Top Ten Rides and Shows for Toddlers at Disneyland for a Magical Experience

We took our older daughter to Disneyland for the first time when she was 15 months old. The trip was magical and toddlers can go on more rides and attractions than you might think. It is so fun to see The Happiest Place on Earth through a toddler’s eyes.  Here are the top ten rides and shows for toddlers at Disneyland.

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“it’s a small world”

The fanciful it's a small world facade is full of whimsical detail

Toddlers will be amazed when they board the “happiest cruise that ever sailed”. This enchanting 10-minute journey transports kids of all ages on the Seven Seaways Waterway where they can watch almost 300 traditionally dressed dolls singing the beloved song about peace. This fun voyage visits all seven continents and portrays diverse cultures and the bonds of friendship.

During the holiday season, this attraction transforms to a “it’s a small world” Holiday where guests can hear traditional holiday tunes as they cruise through the winter wonderland. Guests of any height can enjoy this attraction which makes it a good choice for toddlers at Disneyland.

Peter Pan’s Flight

Wendy stands by Peter Pan's side as he steers a ship that takes the Darling children to Neverland

You can fly! Peter Pan’s Flight takes guests on a high-flying adventure aboard a colorful galleon. Toddlers will be enthralled as they journey past Wendy Darling, her brothers Michael and John, and of course, Peter Pan. This beloved attraction features famous scenes from the movie, such as the Lost Boys and Mermaid Lagoon, Skull Rock, and Pirate’s Cove. Guests can also watch a swashbuckling duel between Peter Pan and the evil Captain Hook!

Guests of all ages can enjoy this attraction which makes it a good choice for toddlers at Disneyland. This ride is classified as a slow ride with small drops.

Alice in Wonderland

A family of 4 rides inside a giant caterpillar through the Alice in Wonderland attraction

Toddlers will love sitting in an oversized caterpillar as they journey down an enchanted rabbit hole into the silly realm of Wonderland. Guests will enjoy views of the White Rabbit’s House, Tulgey Wood and the Queen’s Garden. Toddlers will have fun spotting Alice, the Mad Hatter, the March Hare, Tweedledee and Tweedledum, and the Cheshire Cat.

The rooftop view of the Matterhorn and Fantasyland is a fun feature! This attraction is classified as a slow ride and can be loud in some places.

Dumbo the Flying Elephant

A mother and her little boy smile as they ride Dumbo the Flying Elephant

Toddlers can ride in everybody’s favorite circus elephant, Dumbo, on this beloved attraction that is based on the 1941 movie. Guests will fly round and round above a dancing water fountain. Parents can control how high their elephant flies with a lever inside the Dumbo-themed gondola.

Guests of any height can enjoy this attraction which makes it a good choice for toddlers at Disneyland. This is a slow ride that spins.

King Arthur Carousal

A happy boy rides a majestic horse on King Arthur Carrousel

This beautiful carousal is a hit with toddlers! They can choose from one of 68 wood-carved white horses or an intricately carved chariot. Guests will listen to the sounds of an old-fashioned fairground organ and enjoy the enchanting glow of 3,328 shimmering lights.

Toddlers will have fun riding up and down in a gentle counter-clockwise direction as part of King Arthur’s royal army. This is a slow ride with spinning and guests of any age can ride which makes it a good choice for toddlers at Disneyland.

Storybook Land Canal Boats

A Storybook Land Canal Boat full of Guests drifts gently past miniature villages

Toddlers will be thrilled as they board a 12-person boat that embarks on a gentle cruise through Storybook Land. Guest will see and hear about castles, homes, and scenes from their favorite movies such as Frozen, Peter Pan, Alice in Wonderland, Aladdin, The Little Mermaid, Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs, and Cinderella among others.

Guests can be any age to ride on these boats which are considered a slow ride on water.


The Many Adventures of Winnie the Pooh

Pooh Bear floats with a balloon above Eeyore and Gopher while Guests travel in a giant honey pot

The Many Adventures of Winnie the Pooh is a colorful, song-filled, storybook come to life. Guests will visit the beloved Hundred Acre Wood as they board a six-person beehive and embark on the 4-minute ride. Toddlers will love spotting their favorite characters, including Winnie the Pooh, Piglet, Eeyore, Roo, Kanga, Rabbit, Owl and Tigger.

Be on the lookout for Heffalumps and Woozles! Guests of any height can enjoy this attraction which is considered a slow ride.


Jungle Cruise

A young princess points to something exciting while the skipper shares stories with Guests aboard a Jungle Cruise boat.

The Jungle Cruise takes guests on a sailing voyage where toddlers can see zebras, hippos, elephants and tigers. The trek begins at a forgotten tropical jungle outpost and continues on a 7-minute voyage to the Amazon in South America, the African Congo, the Nile River, and the Mekong River.

The clever jokes told by the tour guide make this attraction a favorite! Guests can be any height to go on this cruise which makes it a good choice for toddlers at Disneyland. This is a slow ride that is on water.


Storytelling at the Royal Theatre

Toddlers at Disneyland: The medieval-style entrance to the Fantasy Faire Royal Theater in Disneyland

Be sure to check out the Royal Theatre in Fantasyland. Lords and ladies of all ages are cordially invited to watch beloved Disney stories come to life. This royally decorated open-air tent hosts several live shows a day that retell Beauty and the Beast or Tangled.

The schedule is posted at the front of the theatre. These shows are around 22 minutes and are entertaining for toddlers and parent alike!

There are lots of great rides and shows for toddlers at Disneyland. Be sure to also check out Toontown, where toddlers can visit the homes of Mickey Mouse, Minnie Mouse, as well as Pluto’s Dog House, Donald Duck’s Boat, and Chip and Dale Treehouse. The Disney Railroad is another great ride for toddlers where guests can see several areas of the park.

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