Christmas Treats Galore: A Foodie’s Guide to Eating Your Way Though Christmas Time at Disneyland

One of the best things about visiting Disneyland during a seasonal holiday is the amount of themed food you can find in the parks. Our comprehensive food guide to the 2018 Disneyland Christmas Time treats will show you every food there is to enjoy at Christmas Time at the Disneyland Resort.

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Christmas Time Treats at the Disneyland Resort

Disneyland Park has plenty to offer when it comes to Christmas Time treats! We have organized the Disneyland Christmas time treats you can find via land so bring your appetite and start planning your food itinerary! As always, consider making a reservation for any table service restaurants to ensure your spot on Disney's website.

See our video below of the best Disneyland Christmas food options!

Holiday Disneyland Christmas Churros

Peppermint churro in front of Sleeping Beauty castle

Disneyland Park

  • Churros near Buzz Lightyear Astro Blasters: Sour Apple Churro with option to add side caramel sauce
  • Churros near Big Thunder Mountain Railroad: Churro with crushed pretzels and peppermint
  • Churros near Sleeping Beauty Castle: Gingerbread Churro
  • Churros near Haunted Mansion: Sugarplum Candy Churro
  • The Golden Horseshoe: Churro Sundae: Peppermint ice cream and a cajeta-filled churro garnished with chocolate brownie crumbles, chocolate sauce, and whipped cream
  • Hungry Bear Restaurant: Churro Bites with eggnog gelato and caramel sauce

Holiday Churros at Disney California Adventure Park for 2018 Holidays at Disneyland Resort

Disney California Adventure Park

  • Churros near Redwood Creek Challenge Trail: Peppermint Churro with crushed candy canes and chocolate and vanilla icing
  • Cozy Cone Motel: Gingersnap Churro with cream cheese dipping sauce
  • Cozy Cone Motel: Pumpkin Spice Churro with cream cheese dipping sauce
  • Churros near Goofy’s Sky School: Holiday Churro with red and green sugar

Holiday Treats at Disneyland

Santa’s Lumps of Coal from Café Orleans at Disneyland Park for 2018 Holidays at Disneyland Resort

Disneyland will have an abundance of holiday treats to enjoy throughout the holiday season- make sure to bring your stretchy pants!

Main Street

Gingerbread cookies on a tray

  • Jolly Holiday Bakery Cafe (Mobile Ordering available)
    • Santa Hat Macaron with mint white filling and rich chocolate ganache
    • Caramel Apple Muffin with streusel
    • Eggnog Latte Cheesecake finished with white chocolate mousse “foam” and a sprinkling of nutmeg
    • Holiday Vanilla Bean Cupcake filled with red and green chocolate candy pieces and topped with green and white swirled white chocolate mousse and round chocolate swirl candy pieces
    • Holiday Brownie topped with white chocolate mousse, sprinkles, chocolate presents, and a Christmas tree Gingerbread Cookie
  • Plaza Inn
    • Chocolate Mint Yule Log: Chocolate sponge surrounded by mint chip filling and finished with buttercream, white chocolate curls, and white chocolate crispy pearls
    • Holiday Bundt Cake
    • Coconut Cream Pie: 5” pie shell filled with coconut pastry cream and topped with coconut whipped cream and red and green-colored coconut
  • Gibson Girl Ice Cream Parlor (Mobile Ordering available)
    • Peppermint Holiday Sundae with peppermint ice cream, chocolate sauce, and crushed peppermint
  • Carnation Cafe
    • Roast Beef TV Dinner: Roast beef topped with roasted shallot and sun-dried cherry demi sauce, mashed potatoes, haricot verts, and carrots and served with chocolate croissant bread pudding and crème anglaise
  • Candy Palace 
    • Hand-pulled candy canes on select dates (scroll down for more information and dates!)
  • Refreshment Corner
    • Philly Cheesesteak Hot Dog: Premium hot dog with sliced roast beef, peppers, onions, and cheese sauce
  • Market House
    • Holiday Strawberry Lizner Cookie
    • Snowman Shortbread Cookie
    • Gingerbread Cookie

