Savi’s Workshop Review: Should You Splurge on a Lightsaber in Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge?

Savi's Workshop is where you can design and build your own lightsaber in Star Wars: Galaxy's Edge. This secretive group of people who run this shop, the Gathers, have dedicated their lives to restoring balance in the galaxy by passing on their knowledge of the Jedi and the Force. Many guests often balk at the high price tag of $219.99 per lightsaber so our Savi's Workshop review is here to help you decide if it's a price investment that will be worth it for your group!

Savi's Workshop Review- Reservation Process

For guests visiting Savi's Workshop reservations are required! Here is everything you need to know about making a reservation to Savi's Workshop at Disneyland and Walt Disney World. This experience has been highly popular and reservations are recommended.

  • A credit card number is required at the time of booking. A $219.99 per lightsaber no-show fee per builder will be applied to such credit card if you fail to check in for your reservation. No cancellations are allowed for same day reservations. You will have to cancel 24 hours in advance to avoid being charged.
  • Savi's Workshop takes reservations up to 60 days in advance- you can make your reservation online or through the Disneyland app.
  • Guests should arrive no later than 20 minutes prior to their reservation time at the check-in location in front of Savi's Workshop.
  • Be prepared to present your reservation confirmation email, photo ID and the credit card provided at the time of booking the reservation.
  • You will be able to bring two non-paying guests into the experience with one paying builder.

The workshop Master guides guests to customize and build their own lightsabers and teach them the ways of the Jedi. Guests will choose four disciplines: Power and Justice, Power and Control, Elemental and Nature, or Protection and Defense. After that, they will choose their kyber crystal. Once those choices have been made, the workshop Master will give you a set of 10 lightsaber pieces to combine to create your custom lightsaber.

This is more than the average shopping option but a full immersive experience that will truly make any Padawan feel that they've stepped into the Star Wars universe. The shop only holds 14 builders at a time and the experience is 15 minutes long.

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Lightsaber Design Choices and The Story of Savi's WorkshopSavi's Workshop Review- lightsabers

Once the Gatherers know you are to be trusted, they will be willing to share their great collection of stories, kyber crystals, and other sabar parts from around the galaxy. These ‘Keepers of the Force' are ready to pass down the knowledge to those visiting Batuu. The character the shop is named after, Savi, was one of the original Gatherers and a friend to Lor San Tekka (whom we briefly met in the beginning of Star Wars: A Force Awakens) and his salvage business is a front to hide his mission of guiding the next generation of Force wielders.

Lightsaber Themes and Options

In addition to this immersive character building in this shop, Disney has revealed the four themes of lightsabers that guests can build such as:

Peace and Justice: Salvaged from fallen Jedi temples and crashed starships, these lightsaber pieces were created for Force wielders of the Republic era. The simple designs reflect the commitment to the devout life of those whom they were created by – the Jedi Order – the once guardians of peace and justice in the galaxy.

Power and Control: Reclaimed from the ashes of the rumored Sith homeworld and abandoned Sith temples, these lightsaber pieces were originally forged by the Sith of their time. Characterized by sharp and strong forms, these pieces showcase the brutality and relentlessness of the Sith’s insatiable desire for power and control.

Elemental Nature: As we have been told, The Force is an energy field created by all living things; it surrounds us, penetrates us and binds the galaxy together. These lightsaber pieces are born of that same Force. They are as unique as the user and as the elements of nature: the wood from a Brylark tree, a bone of the Cartusion whale or even a tooth from a Rancor.

Protection and Defense: Cultivated from a time forgotten, these earliest lightsaber pieces contain designs and inscriptions that are shrouded in mystery. Believed to be created for protection and defense, conferring anonymity and symbolizing emotional detachment, a lightsaber made from these pieces reconnects the user with the most ancient wellspring of the Force.

Full pricing of these lightsabers: 

  • $219.99 per lightsaber, plus tax
  • Carry case included
  • Additional customization items can be purchased at Dok-Ondar’s Den of Antiquities
  • Age Recommendation: 5+
  • Custom lightsabers are nonrefundable and are not eligible for Annual Passholder or other discounts
  • The Savi’s Workshop – Handbuilt Lightsabers experience is subject to availability and reservations may be required
  • If reservations are required, late arrivals may not be accommodated

And here are all the pieces of the lighstaber that you will make up your new lightsaber:

  • kyber crystal, which is available in red, blue, green or violet.
  • 1 hilt
  • 4 sleeves (pick 2)
  • 2 emitters (pick 1)
  • 2 pommel caps (pick 1)
  • 2 sets of activation plates and switches (pick 1 set)

Upon hilt completion, the unused parts will be collected by the Gatherers and returned to Savi’s inventory. These are not included with your lightsaber package.

