PHOTOS San Franskoyo Big Hero 6 Area Now OPEN at Disneyland

San Fransokyo Square, the reimagined dining and shopping area inspired by the fictional blend of the cities of San Francisco and Tokyo the Big Hero 6 movie, is officially open at Disneyland on August 31, 2023.

Members of the Mickey Visit team are live from Disneyland providing photos and updates of some of the new, exciting additions to the reimagined area! Join us for a tour of San Fransokyo Square.

San Fransokyo Square Opening Details

San Fransokyo Square Opening Day Decorations

Photo Credit: Mickey Visit.

The area, reimagined from the former Pacific Wharf, features an area with shops and eateries inspired by San Fransokyo that is decorated with street art and banners in celebration of the Big Hero 6 team’s defeat of Yokai (who Disney teases as one of 2 new popular villains coming Oogie Boogie Bash this year).

San Fransokyo Gate Bridge Completed

San Fransokyo Gate Bridge Completed

Photo Credit: Mickey Visit.

Construction has made steady progress over the last few months with some restaurants offering new food items in phases, and the 52 foot-tall orange vermillion San Fransokyo Gate Bridge that links the Paradise Gardens Park obelisk to San Fransokyo Square has now been completed. You can see our guide to Big Hero 6 San Fransokyo for more details of the reimagining!

New Character Meet and Greet With San Fransokyo Opening

San Fransokyo Square Opening Meet and Greet

Photo Credit: Mickey Visit.

Starting today, guests will have the opportunity to meet with robotics prodigy Hiro and healthcare companion robot Baymax from Big Hero 6 outside the Hamada Bot Shop, the converted warehouse where the Big Hero 6 team builds their hi-tech gear. We are so excited that these great characters will be featured at Disneyland, and it’s bound to be a very popular meet-and-greet opportunity!

Shopping at San Fransokyo Square Opening

San Fransokyo Square Opening Shopping Maker's Market

Photo Credit: Mickey Visit.

At San Fransokyo Square, you’ll have the opportunity to shop for items inspired by the Big Hero 6 movie and characters. New shopping areas at San Fransokyo Square include:

  • San Fransokyo Maker’s Market, with apparel, homewares, and more items featuring Baymax and friends, with decommissioned bots on display
  • Collectible medallions depicting Baymax and other iconic images from San Fransokyo will be dispensed from a vending machine
  • Pan Pacific Pin Traders, where guests can shop and pin-trade near the San Fransokyo Gate Bridge

Big Hero 6 Baymax-Themed Merchandise

San Fransokyo Square Opening Themed Merchandise

Photo Credit: Mickey Visit.

You can see some of the Baymax-themed merchandise that is offered, including plushies, phone cases, shirts, and what appears to be a Baymax s’more plushie!

Cast Member Costumes at San Fransokyo Square Opening

San Fransokyo Square Opening Cast Member Costumes

Photo Credit: Mickey Visit.

Cast Members for San Fransokyo Square are dressed in blue shirts with red accents. We can see them posing here outside of San Fransokyo Maker’s Market alongside a box of the adorable Baymax plushies!

San Fransokyo References To Big Hero 6 Movie

San Fransokyo Square Opening References to Big Hero 6

Photo Credit: Mickey Visit.

Michael Dobrzycki, Art Director at Walt Disney Imagineering Anaheim, comments about the references to the movie in the new area: “Here, guests will discover nods to the Big Hero 6 team’s many adventures, such as Hiro’s Megabot and Baymax’s battle glove.”

New Food At San Fransokyo Square Opening

Photo Credit: Mickey Visit.

New foods have been added to San Fransokyo Square, which we had the opportunity to try. See a full menu of the new food items and our thoughts on them in our guide to new foods coming to San Fransokyo area at Disneyland.

The dining locations that will be featured at San Fransokyo Square are:

  • Aunt Cass Cafe, serving soups in Sourdough bread bowls and other items inspired by Japanese Cuisine
  • Port of San Fransokyo Cervecería, offering a selection of beer and snacks
  • Lucky Fortune Cookery, featuring dishes and beverages with Vietnamese, Japanese, and Korean influences
  • Cocina Cucamonga Mexican Grill, serving street tacos, specialty beverages, and a special street corn
  • Rita’s Turbine Blenders, featuring icy beverages and margaritas
  • Ghirardelli Soda Fountain and Chocolate Shop, featuring ice cream, sundaes, and the iconic Ghirardelli chocolate
  • Cappuccino Cart, with coffee cocktails, cold brew, espressos, and more

San Fransokyo Square Baymax Macaron

Photo Credit: Mickey Visit.

The new giant chocolate-filled Baymax macaron is an adorable addition to San Fransokyo Square! Macarons have not been available at California Adventure outside of festivals, so this is a great dessert item to be featured.

Baymax-Themed Bread

San Fransokyo Square Opening Baymax Bread

Photo Credit: Mickey Visit.

In addition to the Baymax macaron pictured above, there is also some fun Baymax theming for more foods and items, like a Baymax Sipper offered at multiple locations and Baymax-shaped bread!

San Fransoyko Square Opening Dining Experience

San Fransokyo Square New Details

Photo Credit: Mickey Visit.

Jeremiah Balogh, Culinary Director of Disney California Adventure, Candy Production, Park Banquets and Festivals, comments on the new dining additions: “San Fransokyo Square is home to a diverse neighborhood of eateries, and the menu items in the area tell the story of how those establishments inspire one another. Together, these different cuisines create a melding of flavors that guests of all ages will enjoy.”

Rita’s Turbine Blenders

San Fransokyo Square Opening Rita's Turbine Blenders

Photo Credit: Mickey Visit.

Rita’s Turbine Blenders, the refreshment stand that will sell margaritas and icy drinks, is recognizable by the floating wind turbine shaped like a giant orange koi fish atop the structure and named after the repair technician who maintains the turbine.

Aunt Cass Cafe

San Fransokyo Square Opening Aunt Cass Cafe

Photo Credit: Mickey Visit.

Here is a closer look at Aunt Cass Café, the Quick Service bakery café run by Hiro’s aunt. This location will offer soups in Boudin bread bowls and more dishes inspired by Japanese cuisine.

Grow With Baymax Wall

San Fransokyo Square Opening Baymax Wall

Photo Credit: Mickey Visit.

A great detail in the reimagined area is the colorful “Grow With Baymax” wall, featuring Baymax with a lollipop. Younger guests can take pictures next to Baymax each visit to track how tall they’ve become with the height markers!

The Bakery Tour

San Fransokyo Square Opening Bakery Tour

Photo Credit: Mickey Visit.

An experience that is carried over from Pacific Wharf is The Bakery Tour, featuring a glimpse into how Boudin Sourdough bread is made, with a sample of the bread at the end of the tour. The experience will stay the same, but the exterior of the building has some new, colorful San Fransokyo flair added.

Make Sure To Explore San Fransokyo Square

Photo Credit: Mickey Visit.

We’re so excited for the San Fransokyo Square opening and the new experiences, foods, and theming that are featured in the reimagined area! Be sure to visit San Fransokyo Square during your next Disneyland visit to check out all of the new offerings.

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