edge and help Rey and her team protect the galaxy. Expect the unexpected on this ride!
  • Test Track in Epcot. Customize your car and then see how it handles various tests. Can you beat the rest of the members of your party for best vehicle?
  • Tower of Terror in Hollywood Studios. This spooky hotel drop ride is not for the faint of heart; but it sure is fun!

42″ Height Requirement Rides

  • Guardians of the Galaxy: Cosmic Rewind in Epcot. One of Walt Disney World’s newest rides, this is so much fun. There are surprise drops, launches, and a fun soundtrack behind you. This ride is accessible through virtual queue or can be bought with an Individual Lightning Lane.

44″ Height Requirement Rides

  • Space Mountain in Magic Kingdom. Take a ride through space on this amazing dark ride! It simulates high-speeds, but only tops about twenty-eight miles an hour. Beware, this ride is almost pitch-black and tends to be rickety, so even if you meet the height requirements, this still might not be for you.
  • Mission: Space in Epcot. This is where that orange level comes into play. Orange requires a higher height due to the intensity of the ride.
  • Expedition Everest in Animal Kingdom. Board a train for a tour of Mount Everest, where a sneaky yeti tries to keep you out. Although it is not the most thrilling, this ride is one of my all time favorites.
  • Avatar Flight of Passage in Animal Kingdom. I have to step in with my opinion on this one. Whether you are a fan of Avatar or not, this is the most beautiful attraction on property. The scents, the scenery, and the ride layout make for something that will leave the biggest smile on your face. No spoilers here!

48″ Height Requirement Rides

  • Rock n’ Roller Coaster in Hollywood Studios. This ride is probably the most thrilling on property. With a 0-60mph launch and multiple loops and inversions, this Aerosmith based coaster is awesome! Keep in mind, if you are planning a trip soon, this ride is currently under refurbishment. With hopes to be open sometime in April, guests will need to keep an eye out.
  • Tron: Lightcycle Run in Magic Kingdom. This ride is set to open April 4th, 2023. After years of construction, this is a highly anticipated coaster. Exclusive previews have been given to cast members and annual pass holders, and the reviews are looking good so far! One thing to note is the seats. They are said to be a bit non-inclusive, so be sure to use the tester-seat outside of the ride queue. As far as it is known, there is an accommodation seat on the back of the train cart.

With all of the thrilling rides out of the way, there are so many more that Walt Disney World offers. For a full list of attractions and their requirements, guests can find all of the information on the official website.

Attractions in Universal Orlando

Like earlier stated, Universal Studios has a lot of rides with more thrill and adventure. The parks here have a few heavy hitting rollercoasters and a lot of screen-based simulation rides. Most of the rides will have higher height requirements than you will see at Walt Disney World. Guests who crave more intense experiences will find a lot more to do here.

However, Universal has family-friendly rides as well! Shouting out Seuss Landing in Islands of Adventure, there is a whole area with lower height requirements and simple yet fun attractions. Guests can find a Cat in the Hat dark ride, a carousel, a light spinning ride, and a train ride! Universal Studios also has a lot of family fun, even featuring a kid spot with a play area!

We have visited Universal Orlando MANY times and have a full review of all the rides at Universal Studios Florida and the rides at Universal’s Islands of Adventure.

Wherever you feel like you belong in the Walt Disney World vs. Universal Orlando attraction showdown, you are bound to have an amazing time.

Shows at Disney World vs. Universal Orlando

fantasmic at disney world entertainment vs universal orlando

Shows at Walt Disney World vs. Universal Orlando can be very different. One of the main contrasts of the two is the types of shows they offer.

Walt Disney World has a lot of sit-down shows that are lengthy and in depth. This goes for shows like Festival of the Lion King and Finding Nemo: Big Blue and Beyond. These shows will take a little bit of time out of your day and feature exclusive music, beautiful costumes, and amazing performers! Walt Disney World does offer street-side entertainment, but it is mainly parades with designated show times.

Universal Orlando does also offer sit-down shows, but guests will find more street-side entertainment. At certain times of the day, performers will come out and have dance parties, sing, act, and interact with guests. This is fun because it really brings you into whatever story they are telling and indulge you into the land you are in.

Both resorts also offer nighttime shows with water effects and fireworks at each park. These intricately designs spectaculars are eye-catching and tear-jerking. Be sure to check available show times and clear some free time at the end of your day to enjoy the shows!

Characters at Disney World vs. Universal

Characters from various well-known shows and movies can be found (and met) in both places. Be sure to have your cameras ready and your autograph books open!

In Walt Disney World, characters vary based on times, seasons, and events. Characters like Peter Pan, Olaf, Disney Princesses, and classic Mickey and friends will have designated areas where they can be found. Guests can locate these characters on the app and will then be able to figure out what time they are meeting and greeting. If your party is passionate on seeing characters, be sure to look into any After Hour events or parties that may be happening during your trip! Those events tend to bring out rare and special characters that you cannot find on a day-to-day basis.

