2023 Best Shoes For Disney World – All Our TESTED Favorites!

One of the biggest questions guests have when planning a trip is what shoes should I wear at Disney World? To be honest, each person is going to vary when it comes to what shoes are the most comfortable. Some people swear that people should only wear running or walking athletic shoes. Others say these shoes hurt their feet and will have any other option! 

It is super important to remember that you are going to be wearing these shoes to walk around Disney World getting 13,000 to 14,000 steps per day, so whichever shoe you choose to wear at Disney World, make sure it is comfortable for your own feet. 

Things to Consider When Picking a Shoe

Go try shoes on before deciding on your final shoe. Many websites and stores have a trial period where you can wear the shoes and return them if they don’t fit exactly what you want for your park days. You should also consider these key factors:

  1. Comfortability: Can you last 10-14 hours in this shoe? Is your foot going to be able to breathe? 
  2. Support: Will it provide arch support? Will it provide joint support? Will it keep you from getting injured?
  3. Lightweight: Are they lightweight enough not to make them comfortable when your legs get tired? Are they going to add weight to your bag for the plane?
  4. Quick-Drying: How will they fare in the Florida thunderstorms? How will they fare with sweaty feet?
  5. Style: Is this even important to you? Do you want neutral colors or something loud? Do you want something to match your outfits or something that just appeals to you?

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Top 5 Most Comfortable Athletic Shoe BrandsBest Shoes Disney World- Cinderellas Castle

Most Disney World goers opt for some sort of athletic shoes. There are many on the market available that all offer different levels of support and comfort. So how do you know which one to pick? These are the top 5 most comfortable brands and our picks for each brand to support your athletic shoe options.

1. On-Cloud Running Shoes 

Gavin seen above sporting his favorite On-Cloud running shoes at one of the new TRON Lightcycle PhotoPass photo ops.

One shoe brand that is known for running but also has the ability to be used on multiple surfaces are the On Running Shoes, specifically the Cloud collection. These shoes are created by Swiss- engineers. Even though the company has only been around for a decade, their shoe design has become increasingly popular with runners due to the lightweight design and support. These are the shoes that Gavin, the founder of Mickey Visit and Jen, the head of our partner travel agency Get Away Today, wear in the parks constantly. This is a favorite shoe for running around town at home too. The shoe is the runaway hit of the list because so many of us opt to wear this shoe to Disney World.

The rounded pods beneath each shoe collapse when you land and spring back into shape when you take off offering premium comfort for the many miles of walking in the park. The shoes are lightweight due to the foam technology. But, they are sturdy enough due to the patented Speedboard, a thin thermoplastic layer designed to support and direct the motion of your feet, making them a great shoe for the park. 

These shoes were created for men, women, and toddlers in many designs and sizes. The whole family can match on your Disney vacation! When shopping for the specific shoe, the On-Cloud collection has a range of options for every activity type. 

Cloud 5

For walking in the parks, we recommend the Cloud 5 shoe. They come in 17 different color options. Sizes for women range from 5-11, including half sizes and 7-14 or men, including half sizes. The shoes are 139.99 (which qualifies for free shipping) and you get a 30 day return policy if they aren’t what you are looking for. Using the CloudTech technology, these shoes are meant to reduce muscle fatigue and lower your heart rate. 

Out of the many shoe brands we looked at, On Running Shoes are relatively affordable. The lowest price we found on their website was $99 for kids shoes, $109.99 for youth, and $129.99 for adult shoes. These are an investment to make, but for a shoe that is going to provide all day comfort, flexibility, and a lightweight design, it may save you from having to purchase multiple pairs for your trip. 

2. Hoka

Another shoe brand that is making its name in the running world is the Hoka brand. Started in 2009, the design was intended for comfort and support through the cushion, but also enough support for all terrain running and adventuring. This is a great shoe popular with others on our team.

The company uses the Compression Molded ethylene vinyl acetate (CMEVA) to offer premium comfort for any activity, like walking thousands of steps at Walt Disney World. The tall padding may help to offset some of the pain in your legs and knees as you are on different walking paths in the parks. In addition, Hoka shoes also feature a sculpted sole design to provide stability through your activities. Again, making this an excellent choice for long wear at the parks. 

Hoka shoes

Hoka Running shoes come in men, women, and kid styles and designs. On their website, they even have a shoe finder quiz that can help you better determine which style of shoe will fit your needs the best. Also on the website, we found men and women’s shoes for as low as $80. 

Shoe options can be ordered in regular or wide, so they may be a good option if you tend to find that sneakers are too narrow for you (looking at you Nike). The kid shop has two main sneaker options, both for $110. 