Finally, the Gatherers will masterfully connect your hilt to a 36” lightsaber blade so you’re ready for anything the galaxy puts in your path! Keep reading to see why this worth the hype in our Savi's Workshop review!

Savi's Workshop Review

I did the Savi's Workshop experience with a group of dedicated Star Wars fans this past summer at the Disneyland Resort and it was like a spiritual experience! Here is my Savi's Workshop review to help you get an idea of what this experience is like.

The Savi's Workshop experience is hands down one of my favorite things we did in Star Wars: Galaxy's Edge! I made a reservation on the Disneyland website for my group- I decided to do the reservation for evening so that way when we emerged with our lightsabers it would be dark so they'd be glowing extra bright for photos.

Savi's Workshop Review

This is where you will check in for the experience

The check in process was pretty simple, we checked in, and then proceeded to each pay for our lightsabers. Even though my card was used to guarantee the reservation, it wasn't required to use that same card to purchase all of the lightsabers. We were easily able to pay individually and I paid for mine with a Disney gift card.

Savi's Workshop Review

At the check out, the options for the different lightsabers are displayed. You can also look in the bins located next to the stand before you pay.

When you get to the register, you will be asked to pick your type of lightsaber so make sure you're ready to make that decision. You will be given the corresponding pin that matches your lightsaber choice and be led to the waiting area with your group.

Savi's Workshop Review

I chose the elemental nature.

Savi's Workshop Review

The corresponding pin for my elemental nature lightsaber.

Savi's Workshop Review

The card I was given to give to the cast member in the waiting area I was led to next.

Savi's Workshop Review

The waiting area to enter the workshop is gated off- you won't be allowed to enter until the group before you goes in and you've paid for your lightsabers.

When it's time to enter, one of the cast members will come retrieve everyone. This is where the immersion truly begins- the cast member we had was so perfectly in character and remained in character for every single moment of the experience. After we reassured her we weren't working for the First Order and were indeed, just here for ‘scraps,' she led us all inside.

Savi's Workshop Review

Notice the details as you walk in.

Savi's Workshop Review

The light is really dim with low lights above and candles lit along the walls.

Once inside the room we were able to all get our spots at the table and I easily felt that we had enough room. My son had plenty of space to hang out behind me with his droid. Because I had already fully researched my type of lightsaber (I chose Elemental) and the pieces, I had already made up mind on what I wanted so I was done building mine before many of the other people.

Savi's Workshop Review

The cast members in this experience are fantastic!

Savi's Workshop Review

The table area where you build your lightsabers.

That was okay as I had plenty of time to take in the details of the room. They keep it darkly lit with candles (made out of Tauntaun wax, they told us) surrounding the walls and the cast member leading the experience imparts upon you the wisdom of the force and the responsibility of wielding the legendary lightsaber. It was amazing and was quite easy enough to close your eyes and pretend for a moment that you are a Jedi!

Savi's Workshop Review

You chose your kyber crystal first- I picked purple.

Savi's Workshop Review

The pieces you don't use are not included in your purchase- the cast member takes them away after.

Savi's Workshop Review

My finished work of art.

I won't spoil too much of the experience, watch the video at the end of my Savi's Workshop review if you want that, but the moment when your lightsabers light up is truly magical. Be ready to shed a tear, if you're a hardcore Star Wars fan like our group is. The experience altogether took about 30 minutes including the time to check in. Once it's finished, they give each of you a carrying case for the lightsaber and you're sent on your way!

Savi's Workshop Review- Star Wars: Galaxy's Edge

I'm not gonna lie, I felt pretty darn cool walking around with mine. Here's one of the poses with the lightsabers the PhotoPass photographers may suggest you do- they also had me do mine holding it straight up in the air, one with my back facing the camera looking at it ‘Rey style,' and many group pictures of all of us holding them in various poses.

