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Universal CityWalk Orlando serves as the shopping, dining, and entertainment hub for Universal Orlando Resort. This resource provides a guide to the things you need to know before you go to Universal CityWalk Orlando.

Universal Studios Florida has grown from a small theme park in Orlando to a world-class theme park resort. A key part of Universal Orlando Resort is known as Universal CityWalk Orlando. For those more familiar with Walt Disney World, CityWalk functions as a much smaller version of Disney Springs for Universal Orlando Resort.

CityWalk – A Central Area at Universal Orlando Resort

The central area of the Universal Orlando Resort is CityWalk. In fact, almost all guests must walk through Universal CityWalk Orlando to visit the two Universal Orlando Resort theme parks. This complex of dining, shopping, and entertainment surrounds a beautiful lagoon. From CityWalk, one can enjoy views across the lagoon and see attractive views of the Universal Orlando Resort theme park attractions.

Universal CityWalk Orlando offers an impressive array of shopping and dining options. Some of the best dining and shopping at Universal Orlando Resort resides in the CityWalk area. Guests can relax, play miniature golf, watch a movie, try their skills at an “escape room,” and even receive a new tattoo at Universal CityWalk Orlando.

Though the days of competing nightclubs between Pleasure Island at Walt Disney World and Universal CityWalk Orlando are over, CityWalk provides a few excellent nightlife options. One may not be able to drink around the world at CityWalk. Still, many guests have found countless ways to drink around the lagoon. The selection of quality bars will entertain any adult group.

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Universal CityWalk Orlando: Where Is it?Citywalk Universal

Since Universal Islands of Adventure opened in 1999, Universal CityWalk Orlando has functioned as the pass-through area to reach the two Universal Orlando Resort theme parks. A site originally serving as parking for Universal Studios Florida received a conversion and expansion into what is now CityWalk.

Almost all visitors to Universal Orlando’s theme park venture into CityWalk. CityWalk itself sits directly between the Universal parking garage security hub area and the two land-based theme parks. For those staying off-site, you will enter through that security hub, take some moving walkways, and then see the “Welcome to Universal Orlando Resort” sign. At this point, you have entered Universal CityWalk Orlando.

For guests staying on-site taking free bus transportation to the theme parks, you will enter CityWalk the same way. Guests staying onsite using the complimentary water taxis will be dropped off at the Universal CityWalk boat dock area to visit the theme parks. Guests walking from their Universal Orlando Resort hotel will enter the CityWalk area via a different security station before visiting the theme park. However, those guests will be much closer to the theme parks compared to those entering from the main security hub.

All parking happens at the Universal Orlando Resort parking garage if driving to Universal Orlando Resort. Type in 6000 Universal Boulevard, Orlando, FL 32819, or the Universal Orlando Parking Garage to set your GPS for directional driving purposes. Sometimes GPS devices send guests to team members (Universal Orlando Resort employees) parking. This will go poorly for you. Thus, we stress double-checking the address before starting your drive.

Universal CityWalk Orlando ParkingUniversal CityWalk Orlando

Unlike the major theme park resort in Lake Buena Vista and Bay Lake, FL, Universal Orlando Resort does not have different parking lots for each theme park. All off-site guests park in the main parking garage at Universal Orlando. Even those visiting the Universal Orlando waterpark, Volcano Bay, park in the main garage.

Now, the Volcano Bay guests will generally park on the lowest level of the parking garage to be near the transportation to Volcano Bay. All other guests will park on the higher levels generally.

As a result, when you reach the parking portal booths to pay for parking, the team members will ask you whether you are going to Volcano Bay or the theme parks. They do this to determine where you should park to be closest to your destination at Universal Orlando Resort.

On the bad news side, all guests must pay for parking even if you’re just visiting CityWalk. Some exceptions to paying for parking exist.

Free Universal CityWalk Parking – How to park for free at Universal?