At Universal Orlando, characters can also vary with times and events. Guests can find classic characters in their homelands. Characters can change depending on the day, and are more of a ‘find-it’ type interaction sometimes. For example, as you are walking past The Simpsons Land, you might happen to see Homer or Bart Simpson ready to give you a hug and some laughs! Shouting out a very cool and realistic encounter, guests can meet a raptor in Jurassic Park. This is a riveting meet and greet that makes for amazing pictures and memories! Times for the raptors are listed on signs in the land and can gather long lines, so arrive early if you are interested!

Transportation Made Easy

At Walt Disney World, standard buses will bring guests to almost every destination on property.

Guests can order Minnie Vans through the Lyft app on any smartphone. These vans are Disney-approved cars. They tend to be more roomy and arrive much quicker.

Monorails loop around Magic Kingdom and Epcot. They also stop at hotels and parking areas.

Guests can hop on a boat to various parks and hotels. You can even take a boat to Disney Springs!

There is a pathway from Epcot to Hollywood Studios that takes about thirty minutes to walk. On hotter days, this may not be the best route to take.

The newest method of transportation is Disney’s Skyliner.The skyliner is similar to a ski-lift style ride, with carts that can hold up to ten guests. The cart will hold six guests with a wheelchair or large stroller. It travels between four hotels and both Hollywood Studios and Epcot. Guests staying on Walt Disney World property are able to locate which transportation methods they have access to by finding their hotel on the official website.

Universal Orlando has less transportation options, but they are all just as reliable. Walkways are all around the resort to just about every destination. Boats can go from four resorts to the park, making for a much quicker arrival. Buses run from every Universal Orlando resort to the parks. Guests that are staying on site are able to find their transportation options when booking their desired hotel.

Shopping and Dining at Disney World vs. Universal Orlando

Both Walt Disney World and Universal Studios have their own unique shopping and dining centers, which are free to all guests without any ticket required to enter. The only payment necessary is for parking.

Disney Springs

Disney Springs in Walt Disney World offers sixty-three dining locations that range from food trucks, sit-down restaurants, quick service dining, walk-up windows, food stands, bakeries, and lounges. Most famously known at Disney Springs isGideon’s Bakehouse, a mysterious and gothic bakery featuring unique cakes and cookies. Guests can access Gideon’s by a walk-up line on slow days or a virtual queue on busy days. Virtual queues are used around the Walt Disney World Resort for restaurants, rides, and more. Gideon’s queue is joinable by speaking to an attendant outside of the bakery. All of Disney Springs’ dining offerings are incredible, having something for everybody to enjoy.

City Walk

City Walk in Universal Orlando has twenty-six dining locations. These also include various dining types such as sit-down dining, quick service, and food stands. Some food and beverage locations are familiar, including Starbucks, Cinnabon, and Burger King. Other dining locations are more unique with fun themes and gourmet cuisine, like a restaurant that offers burgers and sushi.

Pricing for food and beverage locations at both resorts are similar and of course vary with the scale of dining. If you are looking for more dining options, Disney Springs takes the win. For unique offerings, City Walk is better.

Shop ’til you Drop!

When looking to shop, Disney Springs houses about ninety-two stores and kiosks with a wide range of merchandise. There are strip-mall style stores similar to outlets that offer common goods like clothing and jewelry, merchandise stores with Disney-themed gifts, and unique smaller businesses with kiosks around the area. These stores are great for last minute gifts and finds that might not be seen elsewhere.

At City Walk, there are only four shops. These include two Universal Studios shops, a surf shop, and one for the Hard Rock Cafe. While there isn’t much variety in the stores at City Walk, the Universal Legacy store has with props that are incredibly interesting to look at. The stores feature old movie props, ride blueprints, and more. With this, you get to shop while experiencing a piece of history.

Disney Springs is an enjoyable location that can be made into a day’s worth of an adventure in itself. The dining options are vast and the shops offer great products. Disney Springs tends to get fairly crowded on weekends due to visits from locals, where people will come to drink and enjoy live music. In comparison, City Walk is mainly popular for the food and beverage options and often is a source of nightlife for both vacationers and locals.

Disney World vs. Universal Cost

Let’s be honest; a vacation is never cheap. But in the great old Walt Disney World vs. Universal Orlando debate, who will go easier on your wallet?

Discount Disney World Tickets

disney world vs universal orlando

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Buying tickets from Get Away Today is easy and convenient since all their tickets are sent electronically. You can take their vouchers and head straight to the gate without needing to wait in any ticket booth lines. They also offer layaway plans so you can pay off your vacation over time.

