Disneyland Toontown Reopening Date, New Layout, Sneak Peak of Land

Disneyland Toontown is in the process of a full makeover to make the land more grounded in nature, accessible, and up to date. Disney is striving to keep the childhood nostalgia intact in this beloved area while also updating key features of the land to be a more natural play space.

This new development of Disneyland's Toontown also includes the opening of Mickey and Minnie's Runaway Railway– a brand new attraction for Disneyland and the first to feature Mickey Mouse. Mickey and Minnie's Runaway Railway is using a virtual queue along with Individual Lightning Lane access for its initial opening.

Keep reading for everything we know so far about the new Toontown design, first look at the redesign, and opening date information.

Disneyland Toontown Reopening Date

The official reopening date of Mickey's Toontown will be on March 8th 2023! Part of the front half of the land will reopen on January 27, 2023, to allow guests to access the new Mickey and Minnie's Runaway Railway Attraction though the majority of the changes to the land took place in the back part of the land that is not open yet.

Disneyland Toontown First Look

Now that Mickey and Minnie's Runaway Railway is accessible, this reveal includes part of the area of Toontown surrounding the Roger Rabbit Cartoon Spin attraction. Yes, Roger Rabbit's attraction is safe and will still be part of Toontown!

In the image above you can see how Mickey and Minnie's Runaway Railway is situated to the left of Roger Rabbit along with many of the interactive Toontown buildings which have remained in the land. This was a big relief for me personally, as many others I imagine, as these buildings have been a part of Toontown since the 90s. I am glad to see they remained unchanged.

If you look closely, you can see the land has definitely received a touchup especially with the facade behind the new Mickey and Minnie attraction which has been increased in height and repainted.

The quick-service locations will remain and are virtually unchanged. These three quick-service locations offer ice-cream, frozen yogurt, sandwiches, pizza, hot dogs, along with plenty of kids meal options. Glad to see them remain as these walk up windows are great to grab a quick bite when you have kids in your group.

As you can see above, Roger Rabbit's Cartoon Spin is safely intact. The attraction, along with everything else in the area, appears to have been refreshed with new paint.

BEFORE: This is what the Roger Rabbit fountain looked like previously before the Toontown reimagining.

One difference that we can note from this first look at the area by Roger Rabbit is removal of the previous Roger Rabbit fountain (pictured above) that was in this area.

AFTER: What this area in front of the attraction looks like with the Roger Rabbit fountain removed.

The picture above shows how the concrete in this area has been replaced by grass which has been extended out to be more spacious. The space is pretty wide open so it's hard to say now if more will be added to it later or if this is part of that concept described below to incorporate more natural play area into the land. You can see a big difference in the two pictures with the fountain removed, it did take up quite a bit of space in the area. While some may lament the loss of this fountain dedicated to Roger Rabbit, this is a practical move as well on Disney's part to clear up congestion in the area.

To read more about the reimagining of Toontown, keep reading below for all the details we know about the major changes coming to the land and to find out which classics will stay!

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New Disneyland Toontown Details and Commentary

As you'll see below the land will add new play areas and general enhancements to all existing areas of Toontown.

Toontown Disneyland

In the concept art above you can see how much of the land has been transformed to include grassy, green spaces and cuts back on the amount of concrete. More trees have been planted and overall feels more spacious.

CenTOONial Park, one of the New Experiences Coming to Mickey’s Toontown at Disneyland Park in 2023

The first place guests will see when they enter the land will now be CenTOONial Park which will feature two new interactive play experiences. The new fountain will feature water tables designed for sensory experiences while nearby sculpted tree roots provide an place for children to crawl and explore.

I love the look of this new area as it works to replace so much of the concrete with natural, green space. Kids are going to love the design of this sculpted tree and it will be a great place to let your kids run loose while you lounge in the shade. Plus dedicated additions to the fountain for kids to play in! We all know how tempting reaching into those big fountains are for kids and now they're welcome to do it!