New Orleans Square

  • Mint Julep Bar
    • Candy cane beignets
  • French Market Restaurant 
    • Dessert Trio with a Jack Skellington Chocolate Cupcake, a Mini Coffee Éclair, and a Sugar Pie
    • Wreath Bundt Cake: Cinnamon and candied pecan bundt cake with a crème brûlée center topped with green icing, red chocolate pearls, and red mousse
  • Royal Street Veranda
    • Cinnamon Spiced Fritters with eggnog dipping sauce
  • Harbour Galley
    • Traditional-Style Pozole: Slow-roasted tomatillos, hominy, and serrano chiles served with limes, onions, radishes, and shredded cabbage
  • Blue Bayou
    • Gingerbread Crème Brûlée with Chantilly cream and a mini gingerbread chocolate man
  • Café Orléans
    • Santa’s Lumps of Coal Beignets: Chocolate-hazelnut beignets tossed in peppermint mocha sugar and topped with peppermint ice cream
    • Beef and Grits: Braised beef served over cheesy grits with a cabernet sauce


Holiday Treats at Disneyland Park for 2018 Holidays at Disneyland Resort

  • Rancho del Zocalo Restaurante
    • Chile Relleno: Red and green sauce topped with queso fresco and crema and served with rice, ranchero beans, and pickled vegetables
    • Dessert Nachos: Cinnamon crisps topped with apple filling, vanilla sauce, cajeta caramel, and whipped cream
    • Frozen Abuelita Hot Chocolate: Frozen Mexican hot chocolate with chocolate sauce topped with peppermint whipped cream and crushed candy canes
    • Sopapilla Cheesecake: Cheesecake filling layered between croissant dough baked with melted butter and cinnamon sugar and topped with sugar and whipped cream
  • Bengal Barbecue
    • Lamb Kofta: Aromatic lamb with tzatziki sauce, spinach, and pickled onions on grilled pita bread


Holiday Treats at Disneyland Park for 2018 Holidays at Disneyland Resort

  • Red Rose Taverne
    • Snowman Pancake with Applewood-smoked bacon
    • Snowman Shortbread Cookie
    • Holiday Pastry Wreath: Pate choux dough filled with cranberry-raspberry compote with orange and white chocolate mousse and finished with green chocolate, silver and gold edible glitter, yellow and blue crispy pearls, a yellow chocolate bow, and a red rose
    • Gingerbread Cookie


Holiday Treats at Disneyland Park for 2018 Holidays at Disneyland Resort

Galactic Grill

  • S’mores Parfait: Layers of chocolate pudding, chocolate cake, marshmallow filling, crushed graham cracker, and ganache topped with chocolate chips and a toasted marshmallow

Alien Pizza Planet

  • Space Dip Pizza with spinach and artichoke dip, chicken, capicola, and assorted cheeses
  • Green Alien Holiday Macaron
  • S’mores Parfait: Layers of chocolate pudding, chocolate cake, marshmallow filling, crushed graham cracker, and ganache topped with chocolate chips and a toasted marshmallow

Christmas Time Treats at California Adventure

California Adventure also offers plenty of delicious seasonal treats for your enjoyment. We have organized the treats you can find via land so bring your appetite and start planning your food itinerary!  As always, consider making a reservation for any table service restaurants to ensure your spot on Disney's website.

Festival of Holidays Marketplaces

Food at Festival of Holidays

First things first! If you're here to eat then you CANNOT miss the Festival of Holidays Marketplaces. There are so many choices that you should be able to fill up on these selections throughout your entire visit when you're in California Adventure! Check out Disney's official guide to all the 2018 marketplace offerings here to make sure you don't miss a thing!

Editor Note: My favorite new items I tried here were the Hot Chocolate Macaroon and Turkey & Cranberry Tamale. There are also classics returning from previous years like the melt in your mouth sliders. Don't miss the great food at the Festival of Holidays!

Buena Vista Street

Holiday Treats from Clarabelle’s Hand Scooped Ice Cream at Disney California Adventure Park for 2018 Holidays at Disneyland Resort

  • Clarabelle’s Hand Scooped Ice Cream
    • Candy Cane Premium Cone
    • Red and Green Sprinkles Premium Cone
    • Chocolate Peppermint Ice Cream Cone with scoops of chocolate and peppermint ice cream and chocolate-dipped cookies in a candy cane premium cone
    • Chocolate Peppermint Ice Cream Sundae with scoops of chocolate and peppermint ice cream, whipped cream, chocolate-dipped cookies, and crushed peppermint in a candy cane premium waffle cup
    • Chocolate Peppermint Bar with your choice of ice cream bar dipped in chocolate, drizzled in peppermint icing, and topped with crushed peppermint
  • Mortimer’s Market 
    • Christmas Tree Pull-Apart Sourdough
    • Snowman-shaped Sourdough
  • Trolley Treats
    • Hand-pulled candy canes on select dates (scroll down for more information and dates!)
  • Carthay Circle
    • Holiday Cocktail with Bombay Sapphire, St. Germaine, Lillet Blanc, lemon juice, cherry bitters and Crème de Yvette garnished with a lavender sprig

