2024 Universal Harry Potter Wands Guide & FAQ

The Wizarding World of Harry Potter is packed full of interactive features and the most well-known are the interactive Universal Harry Potter wands. Universal Orlando has two themed Harry Potter lands in its two theme parks: Diagon Alley and Hogsmeade. Universal Studios Hollywood has one Harry Potter land, Hogsmeade, in its theme park. Both of these theme parks offer interactive Harry Potter wands with areas around the lands with sensors that create special effects when the wands are used!

The interactive Harry Potter wands at Universal are a brilliant concept that really helps guests feel immersed in the lands. You can bring your wands back to use again over multiple visits which makes them a good investment for guests that want this Universal Harry Potter experience.

Keep reading for our full breakdown of Universal Harry Potter wands like price, and interactive spell maps, and our commentary on whether these wands are worth it.

What Are Universal Harry Potter Wands? Universal Harry Potter wands

Universal's Harry Potter wands come in two types: the interactive wand that can be used around the land to perform spells and regular wands that can be used for display or for pretend.

The interactive Harry Potter wands do not have any electronics inside so there is no need to charge them. They work because the land reflects light back to a sensor that is placed around these spell locations in the parks. The sensor tracks the light and movement of the wand and then activates the special effect. Each interactive wand comes with a map of spells for the Harry Potter lands so you know where to go in the land to do the spells.

How Much Are Universal Harry Potter Wands?Harry Potter Universal Wands

Universal Harry Potter wands range in price depending on their interactive features or if they are collectible wands. Similar to how Star Wars fans can collect famous character's lightsabers, the same is offered at Universal.

  • Regular wands:$55
  • Interactive wands: $63
  • Collectible wands: $75
  • Non-interactive Hagrid's umbrella wand: $120

The collectible wand is not much more than the regular so it makes sense to purchase this so you can enjoy the interactive features at Universal.

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Where to Buy Universal Wands?

You can purchase wands at Ollivander's and the wand cart in the land at Universal Studios Hollywood.

At Universal Orlando, wands can be purchased at Ollivanders and the wand cart on the path to Hogwarts. In Diagon Alley, wands can be purchased at Ollivanders and Wands by Gregorovitch in Diagon Alley.

You can also purchase Universal Harry Potter wands at both Universal Studios Hollywood's CityWalk and Universal Orlando CityWalk.

Universal Ollivander's Wand ShowOllivanders Universal

Both Universal Orlando and Universal Studios Hollywood offer the Ollivander wand show. In the books and films, Ollivander is the wizard that makes and sells wands in Hogsmeade, and is where Harry Potter purchases his first wand. There is a bit of a show involved with Harry's first wand purchase and when he finds the wand that suits him, the wand and atmosphere around him react.

This show is replicated in the Harry Potter lands at Universal and guests can participate in this wand-choosing ceremony led by a Universal employee. This show is a great experience for Harry Potter fans and for anyone's first experience choosing a wand. The wand maker will pick one person from the crowd watching the show at random to be the one to experience the wand-choosing ceremony. Some might say the employees will pick a child that is decked out in Harry Potter gear, robes, hat, etc. but kids and adults not wearing any merchandise have also been chosen. It is a pretty random process although if you have Harry Potter gear to wear, it may increase your chances.

How to Watch Ollivander Wand Show

If you want to experience the Ollivander wand show, line up at the store immediately after the park opens. The line for this experience will build throughout the day so the earlier you line up, the shorter the line will be. The line for this experience can move a bit slow so this also ensures you're not stuck in a slow-moving line for too long.

You do not have to attend the Ollivander wand show to purchase a wand but this is often when many guests do. After the show ends, you will be led right into the Ollivander wand shop if you want to make your purchase. You can also enter Ollivander's without attending the wand show if you'd rather skip that experience and just purchase your wand.

Harry Potter wands

How Do You Get Chosen at Ollivanders?

One thing to be aware of is that not everyone will be picked for the experience of choosing a wand in the show. Each show allows about 20 attendees and one person will be picked from that group for the ceremony. Most often they tend to pick those around eleven years old, which is the age at which wizards/witches pick their wands in Harry Potter. There is no guaranteed way to get chosen but sometimes kids of that age will get chosen if they're towards the front of the group, look eager to participate, and are dressed in their Harry Potter best. But it's not just solely based on what they are wearing, looking eager to participate is a big one. The employees are not going to pick a kid who looks nervous and is not willing to participate. Adults can also get chosen although it seems kids are chosen more often. It's important to prepare your kids for the possibility of not being chosen for the ceremony as you basically have a 1/20 chance.

If you are chosen for the Ollivander experience, you will be given the chance to purchase the wand used in the ceremony. It is not free, unfortunately.

What Happens When You Get Chosen at Ollivanders?

