Hollywood Studios Breakfast- Best Breakfast Walt Disney World

Park goers looking to rope drop at Hollywood Studios might also be wondering about the best Hollywood Studios breakfast options. Walt Disney World offers so many amazing, unique, and delicious options when it comes to dining.

Hollywood Studios opened in Walt Disney World on May 1st, 1989. Once known as MGM Studios, this park holds intricate themes and popular franchises. With detailed theming comes special food options to match the lands. Let’s discuss some delicious Hollywood Studios breakfast options that this park has to offer!

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Hollywood Studios Breakfast OptionsHollywood Studios breakfast- Tower of Terror

Hollywood Studios has quite a few dining locations. A few of them will have exclusive breakfast for a few hours in the morning. These hours tend to be around park opening (usually 8am or 9am) and go until about 10:30am. They range from being quick-dining, sit-down restaurants, and kiosks or stands. But which location offers delectable eats that are worth the price?

Keep in mind that all of these locations offer allergy-friendly options as well. Be sure to talk to cast members at the dining location for any assistance. They are always so accommodating and helpful to everyone!

When considering Hollywood Studios breakfast at the park, every party is different. Some look to spend time at a restaurant that they can enjoy at their leisure. Others want to grab a quick bite and continue on to rides and shows. What you choose to do is solely based on how you want to enjoy your vacation. Let’s divulge into each location and its offerings!

Hollywood Studios Breakfast Sit Down Options

Starting off strong, Hollywood and Vine near Echo Lake offers a sit-down breakfast experience from 8:30am to 10:30am. Guests who snag a reservation for 8:30am will be able to enter the park a bit early, making for great pictures on the way to your meal! Cast members at the front gates of the park will be able to guide you on the pathway to enter if you have one of these reservations. Be sure to approach one and let them know your plans!

At Hollywood and Vine, adults eat for $42 while children are $27. Keep in mind, this does not include taxes and gratuity. If your party includes six or more guests, an 18% gratuity will automatically tack onto your bill.

The meal style at this restaurant is a buffet. Guests will enjoy assorted pastries delivered to their table and will also be able to enjoy plates of all-you-can-eat waffles, French toast, potatoes, eggs, oatmeal, sausage, bacon, and more.

While dining, popular Disney Junior characters will make their rounds to each table to take pictures and sign autograph books. Remember, characters will come to your table even if you are eating, which can sometimes be troublesome when trying to get little ones to eat their food without distractions. However, this restaurant is enjoyable, well-priced for character dining, and features simple yet yummy food!

Hollywood Studios Breakfast Quick Service OptionsRonto Roasters- Hollywood Studios breakfast

These are common locations to find in Hollywood Studios. Leveling between sit-down service and a quick walk-up kiosk, quick-service locations offer seating areas with speedier offerings. Quick-service locations participate in mobile-ordering. Mobile-ordering is used commonly in Walt Disney World, gaining a lot of popularity when the parks reopened after their closure during the pandemic.

Guests can use the MyDisney Experience app on their smart phones to select a location, add food and beverage items to a cart, choose a time window, and pay using various methods. This is not necessary to dine, but can definitely save time. A few down-sides to mobile ordering? Customizing food is not always possible, and accommodating allergies can be difficult. Also, if you are a family who likes to use cash, you cannot mobile order. Guests can pay for mobile orders with gift cards, bank cards, or digital pay.

Hollywood Scoops

Residing on Sunset Boulevard, this location serves breakfast from 8am to 10:30am. This is a great option for a simple breakfast, but this location only offers one meal. Guests can get a waffle platter for $9.49 with Mickey waffles, fresh fruit, and syrup. The location also offers Joffrey’s coffee, a Walt Disney World signature, as well as a mimosa for those twenty-one and older.

This dining location doesn’t offer the most when it comes to options, but who can go wrong with Mickey waffles?

Ronto Roasters

Head over to Galaxy’s Edge for one of the most popular quick-service locations in the park. Known for the amazing lunch options, guests can come here between 8:30am and 11:00am to enjoy some special and delicious breakfast bites! For $12.49, the Ronto Morning Wrap is surely top-tier. This is a spin on the usual lunch wrap and features a grilled pork sausage, egg, cheddar cheese, and a peppercorn sauce wrapped in pita bread. This is definitely a shareable item and is worth every penny! In my personal experience, I always enjoy an early morning in Galaxy’s Edge while watching the Stormtroopers and snacking on the morning wrap for breakfast.

Ronto Roasters also offers a plant-based breakfast wrap for $11.49 with chickpeas, plant-based egg, and roasted tomato sauce. They also feature overnight oats with seasonal fruit for $6.99 as a lighter option. While there is not any coffee or tea offered here, they do have a variety of juices, fountain drinks, and alcoholic beverages.

Woody’s Lunch Box

Hop over to Toy Story Land, shrink to the size of a toy, and have some breakfast! From 8:30am to 10:30am, enjoy sweet and savory offerings for a great price. Their speciality is a breakfast bowl with tater tots, eggs, and brisket gravy. This comes in a normal size for $8.79 or a kids size for $5.99.

