Epcot Disney Space 220 Restaurant – Review, Reservation Tips, Worth It?

Space 220 is a Walt Disney World upscale sit down restaurant inside Epcot that uses storytelling elements to transport guests from the park to a space station high above the resort.

The Space 220 restaurant delivers an experience that is both refined – the food was upscale and well prepared – and fun for the entire family – diners enter a space “Stellarvator” that travels through the stars from Epcot to the restaurant space station.

The main Space 220 dining room serves a three course meal for lunch and dinner and reservations are difficult to secure. There is also a lounge with an a la carte menu and bar. Below I will share a look at the ambience of the restaurant, reviews of the various food and drinks that we sampled, tips on how to secure this elusive Space 220 reservation, and what you need to know.

Epcot Space 220 Restaurant Review

Below I have photos and a full review capturing my recent dining experience at Space 220 Restaurant for dinner at Epcot. I share the experience of entering the restaurant and a look at the food and drinks.

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Space 220 Traveling to Space Experiencespace 220 restaurant epcot entrance

The Space 220 Restaurant entrance is located next to the Mission: Space attraction in Epcot. After checking in with the outdoor host, you’ll receive a boarding pass (there are four various colors that are used just to distinguish groups) for your table and enter the indoor check in area. In both check in spots locations we were asked if we had any dietary restrictions or allergies and if we were celebrating anything.

boarding pass space 220 epcot

This is where the real fun begins. A Cast Member will bring your group into the Stellarvator and you’ll “travel” the 220 miles up to the Centauri Space Station that is orbiting the earth where you are set to dine. You may wait a few minutes to board your elevator here.

space 220 epcot entrance check in

Inside the Stellarvator guests stand around a circular railing and can look down as the elevator pushes up from earth and Epcot vanishes beneath you. The trip begins as if you were pushing off from the building within Epcot. The elevator climbs and you see the entirety of Florida and then the US come into view before you get into space.

disney world space 220 concept art

This Space 220 Restaurant concept art best captures the experience inside the Stellarvator.

The slight movement of the cabin is just enough to give off the sensation of a real elevator heading into space and little enough that no one should be upset by motion sickness. Kids will love this launch sequence.

disney world space 220 views

The scenes vary whether you are entering the restaurant after it is already dark outside or before. Be sure to look up as you get into space to see the space station restaurant come into view. The ride sequence lasts about 2 minutes.

disney world space 220 food farming

When you exit the elevator, you enter into an airlock hallway. In the hallway there’s a large rotating wheel of produce that is supposedly where all the vegetables for use in the restaurant are grown. This spinning produce wheel is very impressive in person. There is also a wall of wine in special air lock compartments. At this point we were seated in the main dining room.

space 220 wine storage

The main reveal of the main dining room is spectacular. When you walk in, you’ll immediately see the massive bay windows looking back at planet Earth. This view stopped me in my tracks. After seeing characters in film witness that moment looking back at earth from space for the first time, it is amazing to get to enjoy that feeling as well. We are the astronaut looking back on the big blue planet in the sky.

We were very lucky to be seated at one of the best tables in the house. The dining room is split into two levels. You walk in on the upper level and then go down a couple of stairs to the lower level. We ate on a table on the edge of the top rim level that was looking directly out at the massive windows. From this spot we had a broader full view of the restaurant and scenes out the window. If you end up with a table closer to the windows you’ll miss some of the smaller vignettes happening in a different window than the one you are seated nearest to.

The closest thing that I can compare the experience to is the Space Needle in Seattle where guests rotate along huge bay windows looking out on Seattle. Unlike the Space Needle, the Space 220 restaurant does not rotate.

astronaut on space walk in space 220

Throughout the meal there were small vignettes playing out in space with astronauts completing slightly out of character activities. One astronaut came by walking a dog, others were dueling with lightsabers, and another was playing with a toy plane. These scenes come and go extremely quickly, and it was difficult to snap a photo. The lightsaber battle was particularly elusive.

As the sun sets on Earth “below” the restaurant transitions from day to night – the lights down on Earth start to come on and the planet goes dark below you.

In general, the theming of the restaurant was not overpowering but created a clear sense of place. The music played throughout the restaurant is relaxing and optimistic. It sets the tone for a peaceful meal that feels miles away from the bustling theme park we were in moments before. Space 220 is the kind of experiential Disney restaurant that would be worth dining in just for the sense of place without even worrying about the quality of the food. In the case of Space 220, the restaurant delivers both on the quality experience and food.

Space 220 Restaurant Food Review

space 220 dinner menu

The Space 220 menu is a prix fixed three course meal offering. There are a couple of additional charge additions you can make to your meal. Between my friend and I we had six unique dishes on the table. I tried bites of everything so that I could provide my full review. The menu is accessed via a QR code on the table. You can see the active Space 220 dinner menu here.

For drinks we tried the Space 220 signature Atmospritz and the Lightyear Lemonade. The Atmospritz is first presented with a large mound of cotton candy on top and then the drink is poured over the cotton candy which dissolves the candy into the drink.

