Book Disneyland Tickets By Feb 20, Lock in 2019 Prices, Save Up to $75

Disney increased their ticket prices on most daily tickets, all Annual Passports, and Maxpass for the 2020 year. The increase goes into effect immediately, however our recommended Disneyland discount ticket reseller gets to keep the old prices until they run out of stock.

Our travel partner, Get Away Today, will keep their exclusive low 2019 discount prices until February 20th 2020. Their 2019 discounted prices are still available right now! So, if you have a trip planned for 2020, NOW is the time to book. More info on discount Disneyland 2020 tickets here. Must book tickets by 7 pm Mountain Time February 20, 2020.

Below see the new updated ticket prices for 2020 vs the 2019 prices and the discount rates that you can still lock in. With these low priced Disneyland tickets, you can lock in a huge savings.

Disneyland Ticket Price IncreaseDisneyland 2019 Ticket PricesDisneyland 2020 Ticket PricesBuy Discount Disneyland Tickets Now
1-Day/1-Park Per Day Disneyland Tickets AdultValue: $104
Regular: $129
Peak: $149
Tier 1: $104
Tier 2: $114
Tier 3: $124
Tier 4: $139
Tier 5: $154
No Disneyland discount tickets for one day tickets.
1-Day/1-Park Per Day Disneyland Tickets ChildValue: $98
Regular: $122
Peak: $141
Tier 1: $98
Tier 2: $108
Tier 3: $117
Tier 4: $132
Tier 5: $146
There is not discount Disneyland one day ticket.
1-Day Park Hopper Disneyland Ticket AdultValue: $154
Regular: $179
Peak: $199
Tier 1: $159
Tier 2: $169
Tier 3: $179
Tier 4: $194
Tier 5: $209
No discount Disneyland tickets for one day tickets.
1-Day Park Hopper Disneyland Ticket ChildValue: $148
Regular: $172
Peak: $191
Tier 1: $153
Tier 2: $163
Tier 3: $172
Tier 4: $187
Tier 5: $201
There's no discount Disneyland tickets.
2-Day/1-Park Per Day Disneyland Discount Ticket Adult$225$235Book now > 
2-Day Park Hopper Cheap Disneyland Ticket child$265$275Book now > 
2-Day Park Hopper Cheap Disneyland Ticket Adult$280$290Book now > 
3-Day/1-Park Per Day Discount Disneyland Ticket Child$280$290Book now > 
3-Day/1-Park Per Day Discount Disneyland Ticket Adult$300$310Book now > 
3-Day Park Hopper Disneyland Ticket Deal Child$335$345Book now > 
3-Day Park Hopper Disneyland Ticket Deal Adult$330$365Book now > 
4-Day/1-Park Per Day Discount Disneyland Ticket Child$305$320Book now > 
4-Day/1-Park Per Day Discount Disneyland Ticket Adult$335$340Book now > 
4-Day Park Hopper Disneyland Deal Tickets Child$360$375Book now > 
4-Day Park Hopper Disneyland Deal Tickets Adult$380$395Book now > 
5-Day/1-Park Per Day Disneyland Discount Ticket Child$320$340Book now > 
5-Day/1-Park Per Day Disneyland Discount Ticket Adult$340$360Book now > 
5-Day Park Hopper Disneyland Tickets Discount Child$375$395Book now > 
5-Day Park Hopper Disneyland Tickets Discount Adult$395$415Book now > 

Notably, the Disneyland MaxPass service will increase in price to $20 per day per person from $15. The service which allows you to make digital FastPass reservations within the park is a great service to utilize in the park when crowds get heavy. Disney has also announced that starting today Autopia and Monsters INC will both be added to the FastPass service with Millennium Falcon: Smuggler's Run soon to follow.

NEW 2020 Tier 1-Day Ticket Pricing

Disney has switched to new tiered pricing for its 1-day tickets that varies from Tier 1-5 based on the expected attendance of the day of your visit. You can see a sample calendar below from the Disneyland website to get an idea of what this pricing looks like or you can refer to our ticket table above to see the variations in days.

As you can see, the day of your visit will reflect the price you pay for 1-day tickets.

Walt Disney World has also raised the ticket prices, you can read more about those prices on our Walt Disney World discount ticket page. Traditionally Universal Studios has mirrored Disney in their price increases and last year followed the Disney increase five days later with their own increase. We will have to wait and see if Universal Studios Hollywood tickets go up in price as well.


If you have a trip planned, it is a good idea to purchase and lock in the current discounted ticket rates that are still left over from 2019. The tickets are all valid through the end of 2020, but their value can be put towards future tickets if they are unused.

Disney Ticket Price Increase 2020

Disneyland last raised their prices on February 11th 2020. For purchasing 2-5 day tickets you can secure incredible prices via our travel partner. They have worked with Disney for 30 years and have provided Mickey Visit readers even lower prices than anyone else. You can read more on discount Disneyland tickets 2020 here.

