FIRST Disney Frozen Themed Land: Opening Date, Details on Two New Attractions, New Dining

Disney has built the first entire land dedicated to the popular Disney animated film “Frozen” that will open next month. World of Frozen is highly anticipated as this Arendelle land will bring a new restaurant, merchandise locations, and two attractions.

We have new information and stunning images released by Disney today that will bring you even further into the new Frozen land. This is a full photo tour of the new land.

Keep reading for everything we know so far about the World of Frozen plus new attraction information and an official opening date!

World of Frozen Overview

World of Frozen, the new “Frozen” themed land at Hong Kong Disneyland is the largest expansion to Hong Kong Disneyland. World of Frozen is essentially a version of Arendelle Village which will include the clock tower, Elsa’s Ice Palace sitting atop the North Mountain, and Arendelle Castle.

The World of Frozen is the world’s first Frozen-themed land based on the two hit animated films. In all the marketing Disney has emphasized the “world’s first” which still keeps our speculation high that this land could come to Disneyland in California. As recently as last month, the Disney Parks Chairman teased a Frozen presence for Disneyland. A Frozen-themed area is also coming to Walt Disney Studios at Disneyland Paris.

This new Frozen-themed land will include brand new attractions like the first Frozen-themed coaster, Wandering Oaken’s Sliding Sleighs, the Frozen Ever After attraction (a version of this is present at Walt Disney World), and unique character experiences.

This new Frozen land also includes a brand new restaurant, merchandise locations, and an immersive feeling that you stepped right into the world of Arendelle.

frozen land photos

In this article we’ll dive into a photo tour of the entirety of the new land. From the photos we are thrilled with the looks at the stunning vistas and viewpoints across the main lake in the new land. Plus, the incredible details of the land.

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As guests explore the World of Frozen, the main celebration they will witness taking place in the land is Summer Snow Day commemorating the day that Anna saved Elsa and the kingdom with an act of true love.

Guests can immerse themselves in the festivities with special outfits like rosemaling patterned clothes, ice-inspired face paint, and hairstyles like Elsa or Anna’s cape. Throughout the land there will be symphonic renditions of songs from the first and second Frozen films – this alone is something that would be emotional in person. I will never forget seeing Idina Menzel perform “Let is Go” for the first in person a couple of months before the film was released at the D23 Expo that year.

The new land places a great emphasis on recreating moments from the film. As you enter you’ll be greeted by a great lake.

In the distance is the North Mountain, the highest peak in Arendelle, where Elsa runs to in the film after revealing her powers. Then, high on that same hill is Elsa’s Ice Palace that she created with her powers. You can actually even see this castle from Main Street USA within the park.

Frozen castle

Just before you is the Arendelle Castle.

What Disney is calling the “Bay of Arendelle” is the lake with the great view as you enter the parks. This is meant to be the area in the film where Anna fell into the boat when she met Prince Hans

You can see here what a guest photo might look like in the new land looking out over the bay. Even here the scale looks impressive.

frozen land photos

Below you can see the Clock Tower that is seen in the moment of the film when Prince Hans and Anna dance in their “Love is An Open Door” number.

frozen land

Also in the two square is Friendship Fountain where Elsa used her magical powers to freeze the water. See this above in the grand photos of the land town. Below is a look at the rest of the map of the land.

World of Frozen

World of Frozen Rides

World of Frozen includes two attractions including Frozen Ever After with brand new animatronics (more on this below) and a new attraction called Wandering Oaken’s Sliding Sleighs.

Wandering Oaken’s Sliding Sleighs

World of Frozen

Wandering Oaken’s Sliding Sleighs is the BRAND NEW family friendly roller coaster debuting at World of Frozen. Guests will ride on fast-moving sleighs built by Oaken to travel through the forest neighboring Arendelle. Based on the photos above, this attraction feels reminiscent of the same style as Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs Mine Train in Walt Disney World. One of the things I love about that attraction is how the ride incorporates both thrill elements while also taking time to slow down to show dark ride scenes featuring audio-animatronic characters.

This attraction is reportedly a bit shorter than Seven Dwarfs Mine Train and closer in length to Goofy’s Barnstormers at Magic Kingdom.