The top two levels of Universal Orlando annual passes, Premier and Preferred, receive free parking. Also, parking after 6:00 p.m. at CityWalk is free for everyone except on evenings when the Halloween Horror Nights events happen. In addition, if you want to take in a movie, regular parking fees are reimbursed when you purchase two matinee movie tickets at Cinemark.

Parking Prices

The price for standard parking at the Universal CityWalk Orlando Garage is $30. The price for buses and RVs will be slightly higher.

Universal also offers a prime parking option. This option places guests closer to the security hub compared to standard parking. How close you will be varies based on the time of day you arrive. For example, if you arrive for prime parking in the morning, you will be as close as possible to security. You will still need to walk some, but far less than others. However, if you arrive around midday, you could close or much farther away.

The price for prime parking also varies by time of year. One should expect $50-$60 for that parking area.

Valet parking makes another parking option. However, unless you have a premier annual pass, you will pay at least $75 for valet. Still, the valet parking avoids the main security hub. The valet entrance has its own security.

RideShare (Uber or Lyft)

Guests can use a ride-share service, a local taxi company, or a friend to drop them off at the Universal CityWalk Garage. Anyone fitting this pattern will need to be driven to the fifth floor of the parking garage. This can be done by following the signs. There is a designated pick-up and drop-off section on the top story of the main parking garage for those using this method.

Since Uber has a special relationship with Universal Orlando in a similar way that Lyft does with Walt Disney World, guests should expect a premium surcharge for Uber pickup at Universal Orlando.

Universal CityWalk Orlando: Overview

If you were coming to visit one of the two theme parks, you would leave the security area and continue straight to visit Universal Islands of Adventure. If choosing to visit Universal Studios Florida, when you reach the large Coke kiosk, you will turn right and head towards that theme park.

Universla CityWalk Olrando

There are three main sections to Universal CityWalk Orlando. The first section, which is the ground level you walk into from the parking garages, contains the Cinemark movie theater, numerous restaurants, and most of the shopping opportunities at CityWalk.

This ground level features a large stage near the lagoon. Universal Orlando often has complimentary live music at this stage. Also, you might find a DJ playing music there during high crowd-level days and special events.

Orlando Citywalk Upstairs

Universal CityWalk Orlando

CityWalk has a second section upstairs. This area offers a fast-food-style food court, some table service dining, escape rooms, and nightclubs. The second floor mostly caters to an adult crowd. Some of the restaurants in this area double as nightclubs each evening.

Universal CityWalk Orlando

The third section of CityWalk is located on the other side of the lagoon. This section is very close to the two-theme park’s entrance. In this section, guests will see Toothsome Chocolate Emporium and Savory Feast Kitchen, and Hard Rock Café Orlando. In addition, some formerly used theatre space is in this area of Universal Orlando CityWalk.

That theatre space used to house the Blue Man Group. That theatre near Hard Rock Café Orlando sits empty today. Universal Orlando occasionally uses it for special events now. However, the Blue Man Group took audiences on a merging of theater, percussion, music, art, science, and humor. However, in 2020, the Blue Man Group show bid farewell to Universal CityWalk Orlando.

Is Universal CityWalk Orlando Free?

Understandably, many Orlando area visitors think that CityWalk requires an admission fee to enter. We hear this often when dining over at places like Disney Springs. We understand since the CityWalk complex shares parking and security with theme parks. Still, Universal CityWalk Orlando does not require paid admission except for parking fees (that hopefully you avoided or limited).

Some venues on special event nights may require a cover charge. Also, some activities like the movie theater, escape room, and miniature golf will require spending more money to enjoy. However, entrance to CityWalk does not demand paid admission of any sort.

Best Universal CityWalk Orlando Restaurants

CityWalk offers several dining options. You can find quick service options and various types of table service dining. The dining establishments draw crowds in the evenings when the theme parks close. Nonetheless, the fun at CityWalk increases in the evening.