When you are chosen, you will be asked to step up to the front of the room and you will be offered some wands to wave around to try. As you move them, the room will interact like plants wilting, banging cupboards, and more. When the correct wand chooses the wizard, a light will beam down on the person choosing and music will play.

What If I'm Not Chosen at Ollivanders?

If you are not chosen at Ollivanders, you will still be directed into the store to pick out a wand that you can base on your favorite Harry Potter characters or Celtic mythology birthdays/wood symbolism. (More on this below!)

How to Get Free Universal Harry Potter Wands?

Sometimes Universal Orlando will offer a free non-interactive wand for guests who purchase a $300 or more Universal merchandise card.

Harry Potter Interactive Wand SpellsUniversal Studios Wand Map

Each interactive Universal Harry Potter wand comes with a map of spells throughout the land. At Universal Orlando, each wand comes with a double-sided map for both Hogsmeade and Diagon Alley. At Universal Studios Hollywood, the interactive wand comes with a map of Hogsmeade. You can use the wands at both resorts which is especially fun since they offer many different spell interactions.

Using the interactive wands is fairly simple, just look for a brass medallion on the ground to show you where the locations are and how they line up with your map. There will also be a Universal employee nearby to help you if you need assistance. These wand spots become increasingly popular as the day goes on which is why I recommend doing the spells rights after the park opens. The map will show how to move the wand to activate the sensor but honestly, they work well even just pointing the wand at the location. It is more fun to do the spell motion and say the spell though!

Universal Wand Strategy

Universal Harry Potter Interactive Wand Strategy

There will typically be lines for these spell spots throughout the day which is why I recommend doing your spells in the morning before the crowds build.

If you purchase Express Pass at Universal Orlando or Express Pass at Universal Studios Hollywood, this is especially a good move since you won't feel pressured to run to the rides in the morning.

These interactive wand spots are marked by a brass symbol on the ground so they are easy to spot. If you wait to do this until later in the day, it gets a bit harder to navigate the spell spots as the lands fill with crowds. The way to get the best experience with the interactive Harry Potter wands is to enjoy the land in the morning. This way there are fewer waits to do the spell spots and lower crowds to navigate.

Universal Orlando Diagon Alley Wand Spells

Universal Harry Potter Guide

This is one of the wand locations, say the spell with the wave of the wand and water comes out of the umbrella!

Diagon Alley in Universal Orlando has an abundance of spell locations. Because of this, I recommend priority this area of the two Harry Potter lands at Universal so you can get the most variety. Here is the full list of all the spell locations at Diagon Alley:

  1. Pilliwinkle’s Playthings: Trolls dance in the window.
  2. Filmflams Lanterns: Light up the lanterns.
  3. Umbrella Sign: Rain comes down from the umbrella.
  4. Magical Menagerie: Silence the animal chirping.
  5. Wiseacres Wizarding Equipment: Wake up the eyes in the window.
  6. Wiseacres Wizarding Equipment: Reveal the archer on the map, the archer will fire an arrow while the dog retrieves it.
  7. Scribbulus: Levitate a quill.
  8. Bowman E. Wright Blacksmith Spell: Stoke the fire.
  9. Bowman E. Wright Blacksmith Spell: Repair a suit of armor
  10. Weasley’s Wizard Wheezes Spell: Flush a plunger down a toilet.
  11. Mermaid Fountain: A stream of water comes from the fountain in random directions.

Harry Potter Universal Wands

Knockturn Alley Wand Spells

You will also find spell locations in Knockturn Alley which is a small hidden alley in the larger area of the land. These spells are illuminated by the blacklight glow in the alley.

  1. Chimney Sweep Elf Sign: Look up to see the red sign in the chimney shape: the chimney sweep will sweep the chimney.
  2. Noggin and Bonce: Silence the talking heads in the window.
  3. Dystal Phaelanges: The skeleton in the window will mimic your own movements.
  4. Trackleshanks Locksmith: Creates wind towards the spellcaster.
  5. Tallow and Hemp Toxic Tapers: Birds in the cage react to the spell.

Secret Wand Locations in Diagon Alley

There are two secret wand locations in Diagon Alley, Knockturn Alley which we listed above, and a secret fantastic beast's wand spell inside Magical Menagerie.

Universal Orlando Hogsmeade Wand SpellsHarry Potter Wands Universal

Hogsmeade has a total of nine interactive wand spells you can find including:

  1. Zonko’s Joke Shop Spell: Spinning wheels and rockets are set off in the store.
  2. McHavelock’s Spell: Stop the water from pouring into a cauldron.
  3. Dogweed and Deathcap: Make the plant in the window come alive.
  4. Honeydukes: Opens a chocolate frog box.
  5. Madam Puddifoots: Moves the snowman cake topper.
  6. Gladbags Wizardwear: Raise and lower the measuring tape to measure the robe in the window.
  7. Spintwitches: Levitate the Quidditch balls.
  8. Dervish and Banges: Start and stop the music box in the window.
  9. Tome and Scrolls: Find a copy of The Tales of Beedle the Bard.