Frequently Asked QuestionsSavi's Workshop Review

Are they worth the $200 price? Well, I think that depends on the person. For me as a hardcore Star Wars fan and someone who has gone to conventions and already collects Star Wars items, it was a must. The quality is amazing and on par with many of the high grade lightsabers you will find at comic cons and similar conventions. In fact, it's actually a good price compared to those and much more affordable. I plan on displaying it on my wall along with my other collectibles.

Should I buy them for children? Again, that depends. If money is no object, then why not! But the hilts are heavy metal and they definitely are heavier to wield than the general plastic toy. I did not purchase one for my son this visit and instead opted to get him a droid. When he turns 10 next year, I told him he'd get one then. But every parent is different- just know that they are heavy for smaller kids to try and hold.

Can I bring them on the airplane? The airlines have officially said that they consider the lightsabers to be ‘carry on' items. They easily fit in overhead bins. On our flight in the SNA airport, the airline didn't even look twice at mine (even though our basic economy ticket via United doesn't allow any carry ons) and I was even able to put it at my feet during the flight since I removed the hilt prior to boarding. TSA was also easy to go through, again they didn't look twice. I think if you're flying out of the SNA or LAX airports, they've already seen quite a few at this point. I wouldn't stress too much about it! It definitely will not fit in many suitcases because even after the hilt removed the blade is 34 inches long.

How long did it take? From the time of check in to completion it was about 30 minutes total.

Are they good quality? Yes, they absolutely are! If you do a little research about the typical cost of lighstaber replicas from Star Wars fan websites or comic cons you'll see that the price of these lightsabers is actually pretty cheap (I know, I know) in comparison to others you can find.

How many people can watch me build a lighstaber? Each paying guest building a lighstaber can bring in two non-paying guests to watch the experience.

Does the card I put down to hold the reservation have to be the one used to purchase the lightsaber? A credit/debit card is required to hold the reservation but when you can arrive you can pay with any payment method you want. I was able to use my card to hold the reservation for four people and then we all paid individually.

Will they fit in lockers? Can I bring them on rides? No they don't fit in lockers and some rides you will not be able to carry them on. Cast members are well versed now in handling this and for the rides we weren't able to carry them on, like Matterhorn, we were able to do a ‘Rider Swap' to ensure we all got to ride. If you build them earlier in the day I do recommend taking the time to run it back to your hotel because they are hard to carry around with you.

Savi's Workshop Review- Tips and TricksSavi's Workshop Review

  • If you're like me and have a hard time making up your mind on the spot at experiences like these- research the designs online first. They do give you at least ten minutes to build your saber but if you've never seen the designs until that moment it may not feel like enough time. I felt pretty prepared after looking at numerous pictures of all the designs before we came so I had my heart set on the elemental nature one and the specific choices in that design itself.
  • Stay off your phone and be in the moment for this experience. I'm lucky that I had my son, photographer extraordinaire, taking pictures for me for our site so I could focus on the moment.
  • Allow some time afterwards to go take some PhotoPass photos with your lightsabers. The photographers were great with our group and took tons of pictures with lots of cool poses in front of the Millennium Falcon.
  • Be aware that the lightsabers do not fit in the lockers and you will have to carry them afterwards if you don't plan on returning to the hotel. The cast members at the Matterhorn Bobsleds let us ‘Rider Switch' with ours so we went in turns while half the group rode and the other half held them and then we swapped. When it came to Big Thunder Mountain, the cast members didn't even say anything and they fit fine at the bottom of the ride vehicle. They were a pain to carry around though but since we did them at the end of the day it wasn't a big deal.

Overall, it was a fantastic experience and easily one of my most favorite parts of my visit to Star Wars: Galaxy's Edge. I mounted my lightsaber on the wall (you can easily find cheap ones on Amazon) and it makes for great display. And when we go to comic cons, I can easily incorporate it into my Jedi outfits. (I said I was nerdy, right?)

Full Savi's Workshop Experience Video with Spoilers

If you're looking to see a play by play of the whole experience, filled with spoilers, check out the video below:

I never recommend watching videos of experiences like this before your visit so if you can manage, try to go in with as little spoilers as possible to get the full effect! Regardless, we hope our Savi's Workshop review helped give you a good idea of what to expect and if this experience is worth the splurge for you!

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