Avengers Campus: Photos, Videos, Full Avengers Campus Review

Avengers Campus at Disney California Adventure is a Marvel-themed land including the newest Spider-man ride, long-time favorite Guardians of the Galaxy attraction, Marvel character meet and greets, and themed dining and shopping.

The Avengers Campus area is always evolving and changing with the latest Marvel Studios film and television series. Plus Disney is in the planning stages to add a new e-ticket ride to the area which would expand the land and its popularity. Keep reading for our full review of Avengers Campus at Disneyland plus all the current news on experiences coming soon to the land.

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NEW Avengers Campus Merchandise Store Now Open

Avengers Campus at California Adventure has a brand new retail location which may eventually become connected to the new e-ticket attraction coming soon to the land. (More on this below!)

The new retail location features Infinity Saga Relics for the first time along with Marvel apparel and other fan-favorite merchandise that has been featured in other stores around the park like The Collector’s Warehouse, WEB Suppliers, and Supply Pod. Read more about the Avengers Vault store in our guide. 

Avengers Campus: Multiverse Third Attraction

Avengers Campus will have a third attraction coming to the land which will be the ‘e-ticket ride’ of the area which focuses on the story of the multiverse. This attraction has had some changes from its original concept but now Imagineers have settled on this story featuring the multiverse and Thanos. Previously, the concept shared at the land’s original creation was a rollercoaster-themed Quinjet where guests were in the middle of an Avengers battle.

Now the concept focuses more on the idea of a multiverse attraction that will introduce guests to all the characters of the Marvel universe and their variants.

This new attraction will focus strongly on the multiverse which allows guests to see “all the Avengers against all the foes from every universe.” Plus guests will get to meet a new villain called King Thanos. This is a brand new version of Thanos created just for the attraction! This is Thanos who won in this multiverse, the Avengers are not too happy about this and you as a guest have to help them.

According to Disney, the design of the ride “combines elements of Tony Stark’s time suits with Xandarian jump points and Wakandan technology to create a vehicle that can transport heroes to remote worlds in a matter of moments.” This new vehicle combines “portal technology and flight capabilities to maneuver through the skies” so heroes can go wherever they are needed to. When this new ride opens, recruits will be able to “level up their training” and “join some favorite superheroes on missions to new worlds.”

This new attraction will feature “physical worlds” and be brought to life with a blend of large-scale environments. This gives us a clue this ride may not be entirely screen-based. You can read all our speculation, news updates, and more in our guide to this new Avengers Campus attraction.

Disney California Adventure’s Marvel-themed Avengers Campus

Avengers Campus is a six-acre land in Disney California Adventure themed to your favorite Marvel Super Heroes (you’ll never hear Disney refer to Avengers Campus as “Marvel themed” though – read our section at the bottom of the article for the explanation). The land is situated between Cars Land and Hollywood Land. 

The main draws of the land are the WEB Slingers: A Spider-Man Adventure attraction, the food at Pym Test Kitchen Featuring Impossible, the “Guardians of the Galaxy – Mission: Breakout!” attraction, and the character experiences throughout the land.

Now that I’ve given you an overview of what is included in the new Avengers Campus, here’s what you need to know to have a great experience at the new land in Disney California Adventure.

Avengers Campus Character InteractionsAvengers Campus Characters

Avengers Campus is filled with character interactions and student shows. You can see fan-favorite Marvel heroes like Spider-Man, Iron Man, Captain America, Black Widow, and more if you spend some time in the land. Read our full guide to all the character experiences at Avengers Campus to see how to find every character including the limited-time interactions!

WEB Slingers: A Spider-Man Adventure in Avengers Campus at Disneyland

WEB Slingers: A Spider-Man Adventure is a next-generation interactive attraction where you compete with and against your vehicle to collect Spider-Bots with your “Web Slinger” that has escaped into the attraction.

This first Spider-Man attraction at a Disney Park is housed in the Worldwide Engineering Brigade (AKA- “WEB”). During the “open house at WEB” guests are enlisted by Peter Parker, played by Tom Holland, to help him collect the Spider-Bots after they escape. An experiment goes terribly wrong leading to a fun adventure where you are the key to stopping the multiplying Spider-Bots. 

