Disney Merchandise Guide: Disney100 Collection, Disney Shopping Discounts, Exclusive Merch Tips

Welcome to your one stop guide for everything you need to know about Disney merchandise news, shopping tips, Disney collections, and discounts! This guide covers all the recent Disney merchandise news plus available Disney shopping discounts.

As an avid Disney collector myself, I am here to share everything you need to know about upcoming merchandise and the best tips on how to get exclusive merchandise before it sells out.

Keep reading to see all the upcoming releases for the Disney100 Anniversary including Funko, LEGO, and more!

2023 Disney Merchandise Collections

This is where I will keep you up to date with some of the main collections Disney is featuring this year which will often result in new merchandise on ShopDisney but also collaborations with other popular brands like Funko, LEGO, Loungefly, Coach, Hallmark, and more.

Disney Cinderella LEGO castle

My pride and joy: LEGO Cinderella Castle with light/sound set

I am a dedicated Disney collector (shopaholic?) and follow every new collection avidly. You can count on me to keep you updated on new releases, collections, and dates on upcoming items. I collect a variety of Disney items from LEGO sets, Funko pops, Dooney & Burke, Loungeflys, Harveys purses, collectible figurines, Hallmark ornaments- you name it, I likely have it! I’m here to gladly enable your shopping habits- just count on me to be that friend that always tells you to “treat yourself!”

Disney typically focuses a lot of their exclusive merchandise around celebrations happening at the theme parks or  anniversaries. This year will begin winding down the Walt Disney World 50th celebration and kick off the Disney100 Celebration collection.

Disney100 Celebration Collections

In honor of Disney’s 100th anniversary, there will be multiple collections released throughout 2023 which will be the new merchandise collection to keep an eye on this year! Since the 100 years of the Walt Disney company is a big deal, we can expect to see a ton of merchandise to come out this year. Plus I anticipate more collaborations than ever in honor of this anniversary.

PRO TIP: If you want to be the first person to view this merchandise before anyone else, log on to ShopDisney at 12AM PT. This is the time when Disney loads new items onto the website unless they’ve stated otherwise.

Disney100 Decades Collection

The Disney100 Decades collection will feature iconic and loved characters from all the decades of the Disney company from the 1920s to the 2010s.

This new collection will launch each decade every third Monday of the month at 7AM PST. This gives us a timeline to follow for each decade:

  • 1920s Decade- 2/20 (available now!)
  • 1930s Decade- 3/20
  • 1940s Decade- 4/17
  • 1950s Decade- 5/15
  • 1960s Decade- 6/19
  • 1970s Decade- 7/17
  • 1980s Decade- 8/21
  • 1990s Decade- 9/19
  • 2000s Decade- 10/16
  • 2010s Decade- 11/20

This will give us a collection throughout nearly the rest of the year. If this collection follows the same pattern as the popular Minnie & Mickey Mouse Attraction Series we could expect to see at least a Loungefly backpack, Minnie ears, collectible pin, and plush. Based on the release schedule that mimics these attractions and the promo images released, this seems likely.

PRO TIP: If this collection series turns out to be as popular as the Minnie Mouse Main Attraction, we will likely see a virtual waiting room as each collection releases. If you have access to more than one device, use them! It doesn’t matter when you join the queue before the waiting room, once the clock hits that magic release time of 7AM PST you will be automatically sorted in order. Usually if there is something I really want, I will join with my phone and computer to better my odds.

In the past sometimes folks have been successful accessing merchandise meant for reserved waiting rooms via the ShopDisney app but this bug seems to have been taken care of with most recent releases so don’t rely on this work around.

The key is to already have a payment method on file, be prepared to check out and grab the items you want the instant you’re allowed in the waiting room!

Disney100 Decades-1920s

The first release of the Disney100 Decades collection will focus on the 1920s by celebrating Mickey Mouse in SteamBoat Willie as revealed in the initial promo image above. This collection will release on Feb. 20th at 7AM PST.