Quick Service

The quick service options range from table delivery mobile order style to traditional fast food. You can find whatever you desire for a quick meal at Universal CityWalk Orlando. For example, an Auntie Anne’s Pretzel place site on the main level of Universal CityWalk Orlando. Of course, you can also find Auntie Anne’s inside both Universal Orlando Resort theme parks. CityWalk offers many more quick-service dining options, however.

Starbucks at Universal CityWalk Orlando

Since this is Universal Orlando Resort, one never finds themselves far from a Starbucks. This location serves all the standard drinks and treats you will find at your local Starbucks. This location draws long lines in the morning and after the theme parks close. Mobile ordering does not exist at this location, sadly. Still, this makes a great place to charge up your caffeine supply. However, this location is notorious for not opening at 8:00 a.m. when CityWalk opens. If you plan to get coffee for breakfast before rope-dropping at one of the theme parks, consider that reputation in your plans.

Voodoo Doughnut at Universal CityWalk Orlando

Universal CityWalk Orlando

Speaking of breakfast, CityWalk offers limited options for breakfast. However, Voodoo Doughnut makes a popular choice for breakfast. The Portland-based chain gained popularity quickly at CityWalk. Guests can buy some of the 13 vegan doughnut options at Voodoo Doughnut. Also, a wooden coffin full of doughnuts makes a great photo but might be hard to explain on your plane flight home. We have written a review previously of this unique doughnut shop location.


This Cinnabon serves the same icing-drenched treats as your local option- at a slightly higher price, of course. Yet, guests claim they taste better at this location. Despite another Cinnabon inside Universal Islands of Adventure, guests flock to this spot for sugary goodness. Also, this place offers some savory options for breakfast.

Coke Kiosk

In the heart of Universal CityWalk Orlando, a large Coke-branded kiosk sits. The circular kiosk will be hard to miss. This place sells some basic breakfast items during the morning. It starts selling standard theme park food like popcorn after that. The best feature of this kiosk resides on one side of it. Two Coke Freestyle machines are located there. This stand makes a great place to acquire a refreshing beverage.

Moe’s Southwest Grill

On the second floor of CityWalk, Moe’s Southwest Grill sells the usual fast-casual burrito-style options. Recently, this place added breakfast burritos and breakfast bowls. Though we cannot recommend them, this adds another breakfast option at CityWalk.

Moe’s serves burritos, quesadillas, and similar cuisine. The complimentary chips and salsa included with every meal help stretch your vacation budget. We often recommend the Homewrecker burrito for those unfamiliar with Moe’s menu.

Panda Express at Universal CityWalk Orlando

Panda Express is one of three chain selections located in the CityWalk upstairs food court along with Moe’s. This fast-food Asian eatery serves up an assortment of familiar dishes, including orange chicken, honey walnut shrimp, and veggie spring rolls. Vegan diners often find a reasonably priced tasty option here.

Burger King Whopper Bar

Universal CityWalk Orlando

The CityWalk food court’s third and final dining option is the Burger King Whopper Bar. Though when it opened, this staked the claim to being the first-ever BK Whopper Bar to open in the country. However, this fast-food operation offers guests many of the same options at your local Burger King. Still, guests can try some unique burgers here. Of course, the vegan/vegetarian option, the Impossible Whopper, makes a solid choice. Expect to pay a few dollars more here than at your local Burger King.

Bend the Bao

Also, on the second level of CityWalk, Bend the Bao reigns as the newest addition to that area of CityWalk. This overlooked stand serves bao buns. A variety of flavors are offered, including a veggie option. The bao buns cost 2 for $11.99, with each additional one costing $4.99. The overall quality ranks as decent. For those interested, several alcoholic drinks can be purchased here, such as sake.

Bread Box Handcrafted Sandwiches

Guests can find Bread Box in the area between the first and second levels of CityWalk near the upstairs food court. This place focuses on quality sandwiches. Though this will not match premium table service restaurant sandwiches, the quality is good here. The system will encourage mobile ordering. We suggest avoiding it at Bread Box if possible. If you enjoy tater tots, this place offers them as a side.