Hollywood Land

Holiday Funnel Cake Fries from Award Wieners at Disney California Adventure Park for 2018 Holidays at Disneyland Resort

  • Award Wieners 
    • Stocking Stuffer Funnel Cake Fries: Churro funnel fries topped with peppermint icing, crushed chocolate cream-filled cookies, candy-coated chocolates, crushed peppermint, and whipped cream
    • Pumpkin Spice Funnel Cake Fries (only available through Nov. 23)
    • Gingerbread Funnel Cake Fries: Churro funnel fries topped with crumbled gingerbread, caramel, icing, and whipped cream (available starting Nov. 23)
  •  Schmoozies
    • Peppermint Affogato: Espresso over peppermint ice cream
    • Peppermint Crunch Shake: Peppermint ice cream blended with whole milk and topped with chocolate cream-filled cookie crumbles, crushed peppermint, and peppermint whipped cream
    • Minnie Wreath Donut filled with chocolate peppermint ganache
    • Gingerbread Cookie Ice Cream Sandwich with a scoop of brown sugar cinnamon ice cream rolled with crushed gingersnap cookies
  • Hollywood Lounge
    • Anchor 2018 Christmas Ale
    • Modelo Especial
    • Stone Delicious IPA
    • Anaheim Brewery Winter Wheat
    • Legends Cookie Galore Milk Stout
    • Wonderland Hot Chocolate: Hot chocolate, Schnapps, crushed peppermint, and whipped cream
    • Winter Hot Chocolate: Hot chocolate, whipped cream, and crushed peppermint (non-alcoholic)
    • Fireside Cider: Spiced rum hot apple cider
    • Holiday Cider: Hot apple cider (non-alcoholic)
    • Feliz Churro Cocktail: Frozen drink with churro-flavored alcohol and horchata
    • Mistletoe Mule: Cranberry-orange lemonade, ginger ale, and vodka

Pacific Wharf

Candy cane shaped bread

  • Pacific Wharf Café
    • Turkey Pot Pie Soup with oven roasted turkey breast, rich turkey gravy, peas, and carrots in a sourdough bread bowl
    • Candy Cane-shaped Sourdough Bread
    • Snowman-shaped Sourdough Bread
    • Gingerbread Man Cookie
    • Sugar Cookie with red and green sprinkles
    • Sierra Nevada Celebration IPA
  • Boudin Bread Cart
    • Candy Cane-shaped Sourdough
    • Christmas Tree Pull-Apart Sourdough
    • Snowman-shaped Sourdough
  • Gourmet Coffee
    • Peppermint Mocha
    • Snowman Shortbread Cookie
    • Gingerbread Man Cookie

Cars Land

Holiday Treats from Cars Land at Disney California Adventure Park for 2018 Holidays at Disneyland Resort

  •  Flo’s V8 Café
    • Blue Plate Special: Open-Faced Turkey Sandwich: slow-cooked turkey breast piled high on white bread and served with roasted garlic mashed potatoes, seasonal vegetables, and gravy
    • 4” Chocolate Peppermint Pie
    • Chocolate Peppermint Shake topped with whipped cream and crushed peppermint road gravel
  • Cozy Cone Motel
    • Crushed Peppermint Road Gravel Topping
    • Luigi’s Chicken Pesto Cone: Creamy pesto Alfredo pasta with marinated chicken, balsamic reduction, bruschetta tomatoes, and Romano cheese
    • Santa Cone Hat Macaron with cookies and cream filling