Reviews for this running shoe brand say that it may not be every runner’s dream shoe due to the cushion, but in our opinion, that makes it a great park shoe. The cushion and support will be necessary for all day wear in the theme parks. This is another popular shoe worn by those on the Mickey Visit team.

The best recommended Hoka shoe for Walt Disney World is the Clifton 9. This shoe is perfect for walking around Disney World all day thanks to the breathable, knit upper that is lightweight, but also provides foot-hugging comfort for many different types of feet (wide and narrow). The cushion helps provide stability and support without sacrificing comfort. There is enough volume to accommodate high arches too. 

Priced at $145, these shoes can be on the more expensive end, but as with the On-Cloud’s, only having to purchase one shoe for your trip may be worth the investment. Men’s sizes range from 7 to 16, with half sizes, and 17 different colors. The women’s version range in size from 5 to 12, include half sizes, and come in 14 different colors. The kids versions are slightly cheaper at $110. They begin in size 3.5 Y and top out at 7Y with 9 different colors. 

Overall, the Clifton 9 is a great shoe in the Hoka brand, but through the shoe finder quiz, you can determine which shoe is best for your walk around Walt Disney World.


ASICS shoes are another popular shoe brand on the market. The Japanese company has been around for 70 years. Their main claim is that they have shoes for everybody, no matter where you are on your journey. The styles of shoe that customers can choose from is neverending, so no matter what type of comfort level you are looking for ASICS most likely has a shoe to fit your needs. 

ASICS works with many medical professionals to provide the best support for being on your feet for long periods of time, which we all know you will be at Walt Disney World. According to their website, “ASICS is known for being the Podiatrists’ choice in high-performance footwear products. ASICS walking shoes go through rigorous testing by kinesiology experts and sports scientists. These experts assess the overall performance and medical benefits of ASICS walking shoes. ASICS walking shoes will also accommodate orthotics if needed.”

ASICS walking shoes use FlyteFoam or GEL technology to help keep the shoe comfortable for long wear. ASICS website recommends 5 different shoes for long wear. All of them use the GEL technology to enhance the comfortability. All of them are lightweight and have individual designs for stability and performance. 

Their website also comes with a shoe finder quiz to help you pick just the right shoe that will give you comfort and support as you are walking around the park. 

Based on our research, the ASICS Gel Nimbus 25 is a great quality shoe that will offer flexibility, comfortability, and support for your walk in Walt Disney World. These shoes include a cushion that will make you feel as if you are walking on clouds. There is ventilation at the front of the shoe for the Florida heat. The stretchy knit tongue helps to provide an adaptive fit for all wearers of the shoe. 

Blue sneakers

These shoes are going to run you about $160. However, there are other cheaper options on the website that do provide many of the same benefits if you are looking for something similar but at a lower price point. 

In the Gel Nimbus 25, men’s sizes start at size 6 and top out at size 16. They come in 19 different colors. The women’s sizes range from 5-13 and come in 20 different colors. The only downside we have found to this shoe is that it does not come in a wide version, so that is something to consider when shopping. 

The ASICS are a good option for your Florida trip because of the walking performance needed throughout the theme park. With the many options for comfort, these are one of our top picks for every foot type. 

4. Brooks

The shoe that many podiatrists recommend for walking specifically is the Brooks shoe. Brooks has been around since 1914 and prides itself on being a company of runners for runners. 

The design of the shoe makes it ideal for people with low and high arches. The shock absorption and the support around the heel of the foot are of excellent quality, and why it is on our list for one of the best shoes to walk around Walt Disney World in. 

It is important to find shoes that are going to pack in the comfort when walking around Walt Disney World. The terrain can be hard on feet, shins, and knees, especially if you are not used to walking this much in your regular day. Based on our research the two shoes the most recommended for walking are the Addiction Walker 2 and the Glycerin GTS 20. 

The Addiction Walker 2 comes with regular laces and a velcro option, but only comes in two colors, white and black. However, they come with the maximum amount of support, are slip-resistant, and have a soft cushion.The soft, responsive BioMoGo DNA cushioning provides adaptable comfort while you’re in motion and this cushioning responds to your unique stride, weight and speed. The shoe is designed to reduce the impact on your joints, which can be incredibly helpful as you are walking on pavement your joints may not be used to. The sizing is optimal for any foot. You can order your shoe in narrow to extra wide. Women’s sizes come from 5-12 and men’s sizes from 7-15. 