Hot Dog Hall of Fame

Another fast-casual option at CityWalk is the Hot Dog Hall of Fame. This restaurant uses the idea of taking in a baseball game. Some of the seating comes from actual professional baseball stadiums. One can easily find the best theme park resort hot dogs around here. Also, the price will not kill your budget. Almost all the hot dogs are designed based on hotdogs served at Major League Baseball stadiums. This place even includes some artificial turf and field lights to round out the theme.

The outdoor seating here might not be advised during rainstorms, however. Guests can find this dining option on one of the ramps towards the nightclub area.

Red Oven Pizza Bakery

Back down on the main level of Universal CityWalk Orlando, an unexpectedly good pizza place exists. At Red Oven Pizza Bakery, guests select from suggested menu offerings or create their own individual Neapolitan-style pizza with a delicious array of toppings. Red Oven Pizza utilizes a fiery hot stone-lined oven to make the pizza. Guests can view the process. This can be a nice process to watch since it takes only 90 seconds once your pizza reaches the oven.

Red Oven Pizza Bakery also serves salads. Surprisingly, the wine selection exceeds expectations from a counter-service pizza place.

Cold Stone Creamery at Universal CityWalk Orlando

Universal CityWalk Orlando does not lack places to purchase sweet treats. The CityWalk Cold Stone Creamery serves up all types of lovely ice cream creations loaded with toppings. You can also buy smoothies, milkshakes, or even cakes if the need arises. This place is located near the Starbucks on the main level of CityWalk.

Menchie’s Frozen Yogurt

If frozen yogurt sounds better, Menchie’s Frozen Yogurt provides an option for that craving at CityWalk. Menchie’s resides between the first and second near Bread Box. This place is known for self-serve frozen yogurt, with a vast array of toppings to select from. This Menchie’s sells Dole soft serve like many frozen yogurt places in the United States. Yes, you can get Dole Whip at Universal Orlando. By the way, two other locations sell “Dole Whip” on Universal Orlando Resort property for far less than at the Magic Kingdom.

Universal CityWalk Orlando: Table Service Restaurants

CityWalk offers several different styles of table-service dining. Universal Orlando Resort often refers to this type of dining with wait staff taking your order as full-service dining. No matter what you refer to this dining level, some of the best value in theme park resort table service dining exists at CityWalk.

Antojitos Authentic Mexican Food

Universal CityWalk Orlando

This Mexican food place sits on the upper level of CityWalk. The reputation here builds from the tableside guacamole, live music, and the bright, colorful building. Antojitos serves up Mexican flair with style. Like most Mexican places, Antojitos offers some excellent drinks to go with the complimentary chips and salsa.


Universal CityWalk Orlando

Bigfire replaced Emeril’s restaurant on the main level of Universal CityWalk Orlando. This full service dining options serves American cuisine. Some describe it as a mid-level steakhouse. Bigfire is known for its tableside s’mores dessert and a menu of robust smoky flavors. This place allows guests to pick entrees based on the type of wood used to create additional flavor with the entrée.  For those that enjoy upscale dining and rich smoky flavor with their proteins, Bigfire makes a great choice.

Bubba Gump Shrimp Co. Restaurant & Market

The Bubba Gump Shrimp Co. draws its theme from the movie “Forrest Gump.” This Landry Restaurant serves several shrimp entrée and appetizers. However, if you’re not a shrimp fan, this place has salads, soup, sandwiches, seafood, and fried chicken. In fact, fried chicken might be the best entrée here.

