Disneyland Just Raised Ticket Prices – Book TODAY to Save Up to $150 Per Ticket With Old Prices

Disneyland just increased their ticket prices on almost all tickets, Disney Genie Plus, and Magic Key Passes. The increase goes into effect immediately, however our recommended Disneyland discount ticket reseller gets to keep the old prices until they run out of stock!

We have been predicting that we would see a Disneyland price increase this week based on historical trends. Disneyland and the other major theme parks raise their ticket prices usually once a year. The increases this year were steep as we detail in the sections below where you’ll find the details and commentary on the Disney price increases.

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Keep reading for our full list of historical Disneyland ticket increases, details on the newest price increase, and how to save money on tickets.

Disneyland Raises 2023 Ticket PricesDisneyland Price Increases

Disneyland has announced a price increase on Disneyland tickets, Magic Key passes, and Genie+ effective immediately on October 11, 2023. The lowest price tier of 1-day tickets will remain the same cost at $104 per ticket which has remained unchanged since 2019. Let’s break down the price increase for tickets first.

Disneyland Ticket Price Increase

Below are the Disneyland ticket price increases on single park per day tickets. You can see the increases for both adults and kids. These prices go into effect today. There is no way to secure access to the lower prices on one day Disneyland tickets. You’ll see the cheapest tier of Disneyland one day ticket remained at the same price.

TierOld PricingNew Pricing
1-Day 1 Park Per Day Tier 0Adult: $104
Child: $98
Adult: $104
Child: $98
1-Day 1 Park Per Day Tier 1Adult: $114
Child: $108
Adult: $119
Child: $112
1-Day 1 Park Per Day Tier 2Adult: $129
Child: $122
Adult: $134
Child: $127
1-Day 1 Park Per Day Tier 3Adult: $144
Child: $136
Adult: $154
Child: $146
1-Day 1 Park Per Day Tier 4Adult: $159
Child: $150
Adult: $169
Child: $160
1-Day 1 Park Per Day Tier 5Adult: $169
Child: $159
Adult: $184
Child: $174
1-Day 1 Park Per Day Tier 6Adult: $179
Child: $169
Adult: $194
Child: $183
2-Day, 1 ParkAdult: $285
Child: $270
Adult: $310
Child: $290
3-Day, 1 ParkAdult: $360
Child: $340
Adult: $390
Child: $365
4-Day, 1 ParkAdult: $395
Child: $370
Adult: $445
Child: $420
5-Day, 1 ParkAdult: $415
Child: $390
Adult: $480
Child: $450

Now, here are the prices for the park hopper tickets.

Park Hopper TypeOld PricingNew Pricing
1 Day Park Hopper Tier 0Adult: $169
Child: $163
Adult: $169
Child: $163
1 Day Park Hopper Tier 1Adult: $179
Child: $173
Adult: $184
Child: $177
1 Day Park Hopper Tier 2Adult: $194
Child: $187
Adult: $199
Child: $192
1 Day Park Hopper Tier 3Adult: $209
Child: $201
Adult: $219
Child: $211
1 Day Park Hopper Tier 4Adult: $224
Child: $215
Adult: $234
Child: $225
1 Day Park Hopper Tier 5Adult: $234
Child: $224
Adult: $249
Child: $239
1 Day Park Hopper Tier 6Adult: $244
Child: $234
Adult: $259
Child: $248
2 Day Park HopperAdult: $345
Child: $330
Adult: $375
Child: $355
3 Day Park HopperAdult: $420
Child: $400
Adult: $460
Child: $435
4 Day Park HopperAdult: $455
Child: $430
Adult: $515
Child: $490
5 Day Park HopperAdult: $475
Child: $450
Adult: $555
Child: $525

Disney also increased prices across the board on Magic Key Annual Passes and Genie Plus. You can read more on both of these increases in the sections below. You can read about the Disney ticket refund policy here.

So when we look at those numbers above, yes this is a large price increase for those higher multi-day ticket types but it’s not altogether unexpected.