Disney100 Oswald The Lucky Rabbit Collection

Disney100 Oswald The Lucky Rabbit collection is available NOW on ShopDisney which includes a full assortment of clothing, plushies, home decor and even an Oswald pillow available for purchase!

Disney100: The Eras CollectionDisney Merchandise- Disney100 Ears Collections

The Disney100: The Eras Collection is available NOW on ShopDisney.This new collection features some great collectibles for Walt Disney fans including a a Walt Disney Studios Tower Lamp and a mug modeled after the hand-designed business card of ”Walt Disney–Cartoonist,” used in Walt Disney’s Kansas City ”Laugh-o-Grams” days.

Walt disney mug

Disney100: Disneyland Collection

The Disney100: Disneyland collection is NOW available on ShopDisney. This collection features Disneyland specific merchandise (pictured above) which includes clothing, park items, and a tote bag featuring callbacks to iconic Disneyland attractions.

Disney100 Platinum Celebration CollectionDisney Merchandise 100 Platinum

The first release from this collection featured a platinum theme combining a lot of purple and silver hues with spirit jerseys, Minnie ears, clothing, and more. This collection dropped in January 2023 and mainly of the items are still available.. with the exception of those platinum coated Mickey/Minnie ears!

You can find all the available items on ShopDisney which will have the largest selection. Target is also selling some of the clothing and plushies featured on ShopDisney which you can then apply your 5% RedCard discount.

Disney100 Merchandise From Other Retailers

Like previous collections, we will see collaborations between Disney and other retailers this year. I anticipate we’re going to see MORE of these collabs than we did with the Walt Disney World 50th celebration. Many collaborations have already been announced for this year to celebrate the 100 years of the Walt Disney company with likely more to come.

Disney100 LEGO

LEGO has already announced a new Disney set in honor of the 100th celebration with a LARGE rumored list circling online. LEGO rumors are often fairly credible especially the ones that start circulating widely among collectors. Many of these leaked sets include categories, numbers of pieces, prices from employees at LEGO.

The first set NOW available in this collection:

Disney100 Lego

  • Brickheads featuring Oswald, Steamboat Mickey, Snow White, and Tinkerbelle. This set released on February 1st 2023 on the LEGO website.

Now onto the rumored sets which have been leaked in some form all over YouTube and reputable LEGO collector websites. Here are the RUMORED sets we might see this year:

  • A Disney minifigure series which will include these figures:
    • Oswald the Lucky Rabbit
    • Sorcerer Mickey
    • Stitch with four arms and Ray Guns
    • Pinocchio
    • Baymax
    • Jiminy Cricket
    • Princess Tiana
    • Dr. Facilier
    • Queen of Hearts
    • Princess Aurora with owl
    • Mulan with Cri-Kee
    • Miguel with guitar and dog Dante
    • Ernesto de la Cruz
    • Pocahontas
    • Cruella de Vil with Dalmatian
    • Robin Hood
    • Prince John
    • Evil Queen
  • Three classic animation sets
  • Six princess sets

The rumor mill is churning out a release date of June-August for these sets so it’s likely we will get more information soon!

CONFIRMED: Carl’s House from the movie UP! is officially confirmed for April 1st!

Now keep in mind this second part of the list is all rumors and has not been confirmed by LEGO just yet. The most solidified merch news on the rumor list is the Disney Minifgure series which will be a lot of fun to collect! LEGO Minifigures usually cost about $4.99 per figure and they come in a blind bag. LEGO might offer the chance to purchase all the minifigures as a set when it releases, like they did with The Muppets, but we can only wait and see. If they do, that will sell out fast and will not likely be restocked.

Disney 100 FunkoDisney Merchandise Funko Pop

Funko has already released a set of Funko pops for the Disney100 Celebration including Oswald with a chance of chase, Oswald Soda, Walt Disney, Mickey and the fab five, poster sized pops celebrating popular films like Fantasia, and more! Retailers you can shop Funko pops include: Funko’s official website, Amazon, Hot Topic, Boxluch, Walmart, Entertainment Earth, and more.

