Eight Not-to-Miss Rides at Disneyland to Get the Full Disney Experience

Disneyland is buzzing with over 54 attractions, a full entertainment schedule, lots of character meet and greets, and dining experiences that are in and of themselves an adventure. Time has its way of getting away from you when you are living the Disney life. So if time is something you have little of while visiting Disneyland, here are eight not to miss Disneyland rides that you must try to get the full Disney experience!

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1. Pirates of the CaribbeanNot to Miss Disneyland rides :Pirates of the Caribbean skeleton

Yo ho, yo ho a pirate’s life for me! If ye be seeking an adventure, look no further than the classic attraction, Pirates of the Caribbean, where you can sit back in your floating barge and witness pirates reek havoc, drunk on life. This iconic, classic attraction is over 50 years old and is a staple for Disneyland. So, sing the tales of these rambunctious pirates and you may find that the pirates life is for you!

2. Haunted MansionHaunted Mansion at evening with fog surrounding it

If you are brave enough to climb aboard a Doom Buggy and explore this haunted estate, you will be in for one hair-raising experience! This classic Disneyland attraction is another favorite ride among visitors! What’s even better, during the holidays, Jack Skellington transforms the Haunted Mansion into the Haunted Mansion Holiday!

3. it’s a small worldit's a small world ride during the morning

Bordering Fantasyland is another classic attraction with a façade that is as recognizable as the ride’s theme song. Sail around the world in one song as you listen to whimsical children from around the world unite to sing how it’s a small world after all. This popular attraction also transforms during the holidays into it’s a small world holiday.

4. Peter Pan’s FlightPeter Pan's flight

Peter Pan’s Flight is a Disneyland original attraction that has guests flying in a pirate ship (with the help of pixie dust) through a blackened night sky over a star-lit London. The line for this attraction is always long so jump in line in the early morning to avoid longer afternoon and evening lines.

5. Matterhorn BobsledsMatterhorn mountain in front of the lagoon

An iconic snow-capped mountain that soars high into the Disneyland sky, Matterhorn is another favorite attraction that has riders careening high-speed down the mountain in a bobsled – all the while being hunted by the Abominable Snowman.

6. Big Thunder Mountain RailroadBig Thunder Mountain Railroad

Brave this runaway train that takes guests through a bat-infested cave, barrels through a dynamite-lined mine shaft, and has riders howling through deserted canyons. Big Thunder Mountain is a barrel of fun which is why it made our list of not to miss Disneyland rides!

7. Space MountainSpace Mountain outside at night

Space Mountain is one of Disneyland’s recognizable landmarks in the Park located in Tomorrowland. This fast-pace roller coaster has riders blast off blindly through outer space. During Halloween time, Space Mountain transforms into Space Mountain Ghost Galaxy. Space Mountain is a classic which is why it made our list of not to miss Disneyland rides!

8. Star Tours- The Adventure ContinuesNot to miss Disnyeland rides- The Star Tours sign outside the attraction

Star Wars fans from all over the galaxy will love this 3-D simulation ride that has guests board a Starspeeder 1000 where it launches much to the dismay of C-3PO and R2D2 who captain this runaway spacecraft. The best part is the rotating story lines so every time you ride can be a different experience!  Star Tours is a guest favorite which is why it made our list of not to miss Disneyland rides!

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