Best Universal Orlando CityWalk Restaurants 2023

Universal Orlando CityWalk provides guests with many dining options in the entertainment hub of Universal Orlando Resort. What are the best Universal Orlando CityWalk restaurants to enjoy while visiting Universal Orlando Resort?

Universal CityWalk Orlando provides a little bit of everything regarding dining options. Whether you want a snack, a drink, a quick service meal, or a sit-down table service environment, Universal CityWalk Orlando has you covered. The restaurant options in CityWalk make excellent date night options, as well as a meal with family or several of your buddies.

This resource will point you to the better dining options at Universal CityWalk Orlando. Also, a basic overview of all the dining options at Universal CityWalk Orlando will be covered.

We have dined at all the Universal CityWalk Orlando restaurants at least once this year. Most of the table service options have been visited numerous times this year so far. Based on that experience and consulting other respected dining colleagues, we will rank the Universal CityWalk Orlando restaurants.

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What is Universal Orlando CityWalk?

Best Universal Orlando CityWalk Restaurants

Universal Orlando CityWalk serves as the central hub of the Universal Orlando Resort. In fact, most guests must walk through Universal CityWalk Orlando to visit the two Universal Orlando Resort theme parks. This complex of dining, shopping, and entertainment surrounds a beautiful lagoon. From CityWalk, one can enjoy views across the lagoon and see attractive views of the Universal Orlando Resort theme park attractions.

Several branding changes have been made to the Florida operation to clean up some of the confusion between Universal Orlando and the Universal Studios Hollywood theme park in California. One of those changes involved calling the CityWalk area Universal CityWalk Orlando. This change has not caught on fully yet, but Universal CityWalk Orlando is the stated name on Universal’s current marketing. Still, if you say CityWalk and Orlando in any sentence, you will be fine during your time in Orlando.

How to Get to Universal CityWalk Orlando

Best Universal Orlando CityWalk Restaurants

Since Universal Islands of Adventure opened in 1999, Universal CityWalk Orlando has functioned as the pass-through area to reach the two Universal Orlando Resort theme parks. An area initially serving as parking for Universal Studios Florida theme park received a conversion and expansion into what is now CityWalk.

Almost all visitors to Universal Orlando’s theme park venture into CityWalk. CityWalk itself sits directly between the Universal parking garage security hub area and the two land-based theme parks. For those staying off-site, you will enter through that security hub, take some moving walkways, and then see the “Welcome to Universal Orlando Resort” sign. At this point, you have entered Universal CityWalk Orlando.

For guests staying on-site taking free bus transportation to the theme parks, you will enter CityWalk the same way. Guests staying onsite using the complimentary water taxis will be dropped off at the Universal CityWalk boat dock area to visit the theme parks. Guests walking from their Universal Orlando Resort hotel will enter the CityWalk area via a different security station before visiting the theme park. However, those guests will be much closer to the theme parks compared to those entering from the central security hub.

All parking happens at the Universal Orlando Resort parking garage if driving to Universal Orlando Resort. Type in 6000 Universal Boulevard, Orlando, FL 32819, or the Universal Orlando Parking Garage to set your GPS for directional driving purposes. Sometimes, GPS devices send guests to the team members’ (Universal Orlando Resort employees) parking. This will go poorly. Thus, we stress double-checking the address before starting your drive.

Best Universal Orlando CityWalk Restaurants: Table Service Dining

Universal CityWalk Orlando offers guests plenty of dining options.  These range from table service, quick service, and lounge options. Most of the restaurants at Universal CityWalk Orlando qualify as table service restaurants.

Table Service or Full Service?

At Universal Orlando Resort, terminology can become confusing. Like the terminology issues due to poor branding mentioned earlier, guests can be confused by terms used at Universal Orlando.

For example, employees at Universal Orlando Resort are called team members. This style of designation seems common at the Orlando area theme park. Disney calls staff cast members, and SeaWorld calls them ambassadors.  Each theme park operation likes to use different terms to distinguish themselves.

When it comes to dining, Universal Orlando commonly uses the term full-service dining. This does not mean a high-end signature-style restaurant. This means a restaurant with wait staff, commonly known as table service dining in other places. If you see the term full-service dining in some information from Universal Orlando Resort, this equates to table service dining.