The attraction functions in a similar style to Toy Story Midway Mania with vehicles moving between differently themed scenes. Each scene is themed to a different Avengers Campus location – the Pym Test Kitchen, Avengers Headquarters launch area, and “Guardians of the Galaxy – Mission: Breakout!”.

The Imagineers outfitted the WEB Slinger vehicles with next-level technology to allow guests to experience slinging webs. Onboard, infrared cameras analyze the actions of guests 60 times per second, tracking eye position, shoulders, elbows, and wrists. The vehicle measures when guests move their arms and map out the geometry of their web sling, rendering a 3D web in the interactive gameplay.

The Disney team put together this highlight reel for me to share capturing some of my experience. You may have to watch an ad, but it is a pretty fun video on the ride!

I also got the chance to ask some of the Walt Disney Imagineers that were in attendance for their advice for beating your friends on the new attraction. Though they encouraged focusing on working together because the entire vehicle receives both an individual and joint score, I was able to get a couple of tips on secret targets on the Spider-Man attraction.

Here are their top tips to get a high score on WEB Slingers at Disneyland:

  1. Points are awarded based on the color of the Spider-Bot that you hit. The gold bots are the rarest and the most valuable. Look for these spiders throughout the ride experience.
  2. Don’t stop moving your hands and shooting webs. Just as is recommended in the tips for getting a high score on Buzz Lightyear Astro Blasters, continuing to shoot is the most important way to increase your score. The attraction is split up into a number of different scenes so you can rest between them.
  3. Aim for buttons and levers to release new secret targets. One example we were alerted to is a lever on a tank in the Pym Labs scene that releases a high-value target at the top of the tank.

We’ll share more tips and secret Spider-Man targets as we discover them.

Guardians of the Galaxy: Mission- BREAKOUT!Avengers campus store

The Guardians of the Galaxy re-theming of Tower of Terror was all part of the plan to blend that area of Hollywood Land into Avengers Campus. Guardians of the Galaxy: Mission BREAKOUT! is one of the most popular rides in California Adventure. Guests are part of a rescue mission as they team up with Rocket to free the characters of Star-Lord, Gamora, Rocket, Drax, and Groot.

One of the best things about this attraction is there are six different songs to experience and this isn’t just one big drop! The “elevator” for this attraction will go up and down. This is considered a thrill ride and these large drops happen multiple times so be aware of that if anyone in your group wouldn’t enjoy it.

Avengers Campus: Atmosphere & Easter Eggs

The backstory of the land is that Tony Stark’s father, Howard Stark previously owned the property and used it for Stark Industries. Once Tony inherited the property he converted the area into the Avengers Campus. You’ll see layers of history throughout the land. For instance, you’ll notice older “Star Motors” style murals painted on buildings and early days SHIELD logos. The more modern Avengers technology and WEB Slinger’s buildings are all built on top of these “historic” Stark Industries details.

Coincidentally land that Avengers Campus is built on was also marked as a spot of great power long ago. The Vishanti build powerful Sanctums on these great spots. This is the area in the land where you’ll find the time-bending Doctor Strange interacting with guests in a new show.

This is the area where you find the optical illusion photo op!

There is also a fun optical illusion for photos here.

The Sanctum at Avengers Campus

Doctor Strange will most often be found in The Sanctum which will be one of the most beautiful locations in Avengers Campus. These overgrown ruins are the perfect spot for guests to encounter Doctor Strange and learn his secrets of the mystic arts.

Doctor Strange will use powerful spells to bring The Sanctum to life, and you’ll want to return to the area after dark, when it will glow even more vividly with majestic colors and lights and its mystic energy will seem even more vibrant.

The Sanctum is a place where “rumors of unexplained events and energies have emanated from this remote location. Here, you’ll learn mysterious secrets from Doctor Strange and discover ancient, magical artifacts.” Pictured above is the Orb of Cagliostro which is known to be especially active at night when it flows with magical energy.

The main entrance to the land is located adjacent to the Worldwide Engineering Brigade-also known- as WEB- and also features a back entrance outside of Guardians of the Galaxy- Mission: BREAKOUT. Colorful graffiti murals created by young recruits are placed around the land. You will see callbacks to Tony Stark’s father’s company: Stark Motors which Tony transformed into the Worldwide Engineering Brigade around the land.

And of course, the focal point of Avengers Campus: Avengers Headquarters with the Quinjet parked on top.