Here’s a look at the Atmospritz before the alcohol was added to the drink to dissolve the cotton candy.

atmospritz drink epcot

The non-alcoholic Lightyear Lemonade came with a syringe of purple coloring that we got to squeeze and release into the drink. This would be a lot of fun for kids. The lemonade also comes with a set of Space 220 trading cards. There have been a couple of different collector packs of these cards since the restaurant opened.

trading cards from space 220

To start I ordered the Tuna Tartare and my friend ordered the Cauliflower. The tuna tartare was adequate and was clearly fresh but wasn’t noteworthy. The wonton crackers were bland in comparison to the fish. This is not the appetizer I recommend.

tuna dinner menu item space 220

On the other hand, the cauliflower dish was a great mix of buffalo sauce spice on top of fried cauliflower pieces. This appetizer was fantastic. In many cases, Walt Disney World mutes the spiciness of dishes but in this case the buffalo kick breaks through. Of the two we tried, this is my recommendation.

space 220 dinner menu cauliflower

For our main courses we ordered the salmon and the filet. I also got a side order of the shrimp with the filet. All parts of the main course were perfectly prepared and very good. This is a good time to mention that Space 220 is actually operated by an outside restaurant group called the Patina Group that Disney brings in to run many of their upscale dining locations at both Walt Disney World and Disneyland. Other Patina Group restaurants in Walt Disney World include Morimoto Asia in Disney Springs, Via Napoli in Epcot, and The Edison in Disney Springs. I have had great high end experiences dining at Patina restaurants on both coasts.

space 220 salmon dinner

The salmon comes out with a grand out-of-this-world reveal. The waiter comes out with the plate covered with a glass dome that has smoke trapped underneath. The waiter then does a slow reveal the smoke billows from beneath the doom across the table.

space 220 special presentation salmon

Beyond this presentation the salmon was cooked nicely and the sides on the plate were great. There were shitake mushrooms and carrots on the plate as a side.

space 220 food

While there was no reveal for the filet, the piece of meat was cooked a perfect medium rare as ordered. The Space 220 filet was a great piece of beef. The filet came with mashed potatoes, green beans, and carrots. The entire plate was drizzled with a dark sauce.

The side order of shrimp came bathed in a butter sauce with perfectly cooked tomatoes. This was a great addition as I was hungry after a long park day (be sure to check out our Epcot morning strategy for how to maximize your time in the park).

For dessert we had the carrot cake and chocolate cheesecake.

The carrot cake is one of the best desserts I have ever had at Walt Disney World. Where some carrot cakes can be dense and layered with heavy frosting, this cake is light and airy while also delivering a fresh flavor. Amazingly, the dish is plant based, vegan, and dairy free. I joked that if I was still on my Disney Cruise to Alaska, I would ask for a couple more pieces of this carrot cake to take back to my stateroom. They really knocked it out of the park with this carrot cake. Highly recommend!

The chocolate cheesecake was good but didn’t stand out from other similar desserts at restaurants on property. Order the carrot cake!

Tips to Get a Space 220 Restaurant Reservation

space 220 reservations

If you follow our advice at the top of this article to request a FREE quote from our recommended travel partner, you won’t even have to think about making reservations at Space 220 Restaurant because that will be taken care of for you for no extra cost. If you are doing all of the Walt Disney World dining reservations on your own, read on…

The Space 220 Restaurant reservations follow the Walt Disney World advanced dining reservations policy which is currently that guests can make reservations 60 days before their meal date. There is a slightly different rule if you are staying onsite at Walt Disney World. Onsite guests have the opportunity to book dining reservations for every day of your visit when you are 60 days away from the first day of your trip. This perk for on-site Walt Disney World Resort hotel guests results in Space 220 booking up almost completely with on-site guests when the slots become available. That means that your best chance of getting a Space 220 reservation is to be an onsite Walt Disney World hotel guest and be online at 5:45 am 60 days before your vacation and attempt to get a reservation for one of the last days of your trip. Find Space 220 reservations here. You will also have better luck if you coordinate your EPCOT day to be towards the end of your trip to snag a Space 220 reservation. Since you get to book your dining reservations for everyday of your visit once the 60 day window opens up, the further out you are booking, the more likely reservations will be available for popular restaurants.

The view from the dining room changes from day to night at sunset so we recommend aiming for your meal to be about 45 minutes before sunset occurs so you can watch the entire transition. The entire process of the transition takes about 30 minutes. We considered this timing and the timing of the Epcot lagoon fireworks when making the reservation.

Of course, there are also always shifts around dining reservation availability and other guests cancelling which sometimes leads to slots opening up. We recommend two free and paid services for tracking these dining reservation openings – Mouse Dining and Mouse Watcher. We actually have an entire article on securing hard to get Disney World dining reservations.

Space 220 is currently one of the most difficult reservations to get at Walt Disney World.

Space 220 Menus – Dinner, Lunch, Kids, Lounge, Drinks

Below you’ll find the most recent restaurant Space 220 menus for your meal planning.

Space 220 Lunch Menu

Lunch at Space 220 is a two course meal and costs $55 for adults and $29 for children. There are also certain dishes that include an upcharge.