Shoes for Disney World- GTS 20

The Glycerine GTS 20 is another good option. They have an incredibly soft cushion to keep your foot happy, but also provide the support needed as you are walking long distances. These shoes provide the same DNA cushioning for adaptive comfort, but also include the plush and breathable engineered air mesh upper for a secure fit, comfortably holding the foot in place. This style comes in medium and wide, sizes 5-12 for women, and 7 different colors. For men, you will find medium and wide, sizes 7-15, and 8 different color options. 

Shoes for Disney World- pink shoes

The website provides a shoe finder so that you can be sure to find the best fit for your needs. However, if you don’t like the shoes you buy, Brooks offers a 90 trial period to return the shoes and find a new pair that suits your needs.

Brooks shoes come highly recommended and many stores carry the brand so you can try on the different types to fit your needs in the park. 

5. Adidas

Adidas is a household name where some of the other brands recommended here are not. We wanted to provide a shoe option that is still great for the parks while also offering something that may be a little more accessible to people who are not just looking for their vacation. 

There are tons of Adidas shoes that are made for all types of wear. The two best options for our Disney park days are the CloudFoam or the Ultraboost. I personally own many CloudFoam and love them.

The CloudFoams shoes are great because their uppers provide a sock-like snug fit, and their cushion helps to provide all day comfort. The CloudFoam technology is used in many different styles of shoe on their site. However the CloudFoam Pure/ Pure 2.0 is our recommendation if you opt to go this direction. This is an everyday shoe for an everyday person that also provides all the comfort and support you will need for your trip to the parks. Every step is light and springy. At only $75, you can afford to purchase these shoes in more than one of the 11 colors available on the website, or check Amazon for even more of a selection. These shoes also offer durability on the terrain, breathability, and a lightweight feel. As slip-on shoes, you also don’t have to worry about your laces coming untied throughout the day. 

Shoes for Disney World- running shoes

The Ultraboost sneakers are also recommended due to the excellent stability, responsive midsoles for shock absorption and sock-like snugness, and supportive heel. The outside of the shoe is great for walking around Disney, especially when you encounter the typical afternoon thunderstorm. The lightweight outsole provides grip for all kinds of surfaces, and enough flexibility to ensure a smooth, secure stride. In 18 different colors, the Ultraboost are fashionable and practical. Women’s sizes range from 5-12 and men’s sizes from 4-18. These shoes are not cheap at $190 for the newer versions, but you can find older styles for much less, around $100.  

Shoes for Disney World- sneakers

Adidas sports shoes can offer the design and everyday comfort that is needed for the parks while also being a shoe that may get used more while at home. This makes the CloudFoam or Ultra Boost sneakers great options for walking the parks. 

Alternatives to Tennis/ Athletic Sneakers

There are many Disney enthusiasts that swear by any type of shoes other than tennis shoes or athletic sneakers at Disney World. There are three main types of shoes that Disney goers like to wear in the park. 

1. Supportive Sandals

Many hikers are more comfortable wearing the shoes they are used to wearing for their long walks uphill. Hiking sandals can be a great alternative to sneakers due to their comfort and support for long wear. We like Chaco and Teva sandals for wearing to Disney World. They can be pricey depending on the style, but there are typical sales and deals throughout the year if you keep an eye out. 

Shoes for Disney World- chacos

Other walkers also recommend the Sanuk Yoga Sling Sandals for the breathability and comfort. Out of all of the options, these are not my favorite. When your feet are sweaty or wet, two things common in Florida, they tend to slip around and not offer the support needed for long walks. 

Another sandal recommendation is the OOFOS. These sandals are considered recovery shoes, so they’re made to be gentle on your feet and put less stress on your joints. They also aren’t a bad price, around $40-50.

Any supportive Sandal is going to provide the breathability needed in the Florida heat, and depending on what kind of support you are specifically looking for, these can be a great alternative to the athletic shoe. The sandals are also slightly easier to style with your Disney outfits while offering the comfortability and support that is needed when walking thousands of steps a day. 

2. CrocsShoes for Disney World- Crocs

There are many people who absolutely swear by wearing their crocs. They can be a good choice for the parks due to their breathability, waterproof abilities, and comfortability. 

These shoes come in many styles and colors to match any outfit. They are also customizable through different Jibbitz. The Classic Clog comes in almost 30 different colors for men and women. Women’s sizes range from 6-12 and men’s sizes from 4-17. Kids’ classic clogs come in almost 20 different colors and range from a child 11 to a junior 6. There are also patterns, glitter, and Disney crocs available as well.

During the Covid-19 Pandemic, Crocs were available to nurses for free, making us reconsider them as a shoe that is durable, comfortable, and supportive enough for people who are on their feet for long periods of time. 

