Ultimate Guide to Princesses at the Disneyland Resort

There are many ways to celebrate Princesses at Disneyland Resort. From souvenirs to meet-and-greets, stage shows, and interactive experiences, there truly is a lot to choose from! Luckily for you, we've compiled all-things-Princess into this one post so you can make sure you don't miss a thing before the clock strikes midnight.

For children, Disneyland isn't only the Happiest Place on Earth, it's also the most magical. I have distinct memories of meeting my favorite characters at Disneyland throughout my childhood. I think my heart must have stopped for a few moments each time from all the excitement. Even still, I'd be lying if I said my heart didn't skip a beat whenever I see Mary Poppins or Sleeping Beauty in the parks today!

Truly, experiencing Princesses at Disneyland is a sure way to make the vacation memorable and magical for the children in your life. And seeing their priceless reactions will make it memorable and magical for you!

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Princess Meet and Greets

Princesses at Disneyland: Tinkerbell smiling at park guests

The Royal Hall at Fantasy Faire

This should definitely be your first pick if you have kids that want to meet a Princess! Visit this attraction to get personal time with up to three popular princesses. You'll have plenty of time to take pictures, ask for autographs, and ask them questions.

You may still wait in lines up to an hour, so don't hesitate to grab a treat or snack for your little one while they wait. If this is on your to-do list, we recommend visiting first thing in the morning for the shortest waiting times to see your favorite Princesses at Disneyland.

Plus, sometimes they'll have a Princess outside, too, so it's not as agonizing for your little ones!

Anna and Elsa's Royal Welcome

You can meet Anna and Elsa inside the Disney Animation building in Hollywood Land at Disney's California Adventure. While you can expect a wait, it's not that bad in the air-conditioned building that is constantly playing movie clips and songs. Olaf and Kristoff sometimes make appearances, too! The Frozen girls are some of the most popular among the Princesses at Disneyland!

Pixie Hollow

Pixies aren't exactly Princesses, but we're guessing your littles would love to meet them, too! You'll be magically transported to the size of a pixie as you see your favorite fairy's houses in a woodland area. Pixie Hollow is structured a lot like The Royal Hall, with different fairies cycling throughout the day. For the shortest wait time, we recommend visiting first thing in the morning.

Princess-Inspired Attractions

Close up of King Triton's Merry Go Round

Snow White's Scary Adventures

Snow White's Scary Adventures is a Dark Ride in Fantasyland. It follows the spooky adventures of Snow White, The Seven Dwarves, and the Evil Queen. Be aware – it CAN be fairly scary for children, just like the name suggests.

Alice in Wonderland

Alice in Wonderland is another Dark Ride positioned next to the Mad Tea Party and the Matterhorn in Fantasyland. The ride follow's Alice's adventures through Wonderland as she meets its famous residents. It always has a fairly long wait time – who doesn't love traveling by colorful caterpillar?!

Mad Tea Party

You won't actually see any Princesses at this ride, but it is inspired by the movie Alice in Wonderland and is a favorite among children. Choose a brightly-colored teacup to spin in! My favorite time to ride this is at night, when there are beautiful lights strung above it. Lines for this ride are typically minimal. You'll find it right next to the Alice in Wonderland ride in Fantasyland beside the Matterhorn.

King Arthur Carousel

King Arthur Carousel is a typical merry-go-round situated right in the heart of Fantasyland. Pick your favorite horse and travel around listening to some of your favorite Princess tunes. You'll occasionally find Belle and the Beast joining you on the ride!

Sleeping Beauty Castle Tour

This walk-through tour is actually one of my very favorite things to do in Fantasyland. You'll go inside Sleeping Beauty Castle and wind through hallways and staircases to view the story of Sleeping Beauty through windows. Special effects really do make this a neat experience, though we recommend leaving strollers outside.

Storybook Land Canal Boats

This is our top pick for Princess-themed attractions! Located in Fantasyland, hop aboard a boat where a skipper will guide you through several miniature kingdoms and villages, retelling their respective fairytales.

Little Mermaid

Hop on over to Disney's California Adventure for a fun dark ride displaying Ariel's journey to become human and marry Prince Eric! Featuring all of your favorite characters and songs, this is sure to be a favorite among your children. Plus, as this is a fairly new attraction, the special effects and audio-animatronics are impressive enough that the adults will really enjoy the ride, too.

It's a Small World

A few years ago, many of your favorite Princesses including Jasmine, Mulan, Cinderella, and Ariel, were incorporated into It's a Small World in Fantasyland. It can be fun to try to look for them in their respective countries among the 300 other dolls. Some Disney-purists didn't like this update, but I've always felt like it was very tastefully done and only makes it more fun for children.

Sorcerer's Workshop

Wind through the Sorcerer's Workshop to see clips of your favorite fairytales. Our favorite thing to do here is explore the Beast's enchanted library. There, you'll be able to take a fun, interactive quiz to discover which Disney character you're most like. Fans of Beauty and the Beast will love visiting this room!