Space 220 Kids Lunch Menu

Space 220 Dinner Menu

The dinner menu at Space 220 costs $79 for adults and $29 for children. Certain dishes on the menu include an upcharge.

dinner menu space 220

Space 220 Kids Dinner Menu

kids menu space 220

Space 220 Drinks Menu

The Space 220 restaurant has a variety of drink options. The cocktails are themed and tons of fun.

drinks menu space 220

Space 220 Lounge Menu

The Space 220 lounge offers an a la carte experience where the prix fix menu is not required.

a la carte menu space 220

We were hosted by Space 220 for this experience.

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FAQ on Space 220 Restaurant at Epcot

space 220 restaurant dining room review

Does Space 220 have a dress code?

Though Space 220 is an elevated sit-down dining experience, the restaurant is still in the middle of the Epcot theme park. There is no dress code for the restaurant, but I would encourage you to wear one step nicer for the evening. There are families in t-shirts dining at Space 220, but I was happy to be wearing a polo shirt for the experience. If only for the pictures, I always like to dress up a little more for sit down restaurants even when they are in the theme parks.

Is Space 220 good for kids?

Again, Space 220 is in the middle of Epcot so there are plenty of families dining in the restaurant. The entire experience of going up into space and then dining with a massive view of Earth and hidden details floating by is a great way to keep everyone entertained.

Can kid sit in the Space 220 Lounge?

Kids can sit at a table in the Space 220 Lounge but they cannot sit at the Space 220 bar.

How much does it cost to go to Space 220 restaurant at Epcot?

The Space 220 Restaurant has a prix fix menu. For dinner, Space 220 Restaurant costs $79 for adults and $29 for children. For lunch, Space 220 Restaurant costs $55 for adults and $29 for children.
There is also an a la carte menu in the lounge and bar with prices that vary by menu item.

Can you go to Space 220 Restaurant without reservations?

Yes, you may get lucky and be able to walk up and be seated at Space 220 Restaurant.

Does Space 220 Restaurant cause motion sickness?

The Space 220 Restaurant only has one moving section that lasts two minutes at the beginning of the meal and two minutes at the end of the meal. Guests enter a space elevator that mimics a trip from earth to a space station

Space 220 Lounge Vs Space 220 Restaurant?

Because Space 220 is a prix fix menu, picky eaters may not have the options they are most interested in. While there is something for everyone on the menu, a picky eater may want to book a lounge reservation to access the a la carte menu. The lounge is in the same dining room and gives you the same access to the Space 220 experience without the large price tag.

Does Space 220 Restaurant rotate?

The Space 220 Restaurant does not rotate. Though I compared the restaurant experience to the Space Needle in Seattle, Washington which does rotate, the Space 220 restaurant does not move at all.

How long is dinner at Space 220?

You should a lot 1.5 – 2 hours for dinner at Space 220 at Epcot. We enjoyed a leisurely evening at the restaurant and went just about two hours.

Can you share a meal at Space 220?

The Space 220 restaurant is prix fixed and guests are not allowed to share a meal between two people in the restaurant. All guests dining in the restaurant must order from the prix fixed menu. There is a lounge option with an a la carte menu that you can also choose from and the bar you have the option for just drinks or either of the food menus.

Does Space 220 have a walk up list?

The Space 220 bar is walkup only. There is a physical queue outside the restaurant for one of the ten bar stools. Note that this wait may be long and may eat up a lot of time even if there appear to only be a few people in front of you.
While the restaurant is usually booked to capacity, the restaurant does offer a walk up list for dining on days when they are not booked solid.

Do you pay for Space 220 in advance?

You do not have to pay for Space 220 in advance, but you will be charged if you do not show up for your reservation. You will only be charged if you do not cancel your reservation before 11:59 pm the night before the scheduled reservation or if you do not show up for your reservation. The charge for missing a reservation can be up to $25 per person that was on the original reservation.

Is Space 220 Restaurant actually in space?

The Space 220 Restaurant is not actually located 220 miles above Epcot in space. The restaurant is located next to the Mission: Space attraction and uses a very compelling effect to convey travel to space.

Is there a Walt Disney World Annual Pass discount for Space 220?

Yes, there is a Space220 10% off discount for Walt Disney World Annual Passholders.

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  1. We have been to dinner twice at Space 220. The six year old believes he went to dinner in space. He loved it so much that when we went back again he wanted to show his aunt and grandmother the space restaurant.
    It was a great experience. First time there were 10 of us in a large booth. Recently we were between that booth and the center.
    I must say both time the wait staff was excellent. You may want to mention that Disney adds in the tip when there are 6 or more dining. I think that is accurate. We had 6 the second time.
    The boys love the trading cards.
    We have DVC and I could not book 9 via the My Experience app. I called member services and was told that they had never been able to get a reservation. I told her I had 5 but needed another 4. She look and was shocked that she could book this for us. In October I just kept trying and I was able to get 5 then I added on 1. There were 7 of us so the boys parents did not come the second time.
    I may try the web site you recommended for reservations. I hope the boys will not think this will be a regular dining reservation on our next trips. Perhaps the bar would be better if we can still get trading cards with specialty drinks.
    Thank you for the great review. It was spot on.

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