Walt Disney World last raised their ticket prices on February 11, 2020. You can find the absolute best prices for your Walt Disney World vacation when you book via our travel partner. They have a price matching guarantee and usually have the best prices on Disney World hotels and tickets anywhere. Read more about discount Disney World 2020 tickets here.

Universal Studios Hollywood and Universal Studios Orlando last increased their prices on February 16, 2019. You can find the best prices on Universal Studios via our travel partner here. They have fantastic Disneyland + Universal Studios combo tickets that save you $40 off your tickets. Universal Studios is now a must visit with their Harry Potter rides and offerings. Read more in our guide to Universal Studios Hollywood 2020.

The Disneyland ticket increase continues to fit in with the trend that they will increase ticket prices every year in February. Disney has increased Disney Parks prices in mid February in 2014, 2015, 2016, 2017, 2018, January of 2019, and February 2020.

Disney continues to increase their prices as the crowds continue to purchase tickets. They have yet to reach the maximization point where the crowds and purchase amounts will stabilize. This may come from the fact that while expensive, a trip to a Disney Park or Universal Studios park is actually a fantastic deal and provides some of the best entertainment value in our time.

Annual Passholder Increase for 2020

Annual passholders will also see significant increases on passes and extras. MaxPass will now cost $125 to add onto to each annual pass- an increase of $25.

Annual Pass20192020
Signature Plus$1399$1449

You can see the blockout dates for annual passes here. Based on the latest calendar, 211 days are blocked out for the next 12 months for Southern California Select Pass holders, up from 202 days in the previous 12 months.

How do Disney and Universal Ticket Prices Compare to Other Entertainment Offerings?

Compare the cost of a day at Disneyland with a seat at an NFL game, Broadway theater, or even just a trip to a movie theater and you will find that it is often a much better deal. Join me below for a little bit of fun Disneyland math to prove my point.

When you look at the amount of money that you are paying for each hour of experience, a trip to Disneyland starts to look pretty good.

  1. Even movie tickets have gone up in price recently with prices sitting around $15 when you take in a movie. Let's assume that that's about $7.50 per hour when watching a two hour movie.
  2. The average price of Broadway theater tickets has risen to $100, but this seems to be on the low end as tickets to shows like Hamilton or Wicked sell for somewhere around $200 at base price and hundreds higher through ticket resellers. Let's say the average here is about $50 per hour assuming the low end ticket prices of $100 and that most shows are two hours long.
  3. Looking at professional sports teams and leagues like the NFL, NHL, NBA or MLB, the prices range greatly by the success of the team and city. Let's pick the New England Patriots who have the highest median ticket price at $317. With the assumption of a game being 4 hours, you will be paying $79.25 per hour.
  4. Let's look at a concert experience for a big traveling name like Adele. Her tickets sold out immediately when posted online. While they originally sold for between $39.50 to $149.50 they were sold for much more on StubHub. Let's swing to the average price of $100 per ticket considering that they sold for hundreds on Stubhub. Her concert ran for about 2.5 hours which would put us at $40 per hour.

Now with all of that said, let's think about the amount you pay per hour for the fantastic entertainment that you will receive at a Disney Park or Universal Studios Park.

Let's work with a Disneyland three day, park hopper ticket for the case of argument. The adult three day Disneyland park hopper ticket clocks in at $365 (or $343 when you purchase via our private exclusive link). Now, I typically am in Disneyland or Disney California Adventure park from before 8 am until 11 pm, a total of 15 hours per day, when using this three day ticket. So, 15 hours over three days, 45 hours would put us at $7.80 per hour. That's lower than any of the entertainment options listed above.

Ok, ok, I know that 15 hours is a long day that not all enjoy at Disneyland, but even when you drop that to 10 hours per day its still a low price of $10.50. As just one final thought, let's look at the lowest price of Disneyland ticket for comparison. The one day Disneyland low traffic adult ticket costs $104. With the assumption that you are in the park for 10 hours, you will have only spent $10.40 per hour which I still believe is a fantastic deal.

Even with this Disneyland price increase, I truly believe that visiting a Disney park is a fantastic experience that will delight, enjoy, and spark your imagination.

There are even more incredible offerings coming to Disneyland and Disney World. Star Wars: Galaxy's Edge is full open and operational with the new Rise of the Resistance ride receiving rave reviews as one of the best rides Disney has ever done! And this summer we have the new Marvel themed land opening in California Adventure along with the new Magic Happens parade debuting later this month.

On a more tactical note: MAKE SURE YOU BUY YOUR TICKETS as soon as possible so that you can lock in our discount prices. You can find all of those low rates via the links above.

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