11 Steps to Save 10% On All Disney Purchases

Last update March 30th 2018 Save up to 10% off on any Disney gift card. Then, use this gift card to purchase anything you want on Disney property. Example: pay $90 for a $100 Disney gift card, then use the gift card to purchase $100 worth of stuff.

This is huge…

Through all of the applications thrown at us for new credit cards and discount deals, there is a specific strategy that has emerged to work the system and get Disney gift cards for about 10% off. These gift cards can then be used to purchase anything on from Disney. Meaning Disneyland, Walt Disney World, the Disney Store, or any other location where Disney Gift Cards are accepted. 

The process below does NOT save you as much money on tickets as our exclusive discount do. Read more about our exclusive discount Disneyland ticket prices and discount Disney World ticket prices.

UPDATE 3/30/18: A reader has warned us that when they attempted to use their Target gift card as outlined below to purchase Disney gift cards online they were unable to. The process should still work if you use the gift card in store. The regulations change frequently, so be sure to check in with Target.com support before making the purchase on Raise.com as outlined below.

In essence this process will require you to have a Target Red Card so you get 5% off al purchases on Target.com, purchase a discount Target gift card from Raise.com (discount information below), and then use that Target gift card to purchase a Disney gift card from the Target website. Once you are done you should have saved around 10% off your Disney Gift Card.

This is a little bit complicated, so…

Just follow the step-by-step guide below to receive this discount on your Disney gift cards. 

  1. Register for the Target Red Card, either Credit or Debit works.
  2. Register for a Raise.com account (and get a free $5 referral bonus when you register with this link).
  3. Now, search for Target gift cards and filter by the percentage of the discount. A good value of discount on the gift card saving is about 3.5%.
  4. Add gift cards to the check out basket. Enter coupon code RAISE75AF during check out to save an additional $5 off every $75 purchase.
  5. After paying the order, the gift cards will be emailed to you.
  6. Now, go to Target .com and sign in. Your Red Card should already be connected to your account.
  7. This connection between your Red Card and Target .com account entitles you to 5% off of all gift cards even if you don’t use the Red Card as payment.
  8. Now, find the Disney gift cards on the Target website and add them to your cart.
  9. Enter the information from the Target gift card you just purchased from Raise.com as your payment information. (You should have received this information in your email.)
  10. After you enter your Target gift card info, the 5% off discount should be applied to the purchase. Make sure to verify the details as the Target website can sometimes drop the discount. In this case, try refreshing the page, reentering the gift card info, and then if nothing works contact customer support.
  11. Now, hit submit and you will have just saved 8.5-10% off of your Disney gift card purchase. To increase your savings, purchase the initial Target gift card with a credit card that has a high rewarding loyalty program.

Before purchasing the gift cards, plan out your budget for meals and souvenirs. These gift cards effectively give you a discount on anything purchased at the resort. Anything not used on the gift cards can be used at a Disney Store or during a future vacation. You really can't go wrong with this Disney Gift card money saving strategy. 

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