Now that we have passed that discussion, what are the best full-service restaurants at Universal CityWalk Orlando? This will depend on your personal preferences, of course. However, this resource will cover all the table (full) service restaurants, indicating which ones make the best choices for most groups.

Best Table Service Restaurants at Universal CityWalk Orlando

Some table (full) service dining options stand out at Universal CityWalk Orlando.  Unlike at Walt Disney World, table service dining reservations are not as challenging to acquire. Usually, the harder-to-get reservations reflect the better table service options at Universal CityWalk Orlando.

Our list of the best table service restaurant options at Universal CityWalk Orlando includes two choices that stand over the rest. These are Vivo Italian Kitchen and, Toothsome Chocolate Emporium & Savory Feast Kitchen.

Vivo Italian Kitchen

When asked which restaurant qualifies as the best at Universal Orlando CityWalk, I continually give the same answer: Vivo Italian Kitchen.

You may read this with some surprise since Italian restaurants do not have the best reputation at theme parks in the Orlando area. This Italian option wins based on many variables important to theme park resort visitors.

At Vivo Italian Kitchen, guests experience well-prepared pasta dishes that often make you think a traditional Italian family of cooks prepared your meal. If you are visualizing pasta dishes comparable to a popular Italian chain restaurant, then I urge you to remove that comparison from your mind.

With quality ingredients and enough variety on the menu, everyone can eat here. This place can make a great group dining experience or a nice date night, too. The menu offers a variety of appetizers, wood-stone pizzas, pasta dishes, and a few more upscale items. Guests should be able to find something they will enjoy. We recommend the pizzas, Squid Ink Seafood, Vegan Sausage Pasta, and Lamb Ragu here.

Another significant reason we recommend Vivo Italian Kitchen relates to the price point. Most items we suggested above cost under $20. Universal Orlando annual passholders receive up to a 15% discount on top of that. You can probably find better Italian restaurants in the Orlando area. However, at these price points, this place is a good option for all ages.

Toothsome Chocolate Emporium and Savory Feast Kitchen

Best Universal Orlando CityWalk Restaurants

The steampunk-themed restaurant draws large crowds with its theme and over-the-top desserts. I visit this place often. You can venture inside to purchase merchandise and delectable treats from the bakery case.

If you are lucky, you may see Penelope and Jacques walking around meeting guests. When speaking with Penelope, ask her about her many adventures. She will also be happy to discuss her franchise locations throughout the world.

Toothsome Chocolate Emporium and Savory Feast Kitchen provide indoor and outdoor seating. The indoor seating contains two floors with a bar area upstairs.

The menu here qualifies as eclectic. For example, guests can order chocolate bread, flatbreads, burgers, chicken entrees, pasta dishes, and an all-day brunch menu. One of our favorite items here appears on the brunch menu, Patty Melt French Toast ($15.95). That item provides a hearty, savory meal at a reasonable table service price.

Like Vivo, the price points at Toothsome look good compared to other places in the Orlando area. These prices do not exceed expectations for a theme park resort table service restaurant within easy walking distance from Universal Orlando Resort theme parks. We have tried everything on the current menu at Toothsome. Rarely have we been disappointed.

Still, most guests visit for the desserts. The photo-worthy milkshakes star here. However, we would recommend the extravagant sundaes over the milkshakes. They are easier to share and cost less with similar ingredients. For vegan diners, Toothsome does offer an excellent-tasting vegan milkshake.

You will probably need to make reservations here if you visit during a busy time of year. Reservations can be made online on the Universal Orlando website or the mobile app.

Best Universal Orlando CityWalk Restaurants: Close to the Best Table Service

One CityWalk table service restaurant ranks higher than most but not as high as the first two mentioned.  The Cowfish Sushi Burger Bar falls in that spot in our ranking of the best restaurant at Universal CityWalk Orlando.

The Cowfish Sushi Burger Bar sits in the middle area of Universal CityWalk Orlando. Most guests walk right past it when traveling through CityWalk to reach the two theme parks.