Princess Souvenirs

Disney princess items


Located on Main Street, this is one of the most popular souvenir shops in Disneyland. Featuring a variety of toys, confections, and apparel, you'll be able to find many Princess-themed items here.

Fairytale Treasures

Fairytale Treasures is located in Fantasyland right next to the Sleeping Beauty Castle Walk-Through. It's your go-to shop for all things fairytale! You'll find a lot of fun souvenirs here for all your Princesses at Disneyland needs.

Dream Boutique

Located in Downtown Disney, the Dream Boutique features all-things-Princess! You'll find dress up items, clothing, accessories, and toys.

World of Disney

World of Disney is also located in Downtown Disney and traditionally offers every piece of merchandise offered at every other shop in the parks, but in one convenient location. That means a lot of fun Princess souvenirs. It's currently under refurbishment, so some of their offerings are limited.

Princess Entertainment

Belle and the Beast on a boat during Fantasmic

Frozen – Live at the Hyperion

Experience a heart-warmingly magical Broadway-style retelling of Frozen in Hollywood Land at Disney's California Adventure! There are several showings of this daily, so we recommend checking the official website for updated schedules. While Frozen fans will be especially thrilled, we really do recommend this to even the most skeptic park goer, as the special effects are incredible and the technology used is second-to-none. Plus, it's a great way to escape the heat on a sunny day.


Fantasmic! is located on the Rivers of America in Disneyland and it is by far my favorite nighttime spectacular. Join Mickey Mouse as he celebrates the imagination through a journey filled with pyrotechnics, fireworks, projections, special effects, and your favorite characters. The finale of the show is simply magical as all the characters sail across the Rivers of America on a sparkler-decorated Mark Twain Riverboat, dancing and waving. It's the only place you'll be able to see so many Princesses at Disneyland with the respective Princes.

Storytelling at the Royal Theatre

Join the Imperial Players for comedic retellings of scenes from Beauty and the Beast and TangledSit back, relax, enjoy the show – and prepare to laugh! This fun, intimate theatrical experience provides an up-close look at some of your favorite fairytales and Disney Princesses.

Mickey and the Magical Map

Many common park guests might miss Mickey and the Magical Map because it's tucked back in a secluded area of Fantasyland, but we love it! This musical Disneyland show celebrates imagination and features many of your favorite classic Disney characters and Princesses including Princess Tiana, Rapunzel, and Pocahontas who lead you through creative lands and beloved songs.  It's very entertaining, and the technology used is remarkable. This is one your whole family will enjoy.


Parades are without a doubt some of the most popular Disneyland shows! And with offerings changing seasonally, there will always be something new for you to enjoy. Check out the official entertainment schedule for updated current offerings here.

Currently, the best parade pick for Princess-lovers is the Paint the Night parade in Disney's California Adventure. This stunning nighttime parade features all your favorite Princesses at Disneyland and characters sparkling in over 1.5 million lights. This is available for a limited time only, so if you have the chance to catch it, don't miss it!

Princess DiningPrincess Ariel shares a smile with a young Guest who is sitting in her lap

Disney Princess Breakfast Adventures at Disney's Grand Californian

This is the main character dining event to attend if you want a high end Disney Princess experience. The morning begins with a three course breakfast (with champagne options for adults!) in the fine dining option of Napa Rose. During breakfast Princesses such as Belle, Tiana, Ariel, Jasmine and others arrive to greet and make memories with families.

Breakfast in the Park with Minnie

Taking Place at the Plaza Inn, you'll enjoy a delicious breakfast while getting to meet many fun, interactive characters. Specific character availability changes a lot, so you'll want to go into this experience with an open mind as there is no guarantee you will see a specific Princess. Cinderella's Fairy Godmother is a frequent visitor, and lucky guests sometimes spot Cinderella's mice friends, too.

Make reservations on the official character dining website here.

Red Rose Tavern

Enjoy Beauty and the Beast themed eats at the Red Rose Tavern in Fantasyland. This was supposed to be a temporary restaurant that opened as part of a fun promotion when the live action Beauty and the Beast movie was released, but it's stuck around and we hope it's there to stay. You can even try The Grey Stuff – it's delicious!

Dressing Up at the Parks

One of the best ways for your children to feel like a Prince or Princess for the day is to bring dress ups! Who wouldn't love walking around Disneyland in a beautiful gown looking like their favorite character?! This can also get them some fun attention from cast members!

Just remember, rules dictate that only children ages 14 and under can dress up in a full costume.

Where To Look for Costumes

While many costumes are available in the parks, this is often a fairly expensive option. You can find many cheaper options that are just as good online via Amazon, Target, or other Halloween costume shops.

Dress Code for Children

It's important to keep the dress code in mind when bringing dress ups to the parks. Specifically, remember these rules:

  1. Costumes may not be worn by guests 14 and older.
  2. Masks may not be worn by guests 14 and older.
  3. Clothing that drags on the ground and presents a tripping hazard isn't allowed.
  4. Bare feet are not allowed.
  5. Clothing that is revealing or obscene is not permitted.