Universal Studios Hollywood Wand Spots

Universal Studios Hollywood only has a Hogsmeade land and the wand spells are pretty similar to the Universal Orlando counterpart:

  1. Honeydukes: Opens a chocolate frog box.
  2. Three Broomsticks: Turn on the lights in the window.
  3. Dogwood and Deathcap: Flowers bloom.
  4. Madam Puddifoot’s Tea & Cakes: Treats start spinning and stopping.
  5. Scrivenshaft’s Quill Shop: Quill starts writing on parchment.
  6. Wiseacre’s Wizarding Equipment: Unlock the chest in the window.
  7. Gladrags Wizardwear: Raise and lower the measuring tape to measure the robe in the window.
  8. Dervish and Banges: Start and stop the music box in the window.
  9. Spintwitches: Levitate the Quidditch balls.
  10. Ceridwen’s Cauldrons: Make the spoon stop stirring the pot.
  11. Dominic Maestro’s: Music sheets fly around.

Universal Harry Potter Character WandsUniversal Wands Lucious Malfoy

Universal is always adding Harry Potter character wands to the list, here is the most updated list of available character wands:

  • Harry Potter
  • Hermione Granger
  • Ron Weasley
  • Sirius Black
  • Albus Dumbledore
  • Professor Snape
  • Lord Voldemort
  • Neville Longbottom
  • Draco Malfoy
  • Professor McGonagall
  • Ginny Weasley
  • Fred Weasley
  • George Weasley
  • Molly Weasley
  • Arthur Weasley
  • Sirius Black
  • Cedric Diggory
  • Remus Lupin
  • Bellatrix Lestrange
  • Luna Lovegood
  • Xenophilius Lovegood
  • Mad-Eye Moody
  • Fleur Delacour
  • Narcissa Malfoy
  • Corban Yaxley
  • Cho Chang
  • Nymphadora Tonks
  • James Potter
  • Corban Yaxley
  • Peter Pettigrew
  • Viktor Krum
  • Rufus Scrimgeour
  • Gregorovitch Wand
  • Death Eater Swirl Wand
  • Death Eater Snake Wand
  • Death Eater Skull Wand
  • Gellert Grindelwald
  • Seraphina Picquery
  • Queenie Goldstein
  • Newt Scamander

Universal Harry Potter Birthday WandsDiagon Alley Universal

You can also choose an unclaimed wand if you want to forge your own wizarding identity. These wands are all based on the Celtic tree calendar J.K. Rowling used in the Harry Potter books. The Celtic wand designs use different types of wood for different birth dates, here is the corresponding birth date list:

  • Birch, December 24 – January 20
  • Rowan, January 21 – February 17
  • Ash, February 18 – March 17
  • Alder, March 18 – April 14
  • Willow, April 15 – May 12
  • Hawthorn, May 13 – June 9
  • Oak, June 10 – July 7
  • Holly, July 8 – August 4
  • Hazel, August 5 – September 1
  • Vine, September 2 – September 29
  • Ivy, September 30 – October 27
  • Reed, October 28 – November 24
  • Elder, November 25 – December 23

The types of wood are then paired with one of the three powerful wand cores:

  • Unicorn hair
  • Dragon heartstring
  • Phoenix feather

This option can be fun for guests who want to customize their Universal Harry Potter wand experience.

Harry Potter Wand MeaningsHogwarts Express

If guests do not want to identify the wand just by their birthday, they can also look at the meanings behind these different wood designs:


  • Wizards associated with this wand: Dolores Umbridge.
  • Birch symbolizes rebirth, new beginnings, and growth. Birch is a scared tree within Celtic mythology.


  • Rowan is considered the Tree of life in Celtic mythology and symbolizes courage, wisdom, and protection.
  • In the lore of Harry Potter, Rowan wands are known for producing strong Defensive Charms due to the protective qualities in the wood. They are also known for being matched with those of virtue that oppose the Dark Arts.


  • Wizards associated with this wand: Quirinus Quirrell, Lottie Turner.
  • Alder is linked with creation in Celtic mythology and is known for its qualities of strength, protection, determination, and confidence. The tree is a sign of safety and protection.
  • In the lore of Harry Potter, Alder wands often seek those that are different than the qualities it possesses and are best suited towards non-verbal spells and advanced witches and wizards.


  • Wizards associated with this wand: Cedric Diggory, Charlie Weasley, Ron Weasley.
  • In mythology, ash trees are often associated with healing, magic, and life.
  • In the lore of Harry Potter, those best suited to ash wands held strong beliefs and may be stubborn or courageous.