Look around the land for little Easter eggs like these Spider-Bots caught in webs!

Avengers Campus Food

The full menu of unique Marvel-themed treats is outlined below, but I wanted to give you my reviews of some of the favorites I’ve had at Avengers Campus:

  • Not So Little Chicken Sandwich from Pym Test Kitchen – This is a filling plate of food! The sandwich is a piece of chicken schnitzel on a tiny bun with a heap of good purple slaw. I really enjoyed the chicken. This requires some strategic eating. Do you use a fork and knife around the edges of the sandwich until it is small enough to pick up on its own? The tater tots and sandwich are a great filling option and a nice addition to California Adventure.
  • Impossible Spoonful from Pym Test Kitchen – I have never had Impossible meat before, but I really enjoyed this plant-based meatball served with pasta. The dish comes in a giant spoon bent to serve as a bowl. Very fun presentation and a nice dish for those who are vegetarian or vegan.
  • New York’s Tastiest Shawarma from Shawarma Palace – This chicken pita wrap is a great lunch addition for the parks. Highly recommend this as a quick counter service restaurant option. Disney has already anticipated high demand for the cart and has added another location in Hollywood Land just outside the exit to the land near Guardians of the Galaxy – Mission: Breakout!
  • Cosmic Cream Orb from Terran Treats – This is a crispy cream puff with a whipped raspberry cheesecake mousse center. My immediate thought upon tasting this was a refreshing cheesecake treat. 
  • Pingo Doce – This is a Hulk-inspired drink that is exclusive to Avengers Campus! The sweet drink has a lemon-lime flavor with a vanilla kick! I am not a soda drinker, but enjoyed sampling the beverage. The drink is in the Coke Freestyle machine so you should be able to just try a sip if you purchase any soda.

Here is the FULL food guide to all the food you can find at Avengers Campus including souvenirs like Iron Man’s infinity gauntlet!

Pym Test Kitchen Featuring Impossible

The main eatery at Avengers Campus is the Pym Test Kitchen Featuring Impossible! Just like Ant-Man and The Wasp use “Pym Particles” to grow and shrink anything, Pym Technologies grow and shrink food at the restaurant.

The Pym Test Kitchen dining location has a ceiling “quantum tunnel” which below you can watch a conveyer belt of pretzels go from regular-size to ginormous. How big is ginormous? According to Disney, these pretzels weight nearly 360 grams!

Many of these snacks you can share because of their size!


  • Calculated Breakfast = E x 2 + (B+P)/T – Eggs Two Ways with smoked bacon, crispy potato bites, and focaccia toast
  • Impossible Quantum Garden Breakfast – Plant-based folded omelet with Impossible breakfast sausage, crispy potato bites, and focaccia toast
  • Ever-Expanding Cinna-Pym Toast – Baked Pym particle bread and egg custard with cinnamon-sugar topping, a fried egg, smoked bacon, and maple syrup
  • Spoonful of Cereal – Bran flakes and raisins garnished with a yogurt-covered pretzel and served with reduced-fat milk and a ripe banana
  • Nano Eggs-periment 101 – Softly arranged eggs and turkey bacon with toast (for small beings ages 3 through 9)
  • Cinna-Pym Mini Toast – Warm toasted cinnamon Pym particle bread with turkey bacon and maple syrup (for small beings ages 3 through 9)

Snacks and Sips

  • Quantum Pretzel – 453.8 grams, Bavarian-style pretzel with sharp cheddar-beer sauce
  • Atomic Fusion Pretzel – Buffalo-style pretzel loaded with chicken, hot sauce, ranch dressing, blue cheese crumbles, celery, and dill-pickled carrots
  • Pingo Doce – Refreshing lemon-lime with a vanilla kick! This distinctly green beverage from Avenger lore available exclusively at Avengers Campus.
  • Proton PB&J Punch – Minute Maid Lemonade with peanut butter and strawberry flavors, PB-infused whipped cream, and PB pretzel spheres

