Owner’s Lockers: A DVC Owner’s Best Kept Secret

Being a Disney Vacation Club (DVC) member means more frequent trips to the magic. However, this means that you’re constantly having to pack those suitcases and bring your favorite items back and forth. Luckily, members have a best-kept secret that eliminates much of the packing and even saves you money. 

Owner’s Lockers are the key to more convenient and stress free trips as a DVC owner! What exactly is an Owner’s locker? Keep reading this guide to learn more about this amazing service, what I keep in mine and how it can save you money! 

So, let’s dive into this guide on DVC Owner’s Lockers! 

What is an Owner’s Locker?

As a Disney Vacation Club member, I try to visit the Walt Disney World Resort more often and enjoy the benefits of accommodations that make it feel like it’s a true home away from home. Naturally, this means that I like having the things with me that make it feel like home. This is where having an Owner’s Locker has been súper convenient! 

So what exactly is an Owner’s Locker?  An Owner’s Locker is essentially a sealed container (a.k.a. locker) that can store all of your favorite vacation items in a climate controlled warehouse ready for you the next time you visit the Walt Disney World Resort. This means that you get to decide what items you want to keep in the locker and not have to worry about packing them the next time you visit. So, if you’re tired of hauling all of those Mickey ears back and forth each time you needn’t worry any longer with an Owner’s Locker! 

In addition, each locker comes with a small tackle box that allows you to keep small items such pills, bandaids, and hair ties. 

How Big is an Owner’s Locker? 

When I first got my locker I immediately was impressed by its size! While it’s hard to look at dimensions and know what that means, I can tell you that they’re plenty big and can hold a lot! 

Lockers are 22 inches long by 20 inches wide and 13 inches deep. Again, it’s hard to imagine this, but later on I’ll show just how much these lockers can hold! For now, take a look at our locker from our most recent trip.

DVC Owners Lockers

DVC Owner’s Lockers: How do they Work? 

DVC Owners Lockers - Belll

Owning and using a locker is incredibly easy! After signing up online, the first step is to schedule your first delivery and eventual pickup date. Then, you’ll want to think about what items you want to keep in your locker. I’ll share what I keep in mind a little later, but as I mentioned, these can be the things you only use while at Walt Disney World or things you don’t care to haul back and forth each time you visit. 

Upon arrival to your DVC resort, you simply call the front desk and ask them to deliver your locker to your villa. And that’s it-It’s really that simple! You will get your brand spankin’ new locker delivered to your room at which point you can determine the things you’ll place inside.

On your checkout day, and after you’ve packed your locker, you’ll call the front desk and they’ll come and pick up your locker. No need to haul it down to the lobby yourself! Bell services will hold on to your locker and eventually the team from Owner’s Locker will come and pick up the locker. The locker is stored in a safe and temperature controlled warehouse where it will be ready for you upon your next arrival.

If you’re doing a split stay, meaning you’re changing resorts throughout your vacation, you’d follow the same steps I mentioned above. The only difference is that you’d ask bell services to transfer it to your next resort. Bell services is familiar with the transportation of lockers so you won’t need to worry about your belongings being safe. Each locker comes with zip ties that will keep your locker shut and secure.

DVC Owners Lockers

DVC Owner’s Lockers: How Much do they Cost?

Alright, you’re probably thinking that this sounds too good to be true. And naturally you’re also wondering about the costs. Owner’s Lockers are priced at two different tiers: DVC members and non DVC members. Let’s start by looking at the pricing for DVC members.

Owner’s Locker Pricing for DVC Members

If you’re a DVC owner, regardless of your membership status, you benefit from a special discount offered exclusively to members. Under this pricing plan the initial one-time membership fee of $75 is waived and you pay nothing for the first 6 months of your membership! This is a huge discount considering it saves you almost $140. Plus, for the remaining 6 months of your membership you’ll only pay 50% of the monthly dues at just $5.25 a month. And if that’s not enough, they’ll even throw in FREE and UNLIMITED deliveries for the entire first year! You’ll also get a special blue DVC locker with a DVC logo on the side.

DVC Owners Lockers

Owner’s Locker Pricing for non DVC Members

If you are not a DVC member, you pay a one-time membership fee of $75. This will initiate your membership and grant you access to one locker. Non DVC members receive a standard purple locker.

After the firs year under a DVC or non DVC member rate, you will have three options for your subscription:


The value plan costs $85 a year and includes year-round storage of your locker in their warehouse. Each roundtrip visit is billed at $27.50.


The moderate plan has a yearly price of $105. This also includes year-round storage, but with the moderate you get one free visit per year. If you know you’ll visit once a year, you save $7.50 by holding a moderate plan subscription. Each additional visit after the first is billed at $27.50.


The deluxe plan is for those who are guaranteed to visit the Walt Disney World resort several times a year. With an annual cost of $190, this plan gives you storage plus unlimited roundtrip visits each year. You would have to really think about the frequency of your visits to see if this option would pay off.

