Disneyland Stroller Rentals: How to Use Strollers in Disneyland

disneyland stroller rentalsDisneyland Stroller rentals are an absolute must for families with young children. Even if your child seems to be above the regular stroller age, consider using a Disneyland stroller as you will be walking your entire vacation.

Now, let’s look at all the options surrounding Disneyland strollers and my Disneyland stroller tips…

There are three types of strollers for Disneyland:

  1. A stroller you rent for your Disneyland vacation from an outside reseller.
  2. Your own stroller you purchase and bring into Disneyland yourself.
  3. A Disneyland stroller that you rent directly from the parks and use each day.

What size strollers are allowed at Disneyland?

Certain stroller sizes have been deemed too big for use in Disneyland. No stroller larger than 31″ (79cm) wide and 52″ (132cm) long may be used inside Disneyland. Wagons and wagon strollers are also not allowed inside the park.

Disneyland Stroller Rentals Third Party

The best option for a stroller at Disneyland is to rent from a third party that specializes in renting high quality strollers for families.

When you rent from an outside vendor you don’t have to worry about bringing your own stroller, you can take the stroller outside of the theme parks (when you rent from Disney you can’t), and the stroller is delivered directly to your hotel so that it is waiting for you when you arrive.

Rent a Disneyland stroller from an outside vendor! This is the best stroller for Disneyland.

strollers at disneylandI highly recommend the Traveling Baby Company to anyone who needs to rent a stroller for Disneyland. This company has over thirteen years experience providing stroller rentals for Disneyland and beyond. This is the perfect solution for renting your Disneyland stroller.

There are so many benefits to using an outside Disneyland stroller rental.

  1. The stroller is comfortable, unlike the green machine monstrosities that Disneyland rents out (seen below). All third party strollers from our recommended seller are high quality, well kept, and cleaned thoroughly.
  2. You can use the stroller outside of the confines of the Disneyland Resort perimeter. This means, you will not be ending the day and then have to make your child walk the final trek home to the various hotels near Disneyland where you might be staying. You can avoid many a tantrum by letting your child continue to sleep while you walk back to your hotel.
  3. There are double stroller rentals for Disneyland provided by Traveling Baby Company. There are all types of strollers available for rental ranging from jogger strollers to doubles.
  4. When you rent a stroller, it will be delivered directly to your hotel so that it will be waiting for you when you check in. That way you avoid any hassle of getting in line to rent in the parks and you can use it during the walk from your hotel to the parks.
  5. You get a discount! Mickey Visit readers get 10% off their Disneyland stroller rental and Los Angeles stroller rental when you use promo code MV10 when checking out from Traveling Baby Company.

strollers in disneyland

Disneyland Stroller Rental Traveling Baby Company Coupon Code

The simple steps for renting are:

  1. Go to the Traveling Baby Company site
  2. Pick out the products you need for your vacation
  3. Click on the checkout button
  4. Select the zip code of the hotel where you are staying
  5. Enter your length of stay
  6. Fill out delivery preferences and pay
  7. Enter the Traveling Baby Company coupon code MV10 for 10% off

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Bringing Your Own Disneyland Stroller

You are welcome to use your own stroller within Disneyland. There are just a couple of different rules you have to be sure to follow when picking out the stroller to bring with you.

How big can my stroller in Disneyland be?

No stroller used in Disneyland may be larger than 36″ x 52″.

Can you take a wagon into Disneyland?

No wagons are allowed inside of Disneyland. There is a strict rule at Disneyland against anything that guests have to pull behind them. This includes wagons, strollers, and coolers.

On top of these two guidelines to follow, bringing your own stroller to Disneyland can be quite a hassle. When flying to Disneyland, you don’t want to worry about having your stroller. Plus, there are other options that are cheaper.

That’s why you can use…

Disneyland Stroller Rentals

The Disneyland Stroller Rentals shop is located between Disneyland and Disney California Adventure theme parks in the main esplanade.

disneyland stroller rentals

How much does it cost to rent a stroller at Disneyland?