This restaurant creates fusion-style food focusing on sushi and burgers. In fact, this place sells Burgushi, an actual merging of the two food styles. The burgers here rate as some of the best on Universal Orlando property. The sushi does not compare to places like Morimoto Asia or Shiki-Sai: Sushi Izakaya. Still, Cowfish offers some high-quality sushi if you are not visiting a premier sushi place like that.

Kids enjoy this place with the adorable kids’ meal. The entire family can enjoy the experience here.

The recurring criticism of this place keeping it from being on the top of the best list is two-fold. One, the price points sit a bit higher than many guests think it should be. For example, though the burgers provide good quality, the cost is a few more dollars than other Universal CityWalk Orlando options.

Two, the service has a well-earned reputation for being slow.  We have not experienced that issue at Cowfish recently. Nonetheless, we receive those guest comments often still. Despite that, we recommend the food and fun at the Cowfish Sushi Burger Bar.

Best Universal Orlando CityWalk Restaurants: The Good Table Service Choices

As we stated, we dine at Universal CityWalk Orlando often. None of the table service options at CityWalk count as bad. As with all evaluations, some things rise to the top while others fall to the bottom in comparison. This section covers the good choices that did not have enough to make the higher categories.

Antojito’s Authentic Mexican Food

Best Universal Orlando CityWalk Restaurants

This Mexican restaurant sits up on the hill on the second level of Universal CityWalk Orlando. This iconic-looking building contains plenty of indoor and outdoor seating. The menu includes all the expected Mexican food items. A few outside-the-box menu options, like cactus, can be enjoyed here also.

The atmosphere at Antojito’s qualifies as festive. On most evenings, a mariachi-style band sings reworked popular songs. Every time we have dined here, we have enjoyed a quality meal and a good time with friends.

Like all traditional restaurants of this style, complimentary chips and salsa arrive at your table to start your meal. You can upgrade those with queso or tableside-prepared guacamole.  Some of the better entrées at Antojitos are the Tapas Trio, Beef Birria Tacos, La Tostada, and Al Pastor Tacos.

So, with all this praise, why does this not receive a higher ranking in our best Universal CityWalk Orlando restaurants? In simple terms, Antojito’s food, service, and atmosphere make a nice meal for your theme park vacation.

Still, the most prominent weakness relates to the seven Mexican-style restaurants with equal quality food at a lower price within two miles of Universal Orlando Resort. Many of our friends who fly into town for their Universal Orlando Resort vacation comment on skipping Antojito’s for this reason. Nevertheless, Antojito’s Authentic Mexican Cuisine offers a solid option for guests looking for this dining style.

Pat O’Brien’s

This New Orleans-themed restaurant provides dinner and a show. Though only open for dinner, this place offers excellent entertainment with your meal.

This table service restaurant on the upper level of CityWalk fails to be seen by many guests. The main seating area features dueling pianos. Also, as you might expect, a Hurricane beverage can be acquired here easily.

We have dined here several times in the past year. The signature Shrimp Po’Boy makes a fine choice for dinner. We suggest making a reservation far in advance if you want a good seat for the dueling pianos.

Overall, this place makes a good option for dinner. Sure, it can be loud. Though we enjoy the menu here, a common complaint relates to the limited menu and not being an excellent option for families with younger children.

Bob Marley- A Tribute to Freedom

Best Universal Orlando CityWalk Restaurants

Curried Chickpeas

Another table service restaurant on the upper level of Universal CityWalk Orlando is Bob Marley- A Tribute to Freedom. This Jamaican-themed restaurant pays homage to Bob Marley and his music. A reggae band plays most evenings. However, the food and environment do not fit your average theme park resort table-service restaurant. Especially after about 8:00 p.m., this place gives off a party atmosphere as expected at a nightclub-style restaurant.

The open-air courtyard here contains plenty of Bob Marley memorabilia, photos, and music. For a sample of Jamaican food at Bob Marley’s, guests can order the Taste of Jamaica appetizer that consists of veggie and beef patties, jerk wings, and yucca fries. Our favorite menu item at Bob Marley’s is the Curried Chickpeas. We enjoy the flavor and the price staying under $15 before annual pass discounts.