Blue Particle Specials

  • Pym-ini – Salami, rosemary ham, Provolone, sun-dried tomato spread on toasted focaccia with marinara dipping sauce and arugula salad
  • Not So Little Chicken Sandwich – Fried chicken breast, teriyaki and red chili sauces, pickled cabbage slaw on brioche with crispy potato bites
  • PB3 Superb Sandwich – Warm PB&J with banana, candied bacon on Pym particle bread, with micro banana smoothie and crispy potato bites
  • Caesar Salad + Colossal Crouton – Hearts of romaine, Kalamata olives, pickled onions, Caesar dressing, garlic crouton and Parmesan crisps
  • Impossible Spoonful – Rigatoni and ditalini pastas, plant-based meat-balls, tomato sauce, dairy-free Parmesan, and micro basil
  • Choco Smash CANDY Bar – Dark chocolate, peanuts, caramel, nougat, and chocolate brownie

These fun Red Particle Mini-Meals for small beings ages 3 through 9 include a Cuties Mandarin Orange, Dannon Yogurt, and choice of small lowfat milk or small DASANI Water (except Mini Pasta & Impossible Meat-balls).

  • Teeny Pym-ini – Toasted ham and provolone sandwich with marinara dipping sauce
  • Subatomic Chicken Sandwich – Crispy breaded chicken breast on a soft roll
  • PB&J Flavor Lab: Assemble Your Own Experiment – Smooth peanut butter, strawberry jelly, and Pym particle bread
  • Mini Pasta & Impossible Meat-balls – Rigatoni and ditalini pastas, plant-based meat-balls, tomato sauce and dairy-free Parmesan served with coconut milk yogurt and small DASANI water

Pym Tasting Lab at Avengers Campus

Located right by Pym Test kitchen, guests can find the Pym Tasting Lab which represents Scott Lang aka Ant-Man’s pet project and has a focus on adult beverages. Craft beers on tap range from a blood orange hefeweizen to an amber lager, and they’re poured via an ingenious reverse draft system where the glass fills from the bottom up. The Pym Tasting Lab will feature four different beer cocktails and snacks such as sweet and savory popped grains, mini pretzels, and salted honey-roasted peanuts.

The Particle Fizz was easily one of our favorites!

Pym Tasting Lab (mobile order available)

  • Honey Buzz – Gin, lemon juice, and honey syrup with a honey straw
  • X-Periment –Tequila, Minute Maid Lime Juice, mango and habanero syrups with mango popping pearls
  • Honey Fusion – Gin, Minute Maid Lemonade, honey syrup, IPA, and a honey straw
  • Molecular Meltdown – Marshmallow milk stout and vanilla ice cream topped with miniature marshmallows
  • The Regulator –Tequila, Minute Maid Lime Juice, mango and habanero syrup, wheat ale, and mango popping pearls
  • Particle Fizz –Hard Seltzer with cherry pearls
  • Draft beer, hard seltzer, and wine
  • Snack Molecules – Mini pretzels, honey roasted peanuts, and sweet & spicy popped sorghum

Shawarma Palace

Shawarma Palace (mobile order available)

You may recall that after the Battle of New York, the Avengers discovered their new favorite food after checking out Tony Stark’s favorite “shawarma joint” just two blocks from the battle zone. Well, the Avengers loved the food so much that they invited the Shawarma Palace crew to open a second location at Avengers Campus. This cart decked out with Avengers memorabilia, is sure to become a must-try spot for Avengers fans!

  • New York’s Tastiest – Chicken shawarma wrap, garlic spread, and coconut yogurt-tahini sauce with pickled vegetables
  • Impossible Victory Falafel – Plant-based-falafel and cauliflower wrap, garlic spread, hummus, and coconut yogurt-tahini sauce with pickled vegetables

They’ve also added a breakfast Shawarma wrap you can enjoy making Avengers Campus a great place to grab breakfast in California Adventure!

The details on the Shawarma Palace are awesome! Take a look at the zoom-in photos of some of the Marvel easter eggs hidden in the cart.

Terran Treats

Remember the unique collection of Taneleer Tivan on display at Guardians of the Galaxy – Mission: BREAKOUT!? Well prepare to find an awesome assortment of intergalactic eats and treats at this food cart called Terran Treats. The Cosmic Cream Orb resembles an Infinity Stone, but it has the flavor of a delectable cream puff filled with raspberry cheesecake mousse.

Terran Treats will also feature a changing variety of colorful Sweet Spiral Rations, which look and taste like what we have come to know and love as a churro.

