Disney Wordle Passes 1.5 Million Plays, New Words Added to the Game

The Mickey Visit Disney Wordle, what we call “Mickeyrdle”, has officially passed 1.5 million plays since the launch of the game in early 2022. Today I am excited to share that that we have added new words to the game.

You can play the Disney Wordle here.

Our Disney Wordle is modeled on the popular Wordle game that was acquired by The New York Times. Like that popular game, players have six chances to guess a five letter word. The difference with our Wordle is that this game is specifically designed just for you, the true Disney fans.

Each five letter answer is a character or word from the World of Disney – from the theme parks to the movies. Classic Disney, Pixar, Marvel, Star Wars, Muppets, and more! You’ll find words ranging from a clear answer choice like “MOUSE” to the more specific to the theme parks like “EPCOT”.

The Disney Wordle idea came to me after I saw the success of other fun clones of the popular game including the Taylor Swift themed “Taylordle” and the geographic “Worldle”. If there were enough Taylor Swift themed words, there were absolutely enough Disney related ones. I reached out to our site developer who assured me we could pull this off.

When I first toyed with the idea of creating a Disney-themed Wordle, I had no idea if anyone would be interested in playing the game. All I thought was that I could count on my grandmother to add it to her repertoire of daily word games and maybe others would too. I never would have guessed that tens of thousands more would try out the game and become regular players. After nearly twelve years of writing about Disney and helping our readers save money and experience more (be sure to join our FREE newsletter at the bottom of this page if you’re aren’t a subscriber already) at Disneyland, Walt Disney World, Universal and beyond I should have been ready for the passion you would have around the game, but I certainly was not.

An early comment might have signaled the coming craze – “I refuse to get on the Wordle bandwagon – but put Disney in it and I’m hooked!!”.

The game has been shared far and wide across social and in the media. Sites including Travel + Leisure, Mashable, MSN, Yahoo! NewsNerdist, and more covered our game sharing it with Disney fans around the world. My favorite place to see the game shared was on TikTok. Here are some of my favorites that I shared in a compilation celebrating the 1.5 million plays.

@mickeyvisit ✨Was the last one a FAIL? Pretty sure you all know who that is. THANK YOU for playing and making our game a ton of fun. #disneyland #disneyworld #disneywordle #wordle ♬ original sound – KyleAndJackieo

It has been overwhelming to receive the positive praise and constant email feedback from you, the players, on how to make the game better. A bug fix here, new word recommendation there, and so on. This feedback and interest from you has been by far the most rewarding part of creating the Disney Wordle. I have appreciated all the correspondence even when it was a harsher suggestion. In the early days, emails would come in frustration over the fact that the game coloring mechanics were not functioning like the original Wordle game and that was confusing to people. I can’t tell you how many nights I went to bed where my last thought was on how to improve the game and finally fix that bug. After much back and forth and a favor from a technical friend, we did fix the bug and the game went on.

Another great set of emails I appreciate are new suggestions of words to be included in the game. Selecting the words for the game has been a difficult balance. There are only so many easily guessable names in the Disney sphere and I wanted to keep the game broad enough for all fans but interesting enough for players to keep coming back. Though I had plenty of Walt Disney Imagineer names on the preliminary word list, I got enough comments from our team that these might be too hard that I took many of them out. Recently, I have received a number of emails with new words to add into the game and I have done so. Frequent players will notice many new words.

As a side note, if you have interest in recommending words for the Disney Wordle, please send me an email (just reply back to one of our newsletter blasts) with the words after you have tested to see if they are present in the game. To test a word, guess it and see if it is present in the game dictionary. If a word is not present in our game answers it will give an error message when you attempt to hit enter.

On the Disney Wordle game page, I quoted a favorite Walt Disney interview where he discusses his early brainstorming for Disneyland. Like Walt, I wanted to have our Disney Wordle be a “kind of amusement enterprise where parents and children could have fun together”. It has been very special to hear from so many fellow Disney families who all share their Disney Wordle scores in their family group chats. If this game does anything to bring your family together, I am sure glad to have shared Disney Wordle with you.

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