Disney Releases NEW Details on Multiverse Avengers Attraction Coming to Disney California Adventure!

Disney just released a major announcement regarding the future of Avengers Campus at Disney California Adventure! Earlier this weekend, Disney shared new details about the Multiversal Avenger Campus attraction coming soon. Then, on Monday a post from Walt Disney Imagineering revealed a new detail that wasn’t previously mentioned. Details below!

The reason both the announcement and the mention are notable is that there was an assumption that because we haven’t heard about this new attraction over the past year since the construction may have been paused. The Walt Disney Company has changed quite a bit over the past year with returning leadership, softening Marvel success, and other theme park news. We take this announcement as confirmation that the attraction is still in development and moving forward.

Keep reading for an update on the highly anticipated new multiversal Avengers attraction coming to Disney California Adventure Park and a look at the concept artwork just released.

Multiversal Avengers Campus Ride Update!

Disney has finally shared new details on the e-ticket multiversal Avengers ride coming to Avengers Campus in Disney California Adventure Park. Marvel fans have been eagerly awaiting news on ride details and when construction will commence since details and concept art of Thanos were last shared at the last D23 Expo about this new ride coming to Disneyland.

Getting the below announcement is notable to confirm that this attraction is still moving forward.

Disney shares that the design of the ride “combines elements of Tony Stark’s time suits with Xandarian jump points and Wakandan technology to create a vehicle that can transport heroes to remote worlds in a matter of moments.” This new vehicle combines “portal technology and flight capabilities to maneuver through the skies” so heroes can go wherever they are needed to. When this new ride opens, recruits will be able to “level up their training” and “join some favorite superheroes on missions to new worlds.”

Then, two days after Disney shared the above information they posted a new blurb about the attraction on the Walt Disney Imagineering Instagram (see embedded below). It would have been easy to glance over the post due the recent news, but eagle-eyed fans (thank you @DrewDisneyDude on Twitter) noticed that the caption said the attraction would feature “physical worlds” and would be brought to life “with a blend of large-scale built environments and immersive media.”

This blurb adds new excitement about the new attraction as many, including us, were assuming that the attraction would be almost completely screen-based and not have any physical elements.

The ride vehicles in the photo look like they could either be a concept artwork version of a Star Tours-type attraction or be more similar to the ride systems used by Universal Studios for their popular Transformers and Spiderman attractions. This Instagram caption hints towards the latter.

The Universal ride system is a mix of projections on screens in 3D and physical sets. Both of those attractions are years old, so if this attraction is a next-generation version of that ride system that leans more heavily towards physical sets we would be thrilled. Imagine the incredible Audio-Animatronics that could come from the world of Marvel.

Here’s that Instagram post from Walt Disney Imagineering with the caption.

The additional information added additional excitement for us about the attraction. We look forward to seeing what they will add to the new attraction. In the meantime, they are hard at work getting the new Avengers Campus store open nearby this space.

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