Near Guardians of the Galaxy – Mission: BREAKOUT!, you’ll find another food cart with a couple of unique treats. Curated by Taneleer Tivan, this cart features weird and wonderful galactic concoctions he’s conceived to lure guests to his fortress.

  • Cosmic Cream Orb – Crispy cream puff with whipped raspberry cheesecake mousse
  • Sweet Spiral Ration – Churro spirals with unique flavors


  • Glowing Pym Particle Capsule and Glowing Pym Particle Disc – Light up your beverage with a red or blue glowing Pym particle capsule or disc
  • Enlarged Pingo Doce Soda Can – Filled  with Pingo Doce or your favorite Coca-Cola®  beverage
  • Iron Man Infinity Gauntlet – A great way to hold your favorite Coca-Cola® bottled beverage

Pint-Sized Pints Mini Beer Flight – Oversized ruler flight board with mini beer steinsAvengers Campus Character Meet and Greets

Avengers Campus Merchandise

WEB Suppliers is the store in Avengers Campus located across from the WEB building where you can find all your favorite headwear, drinkware, patches, pins and more.

It’s also home to a version of the Spider-Bots that go haywire in WEB SLINGERS: A Spider-Man Adventure- the Spider- Man attraction inside the land. Each Spider-Bot is powered by a remote control and has eight articulated legs that move backward and forward.

Just like our beloved droids in Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge, this Spider-Bots have plenty of accessories that allow guests to customize their Spider-Bot! Guests can choose accessories like backpacks to carry their Spider-Bots and attachments to harness the powers and style of favorite Super Heroes, including Black Panther, Iron Man, Black Widow, and Ant-Man and The Wasp.

Should You Buy a Spider-Bot?

The cost of a Spider-Bot at Avengers Campus is one of the more expensive items at $79.99 per bot. You can also purchase “tactical upgrades” to give your Spider-Bot a new look for $25 each. We originally didn’t plan on purchasing one but once we experienced the Spider-Man Web Slingers attraction they became a more tempting purchase!

Was it worth the cost? That depends. If you are a collector, they do look nice on the shelf and have a nice tie in to the land but aren’t movie or comic specific. For kids they are only really fun if you purchase two because the idea is that they can battle each other. Purchasing just one won’t get you too far when you get home aside from allowing it to walk around the floor and make sounds. If the goal is to purchase them for your kids to enjoy at home then you definitely should get two which greatly increases the cost making it more of a personal decision.

We display ours on a shelf and it’s a neat souvenir from the land especially since they’re such a big part of the story in the main attraction and are included throughout areas of the land as little Easter eggs for the attraction.

You can also find plenty of awesome Spider-Man-themed merchandise such as Spider-Man light goggles with 17 unique expressions, action figures that interact with mini Spider-Bots, Web-shooters with authentic lights and sounds, a kit that enables fans to make their very own webs at home, and Parks-exclusive Funko Pop! vinyl figures of Spider-Man and Iron Man.

You can also find a variety of STEM (science, technology, engineering, and math)-inspired kits that enables aspiring heroes to create their own “Gamma Goo” and more.

Guests looking to find themed apparel can go to the Campus Supply Pod for official Avengers Campus logo gear such as performance fleece hoodies and tees, hats, drinkware, and more Super Hero supplies.

Why Disney Can’t Mention ‘Marvel’ in their Theme Park Addition

The ‘Stark Industries’ walls went up once “a bugs land” closed to make way for the new Marvel-themed land. Marvel’s original licensing agreement with Universal Studios (prior to Disney’s acquisition of Marvel) states that “any theme park west of the Mississippi River is not allowed to use the name “Marvel” in any part of its attractions or the promotion of them.” Disney is free to use any Marvel characters west of the Mississippi which is why you still see the characters mentioned in the rides and press announcements. Disney just can’t use the word ‘Marvel’ anywhere in the theme park, its name, and the press releases about the land. This is why press releases called Avengers Campus the ‘Superhero themed land’ rather than mentioning Marvel.

When it comes to theme parks east of the Mississippi, Disney can only license superhero families that aren’t already in use by Universal. So because of the presence of Spider-Man, The Hulk, and other characters used at Universal’s Islands of Adventure, Disney cannot use any of those characters at Walt Disney World. But Universal isn’t using Guardians of the Galaxy for any attractions, this is why Disney opened the new Guardians of the Galaxy roller coaster in Epcot.

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