Best Hollywood Studios Rides – Top Disney World Rides 2023

Disney’s Hollywood Studios is a must-visit theme park, and one of four theme parks in Walt Disney World Resort in Orlando, Florida. The park is known for its movie-based attractions and entertainment. From the moment you step into the park, you are transported to the Golden Age of Hollywood, with an immersive atmosphere and exciting rides that bring classic movies to life. Including the best Hollywood Studios rides! 

With so many rides and attractions available, you might be wondering how they stack up. We’ve got that list right here for you! Our best Hollywood Studios rides guide will rank all of their biggest hits and give you some important background information. This will help you decide whether or not you want to add it to your list for your next trip. Whether you’re a thrill-seeker or prefer more family-friendly rides, there’s something for everyone here. So, buckle up and get ready to discover the best rides at Disney’s Hollywood Studios!

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Best Hollywood Studios Rides: About Hollywood Studios 

Before we jump into the ratings, it might be helpful to know a bit about this amazing park. The park originally opened as Disney’s MGM Studios back in 1989 and, for a long time, was considered to be only a half-day excursion. Fast forward to today and you’ll see a park that has changed quite a bit in recent years to keep up with the evolving tastes of visitors. Hollywood Studios is now a mix of old Hollywood charm and popular Disney intellectual property with the additions of immersive lands like Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge and Toy Story Land. But these changes are largely welcome as they bring amazing world-building and ride experiences along with them.

So, if you’re a fan of exhilarating attractions, then you’re in for a treat at Disney’s Hollywood Studios. With such a wide range of thrilling ride experiences, deciding which ones to prioritize can be tough. That’s why in this article, we will be ranking the best Hollywood Studios rides to help you plan your visit and make the most out of your time at the park.

Plus, if you’re interested in seeing how the rides at the Magic Kingdom rank, be sure to check out our guide here!

Best Hollywood Studios Rides: Rankings 

#1 – Rise of the Resistance

Rise of the Resistance

Opened: December 5, 2019

Location: Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge

Height Requirement: 32” (81 cm)

Genie+: Individual Lightning Lane

Taking the top spot, and for good reason, is Rise of the Resistance, located in Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge. This groundbreaking attraction takes you to a galaxy far, far away, as you join the Resistance in a battle against the First Order. The ride features state-of-the-art technology, multiple ride systems, and three mini pre-shows that set the stage for the main event. All of the above make for one of the most advanced and immersive rides ever created! It ranks as the best Hollywood Studio ride on this list for its engineering feats and storytelling depth, in addition to its popularity and high demand. The only con is that you can expect high wait times for this ride, so get there early to rope drop and save some time. If you’re looking for tips on how to ride, be sure to check them out in our guide!

#2 – Twilight Zone Tower of Terror

Tower of Terror

Opened: July 22, 1994

Location: Sunset Boulevard

Height Requirement: 40” (102 cm)

Genie+: Lightning Lane

Tower of Terror is a drop-style ride that takes you into the abandoned Hollywood Tower Hotel and is based on the early 1960s TV series, Twilight Zone. During the ride, you will experience sudden drops and quick lifts as the elevator is pulled up and down through a dark elevator shaft. The ride is rather iconic and the building itself is a major landmark within the park. The ride has been a major hit since its opening in 1994 and has been put in several other Disney parks around the world.

Over in California, at Disney’s California Adventure Park, the ride has been re-themed to Guardians of the Galaxy, but the classic version here in Hollywood Studios is definitely a favorite. The ride ranks high on this list due to its thrilling nature and iconic status. However, it may be a little too intense for young children and can post high wait times.

#3 – Mickey and Minnie’s Runaway Railway

Mickey and Minnie Runaway Railway

Opened: March 4, 2020

Location: Hollywood Boulevard

Height Requirement: None

Genie+: Lightning Lane

Mickey and Minnie’s Runaway Railway is a zany, dark ride that takes guests into a Mickey and pals cartoon, full of hiccups and surprises along the way. The ride opened in 2020, making it the newest attraction at Hollywood Studios. It is the first ride themed to the famous mouse himself and, therefore, has become quite popular. It is housed in the replica of the Grauman’s Chinese Theatre, replacing the classic Great Movie Ride. This is a great case where you can see the evolution of Hollywood Studios from old Hollywood glamor to the focus on Disney intellectual properties.

That is not necessarily a bad thing as the attraction is quite innovative, boasting a trackless dark ride technology that is becoming increasingly popular across Disney parks. Mickey and Minnie’s Runaway Railway ranks in the top half of the best Hollywood Studios rides for its fun-filled nature, ride ingenuity, and popularity. It should not be missed. If you’re curious if your children will like this ride, we’ve got a full review here!

#4 – Toy Story Mania!

Best Hollywood Studios Rides - Toy story mania

Opened: May 31, 2008

Location: Toy Story Land

Height Requirement: None

Genie+: Lightning Lane

Toy Story Mania is an interactive shooting gallery ride that takes you on a 4D adventure with your favorite Pixar characters. The attraction has you ride along with Woody, Buzz, and friends as you shoot at targets in a midway carnival-style game. There are five fast-paced rounds to play and as you finish each, your ride vehicle will whip you over to the next screen. It’s a real blast to rack up as many points as you can and try to beat your ride partner’s score.

The competitive gameplay and Toy Story theming make it fun for all ages and make it a ride you will want to enjoy again and again. This is a ride I never get tired of and one I would ride multiple times in a visit just to try to get a better score. For that reason, I have ranked it toward the top of the list.