Like Pat O’Brien’s, this nightclub environment makes this place less desirable for families with children. Also, the food might be a bit adventurous for some guests.


This American-style restaurant transports guests to a comfy setting. Someone at Universal Orlando Resort thought that a restaurant with a setting of a classic resort lodge with fireplaces was a good idea in Orlando. Despite that, this more upscale table service provides some quality entrees.

The dining choices at Bigfire (sometimes called Bigfire American Fare) build off the idea of wood fire cooking. If you desire wood-fired meats with a solid smoky flavor, Bigfire makes an excellent choice for you. The Tableside S’mores look great, creating a unique dessert option for groups to share. Whether you like steaks, fish, or something else, you can find it at Bigfire.

Since this restaurant functions as a mid-level steakhouse at Universal CityWalk Orlando, the cost for entrees will be higher than the other table service places. Of course, guests receive higher-quality entrees at Bigfire.

If you are willing to pay a little bit more, this place makes an excellent choice. Some guests voiced that the food and beverage did not meet their expectations for the price. We hear this more often regarding the drinks than the food, though. Still, if you are looking for a well-prepared smoke-enhanced steak, Bigfire provides several options to meet your craving.

NBC Sports Grill & Brew

This gigantic sports bar offers far more television screens than one place should have. If you want to watch a sporting event, this place has you covered. The enormous video screens on top of the restaurant for all to see in CityWalk convey the purpose of this place.

The food served here will not blow you away, but it is good. You should expect burgers, quality appetizers, and a few unique entrées.

This place focuses on the fun and the beverages. If you like to have a beer and watch the game, this place might be one of the best in Orlando. The beer selection enhances the overall experience.

In terms of fun, you can cheer on your chosen team. Some tables are working foosball tables to entertain your group regardless of age.

Hard Rock Café Orlando

Best Universal Orlando CityWalk Restaurants

The restaurant has stood the test of time at Universal Orlando. This restaurant opened with Universal Studios Florida. Well, it opened in a different spot than it currently claims at Universal CityWalk Orlando. We also know that the Hard Rock Café Orlando has a lease agreement until 2039, so fans of rock & roll have a themed restaurant to enjoy for a while in Orlando.

This place qualifies as the largest Hard Rock Café in the world. In addition, most of it is covered with music memorabilia.

The focus of the menu revolves around burgers and some barbecue entrees. We feel comfortable recommending those items at this Hard Rock Café location. However, the menu looks very similar if you have a Hard Rock Café near you. AAA members do receive a ten percent discount. This place qualifies as the “safe” choice since the menu caters to all palates.

Breakfast is served here from 8:00 a.m. until 10:00 a.m. each day. This does not draw a large crowd but serves as the only table service breakfast option at Universal CityWalk Orlando.

Best Universal Orlando CityWalk Restaurants: The Rest of the Table Service Options

Once again, these restaurants make reasonable choices. They fall to the bottom since better options for most groups exist at Universal CityWalk Orlando. Still, these final two table service options bring some positives that the other restaurants do not have.

Bubba Gump Shrimp Co, Restaurant & Market

Guests entering from the central security hub to Universal CityWalk Orlando cannot miss this restaurant appearing on their left. This Landry’s Restaurant Group-operated restaurant displays a theme to the movie “Forrest Gump.” Everything within the restaurant relates to that movie. Servers play “Forrest Gump” trivia with you. The film plays constantly at the bar.

Of course, the menu reflects the movie. Almost every possible way you can prepare shrimp is on this menu. However, we recommend the jambalaya or the fried chicken here.

Also, since this is a Landry’s restaurant, Landry’s Select Club members earn points to save on future visits and other perks. If you are interested in this table-service dining option, that membership might be helpful.

Jimmy Buffett’s Margaritaville

Volcano Nachos

This restaurant reflects the vibe that any #Parrothead appreciates. It contains an incredible volcano-themed bar serving margaritas and other choices.

The menu itself presents nothing special except for the Volcano Nachos. These Volcano Nachos will easily feed three grown adults or two hungry teenage boys. Though the ingredients used qualify as average, the preparation of the components elevates this massive plate of nachos. We dare you to find a chip with no toppings.