I have high hopes for this attraction as the Wandering Oaken character is hilarious and nearly every child giggles when he graces the screen.

He’s one of my favorites from the “Frozen” film and this attraction sounds like a perfect family oriented roller coaster.

Wandering Oaken’s Sliding Sleighs AnimatronicsFrozen Land

The animatronics from the FIRST Frozen-themed roller coaster ride, Wandering Oaken’s Sliding Sleighs, can be seen in the image above. This scenic ride is designed and built by Wandering Oaken and features Olaf and Sven working together to pull the sleighs.

Frozer roller coaster

I am always excited to see new animatronics at the Disney Parks and these animatronics look great! That leads us nicely into a look at the main new attraction in the land.

Frozen Ever After

frozen land

Frozen Ever After is the dark ride debuting in World of Frozen that will be familiar to USA Disney fans.  A version of Frozen Ever After is situated in EPCOT and is one of the most popular attractions in the park.

This traditional dark ride follows the story of Elsa and Anna including a momentous scene of Elsa singing “Let It Go.” It’s one of my favorite rides at EPCOT- much to the dismay of her 13-year-old son who would rather repeatedly ride Guardians of the Galaxy: Cosmind Rewind instead.

Frozen Ever After Animatronics

Frozen animatronics

World of Frozen’s attraction, Frozen Ever After, has received brand new animatronics for Anna and Elsa in the final scene in their summer dresses.

Disney Imagineers also previously shared a look at the Elsa audio-animatronic created for this ride and its perfection! Watch the video below:

This differs from the audio-animatronics in Frozen Ever After at EPCOT as those feature projection style faces instead of the version pictured above. This is my only critique of the Frozen Ever After attraction and I hope that Disney Imagineers consider swapping out the audio-animatronics in Walt Disney World’s attraction for the better version!

Frozen animatronic

The Frozen Ever After attraction in EPCOT has the same finale scene with Anna and Else but their faces use projections rather than full animatronic features.

Frozen Ever After

It would be great to see these animatronics also come to the EPCOT attraction. This bodes well for the Audio-Animatronics planned for Tiana’s Bayou Adventure, the attraction that is replacing Splash Mountain.

World of Frozen Characters

Guests can also enjoy a fun interactive play experience with Anna and Elsa at Playhouse in the Woods at the character meet and greet.

Guests can also meet Oaken and Kristoff in the land plus Elsa and Ann will also be available for meet and greets in their outfits from the first film.

Look how much fun this Kristoff greet looks as he meets guests among the troll boulders.

kristoff frozen land

Look at this cute Bruni statue located nearby!

frozen land hong kong

Here’s a look at in-theme wandering musicians present in the new land.

frozen land

World of Frozen Dining

New restaurants coming to the land include Golden Crocus Inn and Bayside Wharf offering Nordic dishes. Other dining locations include Nothern Delights and Forest Fare offering smaller bites and sweet treats.

Golden Crocus Inn

Frozen Land Dining

Golden Crocus Inn is named after the national symbol of Arendelle.

Frozen Dining

The walls feature portraits of Anna and Elsa’s royal family along with the other characters from the film!

Frozen Land

This nautical-themed quick service restaurant in Arendelle Village features a variety of offerings inspired by Norwegian homey food from seafood to pasta.

Northern Delights

Frozen Dining

Northern Delights can be found in Arendelle Village.

Hong Kong Frozen

This sweets shop features a variety of desserts, sweets, packaged gift confectionery, and cooking goods.

Forest Fare

Frozen Dining

Forest Fare is a food stand near Arendelle Forest with churros, cookies, shaved ice, and more.

World of Frozen Food GuideBayside Seafood Medley, Village Chicken Roll Stuffed with Ham & Cheese, Innkeeper’s Special Braised Lamb Shank and Forest Mushroom Pasta

Here is the full food guide for World of Frozen!