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Why Did Disneyland Raise Ticket Prices?Disneyland Price Increase

The last time Disneyland raised ticket prices was in October 2022. Multi-day tickets at that time increased by $30-35 per ticket type which was on par with previous years’ increases. During this prior increase, 1-day ticket types saw a new tier added (Tier 0) along with an increase of $15 to the highest tier. Genie+ was also increased by $5 during that prior increase.

This ticket increase is higher than we’ve seen in the past, most notably with 4-day and 5-day tickets. However, Disneyland is currently dealing with rising costs due to inflation which many guests are all too familiar with. The price increases are happening across the board in the entertainment industry, we’ve seen this recently with concert tickets, streaming services, and movie theaters.

ticket prices going up at disneyland castle

Some media outlets have called this “funflation” as these increases in prices for the entertainment industry are often times outpacing regular inflation. Concerts alone have seen an increase of nearly 95% in ticket resale prices from 2019! It’s important to keep that context in mind when looking at these higher ticket prices.

Especially since the increases for 2-day and 3-day ticket types are fairly similar to what we have seen in the past for increases and not too out of the norm. Really the only deviation from usual price increase trends is the larger increase for 4-day and 5-day ticket types. Many guests often book the 3-day ticket types so it’s good to see Disney kept the increase for that ticket type in line with past trends.

savings on genie plus disneyland

Disneyland is also increasing flexibility for booking ticket types by opening the calendar to allow guests to book Disneyland reservations up to 180 days in advance. With this increased ability to see what single-day ticket prices will be further out, guests should now be able to choose one of the lower priced tickets to coordinate their travel around those dates. This will give guests the chance to book the days that work best for them and also help plan their trip in combination with any Disneyland hotel discounts and off-site hotel savings.

When we reached out for comment, a Disneyland spokesperson shared that “We are constantly adding new, innovative attractions and entertainment to our parks and, with our broad array of pricing options, the value of a theme park visit is reflected in the unique experiences that only Disney can offer.” Disney also pointed to their recent Disneyland spring children’s discount to indicate that they are always working to keep the experience affordable for all guests.

Disney is also planning a lot for 2024 at the Disneyland Resort including the opening of the new Tiana’s Bayou Adventure attraction coming and additional live entertainment. The Spring at the Disneyland Resort is always tons of fun with the Food and Wine Festival, Lunar New Year, and other celebrations. We expect to hear a big set of announcements for Disneyland in the coming weeks for the spring as there is no set opening on the calendar for the entire year.

disney frozen land

This “funflation” is also tied to the fact that the Wall Street narrative around media companies and streaming has shifted. The push for companies to shift from getting new subscribers to getting to profitability, has driven increases in streaming media and as a by-product could be part of the reason that Disney is pushing a more intense set of price increases here.

Disney needs to find another growth narrative for the business besides streaming and is currently pushing the idea to Wall Street that the theme parks can be that engine for the company. While Disney has pointed to a planned investment of $60 Billion across the next 10 years in Disney Parks (with big teases of Frozen and Black Panther-themed expansions) some of the “growth” of the division will come from increased prices and they hope increased profitability. They need to demonstrate to investors that the theme parks can still be areas of growth and that sadly means pushing for more money from the most dedicated parks fans.

When I personally look at price increases I think about the willingness to pay metric. There is always some amount that we as consumers or in Disney’s case guests are willing to pay for an experience. Then, there is the gap between the actual price and the amount you would have been willing to pay. Part of the magic of the Disney Parks is the gap between the willingness to pay and the amount actually paid. In standard terms, maintaining the “customer delight” for guests.

star wars rise of resistance stormtroopers

The best feeling for a guest walking away is that though they experienced all of the great attractions as advertised, there were little extra details that they didn’t expect that truly wowed them that made it “worth it”. Whether it was the live music on Main Street from the straw hat band or the princess interaction that was so personal it’s hard to believe it wasn’t really Elsa meeting their child or a true feeling of “how did they do that” riding Star Wars: Rise of the Resistance, these feelings of awe and unadulterated joy are what make Disney Parks. I hope that with the price increases, Disney understands the need to continue to deliver well beyond the amount a guest paid and maintain this window which represents service and the Disney difference.