#5 – Rock ‘n’ Roller Coaster

Best Hollywood Studios Rides - rock n roller

Opened: July 29, 1999

Location: Sunset Boulevard

Height Requirement: 48” (122cm)

Genie+: Lightning Lane

This indoor roller coaster launches you into the dark, loud world of rock music as you board a super-stretch “limo” and help the legendary band, Aerosmith, make it to a concert on time. It features high-speed twists, turns, and inversions as you ride through the streets of Hollywood past iconic landmarks. Over in Paris at Walt Disney Studios Park, the ride was rethemed to Marvel’s Iron Man. While not likely to happen here at Hollywood Studios, this again showcases Disney’s preference to retheme classics to modern takes. The ride’s thrilling nature and fun soundtrack make it a fan favorite, but it isn’t necessarily a family-friendly ride due to its intensity and height restriction. If big thrills are your jam, Rock ‘n’ Roller Coaster may rank even higher than it does on this list. But, with all things considered, we’ve ranked it right in the middle of the pack.

#6 – Slinky Dog Dash

Best Hollywood Studios Rides - slinky

Opened: June 30, 2018

Location: Toy Story Land

Height Requirement: 38” (97cm)

Genie+: Lightning Lane

Contrary to the intensity of Rock ‘n’ Roller Coaster, Slinky Dog Dash is a family-friendly roller coaster that has you riding through a series of gentle launches and bunny hills with Slinky Dog as your guide. The ride zips through Andy’s backyard as you pass by oversized toys that make you feel as though you yourself have shrunk down to the size of a toy. The ride has smooth, gentle thrills that make it very doable for kids but still exciting enough for adults to find enjoyment. Given its popularity, this ride will post high wait times. Even though we are getting into the bottom half of the best Hollywood Studios rides list, this is by no means a ride to skip and likely a high priority for most!

#7 – Millennium Falcon: Smugglers Run

Best Hollywood Studios Rides - smugglers

Opened: August 29, 2019

Location: Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge

Height Requirement: 38” (97cm)

Genie+: Lightning Lane

This interactive ride puts you in control of the well-known Millennium Falcon spaceship, in a motion simulator, as you pilot it through a dangerous mission to deliver smuggled goods. There are six players to a ship with two each assuming roles as either a pilot, gunner, or engineer. The Pilot role is the most interactive as you get to control the flight path of the spaceship. The other two roles more-or-less push buttons at the right time. The ride’s interactivity and special effects make it a must-do for Star Wars fans.

However, I personally find the ride a little tough to follow as you have to look away from the action to interact with the button-pushing tasks that come your way. To me, this ride is leaps and bounds above the similar Star Tours – coming up further down this list – but hails in comparison to the supreme Star Wars ride, Rise of the Resistance.

#8 – Alien Swirling Saucers 

Best Hollywood Studios Rides - alien saucers

Opened: June 30, 2018

Location: Toy Story Land

Height Requirement: 32” (81cm)

Genie+: Lightning Lane

Alien Swirling Saucers is a spinning ride, located in Toy Story Land, that takes guests on a whirlwind adventure in a toy rocket. Riders sit in saucers that are pulled around by an alien toy from the claw machine, all while being spun around on a track. The ride features colorful lights and Toy Story music, making it a must-do for fans of the franchise. It doesn’t rank as high as some of the other attractions due to its relatively short duration and simpler design. With that said, we had a surprisingly fun time on this ride even with its simplicity. However, I would not choose to wait much more than 15 to 20 minutes to experience this attraction, unless I were traveling with young kids that have limited ride options.

#9 – Star Tours

Best Hollywood Studios Rides - star tours

Opened: December 15, 1989

Location: Echo Lake

Height Requirement: 40” (102cm)

Genie+: Lightning Lane

This classic Disney attraction takes guests on an intergalactic journey through the Star Wars universe. Star Tours opened almost two decades before the opening of Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge and is technically not included in the land itself, but it is close in proximity. The ride is also a motion simulator, similar to Millennium Falcon: Smugglers Run, however, there is no interactive nature to this one. The experience is enhanced by 3D glasses and special effects that make riders feel like they are really in the action. Some may rank this ride higher on the list, but for me, it falls toward the bottom as its motion simulator technology is becoming a bit outdated. The one benefit is that this ride usually has low wait times due to the popularity of other rides.

#10 – Muppet Vision 3D

Best Hollywood Studios Rides - muppet vision

Opened: May 16, 1991

Location: Grand Avenue

Height Requirement: 40” (102cm)

Genie+: None

This 3D theater show rounds out the list of the best Hollywood Studios rides. The show takes guests on a wacky journey with beloved characters like Kermit the Frog, Miss Piggy, and Fozzie Bear. The show is a mix of live-action and 3D animation, with plenty of laughs and surprises along the way. While it’s a classic attraction and a must-see for fans of the Muppets, it falls last on the list compared to everything else Hollywood Studios has to offer. However, it’s a great choice for families with young children or anyone looking for an air-conditioned, sit-down break in the middle of the day. 

Best Hollywood Studios Rides: Final Thoughts 

Best Hollywood Studios Rides

Overall, the rankings are based on a combination of factors, including ride popularity, theming, and thrill factor. You could make many cases to rearrange this list of best Hollywood Studios rides depending on your ride type preference or based on the companions in your traveling party. But, you really can’t go wrong with any of the attractions above and are likely to be able to experience them all on a standard day at the park. 

It’s also worth mentioning that Hollywood Studios has some great shows that complement their amazing catalog of fun rides. These include:

This park really has gone from a half-day excursion to a full day of fun rides and experiences in just a short amount of time. Whether you are a fan of Star Wars, Toy Story, or classic Hollywood, you’ll find lots to enjoy at Disney’s Hollywood Studios!

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