Disney also released aerial concept art (pictured above) of Goofy’s How-To-Play Yard which really gives us a sense of the scale of this reimagined area. There is going to be plenty of natural, grassy area to explore which is going to be a welcome change to Toontown. I have many vivid memories of taking my son in this area when he was small in the direct sunlight with the concrete reflecting the heat right back at us and I think many parents (and all guests!) are going to love this move towards shady, natural play areas. Looking closely at the concept art you can see how many trees they have planted and how much space is devoted to grass.. it's going to be a lovely place to relax.

This opening date follows not too far after the official opening date for Mickey and Minnie's Runaway Railway attraction which will open on January 27, 2023 to mark the beginning of Disneyland's celebration of the Disney100 anniversary year.

Disneyland has also announced the retheme for the Gadget's Go Coaster! This nostalgic ride will be themed after Chip ‘n' Dale as it's been transofrmed into Chip ‘n’ Dale’s GADGETcoaster “where Mickey’s Toontown’s favorite tinkerer, Gadget Hackwrench, has created a one-of-a-kind, fun-sized coaster for the town’s tiniest citizens.”

It's likely that the ride will likely stay the same but with just elements of Chip ‘n' Dale incorporated into the theme. This makes sense since we needed to see a presence for Chip ‘n' Dale in Toontown with the loss of their treehouse! Many guests lamented that loss but I think with the addition of Goofy's How-to-Play-Yard, especially as such a large space devoted to play, this will all balance out just fine. I am happy to see Chip ‘n' Dale featured and I'm glad they still kept a connection to Gadget!

Artist Concept for: Donald’s Boat

Donald’s Boat as seen above has “crashed in the duck pond of Goofy's home!” Around Donald’s Duck Pond are larger-than-life spinning water lilies, balance beams and rocking toys that will keep adventurous kids busy along with a splash pad to keep kids busy.

This is going to be a welcome addition to bring water into the play spaces in Toontown. Any parent that has heard the motto “Put them in water or take them outside” will appreciate this space. Nothing truly replaces the joy of kids in water and it's great to see how Donald's Boat will allow a splash pad (look to the right of the image above) for kids to enjoy. This is also a great addition since kids lost that water slash pad in the former Bugs Land (now Avengers Campus) when it was replaced. Parents might want to pack spare clothes if they want to let their kids get drenched in the splash pads during their Disneyland day!

These new experiences will join existing favorites like Roger Rabbit’s Car Toon Spin, Mickey’s House, and Minnie’s House. Mickey’s Toontown will reopen March 8th 2023.

Frequently Asked Questions

There have been a few common questions we've been receiving about the new Disneyland Toontown layout including some of the most common below:

Is Roger Rabbit's Cartoon Spin Closing?

No, Roger Rabbit's Cartoon Spin will remain open. This has been confirmed by Disney and you can see the attraction is still available for guests to access now that access to Mickey and Minnie's Runaway Railway is available.

When will Roger Rabbit's Cartoon Spin open?

There has been no official reopening date announced. Currently, you can access the attraction with the area that has been opened by Mickey and Minnie's Runaway Railway. Disney could be waiting to reopen it until the land official reopens to help congestion in the area.

Is Disney changing Mickey and Minnie's houses?

No, the staples of Toontown will not receive any major changes although I would not be surprised if we see paint and other details freshened up.

When does Toontown reopen? 

Toontown officially reopens on March 8th 2023.

How can I ride Mickey and Minnie's Runaway Railway?

The new Mickey and Minnie's Runaway Railway attraction is using a virtual queue and individual Lightning Lane access.

Bugs Land Toontown bench

And of course, the question of the day… is the Bugs Land bench going to remain? No one knows that answer for sure but I hope it does! It was a nice callback to Bugs Land in California Adventure (which closed in 2018) which was another place focused around smaller kids.. just like Toontown.

Disneyland Toontown Design Layout

You can see the concept art brought to life in this model from the original look at Toontown's reveal at the most recent D23 Expo including the addition of Mickey & Minnie's Runaway Railway!

The new Toontown design is going to be more interactive for children and adults alike while also bringing in a more natural focus with plenty of grassy areas to enjoy in the shade. It's also designed to be more inclusive of children with special needs!

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