DVC Owner’s Lockers: How Can an Owner’s Locker Save Me Money? 

DVC Owners Lockers - Bag

Even though an Owner’s Locker is not free, the service can still save you lots of money if you’re strategic. One of the things I like about my Owner’s Locker is the fact that I get to pack less things each time I travel to the Walt Disney World resort. This is where baggage fee savings come into play! If I’m being honest, (and despite my best efforts!) I always pack as if I were going away for 6 months. This means that I’m constantly overpacking and worrying about the typical 50 pound weight limit for my bags. However, with an Owner’s Locker, I get to keep many of the things I only use while at the Disney parks in my locker (plus some) and save weight and space in my suitcase! This is especially helpful for all my kitchen supplies I like to have when trying to fully enjoy the benefits of a DVC villa’s kitchen.

DVC Owner’s Lockers: What do I Keep in Mine? 

Now for the fun part! I’m dying to show you what I keep in my locker to give you an idea of how much they hold and to explain how much easier it makes my life when packing for Walt Disney World. Note that each locker is unique and people get really creative with the things they pack. This is just what makes sense for me and my family, but really the sky is the limit!

Currently, my Owner’s Locker holds:

  • Brita pitcher & extra water filter: This is a must have for us. We drink a lot of water and now gone are the days of having to order packs of water bottles. The pitcher fits nicely in the mini fridge, too!
  • Flushable wipes: These come in handy for many reasons and are nice to have in our park bag.
  • Shampoo and Conditioner: I love the products in the room, but it’s so nice to have the shampoo and conditioner I use at home.
  • Mini toaster oven: Since we typically stay in studio villas, it’s nice to have this mini toaster oven that can toast bread and make easy grilled cheese sandwiches.
  • Mini Slow cooker: Again, we like to heat up dips in this mini cooker which saves us money by cutting down on the snacks we buy around the resort.
  • Mickey waffle maker and waffle mix: We enjoy making these each morning and again, helps us not have to buy breakfast in the parks.
  • Egg Maker: You can’t have waffles without eggs!
  • Plastic wine glasses: We love kicking back on our balcony after a long day and having these wine glasses is a perfect touch from home.
  • Wine stoppers: Gotta keep that juice as fresh as possible!
  • Card games: We keep Disney themed Uno and playing cards for the days we choose to hang out at the resort.
  • Goggles: Can’t do a pool day without goggles!
  • Sunscreen: We spend a lot of time by the pool so it’s nice to always have a bottle or two ready to go.
  • Mini Beaches & Cream sink: We use this to keep our MagicBands and loose change by the door.
  • Scissors: These come in handy way more often than you’d think. No more using your teeth to pull off tags!
  • Disney Polo: We rock a lot of Disney gear at home, but it’s nice to have some there as a backup.
  • Various Disney T-Shirts: Great way to save space in that suitcase!
  • Toy Story Pajama Pants: Whether to sleep or simply lounge in, these are great to have on hand.
  • First Aid kit: We like to have one in our park bag so it’s nice to have one in the room as well.
  • Mickey Cooling Towel: Florida. Summer. Enough said.
  • Electric Shaver: This is something we always forget to pack so it’s nice to not have to worry about it.
  • Charging Tower: No more fighting for plugs in the room!
  • Gallon Bags: I like using these for water rides so I can keep my phone and wallet dry.
  • Pool Bag: I don’t know how I did it before without this awesome pool bag!
  • Portable Bluetooth Speaker: This is nice to have for when we’re in the room hanging out or on the balcony enjoying the views.
  • Beach Club Water Bottle: Beach Club is our home resort so it’s nice to have a bottle that we can take to the parks.
  • Beach Club Coffee Thermos: This mug makes my morning coffee taste a little better! OK, maybe not so, but it beats using the current cardboard cups in the studios!
  • DVC Member Hat: Have to represent!
  • EPCOT Hat and Visor: We couldn’t forget about our favorite park!
  • DVC Backpack: This is used as our park bag.

And there you have it! That’s my current locker situation. This list changes every time I visit as I enjoy taking things in and out, but the best part of this list is that these are all things I don’t have to worry about packing. This easily could be a whole other suitcase and that’s a baggage fee I’m not interested in paying!

As you can see in the photo below, there’s a ton of things inside!

DVC Owners Lockers- Total

And believe it or not, it all fits inside perfectly!

DVC Owners Lockers

DVC Owner’s Lockers: Are they Worth It and Final Thoughts? 

The final question you might wonder is if owning a locker is worth it. Each family is different, but to me the answer is a simple yes. Not only does it make packing easier, it’s also more peace of mind when I get there. I love calling bell services and having all of these home comforts delivered right to my door.

And to all my fellow owners, what do you keep in your locker?! I’d love to hear from you in the comments!

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