Feeling disappointed that you can't dress up as an adult? You can still join in the fun through Disneybounding, or wearing an outfit that is based off of a character! To see examples or get inspiration for your own outfit, visit the Disneybound Tumblr.

Bibbidi Bobbidi Boutique

Inside of the boutique with smiling girls dressed as Princesses

Looking for the royal treatment for your little one? The Bibbidi Bobbidi Boutique is your best bet! Choose from a variety of packages for your child to be transformed into their favorite fairytale Princess.

We recommend going with the base Crown Package and then bringing your own Princess dress. This allows your little one to still get the fun experience while saving money and time.

Location and Hours

You'll find the Bibbidi Bobbidi Boutique right through the castle in Fantasyland. It is open most of the day, but we recommend making an appointment ahead of time to guarantee availability so your little one can feel like one of the princesses at Disneyland. To do this, call (714) 781-7895.


The Crown Package: Starting at $64.95 plus tax, this package includes a hairstyle (either Fairytale Princess, Disney Diva, or Color Star), shimmering makeup, a princess sash and cinch bag, a face gem, and nail polish.

The Courtyard Package: Starting at $109.95 plus tax, this package includes everything listed above plus a trendy tutu and a Bibbidi Bobbidi Boutique t-shirt.

The Castle Package: Starting at $199.95, this package includes everything in The Crown Package, plus a princess gown of choice, coordinating accessories, and a photo package.

The Deluxe Castle Package: Starting at $22925, this package includes the same items as the regular Castle Package but with an upgraded deluxe princess dress.

The Minnie Dot Package: Starting at $124.95 plus tax, this package includes a unique Minnie hairstyle, a face gem, a princess cinch bag, nail polish, a Trendy Minnie tee, a tutu, and of course, a matching bow.

The Disney Frozen Crown Package: Starting at $114.95 plus tax, this package includes either an Anna or an Elsa hairstyle with a hairpiece, sparkling snowflake hair accessories, shimmering makeup, a face gem, a princess sash, a cinch bag, nail polish, and a 12-inch Olaf plush.

The Disney Frozen Package: Starting at $164.95 plus tax, this package includes everything in the above package as well as either an Anna or an Elsa costume.

Princess Signature Dress Collection: Starting at $450 plus tax, this package includes a royal transformation featuring princess gown made with heirloom-quality fabrics and intricate design details, a high-quality crystal tiara with box, and an organza garment bag and satin hanger.

There is also an additional add-on Disney PhotoPass Service if you'd like a professional photographer to document the whole experience.

Knight Packages

The Knight Package: Starting at $19.95 plus tax, this package includes hairstyling, a sword, and a shield.

The Deluxe Knight Package: Starting at $79.97 plus tax, this package includes hairstyling with gel, a prince costume, confetti, and a sword and shield.

You can now make reservations online for the Bibbidi Bobbidi Boutique up to 60 days in advance by clicking here.

Find Your Favorite Princesses at Disneyland

Little girl smiling at Elena the Princess

Trying to find your favorite Princesses at Disneyland? Here are your best bets! Don't forget to download the official Disneyland app, as it also shows you which characters are currently in the park and where to find them. Read more about that here.

Cinderella: At the park entrance near the flower Mickey, The Royal Hall at Fantasy Faire, Fantasmic!, Paint the Night Parade

Sleeping Beauty: Near Snow White's Grotto or Wishing Well or the Dumbo Ride, The Royal Hall at Fantasy Faire, Fantasmic!

Snow White: At the park entrance near the flower Mickey, Fantasmic!, The Royal Hall at Fantasy Faire

Pocahontas: Mickey and the Magical Map, Fantasmic!, Frontierland

Rapunzel: The Royal Hall at Fantasy Faire, Fantasmic!, Storytelling at the Royal Theatre, Paint the Night Parade, Mickey and the Magical Map

Elsa and Anna: Anna and Elsa's Royal Welcome, Frozen – Live at the Hyperion

Merida: The Royal Hall at Fantasy Faire

Moana: Adventureland

Alice in Wonderland: Fantasyland, Fantasmic!, Coca Cola Corner,

Jasmine: Adventureland, The Royal Hall at Fantasy Faire, Fantasmic!

Fairy Godmother: Fantasyland, Breakfast in the Park with Minnie

Tiana: Mickey and the Magical Map, Fantasmic!, New Orleans Square, Mark Twain Riverboat

Mulan: At the park entrance near the flower Mickey, Mickey and the Magical Map

Belle: At the park entrance near the flower Mickey, Fantasyland, The Royal Hall at Fantasy Fair, Fantasmic!, Paint the Night Parade

Ariel: At the park entrance near the flower Mickey, The Royal Hall at Fantasy Fair, Fantasmic!, Paint the Night Parade

Elena of Avalor: The Royal Hall at Fantasy Fair

Sofia the First: Hollywood Land in Disney's California Adventure

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