Star Wars at Disneyland: May the 4th, Star Wars Nite, Star Wars Rides

There are many things Star Wars related to enjoy at the Disneyland Resort including Star Wars: Galaxy's Edge! Between character interactions, shopping and shows there's plenty to keep even the most avid Star Wars fan happy.

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Celebrate May the Fourth at Disneyland 2022Image result for Hyperspace Mountain

Each year the Disneyland celebrates the official Star Wars holiday- May the 4th be with you- on May 4th. You can typically expect special offerings to celebrate Star Wars such as:

Hyperspace Mountain

Enjoy the popular Hyperspace Mountain overlay for Space Mountain which is NOW available and will run until July 4th!

Captain Phasma & Stormtroopers

Catch Captain Phasma and a legion of Stormtroopers in Tomorrowland throughout the day

Special Food Offerings

Throughout the month of May and June, you can find new food items at Galactic Grill in Tomorrowland and throughout Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge including:

  • New Bubo Wamba Family Farms Cup (Milk Stand, Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge)
  • Blue Milk: Mon Cala Swirl (Milk Stand, Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge)
  • Parfait of Mustafar (Galactic Grill, Tomorrowland)
  • Ishi Tib-style Pasta with Braised Beef Banthak (Docking Bay 7 Food & Cargo, Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge)
  • Sullust Garlic Chips (Jat Kaa’s Coolers, Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge)

Plus you can also find special Star Wars themed treats to celebrate May 4th in the Disneyland foodie guide listed below!

Exclusive Star Wars Merchandise

Find some exclusive merchandise or limited edition pins plus a new Star Wars legacy lightsaber will be replaced on May 4th on Shop Disney and in Star Wars: Galaxy's Edge!

Star Wars Nite

Enjoy special Disneyland After Dark: Star Wars Nite events! (Sold out!)

Photo Ops 

You can find the replica of the palace throne from “The Book of Boba Fett.” in Tomorrowland along with a photo op that recreates a moment in season two of “The Mandalorian,” when Grogu connected with the Force at the ancient Jedi temple on Tython.

Disney will also be featuring limited-time Magic Shots featuring Stormtroopers and K-2SO in Tomorrowland with another featuring Grogu on your way to Batuu. Just look for the PhotoPass photographers to find these special touches to add to your photos!

Keep reading for more details about everything Star Wars you can find at the Disneyland Resort in May 2022!

Star Wars May 4th Foodie Guide

Docking Bay 7 Food and Cargo (available on Mobile Order)

  • Ishi Tib-style Pasta with Braised Beef Bantha: Beef pot roast, coconut curry sauce, pasta, and mixed vegetables (New)
  • Vintian Mineral Mousse: Banana brûlée-centered dark chocolate mousse, strawberry mousse, vanilla chantilly, chocolate crumble, and cherry garnish
Outpost Mix from Kat Saka’s Kettle

Kat Saka’s Kettle  

  • Outpost Mix: Colorful blend of seasonal flavors including caramel and chocolate-glazed popcorn
  • Shaak Cheese Popped Grains: white cheddar flavored popcorn
Chocolate Chip Sweet-Sand Cookie and Blue Milk from Milk Stand

Milk Stand (available on Mobile Order)

  • Chocolate Chip Sweet-Sand Cookie: Chocolate chip-toffee cookie topped with pistachios and sea salt (New)
  • Blue Milk – Mon Cala Swirl: Blue Milk with blue mango sour jellies topped with a sour shimmery mango gel (New)
  • Novelty: Bubo Wamba Family Farms Cup (New)
Five-blossom Bread from Oga’s Cantina