Bob Marley – A Tribute to Freedom

The overall theme of Jamacia and Bob Marley’s music becomes clear when you enter this place. This dining option on the second level in the nightclub area opens every late afternoon. The bar area shows off decorations to match the appearance of Bob Marley’s home. The menu reflects Jamaican cuisine. Still, nothing will be too spicy for the average theme park guest. You can enjoy live reggae nightly starting at 8:00 p.m. We appreciate the vegan entrées here. You will also find the prices lower at this full-service option.

The Cowfish Sushi Burger Bar at Universal CityWalk Orlando

Universal CityWalk Orlando

Yes, Universal CityWalk Orlando has a table service restaurant that serves burgers and sushi. In fact, you can order The All-American Bacon Double Cheeseburgooshi. Cowfish consistently receives some of the highest reviews from visitors among the table service options at CityWalk.  Cowfish extends an interesting menu with something for everyone. The setting brings some character to your meal also. The décor will make you wonder who designed this place, as will the virtual aquariums.

Hard Rock Cafe Orlando

Hard Rock Cafe Olrlando

CityWalk boasts the largest Hard Rock Cafe in the world. This cafe features a gigantic collection of musical artifacts. The Hard Rock Live concert venue is next door. This place offers American cuisine, such as burgers, barbecue, and steaks. Hard Rock Café Orlando stands out for various reasons, such as being the only CityWalk table service place to serve breakfast seven days a week.

However, the Hard Rock Café resides in the CityWalk area. At the same time, the Premier-level Hard Rock Hotel is within walking distance but outside Universal CityWalk Orlando. Many guests get confused and think those are the same place.

Jimmy Buffet’s Margaritaville

The third-party chain restaurant does well at Universal CityWalk Orlando. Any mention of this place needs to reference it being five o’clock somewhere. The island state of mind runs this place. Jimmy Buffet’s Margaritaville has a spacious patio to enjoy your meal. The famous Volcano Nachos here will serve several people without damaging your budget. The patio will often have live music.

NBC Sports Grill & Brew

Universal CityWalk Orlando

This sports bar contains everything you expect from this style of place. Televisions are easy to see, including the enormous ones outdoors. The menu includes more variety than most sports bars. The beers at NBC Sports Grill & Brew have created loyal customers. Of the Universal CityWalk Orlando table service options, this one makes the best choices for large groups based on space and menu.

Pat O’Brien

This New Orleans-themed restaurant and nightclub can be found on the upper level in the nightclub area. Pat O’Brien features dueling pianos during the evenings. This place has a loyal following from locals. The menu includes Cajun Crawfish Dip, Jambalaya, and three types of Po’Boy sandwiches.

Toothsome Chocolate Emporium & Savory Feast Kitchen

Universal CityWalk Orlando

Toothsome Chocolate Factory and Savory Feast Kitchen qualifies as the toughest CityWalk restaurant to acquire a reservation. This steampunk-themed restaurant presents guests with interesting theming and photo-worthy milkshakes. Toothsome serves brunch all day and every day. In addition, Toothsome also added breakfast on the weekend. Also, if you are lucky, you might meet Penelope Tibeaux-Tinker Toothsome, the restaurant creator, and Jacques, her robot friend. Previously, we did a more extensive review of Toothsome Chocolate Emporium & Savory Feast Kitchen.

VIVO Italian Kitchen

The best value for Italian food at a theme park resort can be found at VIVO. Some of the best Italian food around gets served at VIVO. In the heart of Universal CityWalk Orlando, this restaurant serves wood-fired pizzas, numerous pasta dishes, and a few other styles of entrees.  This place earns praise from locals and theme park vacationers alike.

Bars and Entertainment

More than dining happens at Universal CityWalk Orlando. Plenty of entertainment and places to kick back and relax are at CityWalk.

Fat Tuesday

This bar has a walk-up location on the second floor of CityWalk and a kiosk on the main level by the lagoon. Fat Tuesday even offers a refillable cup that can be used for discounted beverages.

Lone Palm Airport

Lone Palm Airport sits across the walkway from Jimmy Buffet’s Margaritaville. The large seaplane conveys that a Margarita or other alcoholic beverage would be a good idea. The island vibe works perfectly for any “Parrothead.”

