Breaking! Disney Parks Makes Needed Change to Simplify Dining Reservation System

Disney World and Disneyland have released a new and improved way to book Disney dining reservations on the Disneyland and Disney World websites and apps. These changes will be available for both Disneyland and Disney World dining locations, and their goal is to make the dining reservation booking process for Disneyland and Disney World easier to navigate.

The current system has caused some frustration and confusion in the past, with guests having difficulty accessing all available times rather than a random few and ambiguity regarding what meal they are booking for. Keep reading for what to expect from these new changes and when they will roll out!

What Will The Changes to the Disney Dining Reservation System Be?

Currently, when you go to make dining reservations, you’ll be given select times to choose from on the app or website, which has caused difficulty for guests in accessing additional available times. Those times are also grouped under specific meal categories. Sometimes a 9:45 am reservation will show up when you search under breakfast but not brunch or vice versa. With the new change, you’ll be able to see all available time slots at once for the dining location you are trying to book. See the current system vs the new system below:

The system will separate times by meal (breakfast, lunch, and dinner) so that you can keep in mind which menu you’ll be ordering from depending on which reservation time you book.

These changes that make all reservation slots visible for selection and clarify which menu you’ll be enjoying will help minimize guest confusion and make the reservation process much more efficient.

These changes will ultimately end up saving precious time when it comes to booking dining locations with reservations that fill up quickly. The app now also prompts you to log into your Disney account before going in to make dining reservations. These small tweaks demonstrate that the designers of the app have really been in and using it like a guest which is always a win for experience in the parks.

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When Will The Changes to the Disney Dining Reservation System Go Into Effect?

The changes to the Disney dining reservation system for Disneyland and Disney World websites will go into effect over the next few days, and the change for the apps will come out with the next update. Guests will soon be able to access this more straightforward way to make dining reservations.

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  1. The system is a joke. Even if you sign in as soon as it opens, you cannot find all the restuarants, I got up at 3am for 3 mornings and tried to get Goofy’s Kitchen, it was not even on the list. You cannot tell me the whole day was booked when the reservations system opened. No one knows the answer and you cannot call no one to ask to see if they still have openings. I have tried over and over again, sometimes it says no openings on other restaurants only to see in the next 3 min. it is open. I think they should look into why some restuarants are not on the list, or at best have some person you can talk to.

    • You can call the Disneyland hotel and talk to someone about goofys kitchen. If you are trying to book from September 21st and on – it is not open for reservations yet even though we are past the 60 day mark. I have been trying to book for 9/26 and have called DL hotel and they’ve told me the days haven’t been opened up to reserve yet so just to keep checking back.

  2. They don’t like to let you book a reservation in the system if you’re one or two people either I tried booking 5times a day for 3 months up to my trip and everyday of my trip for any open time 🥲

    • One trick that has worked for me is to reserve a table for three and just tell the cast member when you arrive that it’s only two of you!

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