Oga’s Cantina  

  • Five-blossom Bread: Warm pretzel knot with Hawaiian black sea salt served with honey-mustard cream foam and Calabrian cheese sauce (New)
  • Fondor Fizz: Toniray Teal Chardonnay, Tito’s Vodka, and Joffrey’s White Tea with flavors of lemongrass and pea flower citrus (New)
  • Sesid Seltzer: Tropical Pineapple-Orange Hard Seltzer (New)
  • Black Squadron Lager – Golden Lager with a touch of Honey (New)
Sullust Garlic Chips from Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge Beverage Cart

Star WarsGalaxy’s Edge Beverage Cart

  • Sullust Garlic Chips: Mix of Buffalo and White Cheddar-flavored Garlic Chips
Parfait of Mustafar from Galactic Grill

Disneyland Park – Tomorrowland and Main Street, U.S.A

Galactic Grill (available on Mobile Order)

  • Parfait of Mustafar: Chocolate lava cake, chocolate ganache, and red pâte à choux filled with salted caramel pudding and red chocolate mousse (New)

Candy Palace and Candy Kitchen

  • Grogu Apple: Granny Smith apple dipped in caramel with marshmallow ears and enrobed in colored white chocolate and gold sanding sugar (available while supplies last)
Star Wars Sugar Cookie and Wookiee Cookie from Holiday Cart

Disney’s Grand Californian Hotel & Spa

Holiday Cart

  • Star Wars Sugar Cookie dipped in chocolate with Star Wars decoration (available through May 10) (New)
  • Wookiee Cookie: Chocolate-hazelnut-filled chocolate cookie rolled in sprinkles with a chocolate sash (New)
  • Pretzel Lightsabers: Pretzel sticks dipped in white chocolate with colored sanding sugar (New)

Be sure to check out this display in the lobby of Disney’s Grand Californian Hotel and Spa made from edible ingredients like crisped rice and fondant. This showpiece depicts the Millennium Falcon arriving in Black Spire Outpost and was created by the in-house Disney culinary team.

Grogu Apple from Marceline’s Confectionery

Downtown Disney District

Marceline’s Confectionery (available on Mobile Order)

  • Grogu Apple: Granny Smith apple dipped in caramel with marshmallow ears and enrobed in colored white chocolate and gold sanding sugar (available while supplies last)

Black Tap Craft Burgers & Shakes (available through May 31)

  • Light Classic Shake: Electric blue vanilla shake, silver and blue galaxy sprinkles, whipped cream, and chocolate drizzle (New)
  • Dark Classic Shake: Wild cherry shake, red and black sprinkles, whipped cream, chocolate drizzle, and a cherry (New)
Collage of May the 4th treats from Downtown Disney

Splitsville Luxury Lanes (available through May 31)

  • Galaxy Roll: Fresh salmon, cucumber, and avocado rolled in soy paper topped with steamed shrimp and ahi tuna drizzled with spicy kimchi ponzu sauce

Kayla’s Cake (available through May 31)

  • Galaxy Caramel Macaron: Satisfy two cravings at once with sea salt caramel with white chocolate ganache

Naples Ristorante e Bar (available through May 31)

  • Red Galaxy Cocktail: Light rum, peach schnapps, pineapple juice, squeezed lime, squeezed honey, and a splash of grenadine served on the rocks and topped with mint (New)
  • Green Moon Cocktail: Served with either tequila or mezcal, Anchor Reyes, canton ginger, lemon juice, a squeeze of honey syrup, and topped with soda water served in a hurricane glass garnished with green pepper and lime (New)

Ralph Brennan’s Jazz Kitchen (available through May 31)

Dueling Fates (New)

  • Empire cocktail with Cruzan citrus rum, blue Curacao, lime juice, and Sprite
    • Rebel cocktail with Effen cucumber Vodka, watermelon Torani, and Sprite
Collage of treats offered during Disneyland After Dark: Star Wars Nite

Disneyland After Dark: Star Wars Nite (SOLD OUT)

If you’ve already purchased tickets to one of the sold-out Disneyland After Dark: Star Wars Nite events, there are plenty of delicious treats for you to try! Be transported to another world with eats and sips like the Cantina Snack Dog from Refreshment Corner Hosted by Coca-Cola or the incredibly delicious Purple Saber Funnel Cake from Stage Door Café. For a dark side twist on a classic tale, try The Dark Stuff from Red Rose Taverne. Or if you take a trip to the French Market Restaurant throughout the night, you have to try the Dathomirian Cannelloni. Whatever you want to try, make sure to bring your appetite!