Hopefully, guests who do opt to visit on the more expensive dates see the benefits of these price increases with lower crowds on typically high-traffic dates. In the past Disney has emphasized that dynamic pricing both allows for more people to have access to the parks at their targeted price point and spreads the demand for the theme parks across the various dates.

Even with this increase, you still get more value out of a Disneyland ticket than you do in comparison to other offerings in the entertainment industry. Scroll to the bottom of the article to see how we calculate your value per time!

Genie+ Disneyland IncreaseDisney Increases

Genie+ has also increased for Disneyland with the new baseline pricing starting at $30 per ticket which is an increase of $5 from the previous price of $25 per ticket.

The price increase for Genie+ is not altogether too surprising since we have not seen an increase in this service since last year and the prior paid system (MaxPass) often saw a yearly price increase. I expect this will be a pretty consistent trend we will see continued with yearly $5 price increases, depending on the circumstances.

Despite any price increase for Genie+, this is a service that we often feel is WORTH IT despite the cost so you can skip popular lines at Disneyland. You can read all about Genie+ at Disneyland in our guide including how to maximize your use of the system so you experience all the rides with NO WAIT.

genie plus disneyland

In fact, Disney has also just announced that two new family-friendly rides (one of these really surprised us) are being added to the service which gives guests more options of attractions to choose from. Click here for details on those additions and when they will start.

This may be an unpopular opinion but I am all for a price increase to Genie+ which may lead to fewer guests booking on a daily basis which could drastically improve the efficiency of the service. This is one reason why Universal Studios Hollywood’s Express Pass works so well, it’s priced so high that guests are more selective of when they purchase it. I do not want to see Genie+ reach prices that high but a push towards minimizing how many guests are in the Lightning Lanes means lower waits for those that do purchase it.

Magic Key Price Increase

The price of Magic Keys (the Disneyland annual pass) has also increased which is effective immediately:

  • Inspire Key: $1,649
    • Increase of $50
  • Believe Key: $1,249
    • Increase of $150
  • Enchant: $849
    • Increase of $150
  • Imagine Key: $499
    • Increase of $50

Most notable is the increase in the two of the most popular tiers, Believe and Enchant Keys, which are higher than the top Inspire Key and lowest Imagine Key. Often Disneyland will increase Magic Key prices when we see a ticket price increase so this is not too unexpected. Sometimes an increase in Magic Key prices might also be an effort to stabilize large crowds that Magic Key holders can create and bring a balance to crowds for those vacationing with multi-day ticket types.

Magic Keys are not available for sale today despite this change in price but we expect to see them become available again soon.

Disneyland Parking Price Increase

Disneyland has also raised prices for theme park and hotel parking by $5. This does not apply to parking for Downtown Disney which will remain the same price. You can read more about the prices for Disneyland parking and how to get free parking in our guide.

You can see below that our prior speculations about this increase were spot on! This is why it’s crucial you follow our Micky Visit Newsletter so you are never taken by surprise by Disney news as we spend updates right to your inbox twice a week.

When Will Disneyland Raise Ticket Prices Next?Ticket Price Increase

This year October at Disneyland is shaping up to be one of the most popular months to visit as hotel availability is already looking limited for weekends. Plus Halloween at Disneyland is growing to be one of the most popular holidays with Oogie Boogie Bash tickets selling out in a record-breaking 30 minutes. The demand for Disneyland is high in the fall which is then followed by the also popular Disneyland Christmas season.

A ticket increase does make sense (and we did predict it!) as it follows similar patterns as in previous years.

Disney Ticket Price Increase 2023Ticket Increases

Disneyland last raised their prices on October 11th 2023. For purchasing 2-5 day tickets you can secure incredible prices via our travel partner. They have worked with Disney for 30 years and have provided Mickey Visit readers even lower prices than anyone else. You can read more on discount Disneyland tickets 2023 here and see current Disneyland ticket prices here.

The Disneyland ticket increase trend has shifted from the beginning of each year to October as we saw in 2022. Previous ticket increases took place in mid-February in 2014, 2015, 2016, 2017, 2018, January 2019, and February 2020.