We do enjoy the large, covered patio. In the evenings, live music is played on the patio, enhancing the dining experience. If you are looking for that “island” feel, this place provides it.

Best Universal Orlando CityWalk Restaurants: Quick Service Options

While Universal CityWalk Orlando provides guests with a solid array of table service options, the quick service choices count as more limited. However, they each have their strengths. We will list these in order of quality for most groups.

Red Oven Pizza Bakery

This pizza dining option, located on the main walkway of Universal CityWalk Orlando, serves high-quality pizza. The pizzas are ordered from the counter. They prepare them quickly and bring them to your table. The styles of pizza range from a pepperoni to more extravagant options. Gluten-free and vegan options can be found here, too.

Pizzas cost around $15. They will feed two people. Salads, costing between $10-$13, are served here. They will also serve two people.

Bread Box Handcrafted Sandwiches

Best Universal Orlando CityWalk Restaurants

This sandwich shop on the second level of CityWalk near the food court area serves quality quick service sandwiches. These range from deli style sandwiches to hot sandwiches. Bread Box sells vegan and gluten-free options.

We enjoy this place for the straightforward menu. Be aware that sides, like fries or tater tots, cost extra. Most of the time, you will have a short wait to order your food here. The sandwiches cost between $9-13 before any discounts.

Voodoo Doughnut Orlando CityWalk

best universal orladno citywalk restaurants

Voodoo Doughnut has been an excellent addition to Universal CityWalk Orlando since it arrived in 2018. This Portland-based doughnut shop toned down its image to fit into the family-friendly world of Universal Orlando Resort.

This place sells doughnuts in all shapes and sizes. Also, they carry 13 different types of vegan doughnuts. For each new special event at Universal Orlando Resort, Voodoo Doughnut Orlando creates at least one new seasonal doughnut. For example, Voodoo Doughnut Orlando designed an apple cider doughnut for this autumn and a ghost one for Halloween Horror Nights.

We visit this location often. For many Universal Orlando visitors, this place demands a stop.

Do be advised that the mobile order system at Voodoo Doughnut works intermittently. We do not recommend using it unless you feel you must do so. For more about Voodoo Doughnut, you can read about a visit earlier this year.

Hot Dog Hall of Fame

The baseball-themed outdoor restaurant sells hot dogs based on the Major League Baseball team’s version of a hot dog. For example, the Boston hot dog resembles a Fenway Frank with a New England-style bun. In contrast, the Milwaukee version features bratwurst sausage.

With over ten versions of hot dogs, guests should be able to find one they enjoy. The sides count as basic, with fries and chips. Some guests voice that the service and food quality falls behind Bread Box. Still, if you want a quick meal, Hot Dog Hall of Fame will not destroy your budget, with most entrees under $10.00.

Bend the Boa

Our unique quick service option resides in the hidden corner location on the second floor near the food court area. This boa bun quick service option replaced a sushi place in that location. The bao buns deliver decent flavor. However, you get two bao buns for $12.29. Each additional one costs $4.69.

That price point, compared to portion size, appears high. Still, we enjoy the Kimchee FC (Fried Chicken) and the Pork Belly ones. Other choices include beef brisket, shrimp, duck, crab cake, and veggie options. Based on its location and the food offered, this quick service location does not develop a long queue of people waiting.

Coke Kiosk

A larger circular kiosk sits in the middle of Universal CityWalk Orlando. The best feature of this location involves the Coke Freestyle machine here. This place sells basic breakfast items in the morning. After that, it transitions to standard theme park food like popcorn, pretzels, and churros. In addition, items like empanadas and hot dogs are also served here most of the time.

Other Quick Service Options at Universal CityWalk Orlando

Universal CityWalk Orlando contains several fast-food chain dining options. You should expect to pay more for your favorite item at these locations. Nonetheless, these make a reasonable option for quick dining.

First, a fast-food court can be found on the second floor of Universal CityWalk Orlando. This food court contains:

  • Panda Express serves Asian food.
  • Moe’s Southwest Grill serves fast-casual Mexican food like burritos.
  • BK Whopper Bar serves similar burgers to your local Burger King.