Disneyland After Dark: Star Wars NiteDisneyland After Dark Event Series Continues May 3 with Star Wars Nite | Disney Parks Blog

Disneyland After Dark: Star Wars Nite is a special after hours event at Disneyland. These tickets are now SOLD OUT for the 2022 events but this popular after hours event typically takes place in May to celebrate May the 4th.

May 3, 4 and 27, 2022, at Disneyland Park

Star Wars Nite will be the ultimate Star Wars extravaganza, packed with galactic fun on three separate nights at Disneyland park in May 2022. Highlights of Star Wars Nite include:

  • An amazing pyrotechnical spectacle that will illuminate the skies with a Star Wars-themed fireworks show
  • March of the First Order, featuring Captain Phasma and her elite unit of Stormtroopers
  • A Galactic dance party
  • Sightings of various Star Wars characters throughout the evening
  • Star Wars-themed attractions, usually with shorter wait times
  • Star Wars-themed eats and treats, merchandise, photo opportunities, and more
  • Plus, early admission to Disneyland park starting at 6 p.m., no theme park reservation required

Stay tuned for our review of this after hours event!

Star Wars: Galaxy's Edge

The Star Wars themed land has been a huge hit with the Millennium Falcon and Rise of the Resistance attractions, dining, shopping, and unique Star Wars experiences like Oga's Cantina and Savi's Lightsaber Workshop!

Star Wars: Galaxy's Edge takes place on a new remote planet called Batuu. This planet is rough and tumble, themed to an outer frontier trading post in the Outer Rim Territories just before Wild Space. Although this planet is not specifically mentioned in the movies, it is said to have existed for thousands of years. The village on the planet of Batuu is the main focus of this new land with the shops and dining options called Black Spire Outpost.

Star Wars fans must not miss out on this new land by reading our full guide to Star Wars: Galaxy's Edge including ride reviews, full food reviews and a photo tour of all the experiences!

Disneyland Star Wars Rides

Everything on this list is extremely popular- we recommend an early start to your day so you don't miss out on everything from a galaxy far, far away!

Star Tours- The Adventures ContinueInside view of Star Tours with C3PO looking out at the room

Since it's original opening in 1987 and conversion in 2010, Star Tours has been known as a classic Tomorrowland attraction. Star Tours-The Adventures Continue is a 3D simulator attraction that takes you through multiple scenarios and adventures in the Star Wars universe.  What's awesome about this ride is that every time you ride it, there's a chance for a different experience!

Millennium Falcon: Smuggler's Run

The Millennium Falcon: Smuggler's Run attraction pulls together six guests to pilot the Millennium Falcon. Each guests is assigned to one of three roles: pilot, engineer or gunner. Guests will get the chance to fly the biggest hunk of junk in the galaxy as they secure a shipment for Hondo Ohnaka. But if you damage the falcon… you won't get as large of a payment for your hard work!

Rise of the ResistanceStar Wars: Rise of the Resistance

This incredible trackless ride takes place during an epic battle between the First Order and Resistance with massive real-life sets and Audio-Animatronics setting the scene. In fact, Rise of the Resistance is such a big deal that we've compiled a huge guide devoted entirely to this new e-ticket attraction and how to ride it. Guests feel like they are hurtling through a massive Star Destroyer as they are being pursued by the First Order. In one scene riders face massive two story tall AT-AT figures and dodge through their legs below. In another scene, guests come face to face with Kylo Ren in an interrogation. This is a must do for Star Wars fans!