  • Wizards associated with this wand: Ron Weasley, Lily Evans.
  • Willow tree symbolize hope, belonging and safety.
  • In the lore of Harry Potter, this is an uncommon wand wood with healing power and ideal owners often had some type of unwarranted insecurity. Willow wands often select those of great potential.


  • Wizards associated with this wand: Draco Malfoy.
  • Hawthorne trees symbolize love and protection.
  • In the lore of Harry Potter, Hawthorn wands are complex and seem to suit those with conflicted natures or those passing through a period of turmoil.

Universal Harry Wands


  • Oak symbolizes courage, strength and perseverance.
  • In the lore of Harry Potter, oak is often best suited for dueling due to quick reactions and hot tempers. Ollivander also considered oak wands the most handsome.


  • Wizards associated with this wand: Harry Potter.
  • Holly symbolizes peace and goodwill and is also known for its resistance to lightning.
  • In the lore of Harry Potter, holly wands are seen as protective and best suited to those who might need help overcoming anger or impatience. Holly wands often chose owners engaged in a dangerous or spiritual quest.


  • Wizards associated with this wand: Sybill Trelawney.
  • Hazel wood symbolizes wisdom and inspiration.
  • In the lore of Harry Potter, hazel wands are often sensitive and reflect their owner's emotional state. They work best for those who can manage their feelings.


  • Wizards associated with this wand: Hermione Granger.
  • Vine wood symbolizes persistence and renewal.
  • In the lore of Harry Potter, vine wands are less common and are attracted to personalities with a greater purpose, astound those around them, and have a vision beyond the ordinary.


  • Ivy symbolizes everlasting life, devotion, fidelity, and loyalty.
  • Its properties in wand wood aren't as known although Ollivander had often sold wands of this type.


  • Reed symbolizes wisdom and scholarship.
  • In the lore of Harry Potter, reed wands are best suited to those who are bold and eloquent speakers and protective friends.


  • Wizards associated with this wand: Lord Voldemort, Harry Potter.
  • In the lore of Harry Potter, the Elder wand is the most well-known as being one of the most powerful wands of all time.

Harry Potter Universal Wands

Exclusive Universal Harry Potter Wands

Each Universal park in the world has its own wand exclusive to its theme park:

  • Universal Orlando Resort: larch and phoenix feather wand
  • Universal Studios Hollywood: walnut and dragon heartstring wand
  • Universal Studios Japan: cherry and unicorn hair wand
  • Universal Beijing Resort: red oak and unicorn hair wand

Can I Bring My Own Wand to Universal?

Yes, you can bring your own Harry Potter wand to Universal but only the interactive ones sold in the parks will interact with the wand spell locations in the parks. But the good news is you can bring your interactive wand back to the parks with you for multiple visits.

A wand purchased at Universal Studios Hollywood will work at Universal Orlando and vice versa. The interactive wands are not park-specific although the maps sold with the wands will be for their specific park.

Forbidden Journey Hogwarts

Universal Harry Potter Wand Engraving

You can get your Universal Harry Potter wands engraved at both theme parks. To have your wand engraved, you need to buy your wand in the parks and get it engraved within that same visit.

Wand engraving costs $30 per wand, plus tax. There is a maximum of 11 characters engraved on your wand, no special numbers or characters are allowed. If you decide to have your wand engraved you will be able to pick it up that same day, depending on how many they have to engrave, it shouldn't take too long.

Harry Potter Wand DisplaysWand display

You can purchase Harry Potter wand displays in theme parks and online. Universal sells their own wand displays if you want an official one.

There are many options on Etsy and Amazon, some made by 3d printers which offers plenty of possibilities. I got my wand display off Amazon for under $10 (pictured above)- it's a basic option but works fine to display our two wands. (Top wand is Hermione's, bottom is Sirius Black)

Are the Interactive Harry Potter Wands Durable?

The wands are extremely durable and do not require any batteries so they will last for a long time making them a solid investment. There is no need to worry about charging before a visit, simply grab it and go!

How much is the Harry Potter wands at Universal?

Interactive wands are $63 and non-interactive wands are $55.

Do the Harry Potter wands from Universal do anything?

The interactive wands have a sensor in the tip that activates different sensors around the land to allow guests to perform spells.

Can you buy Harry Potter wands at Universal?

You can buy a variety of Harry Potter wands at Universal from collector wands, interactive wands, and non-interactive wands. You can find a wand that your favorite character uses or pick your own style.

What is the most expensive Harry Potter wand at Universal?

The most singular expensive Harry Potter wand is the Hagrid Umbrella Wand for $120 but collectors sets of multiple wands can cost up to $300.

How long do Universal wands last?

Universal wands do not use any electronics, only a sensor, so they can last forever. They are durable and do not break easily.

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