Red Coconut Club at Universal CityWalk Orlando

The two-story nightclub has a tiki lounge atmosphere. This place has been through many changes. Universal has been using it as a seasonal bar and nighttime spot for the spooky season, holiday season, and during Universal Orlando’s own Mardi Gras season. In the summer, the Red Coconut Club has been a place to celebrate Pride Night in June and is open for most weekends.

In addition to all the dining and drink options above, CityWalk also boasts an exciting array of entertainment options, from something as simple as catching a movie to an escape room-like experience.

CityWalk’s Rising Star

Rising Star deserves your attention if you have dreamed of singing karaoke with backup singers and a live band. This place become very popular on weekend evenings.

Universal’s Great Movie Escape

On the upper level of CityWalk, Universal’s Great Movie Escape allows guests to immerse themselves in the movie worlds of either “Back to the Future” or “Jurassic World.” In addition, this place served themed drinks matching the two movies.

To round out the entertainment, guests can take in a movie at the Cinemark theatres, play some mini golf at Hollywood Drive-In Golf, and even get a tattoo from Hart & Huntington Tattoo Company.

Universal CityWalk Orlando Shopping

If you were wondering if you could shop at Universal CityWalk Orlando, fear not. CityWalk offers plenty of shopping options. Several restaurants, such as Margaritaville, Hard Rock Café, Toothsome, and Bubba Gump’s, have dedicated retail space. A Quiet Flight Surf Shop location provides brands like Billabong, Oakley, and Quicksilver. However, CityWalk has two main retail options for Universal Orlando fans.

Universal Studios Store

This large modern store contains the most sought-after items from the Universal theme parks. This over 8,000 square foot retail location contains merchandise from franchises, including Harry Potter, Marvel, Minions, The Simpsons, and Jurassic Park. Also, a wall of shirts can be picked over for your next set of matching family shirts.

Universal Legacy Store

In addition, the Universal Legacy Store provides guests with the unique experience of seeing some retro memorabilia while shopping among the new stuff. Universal converted the former Universal Studios Store into this nostalgic shopping experience. Within, guests can see classic theme park items and listen to music from a bygone era at Universal while shopping.

Universal CityWalk Orlando History

What became known as Universal CityWalk Orlando was announced back in 1995. This served as a key part of Universal Orlando’s expansion. Along with it, Universal announced the future opening of Universal Islands of Adventure and several on-site hotels. This project showed boldness since, up to this point, only Universal Studios Florida existed.

Universal has a pattern of making name changes along the way. What we know today as Universal CityWalk Orlando was introduced as the Entertainment Zone. This complex sought to bring shopping, dining, and nightclub opportunities for tourists and locals alike.

The Name CityWalk

In 1997, while still under construction, well before opening, the facility received the name CityWalk. This name adjustment created a sense of continuity between the two Universal Studios theme parks. Universal Studios Hollywood opened a CityWalk in California in 1993.

In early 1998, Universal CityWalk Orlando became a significant success. The complex performed far better than Universal imagined. Themed dining and nightclubs of this sort were a huge hit then. The original dining options included places like Hard Rock Café, Jimmy Buffett’s Margaritaville, Emeril’s Restaurant Orlando, and the NASCAR Cafe.

Those interested in live entertainment can easily find it at CityWalk. Places like Hard Rock Live, Jimmy Buffett’s Margaritaville, and Bob Marley – A Tribute to Freedom drew large crowds for the time.

CityWalk extended plenty of places for visitors to kick back and relax also. Several clubs, including Motown Cafe and CityJazz, offered adults opportunities to unwind. The array of nightclubs displayed great success at CityWalk in those days. In fact, as Pleasure Island at Walt Disney World faltered drawing adult guests out for a night of fun, CityWalk increased its evening attendance noticeably during the early years. While Universal was a tiny portion of the theme park market in the Orlando area compared to Disney, its nighttime entertainment facility did quite well.