Star Wars Shopping at Disneyland

The village of Black Spire Outpost in Star Wars: Galaxy's Edge consists of small storefronts that are stuffed with props to make them appear like vendor stalls. Each shop has an elaborate backstory and is run by a colorful character from the Star Wars universe.

The merchandise aims to be completely immersive by making it look like it was either hand-sewn by locals, put together from spare parts in a droid junkyard, or collected from high profile Star Wars locations in the galaxy.

Shops you can find in the marketplace area of Star Wars: Galaxy's Edge include:

  • The Creature Stall
  • Black Spire Outpost
  • The Toydarian Toymaker
  • The Jewels of Bith

Dok-Ondar’s Den of Antiquities

The theme of Dok-Ondar's Den of Antiquities is that of a rare collector selling items that represent various eras of the Star Wars universe such as ancient Jedi and Sith artifacts, lightsabers, holocrons, and more.

Droid Depot

The Droid Depot is where guests can build their own personal droids that will act as their friends throughout Black Spire Outpost. Guests can build their own R-series or BB-series droids along with other droid varieties. These droids will be capable of interacting with the immersive elements of Batuu making them a popular merchandise option. Read our full review of Droid Depot to see why we loved this experience.

Savi's Workshop

This is where you can come to build your lightsabers! This secretive group of people who run this shop, the Gathers, have dedicated their lives to restoring balance in the galaxy by passing on their knowledge of the Jedi and the Force. Read my full review to see if the price tag of the this experience is worth it!

First Order Cargo

If the First Order is your style, guests can display their allegiance and choose among gear and supplies that the 709th Legion brought with them to First Order Cargo.

Resistance Supply

Guests can find gear that showcases their Resistance loyalty with clothing, badges, and more at the Resistance Supply. The Resistance Supply is located in the Resistance Forest area of the land near what will be the entrance to the Rise of the Resistance attraction.

Star Traders in TomorrowlandStar Trader at night in Disneyland

Star Traders in Tomorrowland is also home to an abundance of Star Wars merchandise. This is the store that you exit out of when you get off the attraction Star Tours. While the shop also includes general Disneyland merchandise, a significant amount of the store is devoted to Star Wars.

Star Wars Shopping Downtown Disney

You can also find Star Wars merchandise in Downtown Disney including access to items you would normally find in Star Wars: Galaxy's Edge!

Star Wars Trading PostThe store front of Star Wars Trading Post

Disney has converted the old Rainforest Cafe building into a Star Wars shop themed to look like a hidden jungle Resistance base. Inside the store you can find all the Star Wars merchandise you could typically find in Star Wars: Galaxy's Edge along with gear inspired by The Mandalorian.

Star Wars Launch BayEntrance to Star Wars Launch Bay with Star Wars writing on the floor

Star Wars Launch Bay is still unavailable but will likely reopen at a later date. We will update this guide when we have more information on the future of Star Wars Launch Bay!

The Star Wars Launch Bay is the mothership for all things Star Wars at the Disneyland Resort. Located right next to Space Mountain in Tomorrowland this is a great place to take a break from the heat in the afternoon. This attraction is all indoors and air conditioned so this is a great place to go for an afternoon break.

Currently, they are showing a huge exhibition of themed displays that show guests behind-the-scenes of Star Wars: The Last Jedi. There are many galleries to look at that show actual props borrowed from Lucasfilm and replicas created just for the Star Wars Launch Bay. It is every Star Wars fan's dream come true. Not only are there galleries of themed displays but there are also settings inspired by the films that fans can take photo ops in.

The Launch Bay typically has documentaries on various Star Wars topics. Currently, they are showing a documentary on the Force and the creative time behind the Star Wars movies. There is also a video game area with the latest Star Wars games so fans can test out their skills!

Characters in Star Wars Launch Bay

Luckily for Star Wars fans, most of our favorite characters are found in one place. We have tracked down every character and a rough estimation of their appearance locations and times. As always, we recommend you download the Disneyland app to help you track character times and appearances!