On the main level of Universal CityWalk Orlando, a few more quick service chains will be seen by guests. They include:

  • Starbucks- This location provides all your standard Starbucks favorites. Of course, if you skip this one, each of the two Universal Orlando Resort theme parks also has Starbucks locations.
  • Auntie Anne’s- This pretzel place draws a crowd at various times of the day. Like Starbucks, Auntie Anne’s locations are in both Universal Studios Florida and Universal Islands of Adventure. The pretzels here taste better than the standard pretzels served at Universal food and beverage kiosks.
  • Cinnabon- This place has you covered if you want a sweet treat. The varieties of cinnamon rolls lure people into this location often as they walk through Universal CityWalk Orlando. Cinnabon also sells some savory options for breakfast. Another Cinnabon location can be found inside Islands of Adventure near the entrance to the Marvel Super Hero Island area.

Bars and Lounges

Though the lounge and bar serve minimal food (if any), one can find a beverage easily at Universal CityWalk Orlando. A few of the better options will be listed below.

Universal’s Great Movie Escape

This experience shares some characteristics with a traditional escape room. Guests can enjoy the theme experience in the worlds of “Back to the Future” and “Jurassic World.” Guests will, of course, pay an additional fee for those experiences.

However, this place might offer one of the best bars on Universal property. The upper-level location allows guests some peace from the crowds of CityWalk. The beverages earn high guest reviews. Also, they each have names based on the two movies of Universal’s Great Movie Escape.

CityWalk’s Rising Star

This karaoke bar allows guests to sing their favorite tunes for all to hear. However, this karaoke bar comes with a live band and backup singers on most evenings, elevating the experience. Beverages can be purchased here, as well as ordering takeout pizza from Red Oven Pizza Bakery.

Red Coconut Club

This nightclub extends the island tiki-type vibes with a large lounge area. Guests can also go upstairs to enjoy their beverages. In recent times, Universal has been using this location as a highly themed bar to match Mardi Gras and Halloween Horror Nights seasons. For example, the Red Coconut Club was transformed into the Dead Coconut Club for the second year in a row for the 2023 Halloween season. The decor of Universal Classic Monsters sets a solid tone for that theme.

This lounge makes a reasonable option to grab a drink. Their menu features a variety of classic tiki drinks, signature cocktails, mocktails, beers, and wines. The drink menu changes depending on the seasonal theme of the bar.

Fat Tuesday

This place specializes in New Orleans-style daiquiris. These Bourbon Street icons are colorful, frozen, and delicious. Fat Tuesdays has two locations in CityWalk. The main location on the second level serves various fun flavors like mango, Cat 5 hurricane (tropical fruit punch, fruit juices, and rum), margarita, and strawberry. Also, guests can order a combo daiquiri merging more than one flavor.

Lone Palm Airport

Guests find this bar by looking for the plane at Universal CityWalk Orlando. Since it is located across from Jimmy Buffett’s Margaritaville, guests can expect to hear Jimmy Buffett’s music here. Also, besides the Margaritas here, guests can order from the main menu at Jimmy Buffett’s Margaritaville. We recommend the frozen margaritas here.

FAQ Universal Orlando CityWalk

Can you bring drinks from CityWalk to Universal?

You must finish your alcoholic drinks before entering Universal CityWalk Orlando. However, you can bring limited food into Universal CityWalk Orlando and non-alcoholic beverages. On nights that Halloween Horror Nights happens, you cannot bring in drinks of any type after 5:00 p.m.

What is the dress code for CityWalk Universal?

The dress code at Universal CityWalk Orlando is casual. Of course, do not get too casual!

Can you eat at Universal CityWalk without a ticket?

Universal CityWalk Orlando is a free outdoor shopping district that does not require tickets to enter. Depending on when you arrive, you may need to pay for parking.

Can you get butterbeer at Universal CityWalk Orlando?

Sorry, butterbeer will not be available in the CityWalk area. You must enter the Wizarding World areas of Universal Studios Florida or Universal Islands of Adventure to enjoy this tasty beverage.

Can you bring water into Universal CityWalk Orlando?

Yes, you may bring water with you in reasonable size containers. However, this may not be possible on evenings with Halloween Horror Nights, so prepare for that.

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