Crocs Lock™ is the slip-resistance tread you’ll need to help you on your feet all day long. The wide toe area is great for anyone who has larger feet that swell easily in the heat. Their design allows them to be incredibly breathable as well. 

Most Croc options tend to run around $50, but their site constantly runs sales to make them cheaper for buyers. The Crocs are an excellent choice if you find them comfortable and stylish to wear to the Disney Parks. There are even Disney-themed Crocs for sale on Amazon that might just be the best possible themed shoe for Disney World.

3. Hey Dudes

Hey Dudes have recently become a huge hit! This shoe offers a closed toe option with still some breathability (and flexibility). Hey Dude shoes do not offer arch support or a super thick cushion, but they can leave you with a lot of space and room if your feet tend to swell or sweat in the Florida heat. 

These shoes are not waterproof but they are versatile in style and design. They are extremely comfortable and have options to match just about any outfit you have planned for your vacation. If you are planning to attend a nice sit-down meal in EPCOT, Hey Dudes may be the way to go. 

These are the shoes I always wear to Disney Springs, a resort hopping day, or even after-hours events. However, I am sure you could get away with wearing these at the park if you were planning on taking it slowly and not making your park day a marathon. You could also add a separate orthotic insole to make these even more supportive or comfortable. 

These are also a great price point for both your Disney Trip and everyday wear, averaging around $50. Their website and Amazon tend to put these on sale a lot, so you can usually find them cheaper. 

The Wendy (women’s) and the Wally (men’s) are the two styles you will see the most in stores, but they also have more sneaker-esque type slip-ons as well. Right now, the Wendy has 14 different color and pattern options, but these are always changing and updating. Women’s sizes range from 4-12. The Wally comes in 10 different colors and patterns. The sizes range from 6-15. 

Shoes for Disney World- Hey Dudes

Overall, the Hey Dude brand is going to offer flexibility, comfort, but may lack some of the support you are looking for when walking in the parks. We recommend these for shorter park days, resort days, and Disney Springs days. 

Shoes to Avoid Wearing at Disney World

Everyone has their own opinion about what looks good with their outfit while walking around Disney, but don’t make the mistake of thinking just because you can wear these shoes at home, you will be able to trek through the park in the Florida heat in these shoes. 

Leave the following at home or in your resort room unless there is a special occasion you need them for. Basically keep these shoes out of the Walt Disney World theme parks.

Flip Flops: The flimsy, flat, thong or slip-on shoes that hit your heel as you walk in them. These are only approved for the pool. Just don’t do it to your feet. The blisters and soreness are not worth the look. 

Shoes for Disney World- flip flops

High Heels – there is no reason to wear your best stiletto heels to the parks unless you have booked a Capture Your Moment session with the PhotoPass photographers. Again, these are not going to provide you with the support or comfort you want when walking thousands of steps. Your feet will regret this decision later as you are traipsing from one side of the park to the other. 

Tips for Taking Care of Your Feet at Disney WorldMagic Kingdom

  1. Break your shoes in well before going on your trip. Wearing new shoes, no matter what kind, will typically result in blisters. 
  2. Take care of your feet at night. Elevate your feet in your room. Soak your feet in epsom salt in the bathtub in the room. Hydrate to keep yourself from getting foot and leg cramps. Massage your legs and feet before bed.
  3. Have moleskin and/or bandaids in your first aid kit to put on in case of blisters. 
  4. Find supportive socks that will offer cushion and support. Consider compression socks if you know that your legs swell quickly. 
  5. Bring at least two different pairs of shoes. You will most likely want to rotate options every other day for comfort.
  6. Pack an extra breathable pair of shoes in your bag in case yours get wet or your feet start to hurt. 
  7. Consider bringing removable insoles for your shoes to change your walking experience.
  8. Make sure to sit down and rest throughout the day!

Final Thoughts on Best Shoes at Disney World

Disney can be incredibly rough on your feet, legs, and joints, especially if you are not used to the heat, humidity, and walking. There are many things you can do ahead of time to prepare your feet and that begins with making sure you have the right shoes. 

Out of all of the considerations for picking a shoe, support, and comfort are going to be the two most important. You wouldn’t pick a mattress to sleep on every night that was uncomfortable, so don’t pick a shoe for your feet that is uncomfortable. We all know that without having the right pillow and mattress, you are going to wake up with your back and neck hurting in the morning, so make sure you pick the most supportive shoe so your feet and legs are happy the next day. 

Shoes should be as important of a decision you make as what matching t-shirt you are going to force your family to wear on your trip. Hopefully, this article has provided you with a few options for the best shoes to wear at Walt Disney World for the 10,000-15,000 steps you are going to take on your magical vacation. 

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