ChewbaccaChewbacca in launch bay

You can find Chewbacca meeting guests in the Star Wars Launch Bay: Light Side. Chewy is one of the most reliable character meet and greets as he is typically occupying this space throughout the day and evening.

Darth VaderDarth Vader with his hand raised

You can find Darth Vader intimidating guests in the Star Wars Launch Bay: Dark Side. Keep in mind this Darth Vader is VERY in character- he might be a bit scary for little ones. He is also a reliable character experience meeting guests throughout the day and evening.

ReyRey looking to the side

Rey is a new character experience this summer at the Disneyland Resort and because of that she has been VERY popular. Not to worry, though, so far her character times have been quite consistent throughout the day. You can find her in the Star Wars Launch Bay: Light Side.

Kylo RenKylo Ren looking into camera

Kylo Ren, just like Darth Vader, is a bit intimidating in person. Keep that in mind for the real small kiddos and make sure they can handle his imposing presence. You can meet him at the Star Wars Launch Bay: Dark Side at various times throughout the day. Make sure to keep an eye on the app!

 Boba FettBoba Fett standing in front the Cantina

Boba Fett is a bit harder to track down as his character times are random throughout the day. Keep an eye on the app to get a chance to meet him! Often his times do not last long and his lines form quickly. You can typically find him in the Star Wars Launch Bay.

Captain Phasma and StormtroopersCaptain Phasma and stormtroopers walking towards camera

One of the most popular character additions in Tomorrowland is the entrance of Captain Phasma and her crew of Stormtroopers walking along to the Imperial March. Captain Phasma typically won't stop for photo ops, at least as we've seen so far, but the stormtroopers wandering around Tomorrowland usually will.

Jedi Training: Trials of the TempleDarth Vader on the stage during Jedi Training

This show has been discontinued and we are unsure if this experience will return. Keep checking back for details!

If you have kids aged 4-12 then do NOT let them miss out on this awesome experience. At the Jedi Academy, little jedis will be trained, robed, and outfitted with lightersabers as they prepare to duel Darth Vader, the Seventh Sister, or Kylo Ren. This experience is fantastic and kids love it. And the adults are so envious! Even if you don't have kids participating, it's a great show to watch.

Here is how this experience pans out:

  1. Register your kiddo immediately at park opening to make sure they get a spot. If you're following our early morning strategy, do this first and continue throughout your day. Registration takes place on the side of Star Wars Launch Bay closest to Autotopia. You will see the signs with a choice of times for the day. Times vary between 9AM-5PM. Pick whichever works best with your crew. The sooner you get there- the more likely your kid snags a spot and the better choice of times you get!
  2. Come back at the time given to you on the piece of paper from the cast member. Don't lose this paper!
  3. The cast members will robe your kiddos and get them prepared with their lightsabers. There will be many PhotoPass pictures taken for this experience so make sure to get a PhotoPass card from the photographers.
  4. Once your kid is situated with the cast members, go grab your seat! The stage is located right next to the Galactic Grill. The kids are separated from the general crowd with the cast members so they are in good hands. Don't miss out on getting that front row view!
  5. Once the show starts, cast members/Jedi Masters will bring the kids out and get them organized. They will lead them through some practice lightsaber moves before they are interrupted by a dramatic entrance from some Sith lords.
  6. This is when your kiddo will get their chance to battle Darth Vader, Kylo Ren, or the Seventh Sister. The cast members do a great job with the kids to make sure they know what to do and are comfortable with the experience. All you have to do is sit back and watch the show!

Child battling Darth Vader with lightsaber

This experience is fantastic. If you have kids in this age range, don't miss out! Afterwards they'll be given a cool button to keep and lots of photos of their epic battle with the Dark Side. This is a definite must if you have Star Wars fans! Check out our most recent experience with this training here. 

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