Walt Disney World Tickets

Walt Disney World is known to change prices often. Tickets currently start at $109 and can go up depending on which park you are attending, time of year, crowd levels, or events happening on-site. Prices can also increase when adding amenities to a base ticket. The most popular add-on is access to park-hopping, where guests can travel to multiple parks in one day. This can be useful for shorter trips or desired dining. The first tier park hopper add-on is currently priced at about $75. Guests also have the option to add a second tier park hopper option for around $100. The second tier includes access to the water parks as well as the ability to jump parks.

Along with paying for your hotel and tickets, Walt Disney World offers extras such as Genie+ and Individual Lightning Lanes. Genie+ offers an array of bookable passes for guests to use in order to skip the standby lines. Individual Lightning Lanes are for more popular rides, where guests can buy a pass for that ride, jump the line, and almost immediately get on the ride. Genie+ is purchasable starting at $15 per person, but this price also tends to fluctuate if it is peak season. Individual Lightning Lanes vary in price by the popularity of the ride and the business of the parks. Both add-ons are only available for purchase during your vacation and not before you arrive.

Walt Disney World Packages and Deals

There is also the option of a hotel and ticket package. Packages at Walt Disney World vary depending on the resort level that is chosen. As resort levels go up, amenities and inclusions increase. Resorts go from value to deluxe. Packages will go up in price for higher-end resorts, more guests included, or room types. For example; a six-night, seven-day package at a value resort for two guests with five days of base park tickets would cost around $2,640. A package for the same amount of days and park tickets in a deluxe resort would cost around $4,900. Deluxe resorts have separate perks than moderate or value resorts, but all perks and amenities are listed under the description of each hotel.

Walt Disney World tends to send out promotions and deals at certain times of the year. Be sure to take advantage of these promotions if they work with your vacation plans and dates; it will always save you a pretty penny!

Universal Orlando Resort Tickets

Universal Orlando also starts their ticket prices at $109 for base entry to one park. These prices change depending on busy seasons, events, and more. Contrary to Walt Disney World, Universal Orlando offers a park-to-park combined ticket starting at around $160. With this ticket, guests can go between Islands of Adventure and Universal Studios Florida.

PSA! If you are a Harry Potter fan, you are most likely going to want to take a ride on the Hogwarts Express. This train ride is only accessible to guests who have a park-to-park day ticket. This is because the train really runs, and will take guests from Universal Studios to Islands of Adventure and vice versa. Team members will scan your ticket before letting you get in line for the train, and if you only have a ticket to one park, you will be denied entry to the Hogwarts Express.

Universal Orlando also offers a ‘jump the line’ style add-on for a regular park ticket. This differs from Walt Disney World because there are no attractions that you have to purchase separately, and this add-on is available for purchase when booking. There are two options for Universal Orlando’s express passes. One option is a standard express pass that starts at $89.99 for a single park ticket and $99.99 for a park-to-park ticket. This guarantees skipping the line at every ride in the park(s) one time. The second option is an unlimited express pass. This pass starts at $119.99 for a single park ticket and $129.99 for a multi-park ticket. With this pass, guests can skip the standby line as many times as they desire.

You can get discount Universal Orlando tickets from our travel partner and save even more on a day at Universal!

Universal Orlando Resort Package Offerings

Like Walt Disney World, Universal Orlando hotels range from value resorts to premier resorts. Every resort on property will give guests early park entry. Premier resorts will give guests free unlimited express passes. All perks can be found in the descriptions of each hotel. However, Universal Orlando’s packages differ from Walt Disney World for a few reasons. While guests can create their own vacation package, Universal Orlando tends to push premade packages on guests as well. For example, any fan of Harry Potter can choose the Wizarding World vacation package which will include exclusive extras such as dining at one of theHarry Potter inspired restaurants. For special seasonal happenings like Halloween Horror Nights, Universal Orlando will also drop vacation packages geared toward those events. 

Universal Orlando almost always has some sort of deal going on. Right now, they have a 25% discount off of a five-night package. This deal will be going on from the end of February all the way until the end of May! Discounts and promotions can always be found on Universal Orlando’s website in the ‘Places to Stay’ tab or when picking park tickets.

Disney World vs. Universal Seasonal Special Events 

Both Universal Orlando and Walt Disney World offer spectacular and magical events depending on the season. These events are usually offered at an extra cost or an added ticket.