Golden Crocus Inn

  • Bayside Seafood Medley served with potatoes, cream sauce, and a brown sugar roll
  • Village Chicken Roll Stuffed with Ham & Cheese served with sauteed vegetables and a mustard cream sauce
  • Innkeeper’s Special Braised Lamb Shank with polenta potato purée, roasted vegetables, and beer gravy
  • Forest Mushroom Pasta served with forest mushrooms, poached egg, and truffle cream sauce
  • Forest Mushroom Pasta and Meatballs Platter served with sauteed vegetables and mushroom cream sauce (Kids’ menu offering)
Prawns Cocktail, Arendelle Meatballs in Mushroom Cream Sauce and Rosettes
  • Prawns Cocktail (Side offering)
  • Arendelle Meatballs in Mushroom Cream Sauce (Side offering)
  • Rosettes (Available with all main dish offerings)
Celebration Chocolate Fondue
  • Celebration Chocolate Fondue
  • Jasmine Peach Fanta (Non-alcoholic) (Available with all main dish offerings)
Coronation Sundae, North Mountain Almond Tart, Olaf Celebration Cupcake and Olaf Snowflake Smultringer

Northern Delights

  • Coronation Sundae: Light milk soft-serve sundae on elderflower-flavored slush (Served in “Frozen”-themed cup)
  • North Mountain Almond Tart: White chocolate cream and bergamot
  • Olaf Celebration Cupcake: Carrot and dried fruit cake with creamy frosting
  • Olaf Snowflake Smultringer
Olaf Muffin, Northern Delights Chocolate Box, Candy Apple Snowball, Olaf Lollipop and Marshmallow Lollipop
  • Olaf Muffin: Blueberry muffin with cream frosting inspired by the Olaf Disney Munchling
  • Summer Snow Day Soft-serve
  • Northern Delights Chocolate Box
  • Candy Apple Snowball
  • Summer Snow Day Marshmallow
  • Marshmallow Lollipop
  • Olaf Lollipop
Snowflake Churros, Forest Valley Tea Cookies, Sausages Platter, Forest Fare Gourmet Box and Forest Friends Stein

Forest Fare

  • Snowflake Churros
  • Forest Valley Tea Cookies
  • Sausages Platter (Available seasonally)
  • Forest Fare Gourmet Box: Crab stick and corn salad, chicken bun with cheese and tomato sauce, and crepe with blueberry and coconut cheese cream
  • Forest Friends Stein served with mango-flavored shaved ice

Frozen Land OPENING Date Announced!

We are getting closer to the opening of the first-ever Frozen-themed land at Hong Kong Disneyland which will open on November 20, 2023.

Frozen Land is at Hong Kong Disneyland

hong kong disneyland frozen land

This Frozen-themed land is located at Hong Kong Disneyland. You can see the entrance to the new land below the railroad above.

Hong Kong Disneyland made its debut in 2005 as the largest theme park in Hong Kong. Disney took great care to incorporate Chinese culture, customs, and traditions into the design of this theme park which included following the rules of feng shui. This is most notable with the bend that was put on the entrance walkway so good qi energy wouldn’t flow into the South China Sea. All these details about the creation of Hong Kong Disneyland are shared in The Imagineer Story which is a great watch for anyone interested in the creativity behind the magic! You can watch The Imagineering Story on Disney+ which just might be my favorite docuseries the app has done so far,

Cast members at Hong Kong Disneyland speak Cantonese, English, and Mandarin. Guide maps are available in Chinese and English. This theme park is known for having the lowest crowd levels out of all the Disney Parks around the world which makes it a popular choice for international Disney fans!

Hong Kong Disneyland has seven themed lands with a few similar to our own Disneyland in the United States: Main Street, U.S.A., Fantasyland, Adventureland, Tomorrowland, Grizzly Gulch, Mystic Point, and Toy Story Land. The addition of World of Frozen will bring that total to eight themed areas in the park.

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World of Frozen Shopping

Frozen Land Shopping

One of the gift shops, called Tick Tok Toys & Collectibles, is themed to be operated by a woodcarver and his wife. The shop will offer collectibles, toys, and keepsakes

World of Frozen

The shop will also offer figures of favorite Frozen characters that appear carved.

Frozen Land Hong Kong

The second retail location, Traveling Traders, will also offer Frozen souvenirs like small gifts such as keychains, shoulder plush, headbands and more.

This new addition to Hong Kong Disneyland looks amazing and I can’t help but feel a bit envious! After all, we’ve been hoping for a long time for Disneyland to receive its own Frozen attraction. I just might have to book a trip out to Hong Kong Disneyland to visit Arendelle myself!

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