Walt Disney World last raised its ticket prices on October 11th 2023. You can find the absolute best prices for your Walt Disney World vacation when you book via our travel partner. They have a price-matching guarantee and usually have the best prices on Disney World hotels and tickets anywhere. Read more about discount Disney World 2023 tickets here.

Universal Studios Hollywood and Universal Studios Orlando last increased their prices on March 23, 2023. You can find the best prices on Universal Studios via our travel partner here. They have fantastic Disneyland + Universal Studios combo tickets that save you $40 off your tickets. Universal Studios is now a must visit with their Harry Potter rides and Super Nintendo World at Universal Studios Hollywood. Read more in our guide to Universal Studios Hollywood 2023.

Disney continues to increase their prices as the crowds continue to purchase tickets. They have yet to reach the maximization point where the crowds and purchase amounts will stabilize. This may come from the fact that while expensive, a trip to a Disney Park or Universal Studios park is actually a fantastic deal and provides some of the best entertainment value in our time.

How do Disney and Universal Ticket Prices Compare to Other Entertainment Offerings?Disneyland price increase

Compare the cost of a day at Disneyland with a seat at an NFL game, Broadway theater, a concert, or even just a trip to a movie theater and you will find that it is often a much better deal. Join me below for a little bit of fun Disneyland math to prove my point.

When you look at the amount of money that you are paying for each hour of experience, a trip to Disneyland starts to look pretty good.

  1. Even movie tickets have gone up in price recently with prices sitting around $15 when you take in a movie. Let’s assume that that’s about $7.50 per hour when watching a two-hour movie.
  2. The average price of Broadway theater tickets has risen to $100, but this seems to be on the low end as tickets to shows like Hamilton or Wicked sell for somewhere around $200 at base price and hundreds higher through ticket resellers. Let’s say the average here is about $50 per hour assuming the low end ticket prices of $100 and that most shows are two hours long.
  3. Looking at professional sports teams and leagues like the NFL, NHL, NBA or MLB, the prices range greatly on the success of the team and city. Let’s pick the New England Patriots who have the highest median ticket price at $317. With the assumption of a game being 4 hours, you will be paying $79.25 per hour.
  4. Let’s look at a concert experience for a big traveling name like Taylor Swift. Her tickets sold out immediately for the recent Eras Tour and also included VIP packages that ensured a better spot (like an aisle seat) and a merchandise box. Tickets for Taylor Swift skyrocketed on sites like StubHub for thousands for floor seats. But let’s find a middle ground and say for example you purchased one of those VIP packages at $650 a ticket. Taylor Swift played for 3 hours and 25 minutes. That would put your Taylor Swift concert experience at about $200 per hour. 

Now with all of that said, let’s think about the amount you pay per hour for the fantastic entertainment that you will receive at a Disney Park or Universal Studios Park.

Let’s work with a Disneyland three-day, park hopper ticket for the case of argument. The adult three-day Disneyland park hopper ticket clocks in at $460 (or even less when you purchase via our private exclusive link). Now, I typically am in Disneyland or Disney California Adventure Park from before 8 am until 11 pm, a total of 15 hours per day, when using this three-day ticket. So, 15 hours over three days, 45 hours would put us at $10 per hour. That’s lower than any of the entertainment options listed above.

Ok, ok, I know that 15 hours is a long day that not all enjoy at Disneyland, but even when you drop that to 10 hours per day it’s still a low price of $15. As just one final thought, let’s look at the lowest price of Disneyland tickets for comparison. The one-day Disneyland low-traffic adult ticket costs $104. With the assumption that you are in the park for 10 hours, you will have only spent $10.40 per hour which I still believe is a fantastic deal.

Even with this Disneyland price increase, I truly believe that visiting a Disney park is a fantastic experience that will delight, enjoy, and spark your imagination.

On a more tactical note: MAKE SURE YOU BUY YOUR TICKETS as soon as possible so that you can lock in our discount prices. You can find all of those low rates via the links above.

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