Paradise Gardens Park

Chorizo pizza

  • Boardwalk Pizza & Pasta
    • Holiday Dinner Pizza with roasted turkey, mashed potatoes, turkey gravy, bacon, vegetables, and cranberry sauce
    • Pumpkin Pie Cheesecake
  • Paradise Garden Grill
    • Burrito: Flour tortilla with black beans, Spanish rice, molcajete salsa, crema, and choice of meat served with tortilla chips and molcajete salsa
    • Vegan Chile Relleno: Roasted poblano stuffed with veggie stew, topped with roasted tomato sauce and tofu “cream,” and served with Spanish rice and black beans
    • Torta al Pastor: Soft telera roll, chorizo beans, pork al pastor, cabbage, guacamole, and crema served with tortilla chips and molcajete salsa
    • Street-Style Tacos: Three corn tortilla tacos filled with carne asada, carnitas, and chicken with white onion and fresh cilantro served with Spanish rice and black beans topped with queso blanco
    • House-Made Pozole: Mild red chile and pork stew with hominy topped with shredded cabbage, onions, radish, lime, and oregano and served with tortilla chips
    • Buñuelos with Cajeta: Two golden fried flour tortillas dusted with cinnamon sugar and served with a side of cajeta
    • Red Sangria
    • Dos Equis Lager
    • Dos Equis Ambar

Pixar Pier

Specialty Holiday Cocktail and Turkey Carnitas Poutine from Lamplight Lounge at Disney California Adventure Park for 2018 Holidays at Disneyland Resort

Lamplight Lounge

  • Specialty Holiday Cocktail with aged tequila, mezcal, hibiscus, and lemon juice
  • Turkey Carnitas Poutine: Malted french fries topped with slow-cooked turkey carnitas, Yucatan-inspired gravy, cranberry-bacon habanero gelée, crumbled queso blanco, and green onions

Outdoor Vending Carts

  • Hot Chocolate Cotton Candy
  • Snowflake Cotton Candy
  • Street-style Elote

Hand-Pulled Candy Canes

Hand pulled candy canes

This tradition dates back to 1968, making this year the 50th anniversary of these incredible candy canes. The Disneyland Resort is one of the few places that still uses this technique of making hand-pulled candy canes. The candy canes themselves are 18 inches long and they are delicious. Make sure you don't miss out!

Due to the high popularity of these hand-pulled candy canes, guests line up the INSTANT the gates open to receive a wristband. This is easily the most popular item on our list of Disneyland Christmas time treats. Wristbands are limited and only available while supplies last. Guests are limited to ONE wristband per person and the wristband entitles the guests to purchase ONE candy cane at the designated location. Don't lose this wristband! You will need to present it to purchase your candy cane. No discounts are applicable for candy canes.

Disneyland Christmas Time Treats - Candy Cane makers

We will update the Candy Cane dates for 2019 when we receive the information, you look at last year's dates below to get an idea of how often they're offered in the holiday season.

The 2018 Christmas Time Candy Cane dates are: 

Both the Candy Palace and Trolley Treats have specific alternating days that they make the candy canes. The candy canes sell for $12.99 each and are 5 oz each. Annual Pass discounts are not applicable for purchasing a Candy Cane.

Below are the Disneyland Christmas 2018 Candy Cane dates.

Candy Palace at Disneyland:

November 23, 26, 28, 30; December 3, 5, 7, 10, 12, 14, 17, 19, 21, 24

Trolley Treats at California Adventure:

November 24, 27, 29; December 1, 4, 6, 8, 11, 13, 15, 18, 20, 22, 25

These Disneyland candy canes, if you haven't guessed already, are a big deal. These are the steps you should follow to get your hands on one of these delicious candy canes:

  1. Get to the park at least an hour prior to opening so you have a chance at being at the front of the line for the turnstiles entering the parks.
  2. Once the cast members let you in, head right to Candy Palace or Trolley Treats (depending on which park you are going for) and get in line. You will see people literally running. While running is technically not allowed, a little skipping won't go amiss. The takeaway here? Move fast!
  3. You will wait in line for a wristband that each person in your party will get that will include a return time. If you're lucky enough to be near the front, you might be able to pick up your candy cane right away. Remember: only one candy cane/wristband per person in your group. You also won't be allowed to save spots for other people in your group in this line.
  4. Come back on time for your candy cane! You will end up likely waiting in two lines for these candy canes when all is said and done. Now that's some Disney dedication!

The candy canes are extremely fragile so make sure you take care to store it in a locker or treat it like glass while it's in your park bag so they don't break. Scoring one of these candy canes is the ultimate foodie win for Disneyland Christmas time treats.

Ready for Disneyland Christmas Time Treats?

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