Amazon and Hot Topic restock often so keep an eye on their website if any are sold out when you check! I have also had great luck finding Funkos that have been sold out online in the store at my local Hot Topic shortly after their debut.

PRO TIP: My best trick to getting Disney Funko pops before they sell out? I follow DisTrackers on Twitter and enable notifications on my phone, this account is extremely reliable about posting links to new Disney Funko pops as soon as they go live.

Disney 100th Love Your MelonDisney100 Love Your Melon

Love Your Melon has a new Disney100 merchandise line of beanies which is available NOW! The beanies celebrating 100 years of Disney Wonder include Mickey and Minnie Mouse carton patches along with a commemorative 100th Anniversary beanie charm. There are white speckled, black speckled, and plain black beanies available. All the beanies include the faux fur poms which mirror Minnie Mouse ears.

Love Your Melon beanies usually sell out fast for new items and I expect to see these to do the same! Off-white and rose colors are usually the first to go so if you have your heart set on this white beanie featured in the image above then set a reminder for release day! I’m a big fan of Love Your Melon because of their support of pediatric cancer research. As a cancer survivor myself, cancer research and support are dear to my heart so just another reason to buy their beanies!

Citizen Steamboat Willie WatchCitizen Watch Disney100

The first of a year long collection of Disney100 watches, this Steamboat Willie Box Set features a collectible pin and a Disney 100 Celebration box. Citizen Watches use Eco-Drive technology which means they are powered by ANY light and never need a battery. This series from Disney x CITIZEN will pay homage to Disney stories throughout the decades featuring new watches with classics characters each month throughout the year. You can purchase this special edition watch for $275 on Citizen’s website.

I personally am so excited for this collection as I have always collected Disney watches. They’re a great staple in any collection.

These are other retailers to keep an eye on for Disney100 merchandise:

Disney merchandise Hallmark Disney100 Celebration

  • Hallmark– Hallmark is currently adding Disney100 merchandise to their Disney merchandise page including mugs, a train figurine featuring the Fab 5 with more to come. Sign up for Crown Rewards to get coupons and discounts!
  • Hot Topic– along with Funko pops, we will likely see Hot Topic specific Disney100 clothing. Hot Topic often does sales which can be applied to their Funko pops!
  • BoxLunch– similar to Hot Topic (they are owned by the same company!) we will likely see Disney100 clothing in addition to Funkos.
  • Her Universe– this clothing brand, created by Ashely Eckstein- the voice of Ahsoka, usually features the newest Disney collaborations so we might see something for the 100th.
  • Harveys– this extremely popular purse brand usually does collaborations with Disney on a regular basis. Fingers crossed we see something for Disney100!

Walt Disney World 50th Anniversary CelebrationDisney merchandise- Walt Disney World 50th celebration

The newest collection (and last!) for the Walt Disney World 50th anniversary is the Grand Finale collection which is available now on ShopDisney.

This collection continues the look of iridescent purples, blues, and pinks. One of the must haves from this collection is the Walt Disney World 50th Anniversary Ear Headband for Adults (pictured above) which has already sold out once and was recently made available on the site again.

You can still find 50th anniversary merchandise from other retailers that Disney has collaborated with. Especially keep an eye out for any sales as this anniversary comes to a close in Spring 2023. Here are some other retailers you can still shop for 50th merchandise:

  • Coach- Coach has released a few collections for this celebration so far with some bags recently on sale for up to 50% off! The inventory for Coach changes frequently so if you see something you want, grab it! The most recent Walt Disney World collection they did for the anniversary features a variety of tote bags, belt bags, wallets, and wristlets. Coach usually offers $15 off an order of $150 when you sign up for their text messages.
  • Hallmark– Hallmark has had a few popular products for the celebration go in and out of stock including a color changing water bottle, glasses featuring park attractions, blankets, and ornaments. Sign up for Crown Rewards to get coupons and discounts!
  • Amazon– You can still shop the Walt Disney World 50th anniversary Funko pops on Amazon and they still have a fairly full stock of the ones released for this celebration. Some of these Funkos have already been discounted.