Red Coconut Club

Of course, times change. Universal CityWalk Orlando continues to go through change. For example, The Motown Cafe was replaced by the trendy, more casual Red Coconut Club in 2006. Two years later, the CityJazz venue disappeared. The innovative The Rising Star karaoke-style bar took its place. The Rising Star continues today to provide karaoke singers with a live band (on most nights) and backup singers. The Hollywood Drive-In Mini Golf, with two highly themed courses, opened in 2012.

In recent times, Universal CityWalk Orlando has replaced restaurants like the NASCAR Café and NBA City with newer concepts like Toothsome Chocolate Factory and Savory Feast Kitchen, and NBC Sports Grill and Brew. The latest update at CityWalk revolves around an escape room-like experience known as Universal’s Great Movie Escape.

Universal CityWalk Orlando

The former nightclub, The Groove, was transformed into Universal’s Great Movie Escape. The Groove provided guests with a multi-level dance club featuring state-of-the-art sound and special effects. Guests could immerse themselves in the pulsating beats, enjoy a drink at one of the themed bars, and take in the breathtaking view from the balcony terrace. The Groove closed in 2020 with Universal’s Great Movie Escape entertaining guests and providing a unique bar experience since late 2022.

Though the style of entertainment may have changed a bit, Universal CityWalk Orlando offers plenty of chances for a great night out.

Does Universal CityWalk Orlando Sound Like Fun?

At MickeyVisit, we strive to create up-to-date content about the Universal and Disney theme park resorts. We have writers that visit these theme parks regularly. We offer a free deals newsletter that provides updated information about the theme parks to help you plan your next vacation. Also, we have placed more resources below to help with your planning.

Frequently Asked Questions About Universal Orlando CityWalk

Can you enter Universal CityWalk for free?

There is no admission required to visit Universal CityWalk in Orlando or Hollywood. You can visit and enjoy these fun offerings even without a theme park ticket.

Is Universal CityWalk connected to Universal Studios?

Yes, Universal Orlando Resort directly connects Universal CityWalk with the two Universal theme parks: Universal Studios Florida and Universal’s Islands of Adventure. The shopping and dining area is located within security directly between the arrival area and two main theme parks.

Is Universal CityWalk the same thing as Disney Springs?

Though similar in that they both offer shopping and dining, Universal CityWalk and Disney Springs are in two separate parts of Orlando and are not within walking distance. Universal CityWalk is part of the Universal Orlando Resort and Disney Springs is par of Walt Disney World.

How much does the Universal CityWalk cost?

There is no price or ticket required to access to Universal CityWalk at Universal Orlando Resort. There is even free parking if you arrive after 6 pm on nights when Halloween Horror
nights are not being held.

Can you walk around Universal for free?

Universal CityWalk is the free shopping and dining area that is part of the Universal Orlando Resort. Though you can’t access the theme parks for free, Universal CityWalk is a free shopping and dining experience. As you’ll see in this guide though, there is plenty you’ll want to spend money on.

Can you bring food from CityWalk into Universal?

Universal allows guests to bring water bottles (max 2 liters), small snacks, and special food items for dietary and medical restrictions through security. Since CityWalk is already inside security at Universal Orlando you should have no difficulty bringing food from CityWalk into the Universal theme parks.

Is Universal more walking than Disney?

Universal Orlando is far more walkable than Walt Disney World. You are able to easily walk between the hotels, theme parks, and CityWalk.

How old do you need to be to go to Universal CityWalk?

There is no minimum age to visit Universal CityWalk.

Is Universal Orlando CityWalk open container?

Guests visiting Universal CityWalk and drinking alcohol purchased within CityWalk are allowed to walk around with it. Guests are not allowed to walk into other establishments with the alcohol or take the alcohol out of CityWalk.

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