Disneyland Rider Switch Guide 2023

Disneyland rider switch is a service that allows adult guests to take turns waiting with kids (or others) in their group that cannot ride the attraction. Rider switch gives you a special pass so you only need to wait in line once.

Disneyland rider switch is a great way to utilize time at the parks and ensure parents get to enjoy all the rides they want even if their kids are too small to ride.

Keep reading for everything you need to know about Disneyland rider switch and how to use it.

Disneyland Rider Switch 2023Disneyland rider switch matterhorn bobsleds

Rider switch is available for all attractions in both Disneyland and California Adventure. Rider Switch is available to use for guests that don’t meet the height requirements, has a service animal that cannot board the attraction or wait in a provided kennel, and cannot wait the duration of the queue and needs another member of the party do wait for them.

Using Disneyland rider switch, supervising guests can wait with the member of the party that isn’t riding. That same guest will get a chance to experience the ride without needing to wait in line again and ‘switch’ the role of supervision with the other adult in their party.

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How Does Rider Switch Work at Disneyland?Disneyland rider switch

Here is the step by step process for utilizing Rider Switch:

  1. Get in line for the attraction of your choice. Tell the cast member that you want to use Rider Switch.
  2. The cast member will divide you into two groups. One group will ride the attraction while the second group will wait with the children not tall enough to ride.
  3. The second group will have their tickets scanned. *Note: this party can include up to three people. So if you have two kids and one is tall enough to ride and one isn’t- the one tall enough to ride can ride the attraction TWICE if you get their ticket scanned this second time while they’re riding with the first group.
  4. After group one rides then you switch groups.
  5. Group two will enter the attraction through the Lightning Lane entrance or sometimes the exit (the cast member will explain to you how to re-enter) and ride with your Rider Switch pass.
  6. Everything is now digital with Rider Switch- your Disneyland ticket will have your Rider Switch benefit loaded onto it in the same way Lightning Lane reservations are used.

Do Kids Ride Twice with Rider Switch?

Technically, if you have an older child in your group that can ride while their younger sibling has to wait- yes, they can ride twice. That older child rides in the first group with the supervising parent (while the other parent waits to supervise the younger child) then they can also ride with their second parent when they do the rider switch.

Is Rider Switch Hard to Use?Chip and Dale disneyland

No, Disneyland rider switch is not hard to use. It’s pretty easy and cast members will help walk you through the process. Just tell the cast member when you arrive at the attraction you want to use rider switch.

One issue that is common for parents when utilizing Rider Switch is having a less than happy child having to wait in line for a ride they don’t get to ride. If you’re traveling with an infant then that’s not too big of a deal. But if you have a toddler or smaller aged child, this can be tricky. Make sure you prep for this in advance- let them pick their favorite ride to do after or favorite character to see after this ride.

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  1. We went to Disneyland Sep 5-8 2023 and parent swap/rider switch changed while we were there. We have 3 kids, one was too small for some of the rides so we tried to use parent swap and the first day they let us swap with both the older kids and the rest of the days they made us pick one kid to swap with. They told us the policy changed while we were there. We were really frustrated with the change, especially since we had read that you could swap up to 3 people in the party before we got there so it really messed with our ride plans and made it tough to have to pick one kid to get to ride with the second parent. I hope they change this policy back.

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