Other retailers that featured celebration merchandise include Hot Topic, Her Universe, Boxlunch, Vans, and Funko. Most of the availability on these websites is pretty limited as the collection nears its end.

Tips for Scoring Disney MerchandiseDisney100 Dooney Burke

I am nearly always successful in securing the Disney merchandise that is released online and it’s not as hard as it sounds! This is my best advice for getting what you want when it’s released on ShopDisney so you don’t have to resort to resellers on eBay!

  1. Have a ShopDisney account created and ready to go!
  2. If there is specific merchandise you know you want to get, make note of the release date and hop online at 12AM PT. This is the time when new releases, unless it’s been stated otherwise, will get posted to the ShopDisney.com website. I have secured nearly all the merchandise I had my heart set on by staying up late (which is 1AM my time!) to make sure I’m the first one online.
  3. For some collectibles and popular collections, ShopDisney will set a specific time (usually ends up being 9AM/10AM PST) for the merchandise to hit the website. When this happens there’s often a virtual queue you are placed in. This is when having access to multiple devices will be your best bet. Have your phone join the queue along with your laptop and any other devices. You will have a better chance at a good spot in the waiting room if you’re using different devices.
  4. If you happen to be in the theme park, check to see if the merchandise is available in the park. I have found that I have greater luck in the theme parks than online for some collections that sell out quickly. (The Animal Kingdom stores directly in front of the Tree of Life usually offer a lot of hard to find merchandise, oddly enough!) 

What about Disney merch for other retailers? 

Same rules apply, keep an eye on the website and check right at midnight. Many websites follow a similar schedule to Disney and load their products when it is officially the announced release date.

Do you have any tips for Harveys purses?

If you’re unfamiliar with Harveys, they are a popular small business located out of Southern California that has done a number of popular Disney collaborations. My absolute favorite collection of theirs is the Haunted Mansion collab they did for Halloween in 2021! Since this is a small business, items are made in much more limited quantities so these purses sell out FAST. Within seconds and the resale value for these purses is significant because of their limited quantities. Often times internet speed will play the biggest role in securing one of these bags so always use the device that you feel is the fastest. Have an account ready to go with a credit card linked and count down those seconds to release time. I expect we’ll be getting a Disney100 collection from them this year so I will post more information when I know more!

What if I miss out on my merch?

If you’re unlucky on getting your desired Disney merchandise, don’t run straight to eBay or Mercari right away. Hold off and do your best to wait it out. Merchandise that was selling for triple what it was during the beginning of the Walt Disney World 50th Celebration can now be found close to retail on all these reseller websites. The price on the resale sites will always be the highest right when it sells out. If you’re patient, you can wait out the resellers until the demand starts to wan. That’s when you’ll see prices drop! I’ve gotten a number of my sought after items this way by just watching and waiting.

How can I get a discount on Disney merchandise? 

ShopDisney will occasionally do discounts so it’s good to keep an eye on the website as sometimes you will see 20% off codes for orders over $60 or sales on certain categories of merchandise. They also recently released a text message sign up which will notify you of sales, especially if they do one for a limited time! Since they started the text sign up program, I’ve seen them do discounts which only lasted for an evening.

Another great way to get a discount code for Disney merchandise is to sign up for the Chase Disney debit card. Or the credit card, if you prefer. I have the Disney debit card and it’s an easy way to save money on merchandise on ShopDisney and in the theme parks. You will save 10% online (with the exception of some brands) with the code DRVCMEMBER. Disney Visa cardmembers also receive additional coupons in the mail and get access to sales before they open to the general public. In the theme parks, you can save 10% on purchases over $50 and I’ve found the same restrictions online don’t apply in the parks! Online Dooney & Burke is usually exempt from the discount yet I’ve had it applied in the theme parks on multiple occasions.

DVC Members will also receive discounts as well along with annual passholders- although this group tends to have more discount Disney merchandise opportunities in the theme parks.

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