The strollers rented at Disneyland cost $15 per day for one or $25 per day for two strollers. Be sure to keep your receipt, as you can always show it to get a new stroller if you want to leave the one you rented at any point.

They do not have Disneyland double stroller rentals at this shop.

What do Disneyland strollers look like?

These Disneyland stroller rentals are bulky and difficult to push around all day. The wheels will occasionally get stuck, making steering nearly impossible. Not to mention, the seat itself is extremely uncomfortable for children who don’t fit exactly. Also, there is no bar that goes across the front for children to rest their hands on.

disneyland stroller guide

While having the stroller shop right outside Disneyland can be convenient, there is a major downside to renting the stroller at the park.

What is the Disneyland stroller rental weight limit?

The Disneyland strollers have no set weight limit. There is also no set height limit, but there might as well be. If you have a taller child, the stroller will not fit them well.

You may not use the stroller rented from Disneyland outside of the security area that surrounds Disneyland Park, Disney California Adventure Park, and the Downtown Disney district. You must return the stroller back to Disneyland rentals when leaving for the day and pick up another stroller the next time you go into the parks if you need one. That means that you will be without stroller for that long back to your hotel.

You also cannot take the rented stroller on the Disneyland Monorail or Disneyland Railroad.

As you can understand, they do not receive the best Disneyland stroller rental reviews. You can see all Disneyland stroller rental information on the official website

Why You Need a Disneyland Stroller

Not only does bringing a stroller to Disneyland provide a throne for your child to rest in while you take in all the sights, but it also provides an easy escape for your child who might be overwhelmed or exhausted by Disneyland. After spending so much money on Disneyland discount tickets and hotels, you don’t want your day to be cut short because your little ones couldn’t walk any farther.

The stroller in Disneyland provides for an easy rest spot for your child and all the extra belongings you decide to bring into the park. You may want to consider bringing a stroller to Disneyland even if your children are above the regular stroller age simply because the days are long. By the end you will likely wish you could have been pushed around all day.

Disneyland Stroller Tips

disneyland stroller rentals parking

Follow these simple Disneyland stroller rules for using your stroller in Disneyland and you will have an easy trip.

  • Unless you are using your Disneyland stroller as your functioning “wheelchair” for a child with special needs, you must leave the wheelchair outside of all queues and lines for attractions. Strollers may not be used as places for you to sit during shows or while in line.
  • Do not leave stroller unattended. While there are lots of eyes on the lookout serving as security, Disneyland stroller theft does happen sometimes. Never leave valuable objects unattended in your stroller.
  • You are more than welcome to leave your bulky food items and sweaters within the stroller. There is no reason to carry all of these items onto the various Disneyland attractions with you. You will see many people using their strollers as functioning Disneyland lockers throughout the day. Be warned that you will need to unload everything from the stroller to be checked by Disneyland security when entering the park for the day.
  • Be sure to mark the stroller so it is obvious to you and the other families that the stroller is yours and not theirs. If you rent from our recommended Traveling Baby Company, you will already be given a name plate for the stroller. Purchasing a balloon and tying it on the handle is a good way to know exactly where your Disneyland stroller is.
  • It is especially important that you mark your strollers when placing them in big stroller parking areas. Cast Members may have to move your stroller as they are making room for the walkways through the parks. Be aware that you stroller may not be in the exact same spot when you come out of the Disneyland attraction.
  • To avoid having your stroller moved too far from where you left it, only park your stroller in locations that are designated as Disneyland Stroller Parking areas.
  • Strollers are not allowed to be used on escalators around the resort (this mainly pertains to the escalator at the Mickey and Friends Parking Structure and the one in the Disneyland Hotel). Only switch levels with strollers on ramps or elevators.
  • When riding on the parking structure tram, children must be removed from their strollers.
  • There are some times in the park that will get very crowded and congested making it difficult for you to use your stroller. At peak times in crowded areas, like on Main Street during the parade or fireworks, you may want to park the stroller and walk with your child.

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Well, that’s my full guide to using Disneyland strollers. Be sure to checkout the official Disneyland website for more information on all park rules and changing policies.

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