They also offer ‘Lunch Box Tarts’, a spin on a classic Pop-Tart. They are $4.49 each and feature chocolate-hazelnut, raspberry, and a surprise flavor varying on the season. These Lunch box Tarts are simple yet filling, and make for a great grab and go breakfast option!

For beverages, guests can find Joffrey’s coffee, tea, hot chocolate, fountain drinks, milk, and more! There are alcoholic beverages for guests twenty-one and over. They also offer two specialty non-alcoholic beverages. The first beverage is the Frozen Mystic Portal punch for $5.49. This is blue Powerade with tangerine and lemon-lime flavors. This drink is fantastic! The second beverage is a classic root beer float for $5.99.

Keep in mind, Woody’s Lunch Box will sometimes offer other breakfast items. You can find a full list of their offerings on the official website, so if there are any item changes it will update on the menu immediately. This eatery is pretty popular, so be sure to get there early to guarantee a short line and a big table!

Hollywood Studios Breakfast KiosksJoeffreys Coffee- Hollywood Studios breakfast

The last type of breakfast offerings that you should know about are all of the stands, walk-up windows, and kiosks. These places will not always have seats or tables, and are usually just for walking up and buying something quickly to walk around with.

They will usually be cheaper in price with simpler offerings like baked goods, pre-wrapped breakfast sandwiches, and coffee. These locations also tend to offer said offerings for longer time periods. If you are part of a group that likes to grab and go, this section is perfect for you!

Joffrey’s Kiosk – Tower of Terror Location

Next to Tower of Terror on Sunset Boulevard, this is Walt Disney World’s own coffee and tea company. Similar to Starbucks, guests can customize various coffees and teas to their liking. Joffrey’s will even offer specialty drinks at each of their kiosks! Drinks range from around $3 to $8 depending on how they are made. When adding alcohol, the drinks will cost about $12.99. Joffrey’s also offers pastries like donuts, croissants, and cookies. They are $5.99 and make for a quick breakfast when walking around the park.

This Joffrey’s location is open from 8:30am to 9:30pm and serves the listed items all day!

Joffrey’s Kiosk – Pixar Place Location

Also operating from the hours of 8:30am to 9:30pm, this Joffrey’s is right at the entrance of Toy Story Land. They offer all of the same items as the Tower of Terror location, but their specialty drink offering might differ!

The Trolley Car Cafe

You can find this location on Hollywood Boulevard when first entering into the park! This is Hollywood Studios’s Starbucks spot. Open from 8:00am to 9:30pm, you will find all of the standard items you can get at a Starbucks location. This includes coffees, teas, blended beverages, pastries, and breakfast sandwiches. The most popular bakery item offered here is a Hollywood Studios exclusive, the carrot cake whoopie pie. For $4.99, it is a big pastry that is definitely sharable.

Drinks at this location can vary in price and sometimes be a bit pricey when adding customizations. Prices will vary from $3 to around $12 for drinks, but have the possibility of costing more depending on what guests are ordering. Being at the front of the park, the line in this building can also get quite long! Prepare to be waiting a bit, or stop on over at a Joffrey’s location instead!

Hollywood Studios Best Breakfast Option

Breaking down each location and offering and considering the prices, I want to give my opinion on the best option. While every family is different and types of dining depend on plans for the day, I feel as though the following three options are the best breakfast offerings in Hollywood Studios!

Hollywood and Vine

If you have the time to work a sit-down breakfast into your day, Hollywood and Vine is the way to go. With opportunities to meet with characters and an all-you-can-eat dining style, you cannot go wrong with this one! The price for the buffet, which includes the fact that you are interacting with characters, is well worth it and justifiable.

The food is great and they offer something for everyone. Any allergies are always handled carefully, and even the pickiest of eaters will find something that they can enjoy!

Woody’s Lunch Box

One of my personal favorites for breakfast, lunch, or dinner, this location is great of a quicker meal. The Lunch Box tarts are handcrafted and super filling, and the savory breakfast bowls are the perfect amount of food with a mix of every breakfast staple!

If this location sounds interesting to you or your party, I would suggest mobile ordering when dining here. Mobile ordering can be done on the MyDisney Experience app and makes for a faster checkout with less of a wait for your food! Because of the popularity of this location, mobile order time slots fill fast, so make sure to place yours in advance to enjoy your breakfast in a timely manner.

Joffrey’s Kiosks

For the quickest, cheapest, and simplest options, I recommend Joffrey’s. The quality of their beverages are unmatched and the pastries are simple enough that anyone can enjoy them. If your party has a rumbling tummy on the way to Slinky Dog Dash, consider stopping at Joffrey’s for a grab and go pastry and beverage!

As stated earlier, Joffrey’s locations do not normally crowd as easy as The Trolley Car Cafe will, making for a no-wait experience!

There is something for everyone to enjoy at Hollywood Studios, especially when thinking of breakfast. Whether families who want to sit and take their time, grab and go, or have a good meal quickly, you are always bound to find great eats around the park! Remember…Breakfast is the most important meal of the day, why not enjoy it at Hollywood Studios?

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