Walt Disney World offers the following events:

  1. Seasonal Festivals in Epcot. There is almost always a festival going on at Epcot, and guests can find information on official Walt Disney World website. These festivals require a separate park ticket, but purchasing any food, drink, merchandise, or special add-ons for the festival will be an additional cost.
  2. Disney After Hours. This is a separate ticketed event offered at Walt Disney World. On select nights, guests can choose to visit Hollywood Studios or Magic Kingdom after park hours. The tickets for this event start at $139 but vary by night. During this event, you are able to spend time riding attractions that normally gather long wait times, meet characters, and enjoy complimentary snacks. The price tag on this event will be a lot, especially when purchasing for a family, but the amount of things you are able to do and see makes the price beyond worth it.
  3. Mickey’s Not So Scary Halloween Party. This event is another separate ticketed event, as most parties at Walt Disney World are. From August to October, Walt Disney World offers select days of this Halloween party. With a price starting at $139 for low-crowd nights and a price of $199 during peak season, this is a big chunk to pay. Guests can dress up in costumes, find exclusive characters, experience spooky overlays on attractions, watch special parades and stage shows, and even go trick-or-treating.
  4. Mickey’s Very Merry Christmas Party. This event takes place from November to December and has the same pricing as the Halloween party. It has everything that MNSSHP does, but for the holidays. Guests will experience holiday fireworks and shows, stroll around the park with limited crowds, and even enjoy complimentary cookies and snacks.

Universal Orlando Resort offers the following events:

Halloween Horror Nights. On select nights from August to October, guests can purchase a separate ticket and experience the park go from happy to haunted. There are food and beverage booths, ten haunted house walkthroughs, and six scare zones. Tickets range from around $69 to $99, with fluctuation depending on the night. Express passes for the walkthrough houses can also be purchased.

Comparing the Two…

Clearly, Walt Disney World hosts quite a few more events than Universal Orlando. Why? Simply put, Universal Orlando offers a lot of their events included in the price of regular park admission. Guests can celebrate the holidays with exclusive parades, rare characters, and Florida’s famous ‘Snoap’. Come February, Universal Orlando guests can participate in a Mardi Gras parade with ethnic food and bead-throwing. This tends to make Universal Studios a bit more of a desirable destination for certain seasons.

Walt Disney World’s events are mainly themed for families, offering light-hearted fun while Universal Orlando offers more adult themed events that are not always meant for children. If you are looking for a night to have food and drinks with friends or get incredibly spooked by ghosts and ghouls, Universal Orlando might be the better pick.

Walt Disney World vs. Universal Orlando…Where Do You Belong? Epcot 1-Day Itinerary The Land

While visiting both resorts is incredibly enjoyable, not everyone has the time to do both. Also, some vacationers tend to have their strong stance on being a Walt Disney World fanatic vs a Universal Orlando enthusiast.

When considering things to do, Walt Disney World offers a wider variety of activities, parks, and attractions. The resort is a place that you could spend two weeks visiting and still feel like you haven’t seen everything. On the contrary, Universal Orlando is smaller with a bit less to do if there isn’t a special event going on.

When thinking about the seasonal events, a lot more comes to mind in Walt Disney World. However, Universal Orlando comes out on top. Walt Disney World’s separate ticketed events tend to hike up the price on your trip, with tickets being very hard to get due to high demand. Universal Orlando keeps prices to a minimum with a lot more included in each event.

Food, Beverage, and Attractions; Oh my! 

Breaking down food and beverage, Walt Disney World offers some great dining, but the highlights are the seasonal festivals, unique drinks around Epcot, or offerings at Disney Springs. Most food and drink offerings (that won’t break the bank) tend to be average. At Universal Orlando, the food and beverages are top-tier, with amazing theming for each land that makes for quality dishes. Universal even the Mythos Restaurant which was rated the top theme park restaurant in the world. Universal takes the cake for this topic.

For the attractions, Walt Disney World has a lot more offerings compared to Universal Orlando. Even though they are mostly family-based, it’s hard to not enjoy them. The attractions are immersive and fun with high technology and animatronics. Universal Orlando offers mainly thrill rides, which is great for anyone who seeks out an action-packed day. Stances on this one will always vary based on what type of vacation your party wants to have.

Walt Disney World Dollar vs. Universal Orlando Dollar

The most important debate of the two is the price. Even as a fellow Walt Disney World fan myself, I have to credit Universal Orlando for going easier on my wallet. Walt Disney World tends to have expensive park tickets that only increase when making your vacation into a package, and the perks are not always worth the price. The add-ons that Walt Disney World offers can be lackluster and hard to figure out. At Universal Orlando, prices are a bit less, packages are more customizable for whichever kind of fan you might be, and include easier ways to get the most out of their add-ons.

With all being said and done, Universal Orlando and Walt Disney World are very different. To say one is better than the other would be hard, especially when you’re considering what each individual vacationing party may want out of their trip. If you are a family wanting a magical, fun-filled, Disney overloaded trip, then Walt Disney World is the way to go. If you are more of a thrill-seeking party, a fan of different franchises, or adults focused on being able to drink around people your age, Universal Orlando is the choice for you.

Both choices are unique in their own way…But which will you choose?

Plan your own Walt Disney World vs. Universal Orlando Adventure!

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